Военен вертолет се разби
в Гватемала, 10 загинали

28.02.2012/ 19:00 GMT
Гватемала/ Петен/ Чакалте

След успешни спасителни действия по евакуиране на 3 ранени при катастрофа на граждански вертолет, военнослужащите на борда на
Bell UH-1H Iroquois (HL-190) от ВВС на Гватемала се връщали в базата си в Петен, когато катастрофирали в джунглата. Няма оцелели. Причините за трагедията не са изяснени.
Десять человек погибли
при падении военного вертолета в Гватемале

28.02.2012/ 19:00 по Гринвичу
Гватемала/ Петен/ Чакалте

Bell UH-1H Iroquois (HL-190) Военно-воздушных сил Гватемалы во вторник потерпел крушение в департаменте Петен на границе с Мексикой, погибли 10 военнослужащих.
На месте падения вертолета обнаружены многочисленные обломки.
Военный вертолет возвращался в базу после успешной спасательной операцией, когда военнослужащие эвакуировали трех пострадавших в крушением гражданского вертолета.
Причины трагедии, произошедшей в зоне гор и джунглей, выясняются.
Guatemalan Military
Helicopter Crash Kills 10

28.02.2012 / 19:00 GMT
Guatemala/ Peten/ San Luis/ Chacalte

A civilian helicopter crashed in bad weather Tuesday, injuring three aboard, and a Guatemalan air force helicopter sent to help went down soon afterward,
killing its 10 crew and passengers, officials said.
The helicopter involved in the fatal crash was on its way to a base in the northern province of Peten when it got word of the crash of a civilian helicopter about 125 miles (200 kilometers) away, Defense Minister Ulises Anzueto told reporters.
The crew on the air force aircraft determined the three civilians in the crash had been evacuated to a hospital and the helicopter was headed back to Peten when it crashed.
Seven officers and three air force specialists were killed, including the pilot and co-pilot.
There was bad weather in the mountainous area where the military
Bell UH-1H Iroquois helicopter (HL-190) crashed.
01.02.2012*/US/ HI/ Oahu/ Dillingham Airfield (PHDH) - A Cessna 172S (N5026C) crashed on landing.

02.02.2012*/US/ CO/ Pueblo Memorial Airport (KPUB) - A Learjet 35 plane (N31WS) slid off the runway during takeoff and was damaged substantially.

03.02.2012*/US/ WA/ Everett's Paine Field - A Boeing worker was seriously injured, when he was temporarily trapped beneath the tires of a Boeing 787 jetliner.
                    */US/ ID/ Boise Airport  (KBOI) - A Lancair IVP-TP plane (N321LC) crashed shortly after takeoff
killing the pilot.
*/US/ UT/ St. George Municipal Airport (KSGU) - A Canadair CT-133 Silver Star 3 plane (N333MJ) made a belly landing due to a locked landing gear.
                    */Taiwan/ Pingtung County/ Fangliao - Two AIDC AT-3 Ziqiang training planes collided in mid-air.
Two air force officers received minor injuries after ejecting from their AIDC AT-3 trainer plane belonging to the ROC Air Force Academy.The aircraft crashed on a mountain in Pingtung County, southern Taiwan and was destroyed. The occupants of the other jet were able to fly back to Gangshan Air Force Base - RCAY and landed safely there.

04.02.2012*/Australia/ NSW/ near Nowra/ about 2 km southwest of Berry/ Jaspers Brush Airfield - A Bankstown Helicopter Pty. Ltd. Robinson R44 Raven II helicopter
(VH-COK) crashed on takeoff
killing the 2 occupants - award-winning American cinematographer Mike deGruy and Australian television writer-producer Andrew Wight.
*/US/ AZ/ near Show Low Regional Airport (KSOW) - A Cessna T206H Turbo Stationair plane (N445GH) crashed shortly after takeoff killing 2, injuring 2 people.
*/US/ CO/ Colorado Springs Airport (KCOS) - A Cessna R182 Skylane RG plane made a belly landing at the airport, damaged.
                    */US/ MT/ Kalispell - Piper PA-28R-201T Turbo Arrow III plane (N38906) crashed upside down in a house a few minutes after taking off from Kalispell City Airport - KS27. The aircraft was destroyed and the house suffered substantial damage.
All three occupants onboard escaped with minor injuries.
*/US/ CA/ Paso Robles Municipal Airport (KBRB) - A Piper PA-24 Comanche plane made a belly landing.

05.02.2012*/Italy/ Venezia/ San Dona di Piave/ Caposile airfield (LI28) - An Alpi Aviation Pioneer 300 light plane crashed shortly after takeoff killing the 2 occupants.
*/US/ CA/ South Lake Tahoe/ Heavenly Mountain Resort - A glider crash landed on ski run at Heavenly resort. No injuries.

