Safety of airplane flights has become an important issue in aircraft since the time of the Wright brothers and the dawn of the aircraft industryIn the article below we will talk about the loss of expensive machines, and furthermore about the loss of human lives; sometimes hundreds of them when tragic incidents occur. It appears that the most popular explanationpilot error, does not exhaust the explanation for the reasons incidents occur. Specialists of different kinds, institutes and departments in the aircraft industry, companies and military corps are involved in trying to diminish the risks at the time of flying. Part of the information is a company secret, but different researchers, who have rich experience, work on the problem individually. Nikola Nikolov from Burgas, Bulgaria, is a former officer of the Bulgarian Air Force and he is one of the researchers. He relates his interests to astrology with the main participants of flights; for four years on his website he has published his monthly time forecasts about the possibility aircraft incidents to occur. Astrology is the most ancient science of the ones that have come to us from the past. The French Dane Rudhyar (1895–1985), who is considered as one of the most productive creators of his time in the fields of music, philosophy, psychology and astrology, calls the latter one

Algebra of life

It goes along with the history of the mankind and it is still current nowadays. It is the basis of astronomy as a materialistic science, which no one questions. Astrology’s knowledge is the source of many other sciences, most of the leading world politicians still look for help and advices from astrologists. We must know that astrological forecasts reach high percentage of truth about 80%; this is enough of a base to believe them and try to study secrets of astrology. This science offers a system of knowledge and admissible assumptions, most of which result in time-taking observations and summary of vast databases. The astrologists use astronomy science to calculate the mutual positions of the luminaries and zodiacal signs compared to the positions of Earth and try to make connection with terrestrial events. Astrology is divided into natal (birthday date), mundane (influence of the planets over natural phenomena and weather), temporal (research of nations, their political and economic cycles of development), horary (research of a specific question), synastry (relations between couple of individuals), karmic, medical, psychological, prognostic (forecast of the general tendencies in life of an individual, the nation, etc.) in accordance with the studied subjects and the way of research. Some explorers consider that there is a connection between geological phenomena (earthquakes and eruption of volcanoes) and astronomy (movement of the luminaries against position of the Earth). Among the variety of sciences

Aviation astrology is still young 

If we start from front to back, practical application of the science is connected with forecast and warning of the tendencies for eventual catastrophes and aiming to avoid them. The philosophy of science is materialistic. It combines perfectly temporary tendencies with ancient astrological practices and knowledge. It gathers approaches and astrological practices, through which factors of the complex and dynamic aircraft environment are researched (human, time-space, aircraft machines). The time-space factor is an inseparable part of the matter and has angles. The event happens at a definite place, in a definite time. It is predetermined and matches as time and place with these angles, it “draws” the suitable subject as a participant just like the lock has its key. It is well known that gravity, luminous, thermal and electromagnetic fields and the ones of the corpuscles exist. The complexity of the dynamics between forms and statuses of the matter is amazing now ever. For this reason astrology helps to predict the continuous surprises that life presents to us. As a consequence of this, prevention of aircraft crashes can only get better.

The site made by the apprentice of the famous Bulgarian astrologist Lumiere is one of a kind, which includes, describes and marks the “minor” catastrophes for example small plane crashes and the victims are 2-3 people or they are injured. In his practice, Nikola Nikolov has many cases where he canseethe detailsto determine correctly in advance whether a crash will happen due to engine problem or other technical malfunction or will be caused by something else

Bad weather, act of terrorism or cataclysm in nature

He established a high peak with the possibility for a major natural disaster when making astrological forecast for December 2004. The tragedy was punctually predicted on the 26th of December the world was terrified by the havocs of a high tide wave over the shores of Indonesia.

Nearly two years later, he discovered the possibility of a terrorist act while establishing aircraft astrological prognosis. Then he even exclaimedWon’t these people give up finally!And indeed, the police prevented a terrorist act on the territory of the London airport Heathrow on the 10th of August 2006 which was aimed to blow up 10 passenger planes.

