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June 2006 

China military transport plane crash

03.06.2006/08:00 GMT
China/Anhui Province/Yaocun

China military transport plane crash
kills 40 people on board on Saturday near the village of Yaocun, in Guangde county.
Villagers rushed to the scene after hearing an explosion. The plane's fuselage hit bamboo forest and its tail fell in fields. Some witnesses said they had seen several bodies before the area was cordoned off. Details of the type of plane and its path have not been given.
President Hu Jintao expressed deep condolences over the loss of lives. He has ordered an ivestigation into the crash.
Самолет дальнего
радиолокационного наблюдения
ВВС Китая потерпел крушение

03.06.2006/08:00 по Гринвичу
Китай/Аньхой/ Яоцън

В субботу потерпел крушение военно-транспортный самолет ВВС Китая, на борту которого находились
40 человек. Все они погибли.
По данным военных источников, самолет выполнял повседневное задание. К месту катастрофы прибыла группа специалистов военного ведомства. Причины крушения воздушного судна на данный момент не известна. Разбившийся самолет мог быть одной из версий самолета дальнего радиолокационного наблюдения
Китайски АУАКС се разби

03.06.2006/08:00 по Гринуич
Китай/Анхуи/ Яоцън

Военно-транспортен самолет на китайските ВВС с 40 човека на борда се разби в събота край селцето Яоцън, област Гуангдъ. Всички на борда са загинали. Местните жители чули експлозия и се втурнали към мястото на катастрофата. Самолетът се забил в хълм залесен с бамбук. Очевидци от местните хора разказват, че видели 5 или 7 тела, както и пръснати метални парчета от корпуса на самолета и откъснатата му опашна част. Скоро мястото било отцепено от полицията, а група от военни специалисти от Пекин започ-нала разследване на произшествието.
03.06.2006*/US/VA/Manassas, Dornier 328Jet-300 plane overran runway on take off and went through the fence.
05.06.2006*/Indonesia/Bandanaira Airport, KASA NC-212- AB4 Aviocar-200 plane skidded and veered off the runway on landing in bad weather. The plane suffered damaged to the wings and wheels and the fuselage was said to be cracked.
07.06.2006*/11:20 GMT/South Korea/East Sea, F-15K jet fighter crashed into sea. The two pilots missing.
                  */Bolivia/Antioquia province, US Trade Wind Cargo plane crashed onto the runway while taking off. The
Boeing 747 was badly damaged from the crash which was caused by engine failure at the Rionegro airport.
Boeing-737 passenger plane apparently failed to brake properly upon landing and
slid off a rain-slick runway.
08.06.2006*/US/TX/Montgomery County, small helicopter crashed.
                  */US/Ca/El Dorado County/Rescue, Cessna-180 plane crash
injures 2 on board
                  */US/.Tenn./Nashville, Piper PA-28 plane crash
injures 2 on board slightly.
                  */US/Ariz./Lake Pleasant/ small plane crash
kills 2 on board.
                  */US/Hilo coast, Piper Seminole plane ditched.
                  */US/Alaska/Northway, ultralight plane crash
kills the pilot.
*/US/MI/Gregory, BE-36 Bonanza plane crash kills the pilot.
09.06.2006*/US/Tenn./Fort Campbell, UH-60 Blackhawk army helicopter crash landed killing 1 and injuring 4 onb.
                  */South Korea/Seoul/Kimpo Int. Airport, an Asiana Airlines
Airbus 321 (Flight 8942) was damaged by lightning and hailstones. The aircraft departed from Cheju Island at 4:45 p.m. l.t. heading to  Kimpo Int. Airport with around 200 passengers. An hour later, when the plane was above Anyang, a big bang was heard. Hailstones the size of either a baseball or a ping pong ball crashed against the cocpit windows, obstructing the pilot's view. The plane's nose with the radar antenna completely fell apart from the main body. The aircraft shook violently. The plane,s automatic operation sistem broke down as well. The pilots succeeded to land safely.
11.06.2006*/Chad/Abeche, A Chadian military transport C-130 plane crashed during a dust storm at an airport near the eastern town of Abeche on Sunday killing five crew an injuring two people on the ground. The military aircraft, which had civilian and military passengers, took off from N'djamena Sunday evening and tried to land in Abeche after sunset, even though the airport doesn't receive night flights because it doesn't have any lights. Reportedly the plane left the runway crashing into trees 150-200 m past the runway.
12.06.2006*/03:30 GMT, China/Fujian province/Chengmen, A Chinese military jet crashed in southern China and burst into flames killing 1 aboard.
14.06.2006*/US/Ky/Spencer County, small plane crashed.
17.06.2006*/SA/Mpumalanga, small plane crash kills 2 aboard.
Antonov-2R crash-landed.
                  */US/NY/Parma, DC-65 plane crashed
injuring 2 on board.
20.06.2006*/US/Chicago-O'Hare Airport, MD-83 passenger plane sustained substantial damage during a nose-wheel up landing on runway 14R.
                  */RU/Kaliningrad, Wing and tail of Su-27 army jet burnt at the airport.
One driver injured.
*/US/TX/Travis County/Manor, Cessna-152 crash-landed.
23.06.2006*/US/Fla./Opa-Locka Airport, banner plane crash injures the pilot seriously.
                  */US/Idaho/Gem County/Emmett, small plane crashed near the airport.
                  */Sudan/ Juba Airport,
MD-83 overran the runway during landing
24.06.2006*/ITA/Toscana/Follonica, Police helicopter crashed off shore injuring 2 crew-members.
                  */US/Central Illinois/Piatt County/Atwood, small plane crashed.
                  */US/Utah/Iron County/Summit, small plane crash
injures 3 aboard.
25.06.2006*/US/Fla./St. Lucie County/Fort Pierce, Mitsubishi MU-2B-60 plane crashed shortly after take off and was destroyed beyond recognition. The pilot died.
C-210 plane crash kills the pilot.
*/US/PA/Pike County/Lake Wallenpaupack, Piper Seneca plane crash kills 3 aboard.
                  */US/Wisconsin/Dodge County/Columbus, Varga 21-50 small plane crash
kills the pilot.
*/US/Wisconsin/Walworth County/Bigfoot Airfield, a plane attemting to land and clipped a minivan before crashing in a field injuring 2 people in the minivan.
                  */US/Minnesota/Cass County/Leech Lake, Rans Coyote float plane flipped over in the water during a landing.
                  */US/Ca/Carlsbad, The single-engine aircraft stalled and dropped into the tree as its pilot was trying to get airborne again following an aborted landing attempt.
26.06.2006*/US/Neb./Linkoln, Beachcraft Bonanaza plane crashed injuring 2 aboard.
                  */Venezuela/Anzoategui/Barcelona, Hawker Siddeley
DH-125-3A plane crash landed collapsing  two main landing gears.
27.06.2006*/US/Kan./Topeca, ultralight plane crash kills the pilot.
28.06.2006*/US/Ca/Chino Hills State Park, helicopter made a crash-landing.
                  */US/Washington/Snohomish, small plane crash
injures the pilot.
*/US/Alaska/Resurrection Pass, small plane crash kills 1, injures 1.
30.06.2006*/US/Delaware/Smyrna, Cessna-150 plane crash injures father and his daughter. The father was injured critically.
                  */US/North Avenue Beach, helicopter crash-landed on lakefront
injuring 4 on board.
                  */Mozambique/Vilanculos Airport,
Cessna-208B Grand Caravan plane knocked down two palm trees and came to rest close to a house killing 1 and injuring 2 aboard.

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