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December 2006

02.12.2006*/US/VT/West Dover, PA-60 Aerostar plane crash kills the pilot.
                  */US/Ore./Coos Bay/North Bend/off the coast of Horsfall Beach, RV-6 plane crash
kills 2 onb.
Iraq/Anbar province.

Sea Knight helicopter carrying 16 Marines went down in a lake west of the Iraqi capital in Anbar, killing four of them in the volatile province where an Air Force fighter jet crashed last week.
The twin -rotor
CH-46 helicopter from 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing made the emergency landing Sunday near the shore of Lake Qadisiyah ' in which the pilots maintained control of the aircraft the entire time,' the military said.
The helicopter had experienced mechanical problems and was not hit by gunfire. Twelve passengers survived; a Marine was pulled from the water but attempts to resuscitate him were unsuccessful.
The bodies of three missing Marines were found in a subsequent search.

В Ираке в воскресенье потерпел аварию американский вертолет "
Морской рыцарь". Как сообщает агентство Рейтер, вертолет СН-46, на борту которого находились 16 человек совершил вынужденную посадку на озеро Кадисия на западе Ирака.
В результате инцидента
один военнослужащий США погиб и трое пропали без вести. Позже тел пропавших без вести были обнаружены.
Ирак/провинция Анбар.

Вертолет на военноморските сили на САЩ от 3-о морско авиокрило СН-46 "Морски рицар" се приводнил принудително в езеро Кадисия намиращо се в иракската провинция Анбар. На борда е имало 16 военнослужащи. Един от морските пехотинци  бил изваден от водата в критично състояние, но опитите да бъде спасен останали напразни.
Други трима се водели за изчезнали, но в последвалото претърсване на района на катастрофата безжизнените им тела били открити. Така
загиналите в инцидента са 4, а оцелелите-12. Счита се, че случилото се е резултат от технически проблем, а не на вражески огън.
09.12.2006*/US/Ca/Bakersfield, experimental plane crash kills 2 on board.
                  */Bahamas/Flamingo Bay, a
de Havilland Canada DHC-3 Otter (reg.№ N335AK) plane crashed on takeoff near Andros Island and was destroyed
10.12.2006*/US/Va/Charlottesville, PA-32 plane cleared to approach, crashed into a field due to engine problems killing 1 on board.
                  */US/N.C./Taylorsville, experimental plane crash
kills 2 on board.
11.12.2006"/US/La/Terrebonne County/Houma, a helicopter crashed.
12.12.2006*/Sudan/Kenana, Sudan Airways airliner Fokker-50 (reg. № ST-ASI) suffered a nosegear collapse. It swerved off the runway. None of the passengers and crew was injured, but a blade from rhe no. 1 engine would have penetrated the fuzelage. Airplane damage- written off.                           Source: ASN
13.12.2006*/Italy/Pratica di Mare AB,  The airplane Canadair CL-415 "Tanker-7" (reg. № I-DPCD) belonging to SOREM/Protezione Civile operator landed gear up during a training flight. Airplane damage- substantial.                                                                                                                      Source: ASN
14.12.2006*/US/Orange County/Montgomery, Cessna-310 plane crash kills the pilot.
US/FL/Palm Beach Gardens, an ultralight pontoon plane crashed injuring the pilot.
Argentina/Buenos Aires/Ezeiza-Ministro Pistarini Airport, The Swearingen SA.227AC Metro ІІІ (reg. № LV-WRA) of  Baires Fly operator  was taking off from Ezeiza runway 17 when it suddenly banked , causing the wing to strike the runway. The airplane swerved off the runway. Airplane damage-substantial. Source: ASN
A Mexican Air Force plane crashed into the sea hear the resort city of Acapulco on Saturday and rescue teams were searching for its four crew members. The Antonov An-32B had been returning to a military base in the village of Pie de la Cuesta, just south of Acapulco, after a routine mission to transport troops. It crashed about five miles off the coast and rescuers were searching for the four people on the board. They were identified as Eric Maldonado Vargas, Isidro Estrada Adame, Victor Manuel Rodriguez and Roberto Lillo de Jesus. The cause of the crash was not immediateley known.

У тихоокеанского побережья Мексики недалеко от города-курорта Акапулько потерпел катастрофу транспортный самолет, сообщает агентство Рейтер.
Ан-32Б участвовал в военных учениях. Четверо членов экипажа (Е. М. Варгас, И. Е. Адаме, В. М. Родригес и Р. Л. де Исус) считаются пропавшими без вести. Причина крушения остается неизвестной. В спасателной операции задействованы суда ВМС Мексики, вертолеты и спасатели.
Мексико/ Акапулко.

