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 February 2016  

Scale of the danger



  • US/ TX/ Houston/ Arcola-Houston Southwest Airport (KAXH) A training Tecnam P92 Echo Super crashed just after takeoff. The plane clipped one stationary airplane before landing on top of a third aircraft. Flight instructor Johnny Johnson, 68, was killed and student Thomas Nezabian, 20, was critically injured.

  • Lebanon/ Wadi Ajram, in the outskirts of Arsal - Lebanese Army drone crashed due to a technical malfunction.

  • Brazil/ Parana/ Curitiba/ Piraquara A Fox V5 aircraft made an emergency landing just after takeoff. The pilot received minor injuries.

  • Brazil/ Santa Catarina/ Ilha do Campeche A Socata TBM700N (TBM900) plane (PP-LIG) crashed shortly after takeoff. Wreckage was found in the sea near the Campeche Island in the early morning. Both occupants died.

  • US/ WI/ Sturtevant/ Sylvania Airport (C89) A Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee (N1572J) clipped a commercial vehicle while on short final to land. No injuries.

  • US/ AL/ Mobile/ SSW of Mobile Regional Airport (KMOB) A Cessna 182T Skylane (N184CP) crashed on approach. Dense fog conditions are reported in the search area. Pilot and passenger died in the crash.

  • US/ IL/ Centralia/ near Centralia Municipal Airport (KENL) A Rotor Flight Dynamics Dominator Tandem gyrocopter (N41852) impacted open field terrain. The aircraft was destroyed and the sole pilot/owner/builder onboard received fatal injuries.



  • Somalia/ near Mogadishu International Airport (MGQ) - Daallo Airlines Airbus A321-111 passenger jet (SX-BHS) suffered an in-flight explosion about 15 minutes after takeoff from Mogadishu Airport, Somalia when the aircraft was at about 12,000 feet. The explosion occurred on the right hand side of the aircraft, just behind the R2 door, at or around seat 16F. A large hole was blown in the fuselage and one passenger fell out of the aircraft and was killed. Two other passengers were injured. The aircraft returned to Mogadishu where it landed safely at 08:53 UTC (11:53 hours local time).

  • Russia/ Tambov region/ Kirsanov district A Robinson R66 helicopter (RA-06239) impacted a snow covered field. Both occupants were injured.

  • Jordan/ As-Salt A military Eurocopter EC 635T2+ crashed during a night training mission northwest of Amman. The pilot died in the crash and the other occupant was seriously injured.

  • Brazil/ Rio de Janeiro/ Baía da Ribeira/ Angra dos Reis An Airmax SeaMax M-22 floatplane (PU-VMB) made an emergency landing at sea. No injuries.

  • USA/ UT/ Box Elder County/ Park Valley A Cessna 210-5 (205) plane (N8340Z) experienced a nose-over during landing upon snow covered terrain. The airplane sustained substantial damage. No injuries.

  • US/ HI/ Honolulu/ Honolulu Int'l Airport (PHNL)/ Runway 4W/22W A Cessna 337 Super Skymaster (N22DG) appears to have had a landing gear problem. The 68-year-old pilot elected to carry out an emergency landing on "Sea Lane 4-22" a runway reserved for sea planes. The pilot was rescued uninjured, but the plane subsequently sank.

  • Netherlands/ Amsterdam-Schiphol International Airport (AMS/EHAM) A Cirrus SR22 GTS TC (N860PC) suffered a loss of control during a go-around on runway 27 at Amsterdam-Schiphol International Airport. The pilot had initiated a go around after the aircraft bounced several times on touchdown. At low altitude the pilot lost control and the aircraft crashed near the runway. The pilot received minor injuries.

  • USA/ FL/ Miami Beach/ Atlantic Ocean E of Haulover Park A Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II (N8466G) ditched in the Atlantic Ocean waters due to an engine failure. The submerged airplane sustained substantial damage and one of the two pilots onboard received minor injuries. One pilot onboard the aircraft was not injured.

