Самолет се разби в
Казахстан, 21 загинали

29.01.2013/ 07:12 GMT
Казахстан/ Алмати/ Къйзъйлту

Пътнически самолет
Bombardier CRJ200 (CL600-2B19) с регистрационен номер UPCJ006 на авиокомпанията SCAT се разби в Казахстан при захода си за кацане на летището в Алмати. Самолетът е изпълнявал полет DV 760 от Кокшетау до Алмати. Няма оцелели от намиращите се на борда 21 души (16 пътници и 5 членен екипаж). Един от пътниците е киргизстанец, останалите са граждани на Казахстан. Основна версия за катастрофата е, че лоша видимост поради мъгла e довела до трагедията. Екипажът минал на втори заход за кацане, но така и не успял. Не е имало пожар след  удара с терена. Води се разследване на катастрофата, а данните от бордовите самописци ще бъдат разшифровани от МАК в Русия.
21 killed in Kazakhstan
plane crash

29.01.2013/ 07:12 GMT
Kazakhstan/ Almaty/ Kyzyltu

SCAT Airline
Bombardier CRJ200 (CL600-2B19) passenger jet (UPCJ006). performing flight DV 760 from Kokshetau Airport (KOV) to Almaty (ALA), Kazakhstan, crashed on approach to Almaty (ALA) near Kyzyltu. All 21 occupants (16 passengers and 5 crew members) were killed. One of the passangers is a citizen of Kyrgyzstan.
The plane was initially denied permission to land by the airport due to poor visibility. The plane then made a second approach, but crashed a few miles from the airport, an official said.
SCAT said the cause for the crash will not be determined until flight recorder data are examined. The blackboxes will be examined in MAK, Russia.

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January 2013


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01.01.2013*/Belgium/ Hoevenen Airfield (EBHN) - A Robinson R-22 Beta II helicopter (OO-RWK) crashed on landing. No injuries.
                    */US/ OR/ Chiloquin/ Chiloquin State Airport - A Cessna 182P Skylane plane (N58677) crashed on landing. No injuries.

02.01.2013*/US/ FL/ Tampa/ Peter O Knight Airport (KTPF) - A Robinson R-22 helicopter (N345VH) made a hard landing and rolled over.
                    */US/ OK/ Seminole/ a field NE of Seminole Municipal Airport (KSRE) - An ambulance
Eurocopter EC 130 B4 (N334AM) crashed shortly after takeoff duen to an engine failure. The 4 occupants were injured.
*/Israel/ Ramat David Air Force Base (LLRD) - Israeli Air Force F-16 fighter jet crashed on landng. Both occupants ejected safely.
                    */Syria/ Idlib province/ Afas - Syrian Air Force
Mi helicopter shot down by rebels.
                    */Syria/ Idlib/ Teftenaz - A Syrian Air Force
Mi helicopter shot down by rebels.
                    */Argentina/ Mendoza/ El Plumerillo airport - Sol Lineas Aereas Saab 340A passenger plane (LV-BMD) Exited the runway while taking off due to a blocked wheel - the wing touched the ground and a propeller broke. No injuries.
                    */Brazil/ Goias/ Luziania - A Condor MB ultralight aircraft (PU-MBZ) crashed in a wooded area due to an engine failure.
The 2 occupants were injured.
*/US/ NV/ Las Vegas/ North Las Vegas Airport (KVGT) - A Piper PA-60-602P Aerostar plane (N3AG) crashed on landing and caught fire.
                    */US/ CA/ Delano - An agricultural 
Bell 206 JetRanger helicopter (N828AC) crashed in foggy weather killing the pilot.
*/US/ CA/ San Luis Obispo County/ Oceano Dunes (SVRA) - A Luscombe 8A Silvaire plane (N45923) crashed killing the pilot.
*/US/ IN/ Elkhart/ Mishawaka Pilots Club Airport - A Luscome 8F plane hit snowbank and flipped over on landing.

04.01.2013*/Guadeloupe/ near Saint-Barthelemy Airport (SBH/TFFJ) - A light plane crashed on approach injuring at least one.
                    */Venezuela/ between Los Roques and Caracas - A
Britten-Norman BN-2A-27 Islander plane (YV2615) crashed in the sea killing 1, the remain 5 occupants are missing

*/South Africa/ Mpumalanga/ Hazyview - A Micro Aviation Bantam B22 ultralight aircraft (TBA) went down in a forested area injuring a female passenger.
*/Brazil/ MT/ Lucas do Rio Verde - An agricultural Embraer EMB-202A Ipanema plane (PT-VYN) crashed on landing killing the pilot.
*/US/ CA/ 10 miles E of Ramona - A Vans RV-10 plane (N262NJ) force landed on a dirt road, sustaining substantial damage. No injuries.