Транспортен самолет
Ан-32 Б (рег. № FAM- 3103) на мексиканските ВВС се разби във водата на 8 км от тихоокеанското крайбрежие на Мексико, недалече от куротния град Акапулко. Самолетът е бил базиран в авиобазата край село Pie de la Cuesta и вероятно е от  състава на ЕА 301 ескадрила/ 3 крило на Въздушната група на мексиканските ВВС. Спасителните екипи продължават издирването на четирите члена на екипажа (Е. М. Варгас, И. Е. Адаме, В. М. Родригес и Р. Л. де Исус), които се считат за безследно изчезнали. Причината за катастрофата към момента е неизвестна.
A Mexican Air Force An-32B
A Mexican Air Force An-32B
16.12.2006*/US/Ca/Yuba County/Dobbins, an ultralight plane crash injures the pilot.
*/US/Ohio/Bucyrus, Piper PA-24 plane crash kills a family of four.
                  */US/Vt/Post Mills, a small plane crash
injures the pilot.
                  */US/Ga/Hoschton, a small plane crash i
njures the pilot and his 12 -year-old son.
US/Ca/Santa Clara County/Gilroy, Be-95 Beechcraft Travel Air plane crashed into pond killing
3 Japaneese.
US/Ariz./Fort Apache indian Reservation, small plane Cirrus SR-22 crash kills female pilot and her two dogs.
US/Ca/Big Pine, PA-28 Piper Cherokee plane crashed into a forest killing 2 persons on board.
22.12.2006*/US/FL/Washington County/Crystal Lake, Cessna plane crash kills 5 people on board.
25.12.2006*/US/Tenn./Nashville, an American Eagle flight № 5383, a two-engine, 50-seat regional jet carrying 13 passengers and crew, took off from Nashville at 6 pm and made a safe emergency landing about 30 min. later because of  a smoke filled the aircraft's cabin. Pilot, co-pilot and a passenger were taken to a local hospital for symptoms of smoke inhalation.
СН-46 "Морски рицар" от 3-о МАК
СН-46 "Морски рицар" от 3-о МАК
24.12.2006*/Indonesia/Ujung Pandang-Hasanudin Airport, atr 13:35 GMT the Boeing 737-4YO (reg. PK-LIJ) operated by Lion Airlines company skidded off  runway 31 on landing. The airplane suffered serious damages to the right main landing gear, left wing and both engines. On board  were 162 occupants.
/US/FL/Fort Lauderdale, the fire on the United Airlines' Airbus A320 just before takeoff was put out by emergency workers and the jet returned to a gate under its own power, but the incident shut down the airport's main runway for about 20 minutes. The problem was caused by an engine compressor that stalled. On the board of the plane were 138 occupants, but no one was hurt.
                  */Australia/NSW/Gulgong, a light plane crash
kills the pilot.
US/Okla./Tulsa/Jones Riverside Airport,  a student pilot likely started a fire at the airport causing
$200,000 damage and destroyed Cessna-172 plane.
RU/Primorskiy(div.), Mi-2 helicopter with 3 aboard missing.
                  */US/FL/Miami, Boeing 747-400 operated by British Airways with 343 passengers and crew on board skidded off runway. No one was hurt. No damaged.
                  */Uganda/Entebbe airbase, a
Bell Auguasta-412 helicopter crash-landed near the Fisheris Training Institut (FTI).
22.12.2006/05:00 GMT
An Army Blachawk helicopter crashed on a mountain southeast of Seattle during a training mission, killing all three people aboard. The UH-60 went down about 9 p.m. (05:00 GMT) Thursday.
The  soldiers were members of the 4th Squadron, 6th Air Cavalry Regiment, which has been at Fort Lewis about for a year. The Army notified the family of Sgt. Thomas Clarkston , 25, of Liberty, Ind., that he was among those killed.
The Army began using
UH-60 Blackhawk in 1979 to provide air assault, medical evacuations and special operation support for combat operations.
22.12.2006/05:00 по Гринвичу
США/округ Вашингтон

Американский военный вертолет
Blackhawk UH-60 разбился в гористой местности к юго-востоку от Сиэтла. Три человека, находившихся на борту, погибли, сообщают представителей военных. Спасатели практически сразу после падения вертолета обнаружили тела двух погибших. Позже были найдены останки еще одного погибшего. Пока известно только имя серж. Thomas Clarkston из имен погибших. Известно, что они относились к четвертой эскадре шестого воздушно-десантного полка.
22.12.2006/05:00 по Гринуич
САЩ/окръг Вашингтон