  • USA/ CA/ Crescent City/ Jack McNamara Field Airport (KCEC) A Piper PA-31T Cheyenne II (N28CA) experienced a nose gear-up landing. No injuries.



  • Nigeria/ 75nm off Lagos - Bristow Helicopters (Nigeria) Sikorsky S-76C++ helicopter (5N-BQJ) carried out controlled ditching due to reported instrument and flight control problems on return from an Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessel offshore. The aircraft had departed on a routine crew transfer flight offshore with nine passengers and a crew of two, including a pilot and a female co-pilot. All 11 persons onboard were transferred to a nearby installation with only minor injuries.

  • Indonesia/ Papua/ Paniai/ Bogobaida District/ Deotadi A Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV helicopter (PK-UAG) crashed into a house whilst attempting to take off from a mining helipad. Pilot sustained serious injuries. Other occupant received minor injuries.

  • South Africa/ Gauteng/ Benoni/ Wattville A Piper PA-32-300 Cherokee Six (ZS-PME) crashed shortly after take-off when striking a light-pole. All 3 occupants (53 year old female passenger, 62 year old pilot and 63 year old passenger, all from Austria) died in the crash.

  • Turkey/ Adana province - US Army MQ-1 Predator drone crashed after a technical malfunction.

  • South Korea/ near Andung - South Korean Air Force (RoKAF) An-2 plane force landed in a shallow river after a reported engine problem.

  • USA/ FL/ Merritt Island/ Merritt Island Airport (KCOI) An amphibian plane experienced an emergency gear-up landing. No injuries.

  • USA/ TX/ Dallas/ Dallas Executive Airport (KRBD) A North American P-51C Mustang plane (N61429), belonging to American Air Power Heritage Flying Museum, made belly landing on grass near runway. The propeller separated. No injuries.



  • USA/ GA/ Griffin/ Griffin-Spalding County Airport (6A2) A Cessna 310N (N395MC) experienced a gear-up landing. No injuries.

  • Denmark/ København-Kastrup Airport (CPH) A Canadair CL-600-2D24 Regional Jet CRJ-900ER (OY-KFC), operated by Cimber, sustained damage in a ground accident. The left wing of the aircraft impacted an airport tractor, causing substantial damage to the vehicle and serious injuries to the driver. The left hand main landing gear of the aircraft collapsed rearwards.

  • Canada/ QC/ Montreal-St. Hubert Airport (YHU) A Beechcraft B100 King Air (C-GSWG) was on approach to Montreal-St. Hubert Airport, Canada, when the flight crew received an indication that the undercarriage was not properly deployed. A low pass was carried out for the air traffic controller to observe the status of the undercarriage. ATC radioed that just one of the undercarriage legs appeared to be down. The crew did not declare an emergency and crash-landed on runway 24L.























































  • US/ AZ/ Pinal County/ SW of Maricopa A North American P-51D Mustang plane (N551JP) impacted rural roadway terrain. The airplane was partially consumed by the post-impact fire and the 2 occupants onboard received fatal injuries. Former Sikorsky president Jeff Pino and his friend Nicholas (Nick) Tramontano were reported killed Friday in the crash. Pino was president of Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. from 2006 to 2012. Prior to joining Sikorsky, Pino spent 17 years with Bell Helicopter. He was a retired Master Army Aviator and served in U.S. Army active, Reserve and National Guard assignments for 26 years. He was a certified airplane and helicopter flight instructor and was known as an accomplished aerobatic and air show performer. Tramontano had over 26,000 flight hours, and was retired after having worked for FedEx. He owned multiple vintage aircraft.

  • US/ CA/ Monterey/ Monterey Regional Airport (KMRY) A Beechcraft V35B Bonanza (N6036G) experienced a nose gear collapse upon landing. No injuries.

  • US/ KS/ Goodland/ Goodland Municipal Airport (KGLD) A Lancair IV-PT (N193CG) experienced an in-flight separation of a cabin window. No injuries.