            The method, that Nikola Nikolov uses, can predict hourly peaks in the time with tendencies of when aircraft crashes can occur. Nikolov prepares preliminary forecasts for one month ahead, day by day and presents them on his site and then compares the percentage of successfully predicted events. In April last year he prepared materials that were used at a conference in the “Aircraft” faculty of the National military University, he used an occasional monthly forecast – the February one, suitable for the forum’s topics. At the time of the conference incidents had been already known and as per criteria accepted in the site (size of damages over the aircraft machines and fatality at the time of crash) a period of couple of days was predicted to be extremely dangerous. Eventually, it appeared that Nikolov has achieved 100 pct correctness, while the possibility’s percentage was only 0.0049.

           On 12th of February a British airplane C-130 “Hercules” was destroyed north from Basra, IraqOn the next day, a passenger airplane “Challenger” – 850 crashed in Moscow airport Vnukovo. At the time plane was flying off, one of the engines caught fire, the machine overturned and fell to pieces, and the crew was badly injured.

          On 17th of February a helicopter СН-47 „Chinookof the coalition forces in Afghanistan crashed (Zabul province, near the main road connecting Kandahar and Kabul), 8 American soldiers died, another 14 were injured. Before the incident happened, the pilot of the helicopter reported sudden engine problems. The talibans stated, however, that they have down the machine.

           The achieved recognition is impressive on 19th of February where the possibility percentage reached 0.0014. Two time peaks were advised in the forecast and the tendency was for aircraft crashes during one of the days with peak, at 15:50 GMT an airplane Piper Cherokee crashed while taking off in New York State, USA, in the Airport of Dutchess County. The prognosis was incredibly accurate (aircraft incident with time, same as the predicted time peak), this accuracy has been achieved every month since observations for plane crashes concerning the research have started.

The time method includes astrological forecast of the crew and passengers in plane (subject of the flight), as well as the machine itself (object of the flight). In the first case this means preparation of the traditional horoscopes, in order tendencies to be determined at the time of flight. It is interesting that forthcoming crash appears as a negative period also in the horoscopes of the workers of the airplane company (military men in aircraft base), who are related with the flight. It is more difficult to predict and the recognition accuracy is lower when preparing horoscopes of the military fighter-pilots due to the nature of their job. When they have to complete missions, they can hardy refuse to fly, despite the reasons.

The most difficult part to determine is

The place of the catastrophe

The problem is lack of suitable software, with the help of which all necessary data needs to be recalculated and forecast to be prepared. Also, aircraft astrologists will be a luxury for the airplane companies in the severe rivalry condition of the aircraft business in case of using their services. In the past meteorological forecasts have been a part of the astrologist’s obligations. The similarity is that both sciences make forecasts and the difference is that for the meteorologist the storm is visible, while the accuracy of the astrologist’s warnings can be proved only after incorrigibility happens. But how do the two forecasts sound?

Aircraft meteorologist:Weather is clear, without clouds in the sunny part of the day. Windbreeze from Northeast, 1–2 m/sec. Visibility 15–20 km. No changes expected. Weather is favourable for flights”.

Aircraft astrologist:For the period and route of the flight over Black Sea the transit constellations are strongly unfavourable. Mars and the important values of the flight seriously damaged. Natal charts of the crew with directions and transits show high level of danger. No problems with plane’s engines observed. The disaster looks like an explosion or hit with “earth-air” missile. It is hard to determine the real reasons, but the astrological charts show very high level of danger. We urgently recommend the flight to be postponed at least with 12 hours”.


 Time astrological chart concerning the crash in Solo, Indonesia on 30.11.2004.

Time astrological chart concerning the crash in Solo, Indonesia on 30.11.2004.

There were 154-passengers on board, 31 of them died, and another 62 were injured.

And if we have to dream for a moment, the main idea of the aircraft astrology forecast is it to be sent to the pilot and commander of the crew with the help of available software, just how they receive information today on their radars for the forthcoming storm.



Published in the copy of “Bulgarian warrior” magazine for February-March 2008.  с  ISSN 1310-7569.

Translated by: Stefan Georgiev