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April 2007

01.04.2007*/US/FL/Delray Beach, a homemade plane crash injures 2 people on board
03.04.2007*/Taiwan/Chishan, a military helicopter crashed in Chishan Town, Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan on Tuesday afternoon, leaving eight dead. The helicopter took off from a base in Gueirin Township in southern Taiwan at 15:52, and dissappeared at 16:00. At 16:30, Taiwan's militsry department received a report that the helicopter had come down in Chishan Town.
04.04.2007*/Brazil/Boa Vista.  Three Air Force planes crashed in the Amazon rainforest region on Wednesday afternoon and one of the pilots died. The airplanes of the "tucano" type  were flying over the metropoliten region of Boa Vista, the capital city of Roraima state. "A sudden weather change" and "strong wind current" knocked the planes down at 2:30 p.m.(local time). One of the pilots died in the plane crash, and another one survived. One of the planes was found
20 kms; away from the other. Rescue mission has not reached the spot where the third plane crashed , and it remains unknown
whether its pilot survived. Roraima's authorities also said that the three pilots were participating in a training session.
05.04.2007*/US/AZ/Silverbell Army Heliport at Pinal Air Park, an Apche helicopter crashed.
06.04.2007*/US/Ca/Daly City, a hang glider crashed, injured.
*/Australia/Victoria/Cohuna airport, an ultralight plane crash kills the pilot.
07.04.2007*/Australia/Tasmania/Devonport, an ultralight plane crash injures the pilot.
*/India/Goa/Vasco Da Gama, a fighter jet crashed into the ocean.
                  */New Zealand/Ohingaiti, a Cresco plane crashed without a pilot inside.
                  */UK/Ashford, an ultralight plane crashed in a field.
                  */US/FL/Polk County/Lakeland, 1972 Grumman plane crashed, the
pilot was injured.
08.04.2007*/US/IL/Chenoa, a fire caused as much as $500,000 in damage to four antique planes and a hangar near McLean County town of Chenoa.
09.04.2007*/US/N.M./Catron County, a small plane crash injures the pilot.
The Bahamas/20 miles off New Providence Island, a PA-46 plane crashed into Atlantic Ocean, 2 missing.
*/US/Nebraska/Scotts Bluff County/Scottsbluff, an ultralight LNC-2 plane crash kills 2 occupants on board.
*/Iraq/Baghdad, A US army helicopter went down by gunmen's small arms fire.
                  *Phillppines/Banaue, Robinson R-44 helicopter crash
injures 4 occupants on board.
                  */Bangladesh/Jessore, BAF
PT-6 (Primary Trainer - 6) jet crash kills the pilot.
                  */US/N.C./Cherokee County/Andrews, a Piper Lance PA-32 plane crash
kills 2 occupants, injures 1.
US/AZ/Page, a Cessna-172 plane crash kills 2 occupants on board.
Turkey/Ankara, Pegasus Boeing 737-800 plane hijacked by Mehmet Goksingol.
12.04.2007*/US/MI/Traverse City, Canadair RJ100/200/700 (reg N8905F) belonging to Pinnacle Airlines and performing flight 4712 departed Minneapolis at 21:44 and landed in Traverse City at 00:43. Upon landing, the aircraft received no braking action and came to stop off the end of the runway. The nose gear had collapsed and the plane tilted to the right.  There are no injuries reported to passengers or crew.
16.04.2007*/US/Mo/Douglas County/Ava, a PA-22 plane crash kills 1, injures 1 occupant.
US/W.Va./Franklin, a glider crashed, the pilot was injured.
US/Iowa/Webster City Airport, a small plane made a belly landing without landing gear.
                  */Switzerland/Urnasch, a small plane crash
kills 2 on board.
                  */US/Montana/ Billings, a small plane crashed in a field
injuring the pilot.
UAE/Abu Dhabi International Airport/Qatar Airlines Airbus A-300 (A7-ABV) was undergoing maintenance at Gamco in Abu Dhabi. At night a fire broke out in the airplane. The fire was put out and further damage to the hangar and two other planes was averted. Nevertheless the A-300's fuselage was gutted by the fire.
US/Va/Danville, AA5 Traveler plane crash kills 2 occupants.
*/US/FL/Putnam County/Palatka, Cessna-206 plane clipped power lines before hitting the water, 2 dead.
                  */US/Mo/Foristell, a
78-year-old woman suffered cuts but no serious injuries after she crash landed her plane in a field.
                  */Philippines/Paranaque, Cessna plane crash
kills the pilot. The plane apparently developed engine trouble.
20.04.2007*/US/N.J./Pequanock, teenage pilot crashes vintage plane Stinson 108-3 into N.J. neighborhood.
EC-130 Whisperstar B4 helicopter made a hard landing.
21.04.2007*/US/N..J./Pompton Plains, a small plane crashed near a farm and burned, the both occupants slightly injured.
Nigeria/Imo State, Nigarian Navy helicopter crashed killing 4 people on board.
pilot escaped with minor injuries after his ultralight aircraft crashed while taking off.
                  */US/FL/Fort Lauderdale, Piper Aztec plane crashed off the coast
killing 5 people on board.
                  */Austria/Tirol, a glider crash
injures the pilot.
US/Ky/Logan County/Russellville, Cessna plane crash-landed injuring the pilot.
US/Ga/White County/Cleveland, an ultralight plane crashed on takeoff into a hangar killing the pilot.
21.04.2007/20:40 GMT/US/S.C./Beaufort

