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May 2007
02.05.2007*/US/TX/Canadian, Zodiak 601XL experimantal plane crash kills the pilot.
                  */US/TX/Mcallen, Lancair IV P experimental plane crash during takeoff
killing 1, injuring 1 on board.
03.05.2007*/US/N.Y./Livingston County/ Lima, an ultralight plane crashed into some tall trees injuring the pilot.
                  */Cuba/Havana airport, Two Cuban recruits tried to hijack a passenger plane to escape to the U.S.A. but were arrested after
killing a hostage on board the plane. The soldiers hijacked a bus with a passengers, took it to Havana airport and sized an empty passenger plane. They killed one of the hostages, an unarmed army lieutenant colonel, on the plane before being cuptered by security forces. Armed hijackings are rare in Cuba. In March 2003, two domestic passenger planes were hijacked to Key West, Florida. A month later, three men who hijacked a Havana Bay ferry in a bid to cross the Florida Straits were executed by firing squad.
Cessna-S550 Citation plane (reg. N22HP) operated by Hamilton Ranches company crashed into a farm field near the airport while trying to land in rough weather, killing the two Chicago-area businessmen aboard.
Russia/Moscow/Vnukovo airport, IL-86 jet collided with a lifter before taking off. One of the wings was damaged.   */US/NY/East Farmingdale, a small Husky plane crash on takeoff injuring the both occupants.
US/AK/Palmer, Cessna-170 plane crash kills the pilot.
US/PA/York, an ultralight plane crash kills the pilot.
04.05.2007/about 23:16 GMT

Kenya Airways has lost cotact with a commercial airliner carrying 114 people that took off from Cameroon early Saturday. The last message was received in Douala after takeoff and thereafter the tower was unable to contact the plane. The Boeing 737-800 (reg. 5Y-KYA) was carrying 105 passengers, eight crew members and a flight engineer. The plane , relatively new aircraft -only six months old, is capable of carrying 189 passengers. The authority have no details what has happened to the aircraft. The flight (KQ 507) departed Douala at 12:05 a.m. and was to arrive in Nairobi at 6:15 a.m. The flight originated in Ivory Coast but stopped in Cameroon to pick up more passengers.There were reports of thunderstorms in the area around the time of takeoff overnight.
Officials said it was too early to tell what might have caused the plane to go down between 11 and 13 minutes after takeoff.
"Whatever happened must have happened very fast, which is usually a sign of catastrophic structutral failure," said Patrick Smith, a U.S. based-airline pilot and aviation commentator. " A plane never takes off into a thunderstorm, no crew or carrier would allow that. But it is remotely possible that the plane could have inadvertenly gone into some extremely turbulent air and suffered massive hail damage or a sudden structural failure."
On Sunday (06.05.2007) the wreckage of the plane was found in mangroves close to the airport, 20 km (12 miles) south of Douala. There were no survivers.
On Monday, rescuers battled through dense mangrove swamps to reach the wreckage, after parts of the jet were discovered from the local fishermen.
"I saw one body and one arm. We also saw some seats and a piece of plane about the size of a car door," resident Guiffo Gande told reporters in Mbanga Pongo village.
Kenya Airways have opened a crisis managment centres in Embakasi, in South Africa and in Douala.
04.05.2007/около 23:16
по Гринвичу
На борту потерпевшего катастрофу в субботу на юге Камеруна кенийского авиалайнера Боинг 737-800 принадлежавший компании Кения эйруэйз, находились 114 пассажиры.
По уточненным данным, авиалайнер, совершавший рейс по маршруту Абиджан (Кот-д' Ивуар) - Дуала (Камерун) - Найроби (Кения), перевозил 105 пассажиров. Рейс (
КQ507) обслуживали 9 членов экипажа. В район предполагаемого падения самолета направлены военные вертолеты камерунской армии. Ранее утром в субботу диспетчерская служба авиакомпании Кения эйруэйз объявила об утрате радиоконтакта со своим пассажирским самолетом. Контролеры наземной службы аэропорта в Дуале успели получить сигнал бедствия перед тем, как самолет исчез с экранов радара. Известно, что кенийский Боинг 737-800 вылетел из Кот-д' Ивуара и совершил посадку в аэропорту камерунского города Дуала для приема на борт дополнительных пассажиров.Затем авиалайнер вылетел в столицу Кении Найроби в полночь-00:05. Последнее сообщение с борта самолета было получено сразу после взлета. На этом связь оборвалась. Боинг 737-800 является самолетом последнего поколения и способен принять на борт 189 пассажиров.