  • US/ CA/ Long Beach/ Pacific Ocean off Cabrillo Beach - A Beechcraft M35 Bonanza (N9872R) experienced a midair collision with a Bellanca 8KCAB Super Decathalon plane (N5057G) and impacted the waters of the Pacific Ocean offshore of Cabrillo Beach southwest of Long Beach Airport (Daugherty Field) (KLGB), Long Beach, California. The airplanes were apparently destroyed. Two men and one woman believed to be on board the two aircrafts. All they died.

  • Vietnam/ 188km southeast from Hanoi - Vietnam Airlines Airbus A350-941 (VN-A887) performed Flight VN227 from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. The crew had to return back to the airport 40 minutes after departure because of a loss of cabin pressure. One flight attendant received minor injuries in the event.



  • US/ NJ/ Linden/ Linden Airport (KLDJ) A training Bell 206B JetRanger helicopter (N206R) tipped on its side on landing. One victim's leg was broken in the incident; the other victim was treated for scrapes and bruises.

  • Russia/ Orenburg Oblast/ Gay A Light Air Antonov 2R plane (RA-40204) impacted a snow covered field during a pipeline inspection flight. The most likely cause of the crash of the An-2 RA-40204 was the loss of spatial orientation by the crew during the execution of a turn in conditions of reduced visibility (fog) and "white" snow on the underlying surface, leading to an uncontrolled descent and collision of the aircraft with the ground. All 3 occupants onboard died.

  • Paraguay/ Chaco´I A Beechcraft G36 Bonanza plane (ZP-BCP) was destroyed when it impacted the ground. According to local media the pilot had reported engine problems shortly before the accident. The pilot died.

  • Australia/ VIC/ Connewarre/ Barwon Heads Airport (YBRS) - A Nanchang CJ-6 plane (VH-ALO) made a belly landing due to pilot error, causing substantial damage.

  • Venezuela/ San Casimiro Aragua state/ near Bejucal A Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III helicopter (YV250T) crashed en route from Hato Altamira to San Juan de los Morros. The pilot died.

  • Canada/ ON/ Caledon/ near Brampton Airport (CNC3) An Eurocopter EC 120B Colibri helicopter (C-GIWD) crashed in a wooded area. No injuries.

  • New Zealand/ SI/ Canterbury/ Mackenzie/ NW of Twizel/ Ben Ohau Range A motor glider Schleicher ASH 31Mi (ZK-GZV) impacted mountainous terrain. The sole pilot onboard received fatal injuries.



  • Argentina/ Buenos Aires/ 25 De Mayo A training Tecnam P2002 plane (LV-GKC) aborted takeoff and flipped over. No injuries.

  • France/ Chambery Airport (CMF) A Windrose Air Jetcharter Cessna 525A CitationJet CJ2 (D-ISCO) began to roll back after removing the chocks. The main gear ran into a gutter. The rear fuselage came to rest on the ground. Apparently the parking brake had not been set.



  • US/ OR/ Eugene/ Mahlon Sweet Field Airport (KEUG) A Cessna U206G Stationair (N756ZD) experienced a landing gear collapse upon landing. No injuries.

  • Russia/ Pskov region A military Mi-8MTV-5 helicopter (RF-91327/19 w) crashed during a training flight. Three crew members and a technician-instructor died in the crash.

  • US/ MT/ Billings/ Billings Logan International Airport (KBIL) A Cessna T206H Turbo Stationair (N562H) collapsed the landing gear on landing. No injuries.

  • US/ CA/ Santa Barbara/ near Santa Barbara Municipal Airport (KSBA) - A Beechcraft B36TC Bonanza (N113TM) force landed to the Goleta Slough terrain shortly after takeoff from Santa Barbara Municipal Airport (KSBA), Santa Barbara, California. The airplane sustained substantial damage and the sole pilot onboard received minor injuries.

  • UK/ Cornwall/ Newquay Airport/ Mawgan in Pydar 4nm NE of Newquay - A Cessna plane was overthrown by storm whilst parked outside at Newquay Airport, Cornwall, UK.