Военен вертолет
UH-60 Blackhawk от състава на 4-та ескадрила на 6-ти Въздушен кавалерийски полк се разби в гористо-хълмиста местност
недалече от Сиятъл, край градчето Емунклоу,
погубвайки тримата члена на екипажа. Поделението било командировано във Форт Люис
от година. Известно е името само на един от загиналите и това е командира на екипажа серж. Томас Кларкстон, 25-годишен от Либърти в щата Индиана. Причината за катастрофата засега е неизвестна.
27.12.2006/18:40 GMT
UK/Lancashire/Morecambe Bay
Six bodies have been recovered from the sea after a helicopter crashed off Morecambe Bay.
A rescue operation was launched after the
Eurocopter AS365N carrying seven people came down 24 miles offshore. The aircraft took off from Blackpool Airport and was ferrying Centrica staff from gas platforms in the bay.
Two crew members and five rig workers were aboard. The bodies
6 men have been recovered and were brought ashore. The search was continuing for the other missing person. The helicopter, operated by industry transport firm CHC, left Blackpool at about 18:00 GMT and crashed some 40 min. later. It had picked up passengers at two platforms and was heading for a third. Conditions were cold but it was not very foggy at the time of the crash.
27.12.2006/18:40 по Гринвичу.
Великобритания/Ланкашир/ Моркам-бей         
В катастрофе вертолета в бухте Моркам-бей у западного побережья Великобрита-нии погибли шесть из семи человек, находившихся на борту. Всего на борту потерпевшего катастрофу вертолета находились 7 человек- 5 рабочих морской нефтегазодо-бывающей платформы британской компании Centrica и два члена экипажа. Гражданской вертолет Eurocopter AS365N поднялся в воздух из города Блэкпул на западе Англии. Крушение произошло примерно в 20 милях от побережья. Связь с вертолетом была потеряна 27 декабря около 18:40 по Гринвичу
(21:40 мск). На месте происшествия развернута масштабная поиского- спасательная операция с участием судов и вертолетов Королевских ВВС. Уже обнаружены тела шести погибших. Судьба одного пассажира  пока неизвестна.
27.12.2006/18:40 по Гринуич.
заливът Моркамб

Eurocopter AS365N e катастрофирал край западното крайбрежие на Великобритания и потънал във водите на залива Моркамб. На борда са се намирали
7 човека- 5 работници от нефтената
платфорвма на британската компания
Centrica и двамата от екипажа. Вертолетът излетял от гр. Блекпул.
Катастрофата станала на около 20 мили от брега. Връзката с вертолета
пропаднала в 18:40 по Гринуич.
На мястото на произшествието се водят мащабни спасително-издирвателни действия. Открити са телата на 6 загинали. Съдбата на седмия от намиращите се на борда
остава неизвестна, но шансът да е оцелял след толкова часове в ледените води е незначителен. Времето в момента на катастрофата
било студено, с разредена мъгла.
27.12,2005*/US/Miss./Waveland, a 1946 Erco plane overshot the runway crashing into a ditch.
                  */US/Ca/Kern Co/Bakersfield, small plane crash i
njures the pilot.
*/New Zealand/Tauranga, a Britten-Norman BN-2A-27 Islander (reg. ZK-WNZ) plane, operated by Island Air Charters, crash-land in mudflats at the estuary at Omokoroa.
                  */France, small plane crash
kills 2 occupants aboard.
                  */Iraq, a
OH-58 Kiowa military helicopter made an emrgency landing after shooting at it.
                  */US/Tenn./Marion County Airport, a North Wing Apache plane crash
kills the pilot.
US/Ind./Muncie, mother and her son were hospitalized after smoke inhalation in their small
Beechcraft Musketeer plane before takeoff.
30.12.2006*/Kenya/near Nairobi-Jomo Kenyata Int. Airport, de Havilland DHC-5 Buffalo (reg. 5Y-SRK), operating for International Red Cross (leased from Sky Relief Services), had to fly goods to Somalia, including 20 drums, each holding 200 litres of jet fuel. Shortly after takeoff the airplane developed engine problems. It failed to gain height, crashed and burst into flames.                                          Source : ASN
1.12.2006*/00:30GMT/Mexico/ near Culiacan-Fedl de Bachigualato Airport, a North American CT-39A-1 NA Sabreliner (reg. XA-TNP), operated by Jett Paqueteria, was on a cargo flight to Culiacan. It struck terrain at a sports field and crashed into some vacant buildings killing the two occupants on board.
                  */US/MI/Romeo, PA-32 Piper Cherokee Six plane crashed on approach
killing 1 and injuring 3.

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