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December 2008

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06.12.2008*/US/FL/Hollywood - The bodies of four victims have been recovered from the wreckage of two planes that collided in mid-air and crashed into the Everglades over the weekend. The bodies of Bryan Sax of Aspen, Colo., and Andrew Marc Rossignol, 21, from Stuart were brought in by airboat around 11:00 a.m. Rossignol, a certified pilot, was with Sax in the Piper PA-44 (N188TP) at the time of the collision. The bodies of Stuart Brown of Pembroke Pines and Edson Jefferson of Miramar were found a short time later. They had used the Cessna-172 (N369ES).

07.12.2008*/US/FL/Homestead - When Sarria, a 27-year-old TV technician, jumped out of a skydiving plane Sunday, his parachute became caught on the Cessna 208's rear flaps. The chute deployed partially but was still snagged. He fell between 10,000 and 13,000 feet  after his parachute became damaged during a jump. Rafael Sarria eventually landed in an avocado grove. He survived with just cuts and bruises.

*/US/CA/Lompoc - A single engine Cessna crashed near the Lompoc Airport just after 2:30 p.m. Wednesday afternoon. The pilot, the lone occupant suffering serious injuries.
*/Burkina Faso/Fada N' Gourma - A military SIAI-Marchetti SF260 plane crashed shortly after takeoff killing the 2 men on board.

11.12.2008*/US/TX - Helicopter crashes into Gulf of Mexico
The U.S. Coast Guard says
three people are dead after their helicopter crashed in the Gulf of Mexico on the way to an oil rig. The search continues for two others who were on the helicopter.  Coast Guard was alerted at 9:47 a.m. by a call from the helicopter leasing company Rotorcraft Leasing Co. LLC of Broussard, La., reporting that the pilot had not checked in as scheduled.

15.12.2008*/Caribbean Sea, off Turks and Caicos Islands - Mystery surrounds plane missing in Caribbean

The Britten-Norman aircraft -- alternately reported to be either a twin-engine Islander, or a three-engine Trislander -- that presumably crashed Monday afternoon near the Turks and Caicos Islands may have been commandeered before it took off from Providenciales.
"That plane apparently was stolen," a female employee of Linea Area Puertorriquena Inc. told the news organization. Luis Perez, owner of Puerto Rico Airlines, said he planned to report the missing aircraft as stolen.
Conflicting reports abound regarding the plane's disappearance. Initial statements from Dominican news sources erroneously identified the aircraft as N650LT, which is not a valid registration number on FAA records. Puerto Rico Airlines does operate a
BN-2A MK III Trislander with registration N650LP.
Authorities in Providenciales say they aren't certain the plane landed in Turks and Caicos, but rather disappeared while en route to land there. That coincides with initial reports from a Dominican aviation official... who also incorrectly identified the owner as Atlantis Airlines.
Meanwhile, officials with the US Coast Guard say they don't think the plane was stolen -- and that if it was, that's not necessarily why it's missing. "It was over the water when they disappeared -- thats why we were notified," said Coast Guard Petty Officer Barry Bena, adding the plane "dropped off radar" sometime after departing from Santiago, Dominican Republic. The pilot made
a mayday call as the plane flew near the coast of Providenciales, the officials said.
Eleven passengers and one pilot were believed to be onboard the plane, which may have been heading to New York. As of Tuesday night there remains no sign of the missing plane, or of any survivors. On board were the pilot Adrian Jimenez and the passengers: Carlos Garcia, 36, Jose Luis Rodriguez, 28, Alexandra Abreu, 23, Maria Abreu, 21, Rosa Tavarez, 27, Maritza Rodriguez, 34, Maritza Hernandez, 28, Juana Ramirez, 39, Romulio Herrera 32, Omar Starling Rojas Amparo 29 and Alexandra Abre Guerrero.
Original Report
1000 EST: Crews are searching in the waters off the Bahamas for signs of a missing Britten-Norman Islander. The twin-engine aircraft with 12 people onboard disappeared en route to a refueling stop in the Bahamas Monday afternoon.
The Associated Press reports the Atlantis Airlines plane took off from Santiago, Dominican Republic at approximately 3:30 pm Monday, bound for New York. The aircraft fell off radar about 35 minutes later, shortly after controllers received an emergency signal.
US Coast Guard search crews are combing a section of the Atlantic Ocean about four miles west of West Caicos Island, near the aircraft's last known location. USCG spokesman Nick Ameen says no wreckage has been found so far. Dominican Today identified the missing aircraft as N650LT. Dominican Government denies missing planes passengers lacked visas. All the passengers, including the pilot Adrian Jimenez, had a visa for the Providenciales Islands, for which the trip was legal.
The local aviation authority, the IDAC, reported that the pilot had his Dominican license canceled since october, 2006, and had filed the flight plan using his US license.
Additional details
The pilot of the airplane that disappeared Monday after take off from Santiagos Cibao airport had been momentarily detained in that terminal, a relative of one of the passengers revealed today, as facts begin to surface on the fatal flight. The identity of the person who would accompany the pilot Adrian Jimenez and whos now under arrest in Santiago couldnt be established.
Glenny de la Cruz, a cousin of Maria Altagracia Abreu, 21, said the airplane was headed to Miami and would make a stop in the Bahamas. According to de la Cruz, her cousin paid 6,000 dollars of the 18,000 the trip cost and the rest was to be paid upon her arrival at Miami.
Meanwhile, Air Force Chief of staff Carlos Altuna Tezanos yesterday revealed that one of the reasons Jimenezs pilot license to be revoked was his alleged involvement in people trafficking.
Army helicopter crashes in southern mountains; 5 injured