  • Libya/ near Derna Libyan Air Force MiG-23ML fighter jet (6132) crashed due to a technical failure while conducting air strikes against Islamic State. The pilot ejected safely.

  • US/ OR/ Gold Beach/ Gold Beach Municipal Airport (4S1) A Cessna 175A Skylark (N6951E) clipped the airport perimeter fence and came to rest inverted. Two Crescent City men were in the plane at the time, they suffered only minor bumps and bruises.

  • Brazil/ Mato Grosso/ Farm in Paranatinga An agricultural Neiva Embraer EMB-202 Ipanema plane (PT-ULK) crashed. The pilot died on the spot.



  • Pakistan/ Punjab/ Gujrat district, near Gujranwala A military trainer plane, PAC MFI-17 Mushshak (96-5383), crashed. Both pilots died in the crash.

  • US/ FL/ Hollywood/ North Perry Airport (KHWO) A Piper PA-34-220T Seneca III (HK-4699-G) experienced a collapse of the right main landing gear on landing. No injuries.

  • US/ OR/ Wallowa County/ Buckpasture Gulch A Kitfox Model IV plane (N6394R) experienced a collapse of the landing gear during landing. No injuries.

  • US/ CA/ Palo Alto/ Palo Alto Airport (KPAO) A Dova DV-1 Skylark aircraft (N511JP) experienced a collapse of the nose landing gear upon landing. No injuries.

  • Spain/ Jaen/ Segura de la Sierra A Cessna 172P Skyhawk (EC-LSY) crashed in the mountains. The plane was completely destroyed and the 47 year old pilot, killed.

  • Brazil/ MA/ Anajatuba An Airmax SeaMax M-22 aircraft (PU-VCL) crashed between the municipalities of Estiva and Bacabeira. One of the bodies was found, the other is missing.



  • Indonesia/ East Java/ Malang An Embraer EMB-314 Super Tucano plane (TT-3108) crashed into a house while performing a test flight. Two persons on the ground died. The pilot and the flight engineer also died. The pilot managed to eject from the plane, but he died due to his injuries sustained in the crash.

  • US/ CA/ Visalia/ Visalia Municipal Airport (KVIS) - A Flight Design CTLS plane (N911TS) impacted mountainous foothill terrain in Tulare County east of Lake Success, northeast of Porterville, California, while engaged in law enforcement operations. The airplane sustained substantial damage and was partially consumed by the post impact fire. The 2 law enforcement personnel onboard the aircraft received fatal injuries.

  • Brazil/ Acre/ Manoel Urbano An Embraer EMB-810C Seneca II plane (PT-EYU) crashed shortly after takeoff. Seven people were aboard the plane: the pilot, 3 passengers and 4 children. The airplane also was carrying food and cans of paint, and there is the suspicion that the total weight onboard was above the maximum for takeoff. The pilot of the aircraft, a woman and a child were seriously injured.

  • UK/ Buckinghamshire/ Booker/ 3 miles WNW of Wycombe Airport A Bell 206B Jet Ranger II helicopter (G-OAMI) made a hard landing. The tail boom was badly damaged in the auto-rotation landing. The landing gear collapsed.

  • Myanmar/ 0,6 km (0.4 mls) N of Naypyidaw International Airport (NYT) A Myanmar Air Force Beechcraft 1900D plane (4601) operating on a check flight, was destroyed when it impacted a field shortly after takeoff. The aircraft burst into flames and was consumed by fire. Four occupants died on the spot. One occupant survived the accident, but died later due to his injuries.



  • Greece/ Kinaros A military Agusta-Bell AB 212ASW/EW helicopter crashed in the Aegean Sea during military training exercise 'Thunder'. All three crew members died in the crash.

  • USA/ TX/ Weatherford/ Parker County Airport (KWEA) A Cessna 182Q Skylane (N182SD) experienced a runway overrun upon landing. The airplane came to rest inverted, sustaining substantial damage, and the sole pilot onboard received minor injuries.