Blue Angels Pilot Dies In Air Show Crash

Navy Blue Angels jet crashed during an air show Saturday,
killing the pilot, authorities said. Witnesses say the F/A-18 jet went down in flames during an afternoon show in Beaufort , S.C.
Witnesses say six Blue Angels F-18 jets were flying in formationq and suddenly one jet appeared to clip a tree and then head for the ground. They report seeing a huge fire-ball, and then smoke billowing from the crash site. The cause of the crash is still unclear. The airshow in Beaufort is one of 66 shows the Blue Angels are scheduled to fly in 2007. Beaufort is just miles from the Camp Lejeune Marine base in S.C.
The Blue Angels are stationed in Pensacola, Fla.
Blue Angels Pilot Dies In Air Show Crash
21.04.2007/20:40 по Гринуич.

F/A-18 Hornet от елитната пилотажна група на ВМС на САЩ "Сините ангели" се разби по време на авиошоу в гр Бюфорт, Южна Каролина. Пилотът е загинал. Група от 6 самолета снижили зад малка горичка и изчезнали от погледа на зрителите. След това се чули експлозии и се появили само пет. Гъст черен дим се извисил над горичката. Четири от самолетите се приземили, а водещия на групата облетял мястото на произшествието, след което се върнал на летището. Авиошоуто в Бюфорт е едно от 66 планирани за участие през 2007 г. на "Сините ангели".
21.04.2007/20:40 по Гринвичу

В американском штате Южная Каролина в субботу разбился истребитель элитной пилотажной группы ВМС США
"Голубые ангелы". Самолет упал на жилую зону, несколько домов охвачены огнем. Пилот погиб.
В ходе выступления на закрытии авиашоу в Бофорте, шесть самолетов
F/A-18 Hornet пилотажной группы зашли низко над землей, скрывшись из виду за небольшой рощей, однако обратно появились лишь пять. Четыре из них приземлились, пятый -ведущей группы-совершил облет места происшествия,после чего также вернулся на полосу.
22.04.2007*/21:30 GMT/US/Ga/Harris County/near Pine Mountain, Beechcraft Baron plane crash kills 5 people on board.
*/US/Ca/Palo Alto, Piper Warrier plane made a hard landing in a field because an engine failure.
25.04.2007*/Guyana/Kopinang, Pilatus Britten BN-2 Islander plane operated by Air Services departed Kato around 14:30 on a twenty minute flight to Kopinang. En route the airplane contacted trees and crashed killing the pilot and 2 passengers, other 2 passengers were injured.
A Russian military helicopter crashed in Chechnya
27.04.2007/07:34 GMT
A Russian military helicopter crashed in Chechnya on Friday, killing 20 people aboard. There were conflicting reports about whether the craft was shot down.
Mi-8 helicopter went down while flying to southern Chechnya as part of an operation agains militants. Preliminary indications were that the helicopter was shot down, but a ministry duty officer in the region later called the crash an accident, saying a rotor blade had struck something during an attempt to land.
The helicopter was one of three that was flying toward an area in southern Chechnya where a group of suspected militants had been spotted.
27.04.2007/07:34 по Гринвичу.
Чечня/ Шатой.
Утром в 5 км от населенного пункта Беной Шатойского района проводилась спецоперация, где федеральные силы вступили в боестолкновение с бандгруппой. На помощь было вызвано подкрепление, которое прибыло на место боя на трех вертолетах Минобо-роны. Во время посадки один из вертолетов, по предварительным данным, был сбит. Погибли находившиеся на борту три члена экипажа и 17 военнослужащих. Погибшие- бойцы спецназа ГРУ из части, дислоцированной в Ростовской области. Среди погибших спецназовцев два старших офицера-подполковник из щаба Северо-Кавказкого военного округа, а также майор, командир роты спецназа. Среди погибших также лейтенант, два прапорщика и солдат и сержантов контрактной службы. Они проходили службу в 22-й бригаде спецназа ГРУ. В районе находится весьма боеспособный отряд под командованием лично Доку Умарова-
"президент Ичкерии".
27.04.2007/07:34 по Гринуич.
Чечня/ Шатой.

При операция на спецназовци от 22-ра бригада срещу отряда от чеченски бунтовници на Доку Омаров е катастрофирал вертолет
Ми-8 извършващ десант в района на Шатой, Чечня. Той е бил един от трите веротолета поддържащи операцията.
Загинали са 20 военнослужащи, в това число двама старши офицера.
Коментират  се две версии за катастрофата: - че е бил свален от чеченските бунтовници или че е инцидент предизвикан от стълкновение на роторните перки на вертолета с нещо при приземяването.
A Russian military helicopter crashed in Chechnya

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