Обломки самолета нашли во воскресенье в болоте недалеко (20 км) от аэропорта Дуала. Выживших нет.
Погода во время катастрофы была плохая. Причина катастрофы пока неизвестна.
04.05.2007/около 23:16
по Гринуич

Боинг 737-800 ( рег. № 5Y-KYA) на Кения Еъруейз изпълняващ полет КQ 507 по маршрута Абиджан (Кот- д' Ивуар)- Дуала(Камерун) - Найроби (Кения) катастрофира непосредствено след излитането си от летището в Дуала, при което загинаха 114 души на борда. След напрегнатото и изтощително 40 часово издирване на катастрофиралия самолет, останките му бяха открити благодарение на местни рибари само на 20 км от летището в Дуала в блатиста местност с мангрова гора. Минути след излитането му на котролната кула са получили сигнал за бедствие от него и връзката се е разпаднала. По това време в района валял проливен дъжд с гръмотевична буря..  Не се знаят причините за катастрофата към момента, но се предполага че самолетът е попаднал в зона на силна турбулентност, довела до внезапното му разпадане. Отломките са с големина не по-голяма от вратата на кола, а късове от тела и лични вещи има разпръснати на голяма площ.
Авиокомпанията е открила няколко кризисни центъра за събиране и уточняване на данните по катастрофата и предоставянето им на близките на жертвите и медиите.
Боинг 737-800 ( рег. № 5Y-KYA) катастрофира.
Kenya Airways has lost cotact with a commercial airliner.
Мястото на катастрофата
Место катастрофы
Мястото на катастрофата
Место катастрофы
06.05.2007/06:00 GMT
A plane belonging to the multinational observer force that monitors the Egyptian-Israeli border has crashed in the Sinai peninsula, killing eight French soldiers and a Canadian. The aircraft had hit a truck while trying to make an emergency landing on a Sinai road, but managed to briefly regain altitude before finally crashing and exploding. Probably the crash of the twin-engined propeller plane was caused by mechanical problems, although the plane's black box had not yet been recovered. Foul play was
not suspected. Egyptian state news agency MENA said the pilot had called in to report a problem with one of the aircraft's engines before contact was lost.
The plane had been on a training and orientation mission. The Egyptian driver of the truck jumped from his vehicle as the plane hit it, and was believed to have survived although his truck caught fire and burned. All on the plane had died.
The French de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter plane had been heading from El Gorah in northern Sinai, site of the observer force's main base, to Saint Catherine in the south when it crashed near al-Nakhel in central Sinai.
06.05.2007/06:00 по Гринвичу.

Причиной крушения самолета
DHC-6 Twin Otter в Египте стало столкновение с грузовиком. Самолет во время полета задел крылом иорданский грузовик, следовавший по международной скоростной автотрассе Нувейба-Суэц.
По информации спасателей, обломки самолета разлетелись на расстояние до 10 километров от места аварии в горной местности в центральной части Синай-ского полуострова. Иорданский грузовик перевозивший стекло, полностью сгорел. Самолет летел из Эль-Гуры на севере полуострова в Сан-Катрин (Юг). На борту авиалайнера находились
девять человек, в том числе восемь граждан Франции и канадец, проходивших службу в международных миротворческих силах. По предвари-тельной информации, все девять человек погибли. Международные миротворческие силы на Синайском полуострове призваны контролировать выполнение мер безопасности, предусмотренных мирным договором между Египтом и Израилем от 1979 г.
The wreckage
The wreckage
AP Photo/Ben Curtis)
06.05.2007/06:00 по Гринуич.

Самолет на многонационолните сили за
наблюдение спазването на мирния договор между Египет и Израел-1979 г
de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter се разби край Ел-Тамад на Синайския полуостров в Египет. Загинали са всички на борда - от тях осем френски военнослужащи  и канадец. Пилотът се опитвал да извърши принудително кацане на магистралата Нувейба-Суец като преди това докладвал за технически проблем с един от двигателите, но закачил голям камион превозващ стъкло. За момент успял да набере височина, след което последвала катастрофата. Отломките на самолета са пръснати на километри разстояние. Камионът се запалил и напълно изгорял. Шофьорът на камиона успял да скочи от него след удара и се спасил. Самолетът летял по маршрута El-Gorah, дислокацията на основната база на MFO, към Сейнт Катерин в южната част на полуострова.
