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  • Japan/ Pacific Ocean/ 12 miles from Senkaku Islands - A hot air balloon crashed into the sea after hitting turbulence. The pilot was rescued.

  • US/ AL/ Alabaster (KEET) - A Bellanca 17-30A (N351AE) crashed on approach injuring 1.

  • US/ NV/ Boulder City (KBVU) - An Eurocopter EC-130B-4 (N133GC) crashed. No injuries.



  • US TX/ Draughon-Miller Central Texas Regional Airport in Temple - A Bell-206 helicopter ended up on its side upon landing. The pilot received minor injuries.

  • Norway/ Bodo airport - The nose wheel of F-16AM jet (285) entangled in a safety wire.

  • Norway/ Trondheim - A Boeing 737-8JP (WL) (LN-NIF) suffered a bird strike.


  • US/ CA/ Tracy (KTCY) - A  pilot had started his single-engine Beechcraft 36 Bonanza (N7833R)  on the ramp just south of the main hanger when it sped out of control and rolled north into a dirt area between the ramp and the taxiway for runway 26. The airplane was damaged. No injuries.

  • US/ WA/ Shaw Island/ Wilding Farm Airport (6WA5) - A light plane crashed on landing injuring the pilot.

  • US/ NY/ W of Pembroke - A MBB Bo 105CB helicopter (N585TJ) was heavily damaged when it rolled off the trailer during its hauling.

  • Czech Republic/ Roudnice nad Labem - A Cessna-172H (OK-ACP) crashed injuring 2.

  • US/ MO/ Forsyth/ Bull Shoals Lake - An airplane ditched in the lake. No injuries



  • US/ CA/ near Santa Catalina Island/ Avalon/ NE of Catalina Airport (KAVX) - A Texas Sport Cub TX11J plane (N114DE) ditched in the Pacific Ocean.

  • US/ WV/ Upshur County/ Buckhannon (W22) - A Cirrus SR22 plane (N450TX) lost an engine power on approach, deployed the CAPS parachute and crashed onto a vehicle. No injuries.

  • Mexico/ Ejido La Reforma - A Cessna (XB-NPE) force landed in a field and flipped over.

  • Mexico/ La Huacana - A Cessna 210M (XB-MSA) crash-landed killing 1, injuring 4 aboard.

  • outh Africa/ WC/ Infanta - A Rans S-6 Coyote II plane crashed on takeoff killing the pilot.



  • Saudi Arabia/ Madinah-Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Airport (MED) - Saudi Arabian Airlines Boeing 767-3W0ER (HS-BKE) was damaged in a landing accident. Some 29 passengers were injured.

  • India/ Jaipur International Airport (JAI/VIJP) - Air India Airbus A320-231 (VT-ESH) damaged its wing on landing. No injuries.

  • Belgium/ Liernu - An AutoGyro MT-03 (51-UH) crashed killing the pilot.

  • US/ CO/ Aspen-Pitkin Co (ASE) - A Canadair CL-600 (N115WF) crashed killing 1, 2 hurt.

  • US/ MI/ Boyne City, E of (N98) - A Mooney M20R Ovation (N1046L) crashed killing 2.



  • Austria/ Vasoldsberg/ near Graz-Thalerhof Airport (LOWG) - An Aerospool WT-9 Dynamic aircraft (D-MXKO) got caught into trees after deploying the safety parachute. No injuries.

  • Brazil/ Rio Grande do Sul/ Itaqui - An agricultural plane crashed in a eucalyptus plantation and caught fire. The pilot suffered second degree burns.

  • Australia/ QLD/ Cairns (YBCS) - An airplane made a belly landing. No injuries.

  • UK/ Norfolk/ Cley-next-the-Sea - USAF Sikorsky HH-60G Pavehawk copter crash kills 4.



  • US/ AK/ Anchorage - A Cessna 172RG Cutlass (N9553B) force landed to the Boniface Parkway in east Anchorage, AK. No injuries.

  • New Zealand/ Waikato/ Tirau - A Micro Aviation B22 Bantam aircraft (ZK-SDP) crashed on approach injuring the pilot.

  • Brazil/ PI/ Bom Jesus -An Embraer EMB-202A plane (PT-UME) crashed killing the pilot.

  • US/ VA/ off Fort Story - US Navy Sikorsky MH-53E crashed killing 2, injuring 2, 1 missing..



