N. V. Nikolov

The work of finding methods for researching the factors of the aviation environment is the essence of the activity prognosis of air accidents. The article provides a brief overview of three approaches - space-time, a man, an aircraft.

Stress is placed on the first approach, astroprognosis of space-time, which is considered a relatively new method even for traditional astrology. The typical significators, the planets which symbolize the aircraft, are described. The bigger asteroids from The Main Asteroid Belt the asteroids between Mars and Jupiter and the hypothetical transuranium planets were used as significators, which show the details of a possible or already occurred accident. The way this approach works is illustrated with the time astrochart of the accident of airplane MD-82 in Solo, Indonesia that occurred on 30.11.2004. The described technique for specifying the prognosis with accuracy up to several minutes advises the results included in table No.1 which impress with the realization of the prognosis basis calculated probability of the cognoscibility 0.0014.

By analyzing the results concerning the prognosticated maximums of the danger within a range of days I figure the conclusion that this method gives satisfactory information not only for the time of air accident, but also the degree of the expected casualties and damages.

We can find in the methods description not only its obvious advantages and proofs for indisputable effectiveness but also shortcomings, as well as those events that could mislead the aviation astrologer in his preparation of the prognosis.

The description of the way the human factor approach works is short. However, some useful details concerning the way it works are pointed out are based upon the collected data over a long period of research.

The examples and results in this article convey that aviation astrology can be an invaluable instrument in the natural pursuit of aviation specialists to more dependable aviation, aviation without accidents.


Fig. 1 Time astrochart of the air accident in Solo, Indonesia on 30.11.2004, 11:00 hrs GMT


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This article is presented in the NATIONAL MILITARY UNIVERSITY "VASIL LEVSKI ", AVIATION FACULTY at a scientific session that took place on 12.04.2007. The article is published in 2009 in the collection report from this scientific session with identification number ISBN 978-954-713-092-0.