Камионът се запалил и напълно изгорял
Камионът се запалил и напълно изгорял
AFP/Khaled Desouki)
Nationalities of missing                                                                                                                 Source: Kenya Airways
35 Camaroon; 15 India; 9 Kenya (crew); 7 South Africa; 6 China; 6 Ivory Coast; 6 Nigeria; 5 Britain; 3 Niger; 2 Central African Republic; 2 Democratic Republic of Congo; 2 Equatorial Guinea; 1 Ghana; 1 Sweden; 1 Togo; 1 Mali; 1 Switzerland; 1 Comoros; 1 Egypt; 1 Mauritius; 1 Senegal; 1 Congo; 1 Tanzania; 1 US; 1 Burkina Faso; 3 unidentified.                                                                  
Total: Fatalities 114
10.05.2007*/US/TX/Travis County/Lakeway, Cessna-180 plane crash-landed on a golf course.
                  */US/Wisc./Lake Winnebago, a seaplane crash-landed in lake.
                  */Congo/Pointe Noira Airport, The
IL-76 frighter caught fire on the ground while it was being loaded in preparation for a flight to Brazzaville.
11.05.2007*/US/Ohio/Hamilton County, A mid-air collision happened this afternoon between two small planes in Sharonville that killed the three people aboard an showered debris over a wide residential and industrial area. After the collision one plane (Beechcraft Bonanza- 1 victim) crashed on East Kemper Road  and other ( 1979 Cessna-2 victims) crashed at Sovereign Drive and Squire Hill Court in the Copperfield subdivision of Sharonville. The sites are about three miles apart. Witnesses described planes spiraling out of control and no signs of life in the mangled wreckage of the aircrafts.
12.05.2007*/US/AZ/Maricopa County/Phoenix/Lake Pleasant, The pilot of a small Cessna plane that crashed into a lake NW of Phoenix Friday night was apparently talking on a cell phone with a friend in a boat while flying only 10 feet above the water. Two people were killed on board .
*/US/AZ/Show Low, an experimental plane crash kills the pilot.
    */US/Utah/Grand County, a plane hit some trees and crashed into Green river injuring the pilot.
13.05.2007*/US/IL/Palatine, a small plane landed on Busy Northwest Highway , after it banged up a car.
                  */Turkey/Trabzon, SKY Arrow 650T plane crashed. 
Both pilots- a Britain and Pakistanian killed.
                  */US/Mo/Aurora, an experimental helicopter crashed on the runway while taxiing,
the pilot injured.
*/US/Ca/Williams, G-164 aircraft struck power lines and crashed next to a road killing the pilot.
*/US/N. Alabama/Bankhead Forest, a helicopter crashed. The pilot was killed.
RU/Moscow/Domodedovo, an Austrian plane Cessna-C25B collapsed a front gear on taxiing.
17.05.2007*/Congo Democratic Republic/near Walikale, The Let-410, operated by Safe Air Company, was used to transport minerals from Walikale to Goma. All flight to Walikale use a 700 m long road located near Kilambo as an airstrip. Preliminary reports indicated that an engine caught fire three minutes after takeoff. The airplane tried to return to the airstrip, but crashed  in a forest killing 3 occupants aboard.                                                            Source : ASN
18.05.2007*/US/FL/Albert Whitted Airport, Maul 7-180 Comet plane crash-landed because strong crosswinds injuring 2.
      */US/MI/Pontiac Lake, a seaplane crashed into lake.
                  */US/Idaho/Fairfield, Cessna plane crash-landed
injuring 2 people on board.
                  */US/Utah/Morgan, a small plane crashed at a grass landing airstrip
injuring the pilot.
  */Canada/Ontario/Red Lake, Cessna-180 plane crash kills 1, injures 1 person on board.
                  */US/N.Y./ Buffalo Niagara Intl Airport, A Northwest Airlines plane made an emergency landing at Buffalo Niagara International Airport Friday after a 12 - inch hole opened in its fuselage. NWA Flight 1411 experienced a loss of cabin pressure, and smoke filled the cockpit during the flight between Syracuse and Detroit. The airport went on alert, and the plane landed safely with 95 people aboard. The hole in the fuselage was found after it landed.
US/Montana/Great Falls

Canadian Forces Snowbird pilot from Quebec was killed Friday afternoon when his jet crashed while doing practice manoeuvres near Great Falls, Montana.
The pilot was identified as Capt. Shawn McCaufhey, 30, of Candiac, Que., south of Montreal.
