N. V. Nikolov



30.11.2004/11:00 UT

A passenger plane MD-82, owned by the aviation company “Leon Air”, crashed while landing at the airport. The plane skidded off the runway, wet from the recently fallen rain, split into two pieces and came to rest at the metal fence of the nearby graveyard. 31 of the 154 passengers on board were killed in the accident, another 62 were injured. The terror the passengers felt has been unutterable. One of them screamed frantically over his mobile phone: “My plane crashed! My plane crashed! I’ve lost everything”


This is only a part of the thousands of air incidents in a year. This is a true story. The passage was quoted from the site aircrashconsult.com. I bring it to your attention, because it is full of drama, but has a happy ending, to some extent – for the survivors.

The crash is followed by committees that collect explanations, investigate records from theblack boxes”, clarify the reasons and the persons responsible for the crash, inflict punishments, followed by compensations of the relatives of the victims, filling of the statistics and taking measures preventing from such incidents.  The consequences:

  •  Huge material losses for the airline company, drop in trustworthiness

  •  Deep psychological trauma for the relatives of the victims and for the survivors possible fear of flying;

  •  Also, the psychological trauma in varying degrees to the personnel servicing the flight (technical staff, group management, rescue teams, crew);

  •   Depressed managers and owners of the airline company.

After this has happened we ask ourselves the questions: "Why did this happen to us? How could have we prevented it?"

There is a science new to aviation that could give satisfactory answers to these questions I have afforded to call this: “Aviation astrology”.

As a result of my observations I consider that astrology gives us one of the rare chances to predict the trends air crashes have to happen by establishing a place, time and details.

This science gives us time in advance to make rational decisions in order to do our best to prevent the accident. Even if we have to change some of the rules already standing in aviation like revising the schedules, routes for flying, etc. Still, we have enough examples for emergency changing of these rules due to unfavourable weather conditions, terror menace or sudden technical defect established on the aircraft. Almost all aviation services and specialists do their best to prevent all the factors, jeopardizing the flight, starting from the mechanic and the aviation meteorologist and ending with the pilot and the air traffic controller.

 Having mentioned the aviation meteorologist I recalled that in ancient times meteorology has always been part of astrologists obligations. The analogy in this case is obvious. Both sciences make prognoses that reveal the trends in dynamics of changes of the substance in all dimensions of space-time, which should help make an evaluation whether these trends will jeopardize or will advantage the flight.

Where is the difference? I guess that in most cases both sciencesevaluations will coincide concerning the conditions of flights performances, though, there will be cases when these evaluations will blow over drastically. Then you would hear the following decisions for flying:

The aviation meteorologist: “The weather is clear, cloudless, in the light part of the day. Wind-breeze, from northeast, 1-2 m/sec. Visibility 15-20 km. No changes expected. The weather conditions are favourable for flying.”

The aviation astrologer: “The transit constellations for the time and route of the flight over the Black Sea are extremely unfavourable. Mars and the flights significators (astrological significators) are seriously stricken. The crews natal maps with directions and transits show high degree of risk. No problem is foreseen concerning plane’s engines. It looks like an explosion or destruction that will be caused by a missile “surface-air”. It is difficult for me to determine the real reasons, but the astrocharts show high degree of risk. I urgently recommend that the flight to be delayed for at least 12 hours.”

There is another difference we must understand correctly. The meteorologists forecast can be assessed easily, because the storm is visible. We get convinced in astrologer’s correct warning just after the accident has happened. The conservatism, not understanding the matter, underestimating and mistrusting the possibilities of astrology as a science have resulted nowadays withdrawal from some of the most powerful instruments in our pursuit of safety in aviation.

Im not the first one who has explored the possibilities of astrology to improve the safety of flights. Some of the works issued are:

  • The book by Hedley England “Degrees of Flight” (The Astrology of Aviation) published in 2006 in Great Britain.

  • Vladimir Teletskiys articleYour flight is postponed: we’ll wait for the accident to pass bydated 02.07.2003 and others.