  • UK/ Bedfordshire/ near Biggleswade/ Old Warden Aerodrome A Best Off Skyranger plane (G-CCDW) crash landed. The aircraft clipped treetops before it came down. Damage sustained to right wing, landing gear, engine and propeller. The aircraft was carrying a pilot and a single passenger. One of them suffered minor injuries in the crash.



  • Libya/ Qaryounis district - West of Benghazi A Libyan Air Force MiG-23UB jet (7834) crashed. Both pilots ejected.

  • US/ NY/ Shirley/ Brookhaven Airport (KHWV) A training Cessna 152 (N47259) caught fire on landing. The airplane was partially consumed by the fire. No injuries.

  • US/ AL/ Brewton/ Alco Park A Vortex M912 aircraft (N911GW) impacted trees and terrain while maneuvering. No injuries.

  • US/ FL/ Gulf of Mexico/ offshore Destin A Piper PA-28-181 Archer II (N2209W) impacted the waters of the Gulf of Mexico offshore of Henderson Beach State Park while maneuvering to land at Destin Executive Airport (KDTS), Destin, Florida. Debris from the missing airplane has been located. Two bodies were retrieved from the water.

  • Australia/ New South Wales/ Wagga Wagga Airport (WGA/YSWG) A Cessna 210H Centurion (VH-EGW) experienced jammed landing gear. The plane made an emergency belly landing on the grass runway.

  • US/ SD/ Sturgis/ near Sturgis Municipal Airport (49B) A Piper PA-24-250 Commanche (N6691P) impacted a power pole while on approach to land in dense fog conditions to Runway 11 at Sturgis Municipal Airport (49B), South Dakota. The airplane came to rest on open field terrain, sustaining substantial damage. Both occupants, a man and a woman, were taken by ambulance to Sturgis Regional Hospital following the crash.

  • US/ MI/ Menominee/ SE of Menominee-Marinette Twin County Airport (KMNM) An Enstrom TH-180 helicopter (N180TH) made an emergency landing on 18th Street in the Upper Peninsula, Menominee, Michigan according to the local company that manufactured the aircraft. The pilot walked away with minor injuries.

  • Chile/ Vichuquen-Torca Airport (SCLI) A Cessna R172K Hawk XP II (CC-PIX) sustained substantial damage in a landing accident. The nose landing gear collapsed. Both occupants were injured.



  • Germany/ near Gros Himstedt/Sohlde A B&F Technik FK14 Polaris airplane (D-MKKH) crashed into a field. Both occupants died.

  • US/ NV/ Carson City/ Carson Airport (KCXP) A training Bell 47G-3B-1 helicopter (N1181W) crashed on landing. Both occupants received minor injuries.



  • Somalia/ Gedo region/ 60 km from Baardheere - A military drone, equipped with six missiles, crashed obviously due to a technical malfunction.

  • Australia/ QLD/ Hughendon/ Boonacarbaroo Station - A Robinson R44 helicopter (VH-HXY) contacted power lines and impacted terrain after taking off. No injuries.

  • Australia/ QLD/ 55km SW of Ingham A training Cessna R182 Skylane RG (VH-PFZ) impacted the terrain during a touch and go training. No injuries.

  • UK/ Gloucestershire/ Staverton/ Gloucestershire Airport An Evektor-Aerotechnik EV-97 EuroStar plane (G-CEHL) bounced four times, and the nose landing gear collapsed on takeoff. No injuries.



  • South Korea/ Gangwon Province/ near Chuncheon - South Korean Army Bell UH-1H Iroquois helicopter crashed in an eastern province. All four crew members aboard were severely injured and 3 of them later died in hospital, a ministry official said.

  • UAE/ Dubai - Sindbad Gulf Balloon Ultramagic N-425 hot air balloon (A6-AAN) made a hard landing. Fourteen passengers were injured because of the hard landing, including one with serious injury.



  • Iraq/ Wasit Governorate/ near Al-Kout - Iraq Air Force Mi-17 helicopter crashed due to a technical malfunction. There are said to be at least 9 fatalities.