Eyewitnesses said the aerial team was flying in formation before one jet left the group and fell to the earth
around 4 p.m. Central Time. "It just smacked into the ground and there was a big ball of flames."
"They were practising manoeuvres, and this plane, this Snowbird 2, left its formation and shortly after that pitched down and crashed, " said Allen Kenitzer,
a regional spokeman for the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration. "The pilot, the sole occupant, did not eject and was fatally injured."
The planes had been rehearsing for two shows this weekend at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana. Moments before the crash, three planes were flying in formation. They were about 60 to 90 metres off the ground. "As the two separated, the third plane kind of nosed
up, turned slightly on its wing and went straight down... "
The Snowbirds, officially named
the Canadian Forces 431 Air Demonstration Squadron, fly
CT-114 Tutors
and perform at 60 different airshows throughout North America.
Останки от разбилия се СТ-114 Tutor от групата за демонстрационни полети на канадските ВВС.
19.05.2007*/US/Ga/Atlanta, Canadair CRJ-700 damaged when struck by a tug. Two people on board were killed.
*/Australia/North Queensland/Oak Valley, an ultralight plane crash kills both occupants on board.
                */Canada/Toronto's Pearson airport, a front gear collapses on Jazz
CRJ-100 plane landing.
                */US/S.D./Tyndall, a crop duster
pilot was on his way home and got caught in the storm, crashed and died.
21.05.2007*/US/FL/Tampa. a small plane made a successful emergency landing  after its landing gear didn't fully extend.
22.05.2007*/US/Pa/Fayette county/Connellsville, Cessna plane crashed into truck at the airport. Pilot seriously injured.
US/TX/El Paso, a border patrol helicopter crashed killing the pilot and injuring another person on board.
                */US/Ind./Kokomo airport, Cessna-421 plane made a hard landing and damaged.
23.05.2007*/US/Wash./Yakima, Cessna-177B plane with only the pilot on board missing.
*/Australia/Torres Strait off the far north Queensland coast, small plane crashed into ocean.
                */22:45 GMT/US/S.C./Mount Pleasant, A-75N Stearman biplane crashed into water
killing 2 people on board.
24.05.2007*/20:35 GMT/US/La/Leeville, a seaplane struck a fishing vessel near the Chevron dock killing one person on the boat and injuring 3 others on the plane.
США/Монтана/Грейт Фолс

В американском штате Монтана при выполнении тренировочного полета разбился один из самолетов канадских ВВС Snowbird. По словам представителя Федерального управления авиации США Алена Кенитцера, пилот потерпевшего крушение самолета не успел катапултироваться и погиб. Эскадрилья из девяти самолетов СТ-114 Tutor готовилась к выступлению на авиашоу на авиабазе ВВС Мальмстром.
Несмотря на происшествие, авиашоу состоится, как и было запланировано, в субботу и воскресенье.
Организаторы мероприятия не комментируют возможное исключение выступления эскадрильи самолетов Snowbird из программы авиашоу.
Самолеты эскадрильи Snowbird
Самолеты эскадрильи Snowbird
США/Монтана/Грейт Фолс

При изпълнение на тренировъчен полет се е разбил самолет СТ-114 Tutor, номер 2, от състава на 431 Авиационна ескадрила за демонстрации на канадските ВВС,  наричана още Snowbird ( Снежна птица). Катастрофата станала на летището на американската авиобаза Малмстром, щата Монтана при оттрениране на един от елементите за предстоящо авиошоу. Номер втори се разминал с други два самолета от групата на екстремно близко разстояние, но след това необяснимо защо, тъй като очевидците не са забелязали съприконовение между самолетите, загубил височина и през крило се забил в земята. Станало много бързо. Самолетите летели на около
60-90 м от земята.
Пилотът, капитан Shawn McCaufhey, на 30 години, не успял да катапултира и загинал. Групата Snowbird участва годишно в около 60 различни въздушни демонстрации в Северна Америка.
Обломки самолета
25.05.2007*/US/Ca/Chino, a small plane crashed on house's front lawn killing the pilot.
*/US/IL/McHenry County/Prairie Grove, a two seater paraglider crashed injuring two men aboard.
                  */US/Pa/Northampton, a 58-year-old South Hadley man trying to start an antique single-engine Cessna plane was dragged more than 100 feet into a field as he tried to stop his plane from hitting houses.
He was injured.
RU/Arkhangel' div./Karyagi, Mi-8 fell on its right side.