  • US/ CO/ Pagosa Springs/ Stevens Field Airport (KPSO) - A Cessna P210N Centurion plane (N4817K) damaged during a runway excursion upon landing. Two of the three occupants onboard the airplane received minor injuries.

  • Syria/ near the Damascus Int. Airport - Syrian MiG jet shot down by rebels.

  • Egypt/ Daqahliya/ El Senbellawein - A military plane crashed injuring the pilot.




  • New Zealand/ Richardson Glacier/ near Mt Cook - An Eurocopter AS350 fell on its side in soft snow upon landing and was damaged. No injuries.

  • US/ ID/ SW of Fort Hall/ Fort Hall Reservation - A Cirrus SR22 G3 plane (N903SR) crashed due to an engine failure. No injuries.

  • New Zealand/ Bay of Plenty/ Tauranga/ Tauranga Airport (NZTG) - A Tecnam P2002 Sierra RG plane (ZK-SGO) force landed shortly after takeoff due to an engine failure. The aircraft collapsed the landing gear. No injuries.

  • Sweden/ Rogla NW Ystad - A Bell 206B Jet Ranger III helicopter (SE-JKP) crashed in a field injuring the passenger.

  • Afghanistan (eastern) - ISAF -12W Beechcraft reconnaissance plane crashed, 3 died.

  • Colombia/ N of Anori - A Bell 206L-3 LongRanger (HK-4462) crashed killing 5 onboard.




  •  US/ TX/ Falfurrias - An Eurocopter AS-350B-3 Ecureuil crashed on landing injuring the 3 occupants.

  •  Malaysia/ Selangor/ Klang Valley/ Jungle near Batu Dam - A training Cessna 172 crashed injuring the 3 occupants, 2 of them seriously.

  •  US/ MI/ Pontiac/ Oakland Co (KPTK) - A cargo Cessna 310R crashed killing the pilot.

  • New Zealand/ Warkworth/ Martins Bay beach - Jabiru J200 (ZK-ORN) crashed on takeoff.



  • Guyana/ Demerara-Mahaica/ Ogle International Airport (SYGO) - A Cessna 206 plane (8R-MML) flipped upside down upon takeoff. The 4 occupants were injured, one of them seriously.

  • US/ AZ/ Mohave County/ Lake Havasu - A small plane crashed injuring slightly the 2 occupants.

  • UK/ Wycombe Air Park/ Old Horns Way - A glider overshot a runway and crashed into trees in High Wycombe injuring sloghtly the pilot.

  • Syria/ Deir Ezzor military airport - Syrian AF MiG-23 jet shot down by rebels.

  • Syria/ Deir Ezzor military airport - Syrian AF Mi helicopter had been destroyed by rebels.



  • Brazil/ RJ/ Santa Maria Madalena - A training Robinson R22 Beta II helicopter (PP-ABW) crashed into trees injuring the instructor and a student-pilot.

  • Zimbabwe/ Gwanda - A Robinson R44 helicopter crashed killing the pilot.

  • Germany/ Trier-Fohren - A Cessna 501 Citation I/SP (N452TS) crashed killing 4 onboard.



  • Moldova/ Calarasi - An ultralight trike crashed killing the pilot.

  • US/ OK/ Bartlesville (KBVO) - A Beech C24R Sierra (N18938) made a belly landing.

  • US/ CA/ Oceano/ Pismo Beach Pier - A Morrisey 2150 plane (N5102V) crashed killing 2.


  • Venezuela/ Lake Maracaibo - A Cessna 210 plane was downed by the Venezuela's armed forces after illegally entering Venezuelan airspace. The fate of the crew and cargo is unknown at present.

  • Uruguay/ Punta del Este (SUPE) - A Cessna 205 (210-5) plane (CX-JNP) flipped over during a forced landing following loss of engine power.

  • Portugal/ Santa Cruz/ Torres Vedras (LPSC) - A training Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub plane (CS-DCY) overshot landing strip and flipped over after loosing control due to a wind gust. The sole pilot was slightly injured.

  • Norway/ Buskerud/ Sollihogda - An Eurocopter EC 135 P2+ (LN-OOI) crash kills 2, 1 hurt.

  • Mexico/ Puebla/ La Trinidad Tepango - A Cessna 182S (FAM5448) crash kills 1, 2 hurt.



