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Кога, къде, какво ?
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Small aircrash-Fatalities: up to 6 or harmness: up to 300 000$
Big aircrash- Fatalities: 7 and over or harmness: over 300 000$
Red script - fatal crash  (има загинали)
Black script - unfatal (няма загинали)
A scale of the danger
Скала на опасността
Шкала опасности
GMT (UT)    Greenwich Mean Time / Времето по Гринвич
(*)                 Extremеly dangerous days/ Особено опасни дни
Прогнозата не се коригира  след  настъпването на датата, за която се отнася. Целта е да се разбере доколко надеждни могат да бъдат прогнози от такъв характер, а в последствие да бъдат избегнати фаталните събития.      
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21             02:00
22             01:30

23             01:10
24            10:00

25            17:10

26            17:10

27            17:10

28            17:10

29            17:10

30            17:10

31            17:10
-US/Fl - Blue Angels jet F/A-18 crashed, the pilot ejected.
-Thai/Bangkok -
Boeing777-300 blast debris falls on car.
-US/Va/Dinwiddie - A plane crashed on runway hitting 2 others planes on it .
-US/Tn/Collegedale - A plane Cessna-421 crash kills 5, 1 injured.
-India/Mumbai - A Russian plane made an emergency landing.
-US/Oh/Wilmot - A helicopter crashed, 2 died.
-US/MT/Belgrade - A copter SR22 crash kills 3,
1 injured.
-US/Fla/Aventura lake - A cargo plane
Convair CV340 crashed.
-US/Wa/Renton - C-185 plane crashed, 1 died.
-US/ID/Hailey - A plane
C208 Caravan crash kills 3 aboard.
-US/La/Akers - PA-28 plane crashed, 1 died.
-US/Dayton - A plane Piper crash kills the pilot.
-US/Tx/Conroe Lake - A small  plane Beech-45 crash kills 2.
-US/Az/Flagstaff - A plane Cessna-310R crash kills the pilot.
-UK/Cornwall - A Royal Navy Lynx copter crashed,
4 died.
-Colombia - A Cessna plane crashed, 6 aboard died.
-US/Bering Sea - A Coast Guard copter crashed, 6 missing.
-Germany - A Tornado jet crashed, 2 died.
-Iraq/Mosul -
Two US copters crashed, 2 died, 4 injured.
-US/Dougco - A plane crash kills 2 people on board.
-US/SC/West Pelzer - A plane DA-40 crash kills 3 aboard.
-Venezuela/El Junquito - A plane
M-28 Skytruck crashed, 16 died.
-Canada/Mossbank - Two planes ST-114 smashed, 1 died.
-US/OK/Morris - A plane Eagle crash kills 2 aboard at 23: 56.
-Brazil/Minas Gerais - A small plane hit 2 homes, 3 died.
-US/Indiana - A  plane Pilatus PC12 lands on busy street.
-Mexico/Monterrey - A small plane crash kills 5 aboard.
-US/La/Abita Springs - A small plane Cessna crash kills a couple.
-NZ/Cable Bay beach - A light plane crash kills 1,
injures 2 people on board.
-Iraq/Bagdad - A Polish-made copter "Sokol"crash kills 3.
-US/Az/Apache Junction - An air-evac copter crash kills 1,
injures 2 people on board.
-India/Goa - A miltary plane
Sea Harrier crashed, the pilot ejected.
-Malaysia/Kedah - A military  plane "Pilatus" crash kills 2.
-Peru/Lurin - An air force jet crash kills 2 in training flight.
-US/Co/Denver - A plane Cessna- 421 crash kills 3 aboard.
-US/TX/Texas City - A small plane crash injures 2 critically.
-US/La Mirada - A Cessna plane struck a KFI radio tower, 2 died.
-Sudan/Darfur - An African Union helicopter fired.
-Afganistan/Herat province/Shindand - US army
OH-58 helicopter crashed injuring 2.
-China/Xinjiang -
Boeing 757 with 100 passengers on board colided air ballone.
-US/TX/Yellowhouse Canyon/north of Slaton Minicipal Airport - An experimental plane RA-40 Defiant crashed killing the pilot - Doctor Michael Marshall (52).
-Spain/Malaga/Marbella - A private copter crashed, 3 died, 1 injured.
-Bangladesh/Daka - A copter made an amergency landing.
-US/ID/Gefferson County/ Mud Lake - A small plane crashed.
-Pakistan/Rahim Khan - Planes in near collision, several injured.
-US/Fla/Orlando - An airliner with 271 made emergency landing.
-Indonesia/Papua - A military copter crash kills 5 on board.
-Indonesia/Java/Wonsobo - A copter crash
kills 14 soldiers.
-Japan/Tara - A copter Robinson R44 crashed, 3 missing.
-France/Monpelye - A plane Beachcraft-90 crash kills 3.
-US/Wisconsin/LakeMichigan - A 1964 Beach Bonanza plane crashed, 2 died.
-US/San Diego/Sorrento Valley - An ultralight plane crashed.
-US/NM/Roswell - A plane C-172 crash kills 1 on board.
-Canada/British Columbia - A copter crash kills the pilot.
-Afganistan/Kabul - A cargo plane An-12 made an emergency landing.
-US/Upper Peninsula - A Piper Aztec plane crash kills 5 aboard.
-US/NM/Gallup - A plane Piper PA-31 crash kills the pilot.
-US/Ca/Death Valley - AS350BA rotorcraft crashed, 1 died,
2 injured.
-US/Ravally County Airport - A Piper Aerostar crashed.
-US/OH/Gardington - A plane C-172 crashed, 3 died.