                  */US/N.C./Burnsville/Mountain Air Country airstrip, Columbia style plane bounced at landing and hit two other planes. All three aircrafts burst into flames.
Three people were killed.
*/Australia/Esperance, Piper arrow plane crashed just kilometers from intended airstrip killing 3 people on board.
                  */US/AK/Fairbanks, Piper PA-18 Super Cub plane crashed i
njuring the pilot.
US/Ga/Chattooga County/Summerville, RV-6 plane crash injures two men.
*/US/AL/Blount County/881 Ponderosa Road, 1954 Bell two-seat helicopter crash kills the pilot.
*/US/IL/La Salle County/Newark, an experimental plane crash kills the pilot.
US/CO/Grand Junction Regional Airport, a Cessna-180 plane flipped upside down during takeoff.
                  */US/Wisc./Ozaukee County/Cedarburg, Cessna plane was landing when the front wheel came off.
                  */Iraq/Diyala province/between Baquba-Muqdadiya, 8 U.S. troops killed in a deadly chain of events that began when a U.S.
OH-58 Kiowa Warrior helicopter was shot down. Both helicopter pilots were killed. Two Bradley fighting vehicles rushing to the helicopter crash site were hit by exploding roadside bombs, killing six soldiers and injuring three.
                  */US/MT/Stillwater County, a helicopter crash
killed a man, two others on the board were hurt.
*/US/Wash./Lincoln County/Wilbur, Cessna plane crash kills the pilot.
*/US/AK/Nixon Fork Mine, The converted DC-4 cargo plane (reg. N898AT) operated by Brooks Air Fuel company,  carried 3000 gallons of fuel to the Nixon Fork Gold Mine near McGrath, AK. Witnesses say the plane's landing gear ripped off when it came in short and low and hit some rocks near the runway. The plane did a 180- degree turn to the right. the left wing broke off and caught fire. The rest of the plane went into the ditch.
*/RU, Duch KLM aircompany's Boeing 777 entered in turbulence during the flight, 3 crew members and 7 passengers were injured.
*/US/Wisc./Middleton airport, a Cessna plane collapsed a gear on landing.
24.05.2007/21:28 GMT
Peru/Loreto province/Canchahuaya
Seven people , including a pregnant woman, survived when the Peruvian air force plane in which they were travelling crashed in the remote norteast of the country, killing 13 others on board.
The De Havilland Twin Otter (reg.№ 303) aircraft plought into dense jungle about an hour after leaving the city of Iquitos in the vast Amazon region of Loreto for the city of Pucallpa. There had been 20 people on board the plane, including three crew members. According to witness accounts, the plane crashed in stormy weather and split in two when hit a hill. The survivers were in the back end of the aircraft.
Twin Otter (reg. 303) over Amazon river
Twin Otter (reg. 303) over Amazon river, near the place of the crash-20 km SE of Orellana
24.05.2007/21:28 по Гринвичу
Самолет ВВС Перу, на борту которого находились 20 человек, пропал во время выполнения задания в провинции Лорето на севере страны. Самолет ВВС Перу, De Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter
(рег. № 303)
пропал с экранов радаров в четверг при выполнении гражданской перевозки. Во время исчезновения самолета были сильные ливни и гроза. Самолет пропал в районе сельвасов-влажных тропических лесов Южной Америки, где трудно проводить поисково-спасательные мероприятия.
Обломки самолета нашли в 20 км от Орелана. При ударе в земли самолет развалился на две части.
Погибли 13 человек, выжили 7 из находившихся на борту.
Самолет на перуанскете ВВС, тип De Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter (рег. № 303) се разби.
24.05.2007/21:28 по Гринуич
Самолет на перуанскете ВВС, тип De Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter (рег. № 303) се разби на 20 км ЮИ от Орелана.
Загинали са 13 души от двадесетте на борда. Оцелели са 7 човека, между които е и жена бременна в седмия месец. Самолетът е извършвал рутинна превозка на граждани до труднодостъп-ни населени места, заради гъстата джунгла в този район. Изпълнявал е полет по маршрута: Икуитос-Рекуена-Орелана-Пампа Хермоса-Контамана-Пукалпа. Твърди се че самолетът е излетял от Орелана в 16:25 м.вр. в сложни метеорологични условия и по маршрута е попаднал в буря. Блъснал се в хълм и се разпаднал на две части. Оцелелите са се намирали в задната част на самолета.
Самолет на перуанскете ВВС, тип De Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter (рег. № 303) се разби.

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