06.01.2013*/Namibya/ Bitterwasser Lodge Airfield (FYBJ) - A Schempp Hirth Nimbus 4DM glider (D-KRCM) caught fire during take-off launch. The pilot made a safe return and both occupants escaped uninjured. The glider burned out and was destroyed.
                    */Philippines/ San Jacinto/ the waters off Sitio Tacdugan - A US-made unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), BQM-74E Chukar III, crashed off the waters of Masbate.

07.01.2013*/US/ CA/ San Carlos Airport (KSQL) - A single-engine Columbia LC41-550FG (N277JA) rolled off the end of the runway 12 after landing. The plane came to rest nose-first into the saltwater Steinberger Slough, sustaining substantial damage.
                    */US/ CA/ San Diego/ Rancho Penasquitos - The hot air balloon Ultra magic N-300 (N8900C) force landed in a residential yard due to a strong gust of wind. The aircraft sustained minor damage and of the fourteen passengers onboard,
one received minor injuries.
*/Russia/ near Tolyatti/ Kuybyshev Reservoir - An Yakovlev Yak-18T plane made a forced landing, but crashed.destroying the wing.
                    */UK/ East Midlands Airport (EMA/EGNX) - A Supermarine Spitfire MK.XIX plane (G-RRGN) collapsed the undercarriage leg on landing. No injuries.

08.01.2013*/Bolivia/ Santa Cruz/ Viru Viru International Airport (VVI/SLVR) - Aeroeste Let 410UVP-E9 made a belly landing injuring slightly the 3 occupants.
                    */Syria/ Taftanaz Military Airport - Syrian Air Force
Mi helicopter shot down by rebels.
                    */UK/ North Yorkshire/ RAF Linton-on-Ouse (EGXU) - A training Short Tucano T1 plane (ZF349) crashed on approach. No injuries.
                    */US/ CA/ E of Riverdale - Blair Helicopter Service Inc
Bell OH-58C agricultural helicopter (N911PT) crashed injuring slightly the pilot.

*/Australia/ Tasmania/ north of Beaconsfield/ York Town -  An Australian Lightwing GR 912 ultralight plane (25-3022) crashed killing the pilot.
*/Finland/ near Tampere/ Kammenniemi/ Paavolantie - An agricultural Hughes 369D helicopter (OH-HNP) made an emergency landing due to an engine failure and the pilot received minor injuries.

*/Myanmar/ around 20 miles (48 kilometers) south of Myitkyina - Myanmar Air Force Mi-35 helicopter shot down by Kachin ethnic rebels. The 2  pilots and a sergeant were killed.
*/US/ NE/ E of North Platte/ NNE of Maxwell - A Beechcraft 58 Baron plane (N36VE) crashed shortly after departure from North Platte Regional Airport - KLBF, North Platte, Nebraska. The 4 occupants were killed.
*/US/ FL/ Valrico - A Cessna 182R Skylane plane (N9454H) made an emergency landing in a cow pasture and it was damaged. No injuries.
                    */US/ AZ/ N of Peoria/ Lake Pleasant - A Rans S-4 Coyote plane (N571K) crashed
injuring slightly the pilot.

*/Thailand/ Pattaya Dolphin World & Resort - A Kestrel Hawk plane (U-R10) caught fire shortly after takeoff and crashed killing the pilot.

*/US/ DE/ Dover - A Piper 28R-200 Cherokee Arrow B plane (N4975S) crashed in foggy weather. The pilot was killed.
*/US/ NC/ Maneo/ Croatan Sound - A Piper PA-34-200T Seneca plane (N6537C) crashed on approach into the water killing the pilot, injuring a female passenger.

*/US/ IA/ SE of Tabor - An individual was seriously injured when they fell or walked into the operating tail rotor of the aircraft, a Robinson R22 Beta helicopter, N333PH, after the helicopter had landed on said individual's property.
                    */US/ FL/ Crestview/ Bob Sikes Airport (KCEW) - An Aeromot AMT-200 Super Ximango motorglider (N543X) landed without landing gear. The glider was damaged.

17.01.2013*/Mexico/ Chiapas/ Tuxtla Gutierrez - A Piper PA-31-325 Navajo C/R plane (XB-EZY) crashed on takeoff killing the 8 occupants.

*/US/ OK/ North of Mangum - A 1964 Beechcraft B55 Baron plane (N143E) crashed killing the 3 occupants.
*/Australia/ QLD/ Gold Coast - An ultralight plane crashed injuring slightly a couple.
*/Australia/ WA/ East of Perth/ Baskerville - A Bell 206B JetRanger III helicopter (VH-ZMN) hit the ground hard while it was filming a traffic incident at Baskerville for Channel 10. The helicopter landed on its side in a paddock with the tail section broken off. No injuries.
                    */US/ CA/ Marysville/ Yuba County Airport (KMYV) - A training Cessna 172F Skyhawk plane (N5208F) crashed shortly after takeoff.
The pilot sustained moderate injuries, the passenger minor injuries.