*/Taiwan/Kaohsiung/near Cishan township - An army CH-47SD helicopter (reg. 7303) crashed into a ditch in a mountainous training battleground near Cishan township in the southern county of Kaohsiung Thursday, injuring five officers aboard, a Defense Ministry statement confirmed later that day.
Only two of the injured officers, identified as
Chen Chien-yu, a technician, and Wang Huang-kun, a non-commissioned officer, remained in Kaohsiung Military General Hospital for treatment of their injuries, including bone fractures and lacerations, the statement said. The other three -- pilot Maj.Wu Cheng-wang, co-pilot Maj.Lin Si-yi and Lt.Col. Shen Hsiao-hsing, an inspector, -- returned to the Gueiren base after treatment, the statement said.
The pilot of the ill-fated plane recalled that the helicopter landed at the battleground without incident, but he discovered that the No. 2 engine seemed to lose power for about 30 seconds when the helicopter took off again and had reached an altitude of 50 feet, whereupon he lost control and the aircraft crashed.
The CH-47SD, the latest version of the Chinook, features several new or improved components and systems that enhance capabilities while reducing operating and support costs.
Army helicopter crashes in southern mountains; 5 injured
18.12.2008*/South Africa/Gauteng/Lanseria airport - Beech 200 King Air plane (reg. ZS-NXH), operated by Redmoon, collapsed a gear on landing and was damaged.
                  */Argentina/"El Tigre", Pcia.Bs.As. - Piper PA-31T-500 "Cheyenne I" plane (reg. LV-MYX) smashed into two trucks parked behind a gas station near the Panamerica expressway while it was trying to make an emergency landing.
Two people on board were killed.

*/Mexico/Coahuila/Ramos Arizpe - Cessna-210 Centurion plane (XB-AWZ) crashed Friday just before reaching the airport in Ramos Arizpe. The plane was carrying two water commission officials and two TV Azteca reporters. They were hospitalized along with the pilot - 5 on board - in serious condition. Two of them, Emilio Bichara Marcos, the Coahuila water commission director, and his secretary Rafael Reyes died Sunday. Two reporters and the pilot were still under medical care.
*/US/AZ/Pima County/Tucson/Casino del Sol - An ultralight plane crash injuring the pilot. The plane crashed after it clipped power lines. The man is under investigation on suspicion of drug trafficking.
                  */Vanuatu/ Vanuatus island of Espiritu Santo -
Britten-Norman B2NA Islander plane (reg. YJ-RV2), operated by Air Vanuatu, crashed in bad weather on a  mountain at altitude of 1300 metres. On board were 10 people. The pilot died and 2 of the passengers were seriously hurt.

