Seven Die in Peru Plane Crash

25.02.2010//16:04 GMT
Peru/Ica/Nazca lines -
The pilot and all six passengers died Thursday when their small airplane crashed while flying over the Nazca lines in southern Peru, authorities said.
Three of the passengers were from neighboring Chile, while the pilot and the other victims were Peruvians, including a couple and their young child.
The plane, a Cessna U206F, registered OB-1117 and operated by Nazca Airlines, went down at 11:04 a.m.
Pending an investigation into the cause of the accident, Nazca Airlines said in a statement that the plane was in "perfect technical condition," having made two flights earlier Thursday without incident.
Authorities suspended tour flights over the Nazca lines and cordoned off the area to facilitate the recovery of the bodies and the accident investigation.
The Nazca geoglyphs were drawn by pre-Columbian inhabitants of the region and cover an area measuring 500 square kilometers (193 square miles) on the arid plains of the southern province of Ica.
The lines, whose complex designs can only be perceived from the air, have long fascinated scientists, archaeologists and scholars, while among less-learned folk they have inspired speculation about lost civilizations and even visits by extraterrestrials.
Scholars suggest the geoglyphs represent a huge astronomical calendar.
The regional director of Perus National Institute of Culture told RPP radio that the crash caused no damage to the Nazca lines, which were declared a World Heritage Site in 1994.
Americo Baiocchi said institute personnel would be on the scene to make sure that the recovery team and investigators dont inadvertently trample or run over the lines.
A handful of small firms offer flights over the Nazca lines and recent months have witnessed several forced landings by tour planes on the nearby Panamerican highway.
13 Yemeni army personnel killed in chopper crash

Yemen/Saada/Kahlan area -
Thirteen army personnel were killed and one injured when a military helicopter crashed in the restive province of Saada in northwestern Yemen, the defence ministry reported. The helicopter was carrying seven wounded soldiers and a crew of four when it crashed into a military vehicle with three soldiers shortly after it took off from a military airport in Kahlan area of Saada, some 240 km northwest of the capital, Sanaa. All eleven died instantly. The captain of the helicopter, lieutenant colonel Sadek al-Junaid, was among the dead. Two soldiers on the ground were also killed and a third injured, the ministry said. Officials blamed the crash on a technical fault but gave no further details.
Saada has been the scene of fierce battles between the army and Shia rebels in the last five-and-a-half years.

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02.02.2010*/Afghanistan - The Polish Air Force C-130E transport plane (1506)  made a forced landing at Mazar-I-Sharif Airport (MZR), Afghanistan. The airframe had been subjected to severe stresses in-flight causing the separation of both elevators and part of the right hand main gear door. The fuselage at the wing root was severely distorted on both sides of the airplane.

*/Yakutia/ Yakutsk - Yakutia An-24 passenger plane (RA-47360) skidded on its belly during takeoff. The takeoff was aborted.
                  */South Africa/ Magaliesberg mountains/ Boekenhoutskloof area - A training Cessna T206H Turbo Stationair plane (ZS-PDC) crashed
killing the 2 occupants.

*/Czech Republic/Horni Olesna - Panske Dubenky - Alfa Helicopter Bell-427 (OK-AHB) crashed in a field and was damaged beyond repair.
                  */US/TX/El Paso/Fort Bliss - A medical helicopter crashed
killiing the 3 people on board.

06.02.2010*/US/CO/about 2 miles NW of Boulder Municipal Airport - A Cirrus SR20 G2 plane (N825BC) clipped the towline of another plane, Piper PA-25-235 Pawnee,  pulling a glider, sparking a fiery midair crash in Colorado and killing at least three people. The glider disconnected from the plane just before the second plane hit the tow rope. The accident happened at about 1:30 p.m. near the Boulder Municipal Airport. The glider landed safely with no injuries to any of the three people on board just after the planes made impact.

                  */US/VA/Washington International Dulles Airport - A hangar roof collapsed at the Dulles Jet Center around 8 a.m. Saturday morning. The hangar was significantly damaged.
There were four private jets inside.
*/US/FL/Indianatown Airport - A Cirrus SR22 GTS G3 TC plane (N155ZS) plane landed hard on the small private strip, bounced and then flipped over. Two male occupants were transported to Martin Memorial Medical Center with what appeared to be minor injuries.
*/US/FL/Port St. Lucie - A pilot escaped with only minor injuries after a helicopter crashed during or just after take off at the St. Lucie airport. The helicopter, an Enstrom F-28 C built in 1976, crashed at about 11:30 a.m. on Saturday. It ended up on its side with at least one rotor mangled. 25 of the aircraft's 45 gallons of fuel spilled out. The Federal Aviation Administration said a strong gust of wind hit just before the helicopter crashed.

07.02.2010*/US/AZ/Red Mountain Park - A Nanchang (NAMC) CJ-6 plane (N6263D) was taxiing after an emergency landing, the pilot had to veer so he wouldnt hit a man and his dog who were walking in the area, but crashed into a free-standing restroom building.
                  */US/FL/Page Field - A Flight Design CTLS plane (N772CT) crashed on takeoff and flipped over.
                  */Italy/Massa Cinquale Airfield (LILQ) - A Fournier RF-4D motorglider (I-BPLG) was forced to land into the sea 600 m NW of the airport.
                  */Japan/Narita International Airport - A mechanic found the body lying inside the landing gear compartment of the Boeing 777-200 during maintenance after Delta Flight 59 from New York landed at Narita on Sunday night. The body of the apparent stowaway, identified only as that of a male with dark skin, was clad in a long-sleeved plaid shirt and jeans. The body had no visible injuries except signs of frostbite and
the man might have frozen to death during the flight.