We do not have much experience in this field due to couple of reasons:

  • If astrology had begun to lay up knowledge starting from the Babylon kingdom through the ages, aviations birth is about a hundred years ago.

  • Accidents are connected basically with negative emotions, and because of this many astrologers deliberately avoid this topic of conversation.

  • The astrologer must be attracted by the topic; it is an advantage for him to know the peculiarities of aviation. It’s not easy to find such astrologers.

Despite separate explorations of the subject and some substantial differences of the approaches for establishing an astrological prognosis, the common conclusions as a whole among the astrologers who have researched air crashes are identical:

  • The efficiency of aviation astroprognosis is increasing if it is completely done, i.e. more factors are researched instead of one (by a man or group of men, space-time, aircraft).

  • The aviation astroprognosis is expensive to be made. In order to increase its efficiency, one should have specialized software.

  • The astrological methods adapted to an aircraft’s needs for safety could decrease the number of accidents with airplanes significantly.


What is the essence of the present article?

It brings to your attention a new aviation science called Aviation astrology”, which is understandable with the help of its philosophy, tasks, purposes, structure and methodology using simple, but very efficient astrotechniques. All this makes the science comprehensive, accessible and applicable.


Aviation astrology.

1. Definition:

Aviation astrology is a combination of approaches and astropractics, which help in studying the factors of the compound and dynamic aviation environment (human, space-time, aviation means), the purpose of their usage is to predict and warn of the trends for any future accidents and therefore to prevent them from happening and to increase flight safety.

2. Purpose:

The purpose of aviation astrology is to give a well enough chance both to the management and other aviation services personnel to prevent air accidents and to achieve increased safety of flights by means of timely prognosis and warning of the trends accidents have to happen in the aviation environment.

3. Tasks:

3.1. Analysis of the aviation environment. This includes the study of previous air accidents, as well as an establishment of potential trends on time for such accidents taking occurrences into consideration the available factors of the aviation environment.

Another task is the filling of an astrological card-index file of the flying staff and, if possible, the aircraft’s as well.

3.2. Analysis of parameters of each separate flight and establishing the trends accidents to occur in the relevant aviation environment. This includes the making of prognosis.

3.3. Reporting (sharing) the prognosis. A warning in case of increased trends for accident. Giving recommendations, proposing solutions for the specific case.

4. Philosophy:

Aviation astrologys point of view is the philosophy of materialism efficiently combines with the knowledge of the traditional astrology. It focuses on the events. It determines that an event ispredestinated”, cognizable and therefore predictable. Space-time is (are) an attribute of the substance. Space-time has corners. The event happens in the exact place at the exact time. It ispredestinatedand coincides with the corners of the space-time aspect as a place and time by “involving” the proper, “predestinated” subject just like the lock requires and is unlocked by the key, made for it.

In this case the predetermination is expressed as a tendency of the events with expected results happening and with the participants taking part in them, considering the normal conditions arisen in the corners of space-time.

In astrology the corners of space-time aspect coincide or are dependent on Ascendant / Descendant (points of intersection between horizon and ecliptic) and Medium Coeli / Imum Coeli (points of intersection between Meridian and ecliptic). The Sun, Pranpad and especially the Moon together with its attributes Lilith and Priapus (perigee and apogee) are very important in forming the corners of the aspect.

Corners are formed with the help of all known significators in astrology, but when we analyze a definite type of events, they are being separated as follows:

  • Fundamental (Sun, Moon together with its attributes Lilith and Moon’s Nodes, and Pranpad a hypothetic planet) (Note: Above mentioned significators should not be mistaken with the astrology term “main significators”, although there is coincidence between some of them. Traditionally Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Medium objectives and the point of happiness are determined as main significations in astrology).

  • Type (primary) - they determine the type of event or "protagonist".

  • Background (secondary) they determine the circumstances of the event.

The importance of the type and background significators changes depending on the analyzed topic.