  • US/ VA/ 72 km off the coast of Virginia Beach US Navy F/A-18E Super Hornet jet crashed. The pilot ejected, but was severely injured.

  • US/ GA/ Savannah/ Hunter Army Airfield (HAAF) airstrip A military Sikorsky MH-60M Black Hawk helicopter sustained a hard landing during a night training exercise and toppled on its side. One crew died and 2 received minor injuries.

  • US/ TX/ Denton/ Denton Municipal Airport (KDTO) A training Cessna R182 Skylane plane (N9031C) made a belly landing due to a landing gear failure.

  • Ecuador/ N of Macas A Helio Courier plane crashed shortly after takeoff injuring the 4 occupants.

  • US/ NJ/ West of Milford An American Champion 8KCAB Decathlon plane (N469J) crashed killing the pilot.

  • Zambia/ Southern Province/ Near Kabanje Bwiketo Village A military Saab MFI-17 Supporter trainer (AF528) crashed killing the 2 occupants.

  • US/ MA/ Beverly/ Beverly Municipal Airport (KBVY) A training Bellanca Citabria 7KCAB plane (N2518Z) experienced a loss of directional control on landing and exited the runway, coming to rest inverted.

  • Congo (DR)/ Goma Airport UN Selex ES Falco crashed upon returning from a surveillance mission.

  • Australia/ NSW/ Huntley/ Orange/ Orange Aerodrome (YORG) A Piper PA-28R-201 plane (VH-HVX) made a hard landing, damaged. No injuries.



  • Pakistan/ Mandi Bahauddin Pakistan AF Mirage 5DPA2 jet crashed killing the 2 pilots.

  • Syria/ Darayya in Rif Damascus Syrian AF Mi-17 helicopter shot down by rebels. The 4 occupants were killed.

  • US/ TX/ Houston/ David Wayne Hooks Airport (KDWH) A police AutoGyro MTOsport gyrocopter (N250TX) crashed.

  • Germany/ Kaisersesch A Panavia Tornado IDS military jet crashed on approach. Both crew members ejected safely.


  • Ecuador/ off Crucita - Ecuador Navy IAI Searcher drone crashed into the sea due to an engine failure.

  • Mexico/ Michoacan region/ Tancitaro A government Bell UH-1H helicopter hit a cable and crashed injuring three of the five occupants.

  • US/ CO/ Denver/ Centennial Airport (KAPA) A Beechcraft Bonanza B35 plane crash-landed shortly after takeoff.


  • Mexico/ Saltillo-Plan de Guadalupe International Airport (SLW) - Aeronaves TSM McDonnell Douglas DC-9-33RC cargo plane (XA-UQM) collapsed the nose landing gear on landing.

  • Guyana/ 4,3 km (2.7 mls) SSW of Olive Creek - Trans Guyana Airways Cessna 208B Grand Caravan cargo plane (8R-GHS) crashed killing the 2 occupants.

  • Germany/ Kempten-Durach Airfield (EDMK) An AutoGyro MT-03 MTOsport aircraft (D-MFWA) crashed on landing injuring seriously the pilot.




  • Indonesia/ South East Maluku/ Tual A Piper PA-31-350 Navajo Chieftain plane (PK-IWT) was hit by lightning, crashed and burst into flames killing the 4 occupants.

  • New Zealand/ South Island/ Canterbury/ near Springfield Airfield (NZSF) A Piper PA-28-236 Dakota glider-tow plane (ZK-FMT) impacted trees, crashed and was consumed by a post-impact fire killing the pilot.

  • New/Zealand/ Drury Hills, south of Auckland A Schleicher ASW 20L glider crashed killing the pilot.

  • US/ OK/ Tulsa/ Jones Riverside Airport A Piper PA-46-500TP Meridian plane crash-landed.

  • US/ Winchester/ Winchester Regional Airport (KOKV) A training Cessna 195B Businessliner plane (N1960C) veered off the runway on landing and was damaged.



  • Romania/ Alba/ near Petreasa An ambulance Britten-Norman BN-2A-27 Islander plane (YR-BNP) crashed in a mountain area killing 2, injuring the remain 5 occupants.

  • US/ WA/ NE of Poulsbo An Ercoupe 415-C plane (N2076H) crashed injuring seriously the pilot. Later, on 07.02.2014 he died due to his injuries.