*/South Africa/ WC/ Gansbaai Airfield - A PZL-Mielec M-18A Dromader firefighting plane (ZS-NLR) crashed due to an engine failure shortly after takeoff. The pilot was injured.
*/Australia/ QLD/ near Airlie Beach/ Shute Harbour - A Cessna 182P Skylane (VH-JOU) crashed on approach.

09.02.2012*/Maldives/ Male International Airport (MLE/VRMM) - Maldivian Air Taxi de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter 200 seaplane (8Q-MAT) with 12 occupants crashed whilst landing on the water runway on the eastern side of Hulhule Island's seaplane lagoon.

10.02.2012*/Peru/ Pisco/ Base Aerea Capitan Renan Elias Oliveira (SPSO) - A military Zlin 242L training plane (475) crashed killing 2 officers of the Peruvian Air Force.
                    */Bosnia and Herzegovina/ Kalinovik/ Bukovica - A military Mi-8TV-1 helicopter, during the humanitarian delivery of food, crashed on landing due to bad weather and strong winds.

*/Germany/ 0,5 km from Marburg-Schonstadt Airport (EDFN) - A Liberty XL2 small plane (D-ELXL) crashed onto a golf course of the Oberhessischer Golf-Club Marburg shortly after take-off and burned. Both occupants were killled.
*/US/ WA/ Mount Baker/ Schreibers Meadow - A Piper PA-18-135 Super Cub plane (N1155C) crashed. No injuries.

*/US/ SC/ Hilton Head Airport (KHXD) - A Rockwell Commander 114 plane (N4851W) upon landing exited the runway sustaining substantial damage.

*/Romania/ Craiova Airport (LRCV) - Carpatair Saab-2000 passenger plane sustained damage in a runway excursion accident on takeoff.
                    */Russia/ Kurgan Oblast/ 90 kilometers from Shagol (USCG) - Russian Air Force
Sukhoi Su-24M Fencer-D frontline bomber crashed due to a failure during a refueling in the air. Both pilots ejected safely.
                    */South Africa/ George/ Kleinbrak River -
A man and a woman have been injured when their light aircraft crashed into the Kleinbrak River near George.

14.02.2012*/US/ MO/ Clinton County/ 8 miles west from Cameron Airport - A Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee C plane (N4824L) crashed in a field killing the 2 occupants.
*/Canada/ QC/ south of Montreal/ near the Saint-Hubert Airport (CYHU) - A Cessna 150M plane (C-GYLO) crashed on approach killing the pilot. The pilot, who took off without ATC permission, is believed to have steered the aircraft into the ground on purpose.
                    */US/ PA/ Coatesville/ Chester County G O Carlson Airport (KMQS) - A Piper PA-44-180 Seminole plane (N2085B) made a belly landing.
                    */North Korea/ North Pyongan province/ Sundo Island - A government helicopter crashed on landing
killing 5, 2 managed to escape.

16.02.2012*/Brazil/ PA/ Cameta Airport (CMT) - Norte Jet Taxi Aereo Beechcraft 95-B55 Baron plane (PT-LOU) crashed shortly after takeoff - 300 m from the airport. The pilot, copilot and two security guards, who were on the plane died.

*/US/ WI/ Lancaster (73C) - A Beechcraft 95-B55 Baron plane (N4624A) made an emergency landing on a road. The pilot escaped with minor injuries.
*/US/ GA/ Jasper/ Pickens County Airport (KJZP) - A training Cessna 150J plane (N60276) crashed when attempted to make an emergency landing in a grass field. The instructor and the student pilot suffered broken bones and facial injuries and were taken to hospital.
                    */Russia/ Kemerovo/ Tanay - DOSAAF L-410 training plane (RA-01152) touched by its landing gear a truck "Volvo" on approach for landing.
A woman injured.

*/UK/ Challock Airfield (EGKE) - A glider crashed. The pilot bailed out safely.
                    */Germany/ Airport Lahr (EDTL) - Canadian Home Rotors Safari helicopter (D-HEDV) crashed on landing
killing the pilot.
*/Djibouti/ 6 miles from Djibouti International Airport (HDAM) - A US military reconnaissance plane U-28A (version of a Pilatus PC-12) crashed 6 miles from the only U.S. base in Africa, killing four servicemembers on board, after returning from a mission in support of the war in Afghanistan.
                    */Afghanistan/ Kabul province/ Sarobi district -
An International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) helicopter crashed at around 10:30am LT. There was no immediate report of casualties in the crash.