Aircraft :   over    50
Injuries :   over    16
Fatalities: over  130
Venezuelan military plane
crashed killing 16 people

10.12.2004/15:10 GMT
Venezuela/El Junquito

A Venezuelan military plane M-28 Skytruck crashed in the mountains near Caracas killing all 16 people on board, including two high- ranking officers, 7 other soldiers and 7 civilians including a four-year-old boy. Officials said the weather was cloudy and rainy in the area at the time.
В Венесуэле потерпел крушение
военный самолет, 16 погибли

10.12.2004/15:10 GMT
Венесуэла/Ел Джункуито

16 человек погибли в Венесуэле в результате крушения самолета, принадлежащего Национальной гвардии.Среди них были 2 высокопоставленныe офицеры Национальной гвардии, 7 другие солдаты и 7 гражданы. Во время крушения погода была плохая.
Тип самолета
M-28 Skytruck.
Военен самолет се разби във          
Венецуела, 16 загинали

10.12.2004/15:10 по Гринуич
Венецуела/ Ел Джункуито

16 загинаха
при катастрофа на Венецуелски военен самолет тип M-28 Skytruck, паднал в планините на 25 км СЗ от столицата Каракас. Сред загиналите са 2 генерали от Националната гвардия, 7 други военни и 7 цивилни, между които 4-годишно момче. Лошите МТО условия в района по това време са възможна причина за катастрофата.
18.12.2004*/US/Va/Wheeling-Ohio County Airport - The Piper Aerostar twin-engine plane crashed in a wooded area around  midnight Saturday. Authorities called to the scene of weekend plane crash found no people-dead or alive, but they did find $24 million worth of cocaine.

21.12.2004*/US/Nevada/Nellis Air Force Base - US jetfighter R-22 Raptor crashed . Pilot ejected and was with minor injuries. One R-22 Raptor costs up to $ 130 mln and is the newest jetfighter of the US Air Forces.
Военен вертолет
се разби в Индонезия


Военен хеликоптер Super Puma се вряза в скалите на планински масив в юго-западната част на о-в Ява отнемайки живота на 14 военнослужаши намираши се на борда му. Счита се, че причина за катастрофата е лошото време. Това е втора по ред гибелна катастрофа на военен хеликоптер за Индонезия в продължение само на 2 дни.
Military helicopter crashed
in Indonesia


Super Puma
helicopter crashed killing all 14 air force personnel on board.  Officials citing  bad weather as the cause of the incident.
It was the second military helicopter crash in as many days, after a Navy aircraft went down on Wednesday killing 5(4) people.
Военный вертолет потерпел
крушение в Индонезии


В резултате крушения военного вертолета Super Puma погибли 14 военнослужащих. Вертолет врезался в горы на юго-западе острова Ява. Катастрофа произошла из-за сильного тумана.Это вторая катастрофа военных вертолетов в Индонезии за 2 дня.

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