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Taiwans military chief with 7 others killed in helicopter crash




Scene of the crash// 08:07 LT
Wulei District, New Taipei City - Taiwan


On 2 January 2020, a Black Hawk helicopter of the Republic of China Air Force (ROCAF) Air Rescue Group crashed in the Wulai District of New Taipei, Taiwan, while executing a VIP transport mission. General Shen Yi-ming, Republic of China's Chief of the General Staff (CGS), along with 7 other personnel on board, died in the crash.
The Sikorsky UH-60M Black Hawk (933) was taking off for a routine mission to visit service personnel in Dong'aoling Radar Station, Su'ao, Yilan county. The helicopter lost contact with Songshan Air Base at 8:07 AM, thirteen minutes after taking off and crashed into a mountainside.
General Shen Yi-ming, Chief of the General Staff, was on board the helicopter along with seven other officers and a senior enlisted adviser from the General Staff Headquarters, Ministry of National Defense (MND-GSH), a military correspondent, and three crew members. Shen and seven others including two Major Generals were killed, while five others were injured.

Scene of the crash. (Taiwan National Fire Agency photo)Investigation

During a news conference on 2 January, General Hsiung Hou-chi, Commanding General of the Air Force, stated that the government has set up a task force to investigate the cause of the crash. The flight recorders of the aircraft were recovered on 3 January and sent to the Taiwan Transportation Safety Board. Proprietary hardware within the flight recorders were delivered to Sikorsky Aircraft.

Obviously foggy weather and human factors were behind the air accident.
On 21 July 2020, the Control Yuan announced that Jen I-wei and Chou Shih-kai, both of whom were posted to the Air Force Weather Wing's No. 8 Base at the time of the crash, had been impeached. It was reported in January 2022 that the Judicial Yuan's Disciplinary Court had barred Jen from working in the public sector for two years. No penalty was issued to Chou, due to insufficient evidence against him.


The eight who perished in the crash include:

  1. Chief of the General Staff Shen Yi-ming

  2. Office of the Deputy Chief of the General Staff for Intelligence under the defense ministry Major General Hung Hung-chun (洪鴻鈞)

  3. Political Warfare Bureau Deputy Director, Major General Yu Chin-wen (于親文)

  4. Lieutenant Colonel Yeh Chien-i (葉建儀)

  5. Co-pilot Captain Liu Chen-fu (劉鎮富)

  6. Chief Engineer Chief Petty Officer Hsu Hung-pin (許鴻彬)

  7. Chief Inspector General Sergeant Han Cheng-hung (韓正宏)

  8. Staff Officer Major Huang Sheng-hang (黃聖航)

3.	Scene of the crash. (Taiwan National Fire Agency photo)The five survivors include:

  1. New Deputy Chief of Logistics of the General Staff Headquarters, Major General Huang Yu-min (黃佑民)

  2. Reporter for the Military News Agency, Sergeant Chen Ying-chu (陳映竹)

  3. Deputy Chief of the General Staff for Communications-Electronics and Information, Major General Tsao Chin-ping (曹進平)

  4. Accounting Office Director Major General Liu Hsiao-tang (劉孝堂)

  5. Chief of Staff Lieutenant Colonel Chou Hsin-i (周欣頤)


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