19.02.2012*/US/ TX/ Midland Airpark (KMDD) - A Cirrus SR22 G2 plane (N933CD) overshot the runway on landing. No injuries.
                    */US/ CO/ Hayden/ Yampa Valley Regional Airport (KHDN) - A Cessna 414A Chancellor plane (N4772A) crashed in a heavy snowstorm on approach
killing 2, injuring seriously 4 occupants.
*/US/ OH/ Bowling Green/ Wood County Regional Airport (1G0) - An Aviat A-1C Husky light plane crashed on landing.
                    */US/ CA/ Rio Vista - A Robinson R22 Beta II helicopter (N7508Y) and a Beechcraft 35-A33 Debonair plane (N433JC) came in contact midair near the Rio Vista Municipal Airport - O88, Rio Vista, California. The airplane force landed short of its destination of Byron Airport - C83, Byron, California and the helicopter force landed about 8 miles south of Rio Vista Municipal Airport - O88, Rio Vista California.
The sole helicopter pilot and the pilot of the Beechcraft received minor injuries. The passenger of the Beechcraft escaped unhurt.

21.02.2012*/Mexico/ El Refugio en el Municipio de Acatic - A Rockwell 695 Jetprop Commander 980 plane ((XC-PFB) crashed killing the 3 occupants.

*/US/ AK/ Anchorage/ Lake Hood - A Cessna 182 flipped over while landing on frozen Lake Hood. The 3 occupants walked away with minor injuries.
*/US/ AZ/ Yuma - Seven marines were killed when two helicopters (Bell UH-1 Huey with 5 occupants and Bell AH-1W Super Cobra with 2 occupants) collided in mid-air.
                    */Brazil/ Para State - An
Aerospatiale AS 350BA Ecureuil helicopter (PT-YAK) crashed on landing.

23.02.2012*/Argentina/ Romang - An ultralight plane collided with a pole of a power line and crashed. It caught fire and burned out. The pilot escaped.

24.02.2012*/Russia/ Ulyanovsk Baratayevka Airport (UWLL) - An Yakovlev YAK-18T plane made a belly landing. No injuries.
                    */India/ Madhya Pradesh/ about 100 kms from Gwalior/ Gorelalkapura village - IAF
Mirage 2000 fighter jet crashed shortly after takeoff. Both pilots ejected.

25.02.2012*/US/ NV/ Fallon/ Dixie Valley Airport (NV30) - A Beechcraft S35 Bonanza plane (N272D) crashed shortly after take off injuring the 3 occupants.
*/Pakistan/ North Vaziristan - An US unmanned aircraft crashed.
                    */Mexico/ Coahuila/ Torreon/ Francisco Villa district - A Cessna T210N Turbo Centurion II plane (N6YY) crashed shoerly after takeoff
killing the pilot.
*/South Africa/ Gauteng/ Alberton/ Panorama airfield - A micro light plane crashed on takeoff injuring seriously the 2 occupants.

*/US/ ID/ Lewiston-Nez Perce County Airport (KLWS) - A Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub plane (N4313P) lost power on approach and crashed in a field.

27.02.2012*/Sudan/ Gedaref/ Al-Faw - A Mi-17 helicopter (ST-GFB) crashed on takeoff killing 3 and injuring 3 from the 12 occupants. Prof. Al-Tahir Siddiq, Director of Agricultural Research Corporation in Wad Medani, Mr. Eissa Al-Rashid, spokesperson of the federal Ministry of Agriculture and the flight engineer Mr. Mohamed Ali were killed in the crash. Izzat Izzeldine of the federal Ministry of Agriculture and Forest, Suleiman Al-Sir a photographer of the Ministry and Salah Taha of the Agricultural Bank were among those injured in the crash who were rushed to Fao hospital for treatment.

28.02.2012*/US/ MI/ Adrian/ Lenawee County Airport (KADG) - A training Piper PA-23-250 Aztec C plane (N42WR) collapsed a gear on landing and it was damaged.
                    */US/ AL/ Mobile Bay/ off Point Clear - United States Coast Guard (USCG)
Aerospatiale MH-65C Dolphin helicopter (6535) crashed during a training mission.
One crewmember was found unresponsive by the rescue crew and was later declared deceased. Three people are missing.
*/Guatemala/ Guatemala/ near Rio Dulce - A civilian Bell 206B JetRanger III helicopter (TG-SAN) crashed injuring three people aboard.

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The wreckage of the crashed UH-1H military helicopter in Guatemala.
29.02.2012*/US/ FL/ Melbourne/ Melbourne International Airport (KMLB) - A Cirrus SR22 GTS G3m plane (N544SR) crashed on approach killing the 3 occupants.