Specifying the event in space-time aspect is effected with the connecting of special parts (Arabic Parts) with the fundamental or type significators or with the corners themselves of the space-time (marked in the horoscope as As/Ds, MC/IC). In aviation astrology it is normal those parts to be of Fate (Vertex) and Happiness (Locus Fortune).

5. Methodology

This is combination of methods, approaches and practices in aviation astrology, with the help of the factors of the aviation environment are studies, thus achieving enough clear prognoses of the trends of conditions for flying and the specific flight.

The prognosis is a subject of evaluation basis detailed criteria depending on the used methods and approaches. This definitely will be a delicate moment in the applied aviation astrology due to the subject of its study.

Determination of the methods depends on the Aviation Astrologer’s way of work. They are classified as intuitive-visualized and empiric methods.

When using the intuitive-visualized method, the astrologer takes into consideration the astrochart and interprets it within a couple of minutes. During this process he has to evaluate multiple significations and the interactions between them in order to determine the type and peculiarities of the event. The reliability of this evaluation depends on an astrologers individual and professional qualities, his knowledge and experience. He may miss or underestimate a major detail from the astrochart and thus would be misled in his prognosis. There is something else the subjective adjustment to evaluate an astrochart, whether it could lead to a minor or a major accident, can differ for different aviation astrologers. It would be very useful for this evaluation adjustment to be standardized periodically by means of appropriate exercises and tests.

At present this method is the most popular in use. Despite its shortcomings, the results, obtained by this method, are quite good.


Fig. 1. Methodology of Aviation Astrology

When using the empiric method, each separate significator, its place by merit, its aspects with other significators receive numeric expression that determines the direction of the prognosis. This method is very labour-intensive and for this reason it is used quite rarely by modern astrologers. It is even forgotten. The method has been used by ancient astrologers at the service of the emperors. Its reliability and precision has increased significantly. It is appropriate for use with specialized software on an expert level.

The approaches are separated considering the researched factor of the aviation environment as follow:

  • Aviation astroprognosis of the space-time,

  • Aviation astroprognosis of the subject of the flight (crew and passengers),

  • Aviation astroprognosis of the object of the flight (aircraft).

These three approaches are basic. Other approaches could be used depending on the factors of the aviation environment, such as studying the technical readiness of the aircraft, level of work of the security personnel, the management staff for flights guiding, etc., but this would extremely complicate the preparation of the prognosis. These additional approaches can be used in special cases.

The definition for astropractics in the aviation astrology is the well known techniques in astrology for prognostication like the method of the symbolic directions, progressions, solar return, the directional Saturn, movement of the Gamma point, planets’ transits, etc.

The average statistic results from the complex applying of the approaches gives cognoscibility of 80% and higher.


6. Organizational structure

In the severe conditions in the aviation business the aviation astrologers definitely would be a luxury service for the structures of the airline companies which decide to use them. The question is where will they be most needed and useful? The logical answers are following:

  • In ATSon disposal of the groups of the Air Traffic Services;

  • At the civil airports helping the passengers to overcome their fear of flying;

  • In the airline companies (air bases)for increasing the safety of flights.

  • In Universities with subjectAviationfor specialists training.

There probably would be some internet sites and organizations that would help the local structures with useful information and aviation astroprognosis as is currently being done in meteorological aspectThe purpose, though, is the prognosis to reach the pilot and the captain of the flight by means of comprehensive software on an expert level, just like they receive information for an approaching storm on their board radars.

The fields of gravitation, light, heat, electromagnet and the ones of the elementary fractions do exist. It’s amazing how complicated the dynamics are between forms and conditions of the substance. Astrology helps us to foresee the constant surprises offered by it. For this reason there can be only benefits from prevention of air accidents.



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This article is presented in the NATIONAL MILITARY UNIVERSITY "VASIL LEVSKI ", AVIATION FACULTY at a scientific session that took place on 12.04.2007. The article is published in 2009 in the collection report from this scientific session with identification number ISBN 978-954-713-092-0.