N. V. Nikolov


The present article describes an approach for prognostication approved in the traditional western astrology and adapted for applying to different conditions in aviation.

Its purpose is to recommend to the aviation astrologer experienced methods and astrological practices for prognostication in such a way that, when interpreting the horoscopes of pilots and eventually some passengers, they can determine quickly and reliably the dangerous trends in their life in essence and time. This will give them an ability to take reasonable actions within the range of circumstances of the specific situation. The stages of work of the aviation astrologer are observed in a clear and understandable way, as well as the methods (the symbolic directions, the movement of the Gamma point, directing of Saturn and the Moon, the method of transits, etc.), with the help of which one can precisely determine the prognosis for eventual air accident in time. The results collected from long term researches in this direction are also shared. 

We have illustrated how by using this approach we establish the researched prognosis for dangerous air accidents in the life of the aircraft pilot with the help of analysis of the birth astrological chart of the first man who flied in space Y. Gagarin, who died in air accident with military aircraft on 27.03.1968. 

Fig.1. Natal chart by Solar-Equal house system of Yuri Gagarin born on 09.03.1934 and died in an air accident with MiG-15 aircraft on 27.03.1968.

(The chart is made with the program Astrologer 5.41 and the methods described in the article are additionally supplemented).


Used literature:

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This article is presented in the NATIONAL MILITARY UNIVERSITY "VASIL LEVSKI ", AVIATION FACULTY at a scientific session that took place on 12.04.2007. The article is published in 2009 in the collection report from this scientific session with identification number ISBN 978-954-713-092-0.