  • Afghanistan/ just west of Khandahar/ Air base in Zhari district - In a suicide attack by Taliban insurgents, helicopters and drones of the coalition forces at the airstrip were extensively damaged.

  • South Africa/ Bloemfontein/ New Tempe Airport (FATP) A Jonker JS-1C Revelation glider (ZS-GBF) crashed killing the pilot.

  • Ethiopia/ near Addis Ababa Ukraine Antonov 28 plane made a forced landing, but crashed on approach to Addis Ababa International Airport. Both pilots were injured.



  • Canada/ New Brunswick/ Fredericton A training Diamond DA20-C1 Eclipse plane (C-FNZQ) from Moncton Flight College made a forced landing due to an engine failure, but crashed injuring seriously the student pilot.

  • US/ AL/ Pell City A Bell 47D1 helicopter (N93067) force landed to a field. The helicopter sustained substantial damage during the hard landing. No injuries.

  • US/ IN/ Hamilton/ Hamilton Lake Seaplane Base (01F) A Progressive Aerodyne Searey amphibian aircraft experienced a gear-down landing on Lake Hamilton and sank. No injuries.

  • Argentina/ BA/ Buenos Aires/ Ezeiza-Ministro Pistarini Airport (EZE/SAEZ) - Delta Airlines Boeing 767-332ER (WL) jet (N191DN) aborted the approach or landing at Buenos Aires and diverted to Montevideo, Uruguay with damage to the right hand wing.


  • UAE/ Dubai/ Palm Jumeirah An Eurocopter EC 130 (AS 350 B4) helicopter (A6-DYR) crashed on takeoff injuring seriously the 2 occupants.

  • Colombia/ Medellín/ Enrique Olaya Herrera Airport (SKMD) An ambulance Beechcraft V35 Bonanza plane (HK 4705-G) made a belly landing.

  • India/ Rajasthan/ Bikaner district/ Bholasar village - Indian Air Force SEPECAT Jaguar jet crashed on approach. The pilots ejected safely.



  • Brazil/ SP/ Botucatu An INPAER Explorer plane (PR-ZAL) crashed killing the 3 occupants.

  • Italy/ VT/ near Viterbo A military Agusta-Bell AB 206C-1 JetRanger helicopter crashed killing the 2 occupants.

  • US/ FL/ West Palm Beach/ North Palm Beach County A training Robinson R22 Beta helicopter (N72AP) made a hard landing and rolled on its side injuring slightly the 2 occupants.

  • US/ MO/ west of Ashland A Cessna 414A plane (N414CJ) made an emergency landing in a soybean field due to engines failure and it was damaged. No injuries.





  • Egypt/ el-Kharouba A military helicopter crashed while battling Islamic militants in the northern Sinai Peninsula. The 5 crew members are missing.

  • Afghanistan/ Helmand province/ Nawzad district/ Sadat Karez - ISAF attack helicopter was shot down by Mujahedeen. There were casualties.



  • Jordan/ Jordan - Royal Jordanian Air Force jet crashed during a training flight. The pilot ejected safely.

  • US/ WA/ Snohomish County/ Lake Goodwin/ south of Stanwood A Searey float plane crashed on the water. No injuries.

  • Solomon Islands/ Honiara-Henderson International Airport (HIR) - Pacific Air Express (PAE) Boeing 737-3B7 (SF) freighter (ZK-TLC) experienced a collapse of the right main landing gear after landing.

  • US/ NC/ Rutherfordton/ East of Rutherford County Airport (KFQD) - A Mooney M20C Ranger plane (N6762U) crashed on landing. No injuries.

  • US/ IL/ South of Milan A Cessna 172K Skyhawk plane (N4VN) force landed to a field due to an engine failure. No injuries.

  • Germany/ Oberwiesenthal An ambulance Eurocopter EC135 P2 helicopter had landed at a snowy hill side and slid about 30m, struck a snow mobile and a sign post, breaking a rotor blade.

  • US/ GA/ Millen -  A Piper PA-32RT-300 plane (N36086) crashed on takeoff. No injuries.

  • US/ AZ/ Wikieup A Cessna-170 plane (N2594V) crashed on takeoff and caught fire. No injuries.