*/US/ NY/ Buffalo Niagara International Airport - A United Airlines Boeing 737-900 jet (N34460) was substantially damaged after strong winds moved the nose of the plane into a fuel tanker.

*/US/ CT/ Danbury - A Cirrus SR20 plane (N140PG) headed for Danbury Municipal Airport from Groton came up short, crashing  near South Street. The plane was equipped with a parachute, which deployed, was caught on trees, and was in danger of become entangled in power lines. All three people aboard were injured.
*/Australia/ VIC/ Geelong/ Cunningham Pier - A seaplane crashed off Victoria's southwest coast injuring slightly the 3 occupants.

*/US/ LA/ Monroe/ Richwood/ 5 miles SW of Monroe Regional Airport (KLMU) - A Beechcraft A36 Bonanza plane (N980SS) crashed on approach killing the 4 occupants.

*/US/ CO/ Denver International Airport (KDEN) - McDonnell Douglas MD-11F cargo plane (N618FE) operating as Flight FX-1420 from Memphis International Airport - KMEM, Memphis, Tennessee, experienced a tail-strike on landing. No injuries.The aircraft sustained substantial damage.
                    */Russia/ TA/ Kazan International Airport (UWKD) - Ural Airlines
Airbus A321-211 plane (VQ-BOZ) struck a local antenna on approach due to a poor visibility.. The plane was damaged.

26.01.2013*/US/ FL/ St. Lucie County - A Hiller UH-12B helicopter (N9041U) crashed. No injuries.

27.01.2013*/US/ FL/ Palmetto/ North of Brandenton near the Airport Manatee (48X) - A Rand Robinson KR-2 experimental plane (N27CE) crashed shortly after takeoff injuring the pilot.
*/Germany/ Genderkingen - A training Reims-Cessna F150H plane (D-EPSW) hit the snow covered runway shoulder on landing and flipped over.
                    */New Zealand/ Claris Airfield (Great Barrier Aerodrome) GBZ/NZGB - A
Britten-Norman Islander plane hit by fire truck. The plane's tail was damaged.
                    */US/ IN/ Warsaw Municipal Airport (KASW) - A Mooney M20J/201 plane (N5763H) bounced several times as it attempted to land, before crossing the runway and an adjoining taxiway and crashing into the airport's fuel tank barriers and a fence. No injuries.

29.01.2013*/Canada/ AB/ Three Hills/ Three Hills Airport (GEN3) - A Piper PA-46-500TP Malibu Meridian plane (C-GMHP) landed short of the runway, damaging the landing gear and left wing. One of the occupants was slightly injured.
*/Australia/ NSW/ Bankstown Airport (YSBK) - A Beechcraft 76 Duchess plane (VH-CLE) caught fire, while it was in hangar.
                    */US/ MD/ Westminster/ near Clearview Airpark (2W2) - A Commander Gyroplane (N393GX) clipped power lines and force landed in a field. No injuries.
Пассажирский самолет
разбился в Алма-Ате

29.01.2013/ 07:12 GMT
Казахстан/ Алматы/ Кызылту

В семи километрах от аэропорта Алматы, потерпел крушение самолет
Bombardier CRJ200 (CL600-2B19) авиакомпании SCAT. Борт (UPCJ006) выполнял авиарейс DV 760 по маршруту "Кокшетау-Алматы". Причина катастрофы наверно плохие погодние условия. Самолет пропал с радара в 13 часов 12 минут, рухнул вниз, развалившись после падения на две части. Трагедия произошла в районе поселка Кызылту. На борту самолета в это время находились 5 членов экипажа и 16 пассажиров, среди которых один ребенок. Выживших нет. Среди погибших в авиакатастрофе под Алма-Атой был один гражданин Киргизии — Акрам Низамов, остальные жертвы авиапроисшествия были из Казахстана.
По последним данным комитета гражданской авиации министерства транспорта и коммуникации уже обнаружен черный ящик, который будет направлен для расшифровки в межгосударственный авиационный комитет. Сообщается, что потерпевший крушение самолет был произведен в Канаде и сдан в эксплуатацию в 2000 году. Казахстанская авиакомпания SCAT приобрела его в июне 2012 года, после подтверждения соответствия требованиям безопасности.
30.01.2013*/New Zealand/ South Island/ Westport/ Carters Beach - A Micro Aviation Bantam B22S aircraft (ZK-MLF) crashed killing the 2 occupants.

*/Syria/ Dameer/ Al-Seen Airport - Syrian Air Force MiG jet shot down by rebels.