*/Turkey/Istanbul/Ataturk International Airport - Two Turkish Airlines planes hit each other. One taxiing for takeoff  airplane hit the tail part of a parked plane. Both were damaged.

09.02.2010*/US/SC/Mount Pleasant Regional Airport - A Piper PA-28 Cherokee plane crash-landed due to landing gear problem.

10.02.2010*/Brazil/Sao Pedro da Aldeia Naval Air Base - A military  Helibras/Aerospatiale HB-350L1 (HA-1) Esquilo helicopter (EB-1011) crashed while training tactical piloting maneuvering. The instructor and the student were injured.

*/Indonesia/33 km (20.6 mls) NE of Balikpapan-Sepingan Airport (BPN) - A Trigana Air ATR-42-300 turboprop plane, registered PK-YRP, was damaged in a forced landing in a rice field near Bone village, district Samboja. Its 2 engines failed during the flight.  46 passengers and 5 crew members were on board. At least 4 of them were injured.

*/Italy/Montello - A military Agusta/Bell AB-206C-1 Jet Ranger helicopter made a hard landing and was damaged.

                  */Portugal/Cascais/Tires - A German hijacked the aircraft, after pretending to be a photographer shooting parachute jumps from inside the airplane. The
Pacific Aerospace 750XL plane (D-FGOJ) took off from LPEV (Evora) with 3 parachuters, and right after, the hijacker diverted the aircraft using a pistol to LPCS (Tires). When the aircraft was landing at Tires, the parachuters jumped at very low altitude (not known if they were forced)... The aircraft landed with the engine shut down and skidded into a ditch, breaking the left wing and leaving again to the grass breaking the landing gear. The pilot managed to flee unhurt and the hijacker committed suicide.

*/US/IL/Genoa City - A Cessna plane made an emergency landing in a field due to engine problems.
                  */Argentina/Cordoba/Jose de la Quintana - A Cessna-206 plane (LV-IJZ) crashed due to bad weather. The 6 skydivers on board parachuted successfully.
The pilot died in the crash.
*/US/CA/El Dorado Hills - A Rans S-9 Chaos plane (N195R) made an emergency landing on Highway 50, damaging a vehicle and tied up traffic for hours.
                  */US/CA/San Diego/ near Salton sea - An ultralight plane crashed
killing the pilot.

14.02.2010*/Germany/Schona - Time Air Cessna 550B Citation Bravo plane (OK-ACH) crashed killing both pilots. Flight TIE039C departed Prague-Ruzyne International Airport (PRG) on a flight to Karlstad Airport (KSD), Sweden.
                  */Argentina/Entre Rios/Santa Elena - An agricultural Cessna plane (LV-WCA) crashed due to engine failure
killing the 2 occupants.
16.02.2010*/US/CA/Los Angeles - A SkyWest Airlines plane slammed into a boarding jetway Tuesday morning at Los Angeles International Airport, breaking propeller blades that struck the fuselage. There were no injuries to the crew members or 25 passengers on board the twin-engine Embraer EMB-120ER Brasilia turboprop airplane (N226SW).

17.02.2010*/Russia/Leningrad div./Pushkin airfield - A RuAF Su-24 jet caught fire while preparing to takeoff and burned out.

*/Dominican Republic/ Santo Domingo - A body was found on an airport runway Thursday afternoon in Santo Domingo after a cargo jet took off for Miami. The body, believed to be that of an unidentified teenage stowaway, was aboard the Fort Lauderdale-based Amerijet Cargo plane. As the plane left the tarmac at 1:45 p.m. the teen fell out. The pilots continued flying.

                  */US/OH/Athens County/Albany - A 1981 Cessna 172RG Cutlass RG plane (N9771B) went down on County Road 12 in Albany at about 7:15
injuring the pilot.
*/US/WA/near Colfax Airstrip - A Gulfstream American G.164B Ag-Cat cropduster (N6774Q) crashed in a field.

21.02.2010*/US/FL/Levy County/Williston - A 1974 -experimental plane (N816) made an emergency landing in a sandy area but  the front of the aircraft nose-dived and then landed upside down. The father and son on board were injured.
*/Israel/Latrun - A Hughes 369E (500E) helicopter crashed on takeoff injuring 3 occupants.
The wreckage of the crashed Cessna airplane.
List of the victims:

Jesus Rojas Rodriguez, Erika del Pilar Zuniga de Rojas and Dalleska Rojas Zuniga (5-year-old), Alejandra Cienfuegos, Matias Poblete, Gabriela Ortega Poblete and the pilot Andy Chavarri Meneses.
27.02.2010*/Germany/Filderstad - A Piper PA-28-181 Archer II plane (D-ENBU) made a forced landing in a field and overturned at the end of landing run and came to rest upside down.

                  */Belize/San Pedro Island -
Michael and Jill Casey and their two young children died in the air accident on the island of San Pedro along with former senator and bottling magnate Sir Barry Bowen. Bowen was piloting the single-engine aircraft as the group headed to a fundraising event he was hosting in San Pedro when the plane crashed near the town's runway Friday night.

28.02.2010*/US/CA/Sacramento Airport - The pilot of a Mooney M20E Super 21 plane (N6071Q) made a hard belly landing at Sacramento Executive Airport shortly after 1 p.m. today after the landing gear failed to operate properly.

                  */US/CA/Tracy - An ultralight plane crashed
killing the pilot.