20.12.2008*/US/AZ/Wickenburg/Alamo Lake - Diamand DA-20 plane (N4196M) crashed into the lake killing the pilot.
*/US/CA/Warner Springs - Beech V35B plane (N1587L) crashed into a residential area, the two persons on board were fatally injured.
*/Germany/Koln/Bonn Airport (CGN) - Pegasus Airlines Boeing 737-800 plane returned to CGN following a tailstrike on takeoff.
Passengers escape burning jet in Denver; 38 hurt
Passengers escape burning jet in Denver; 38 hurt

20.12.2008// 01:18 GMT
US/CO/ Denver International Airport - What seemed like a typical takeoff turned into a near-tragic disaster Saturday night in Denver. However, as passengers witnessed their plane burst into flames after it crashed on the runway, the scene inside the cabin remained calm, according to a survivor. During takeoff, the
Boeing 737-524 plane (reg. N18611) veered off the runway, skidding to a rest in a 40-foot deep ravine. Both main landing gears were sheared off, and one of the plane's two engines was disconnected from its wing. The 115 passengers and crew aboard fled through emergency exits and down chutes as the plane burned. Because of the flames on the right side of the plane, only the left-side exits were open.
Firefighters said it was a miracle that no one was killed in the fiery crash, although
38 people were injured.
Federal investigators are examining the burned remains of the
Continental Airlines jet this week. The so-called black boxes have been recovered and the National Transportation Safety Board said it appeared the flight data and cockpit voice recorders are in good condition.  The two "black box" flight data and cockpit voice recorders were recovered and sent for examination to Washington, D.C. They are seeking clues as to why Flight 1404 came to a jolting and fiery end Saturday night en route from Denver to Houston.
In this image taken from video released by KUSA-TV in Denver is shown a Continental Airlines Boeing 737 on Sunday, Dec. 21, 2008 in Denver. Thirty-eight people suffered injuries including broken bones, and two were in critical condition with fractures after the plane crashed Saturday evening upon takeoff, according to officials.
(AP Photo/KUSA-TV)
21.12.2008*/Italy/Varese - Midair collision between Schleicher ASW 28-18 E D-KCLA and ASK 21 D-2155. D-KCLA crashed and the ASK-21 made a forced landing. The pilot of the crashed plane died.
*/South Africa/Western Cape/near Riversdale - Bell-206B helicopter (reg. ZS-HWM), operated by J.I Crous and on contract to Eden District Municipality, was summoned to drop water on a blaze, but crashed injuring the pilot.

*/US/CO/Hayden - Piper PA-46 plane ( N46SB ) crashed in bad weather killing the 2 occupants on board. Heavy snow was falling at the time.

24.12.2008*/US/WA/Seattle-Tacoma International Airport - Plane de-icing fumes sicken 25, delay flight

Seven Alaska Airlines employees and 18 passengers were checked for eye and throat irritation Wednesday after fumes from de-icing fluid seeped inside a plane shortly before it was scheduled to take off from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Alaska Airlines Flight 528, bound for Burbank, Calif., from Gate N7, was being de-iced around 8:15 a.m. when passengers reported symptoms from fumes that "made their way onto the aircraft".
All 143 passengers got off the plane, and those who were affected were offered treatment from medics. A new Alaska Airlines plane was brought in for the flight and left at about 10:30 a.m.
Effects of inhaling de-icer fumes would likely "be transient," said Marc Stifelman, a toxicologist in the Seattle office of the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency.
The most common de-icer used by airlines contains ethylene glycol, he said, and inhalation can irritate the eyes and upper-respiratory system.
Airport officials were investigating the incident.