  • Afghanistan/ Kunduz UT Air Mi-8 helicopter, operating on behalf of the UN mission in Afghanistan, was hit by small arms fire. The outboard fuel tank, fuselage and tail were damaged.

  • Brazil/ SP/ Santa Isabel An Embraer EMB-820C Navajo (PT-WZA) made an emergency landing on SP-056 Highway. The plane was destroyed. No injuries.

  • UK/ Isle of Wight/ Bembridge/ Bembridge Airport A Cessna R172M Skyhawk (Reims) plane (G-BEZR) experienced a runway excursion and subsequent nose-over upon landing. The 3 occupants received minor injuries.

  • US/ AZ/ Buckeye/ Buckeye Municipal Airport (KBXK) An Evolution Trikes Revo (N107SB) impacted sagebrush desert airport terrain. The sole pilot onboard received fatal injuries.

  • US/ TX/ Robertson County/ NE of Benchley A Cessna P210N Centurion (N732FU) impacted wooded terrain. The airplane sustained substantial damage. One of three occupants received apparent serious injuries. One occupant onboard the airplane received minor injuries and one occupant was not injured.

  • Colombia/ 1 km N of Rionegro/Medellín-José María Córdova Airport (MDE/SKRG) A LAVIASA PA-25-260 Puelche II (N25LV) crashed in wooded terrain. No injuries.



  • US/ FL/ Brooksville/ Brooksville-Tampa Bay Regional Airport (KBKV) A Piper PA-24-250 Comanche (N7243P) experienced a landing gear collapse upon landing. No injuries.

  • Iraq/ near Amiriyat Al-Fallujah A military Bell IA-407 (Bell 407) helicopter crashed killing the 2 occupants onboard.

  • US/ FL/ Fernandina Beach/ Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport (KFHB) A Paradise P-1 SLSA LW plane (N538JA) experienced a collapse of the nose gear upon landing. No injuries.

  • US/ FL/ Winter Haven/ Winter Haven's Gilbert Airport (KGIF) A Cessna 210K Centurion (N9443M) experienced a landing gear collapse upon landing. No injuries.

  • Argentina/ Pellegrini/ Santiago del Estero A Piper Arrow IV plane (ZP-TRG) was engaged in an illegal flight transporting drugs (250 kilos of marijuana). The plane crashed after a technical malfunction. One person was arrested, one occupant fled the scene.

  • Brazil/ Rio Grande do Sul/ Farm in Cruz Alta An agricultural Cessna A188B AGwagon (PR-NAS) engaged in spraying a soy bean field, crashed and flipped over after contacting wires. The pilot was slightly injured.

  • US/ VA/ Newport News/ Newport News/Williamsburg Int'l Airport (KPHF) A Cessna 172S Skyhawk (N35502) experienced a loss of directional control and subsequent runway excursion upon landing. The airplane ran into a ditch. No injuries.



  • US/ HI/ Honolulu/ Near Ford Island/ Pearl Harbor A Bell 206B JetRanger helicopter (N80918) crashed into Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. Three of five occupants were seriously injured, two occupants received minor injuries. One occupant, a 16 year old boy, who had been found "unresponsive and strapped to his seat" and was rescued from underwater, died on 22 February 2016 from the serious injuries sustained in the crash.

  • US/ NC/ Union County/ Marshville A Beechcraft A36 Bonanza (N61WB) impacted timbered terrain. The airplane sustained substantial damage and the sole pilot onboard received fatal injuries.

  • US/ FL/ Tavernier/ near Tavernaero Park Airport (FA81) A Van's RV-7A plane (N705RP) , clipped power lines and a vehicle during a landing attempt. The airplane came to rest inverted, sustaining substantial damage. No injuries.

  • France/ Aeroport de Valence-Chabeuil, LFLU An aerobatic Extra EA-300S plane (D-EFBY) crashed shortly after takeoff. The canopy was lost before colliding airfield fence, crossing a road and stopping in a field. The pilot (Slovenian) escaped before fire broke out and he was injured.


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