  • Netherlands Antilles/ Guana Bay A Piper PA-23 250 Aztec F plane made a controlled landing in the sea and sank due to the engines failure. The 3 occupants were rescued.

  • US/ CA/ Columbia Airport A Beechcraft C90 King Air plane (N350WA) collapsed the nose gear on landing and caught fire. No injuries.

  • Germany/ Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN/EDDK) Bin Air Swearingen Metro collapsed the right main landing gear, while the aircraft was towing in the maintenance area.

  • US/ CO/ South of Silt A Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III helicopter (N207DS) got entangled in a power line and crashed killing the 3 occupants.

  • Canada/ Pitt Lake A Schweizer 269 helicopter rolled onto a riverbank and sank into the water injuring slightly the pilot and a passenger.

  • US/ CA/ 20 miles south-west of San Diego - An American drone, part of a fleet that patrols the border with Mexico, has crashed off the coast of southern California.

  • US/ OK/ Oklahoma City A girl celebrated her 16th birthday by skydiving with her father in Oklahoma, however, jumped with a malfunctioning parachute and plummeted a terrifying 3,500-feet out of control. She was injured, but survived.



  • France/ Paris/ Paris Charles de Gaulle Darwin Airlines Saab 2000 passenger jet (HB-IZG) suffered a landing incident. On landing, both wheels of the nose landing gear separated. No injuries.

  • South Africa Pretoria Wonderboom (PRY/FAWB) A Rand Robinson KR-2 plane (ZU-DVP) crashed shortly after takeoff during an attempt to return to the departure airport. The pilot died.



  • US/ CO/ Fort Carson/ Butts Army Airfield (Fort Carson) (KFCS) A military Diamond DA 20-C1 Eclipse trainer crashed injuring the 2 crew-members.

  • Greenland/ Ilulissat Airport (JAV) Air Greenland de Havilland Canada DHC-8-202Q passenger plane (OY-GRI) was involved in a runway excursion accident on landing. Three of the passengers were injured.

  • US/ CA/ Chino Airport A two-seater Viperjet MK II jet  (N999VJ) collapsed the nose gear on landing. No injuries.

  • Haiti/ northwest of Port-au-Prince/ Cabaret A Cessna plane made a forced landing in a field injuring the pilot.

  • South Africa/ between Alexandria and Port Elizabeth A single-seat light plane and its pilot are missing.

  • Japan/ 45km (28 miles) SE of the military base at Matsushima Two Kawasaki T-4 trainers of the Blue Impulse Flight Demonstration Team of the JASDF have collided in mid-air over the Pacific Ocean during a practice. Both aircrafts managed to land. No injuries.

  • Israel/ near East Rafah borderline Israeli AF unmanned aircraft crashed due to a technical malfunction.

  • US/ CO/ Denver/ Parker A Cessna310I plane (N8133M) made a belly landing onto a snowy hill slope. No injuries.

  • Australia/ SA/ near Aldinga Airport (YADG) - A Piper PA-31-310 Navajo C plane made a gear-up force landing to a paddock. No injuries.

  • Yemen/ Shabwa provinceOselan region A military helicopter crashed injuring the 5 occupants.

  • US/ TX/ Amarillo/ Rick Husband Amarillo Int'l Airport (KAMA) A Piper PA-24-260C Comanche plane (N9370P) made a belly landing.



  • US/ CA/ Ocala Avenue/ near Reid-Hillview Airport A Rockwell Aero Commander plane crashed into a fence on landing. No injuries.

  • Malaysia/ near Bekok Dam A military Agusta A109LUH helicopter crashed in jungle. No injuries.



  • Malta/ Luqa Strong winds damaged at least 2 parked aircrafts including these registered 9H-FLY and 9H-AEZ.

  • Iraq/ Baghdad International Airport A parked plane was hit by a rocket and exploded.

  • Syria/ Aleppo A Syrian Air Force MiG jet was shot down by rebels.

  • Syria/ Hama/ Northern Rif A Syrian Air Force MiG-23 jet was shot down by rebels.

  • Mexico/ 8th military zone army base in Reynosa A Mexican Air Force Bell-212 helicopter (1417) crashed upon takeoff killing 1, injuring the remain 2 occupants.

  • US/ AR/ Montgomery County/ between Oden and Wickes An Arkansas Forestry Commission light plane crashed killing the pilot.


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