                  */Egypt/Sharm el Sheikh -
Egypt Air Express plane lost a nosewheel on takeoff

The crew of an Egypt Air Express
Embraer ERJ-170, flight MS-363 from Sharm el Sheikh to Luxor (Egypt) with 62 people on board, reported nose gear trouble after takeoff from Sharm el Sheikh and decided to divert to Cairo International Airport, where the airplane landed safely with just one nose wheel, while the second nose wheel was missing.

         */Nigeria/near Port Harcourt - Bird strike hits airlines, Arik flight grounded

Arik Air
Boeing 737-700NG, had taken off from the Port Harcourt International Airport on night when the pilot noticed that one of the engines had been hit by birds. Consequently, the pilot was said to have aborted the flight and returned to base, while passengers were evacuated immediately. It was learnt that the airline had to mobilise another aircraft to Port Harcourt for the passengers to flown to Lagos at about 9:30pm.

                  */DR Congo/1.5kms from Isiro Airport - Uganda People's Defence Force
MiG-21 fighter jet crashed killing the pilot, a day to celebrate his birthday. The pilot was born to Mr. and Mrs. Okorom of Kapasak village in Ongino Sub-County in Kumi District on December 25, 1975.

*/South Africa/North-West Province/near Mabopane/ Odi - Tecnam P92 ran out of fuel and had to carry out an emergency landing in a bushy area and it was damaged.

27.12.2008*/US/WY/Rock Springs - Cessna 208B Cargomaster plane (reg. N890FE), operated by Federal Express, while taxiing, went off the taxiway and flipped onto its side.
                  */Russia/Primorskiy/Okhotnichiy - A helicopter crash
kills the pilot.

28.12.2008*/US/WA/Sea-Tac/Seattle-Tacoma International Airport - Planes bump on ground at Sea-Tac in WA

No one was injured when two passenger-filled planes backed into each other as they left their gates Sunday morning at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. A
Delta 737-800 plane, Flight 1288 to Cincinnati, was backing away from its gate at the Concourse Terminal at Sea-Tac shortly before 7 a.m. At the same time a Northwest 757-300 plane, Flight 620 to Minneapolis, was backing away from its gate at the South Satellite Terminal.
Both flights from Seattle to the Midwest were canceled.

                  */US/TX/Palestine - Cessna-150F plane (reg. N8212F) ran off the runway into the trees and was damaged.
                  */US/NM/Santo Domingo Pueblo - Piper PA-28R-201T plane (reg. N3064M) reported engine problem and force landed 2 miles from the airport; it was damaged.
Pilot Killed In Jet Crash Near N.C. Marine Base
Smoke is seen coming from the site of the crashed Harrier jet.
Pilot Killed In Jet Crash Near N.C. Marine Base

29.12.2008*/US/NC/Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point -

A Marine fighter jet crashed Monday about a mile short of a runway at an eastern North Carolina air base,
killing the pilot. The single-seat plane was returning to the base after a training flight when it crashed about 12:30 p.m. in an unpopulated area. No one else was hurt. The AV-8B Harrier jet was assigned to Marine Attack Training Squadron 203.
29.12.2008*/Australia/NSW/SW of Nyngan - A crop duster plane has crashed at a north-western NSW property, killing the pilot.

*/Panama/Panama city/Panama Canal's Lake Madden - Cessna -152 training plane (HP-1518TC) crashed into the lake killing Alex Bosquez, a flight instructor, and Abraham Licona, a student pilot, who were flying the plane.

31.12.2008*/US/FL/Panama City Beach - Schweizer HUGHES 269C helicopter (reg. N36254), operated by Emerald Coast Helicopters Llc, on climbout attempt from a hover, impacted the water, shell island, near Panama City Beach, FL .
                  */US/NJ/Pittstown - Piper PA-28-140 plane (reg. N95156) crashed in a field 1/4 mile from the airport
killing 1 and injuring 1 on board.