Chartered plane crash kills 10 in India

25.05.2011/ 17:20 GMT
India/ Faridabad - A small chartered plane being used as an air ambulance to ferry a patient to a New Delhi hospital crashed Wednesday into a residential neighborhood on the outskirts of the Indian capital,
killing 10 people.
Pilatus PC-12 airplane (VT-ACF), operated by Air Charter Services Pvt. Ltd, lost control during a dust storm and plunged from about 8,000 feet (2,440 meters).
The aircraft had seven passengers on board and was just minutes from landing when it slammed into a residential building in the city of Faridabad, south of New Delhi.
The plane broke into two and caught fire, charring part of the house. Hours after the crash, the plane's tail was still perched on the house's roof and its engine lay in a nearby alley.
All those on board were killed and three others living in the house died as well.
Two other people were injured. The bodies were charred beyond recognition.
The aircraft was bringing a critically ill businessman from the eastern city of Patna to a hospital in New Delhi. The passengers included two pilots, two doctors and a medical attendant.
Самолет се разби в
Аржентина, 22 загинали

18.05.2011/ 23:50 UTC
Аржентина/ Рио Негро/ Прауанийеу

Saab 340A (LV-CEJ) на авиокомпанията SOL Lineas Aеreas се разби в Аржентина. Загинали са всичките 22-ма души на борда - 19 пътници сред които и дете, както и 3 - та членове на екипажа.. Самолетът е изпълнявал полет 8R5428 от град Неукен за Комодоро-Ривадавия. Подал е сигнал за обледеняване в 8,50 минути местно време, след което връзката с него е загубена. Води се раследване за изясняване на причините довели до катастрофата.
Boeing 707 tanker crashed on takeoff at Calif. air station

19.05.2011/ 00:25 UTC
USA/ CA/ Point Mugu Naval Air Station -
Three crew members aboard a Boeing 707 tanker (N707AR) loaded with jet fuel escaped with only minor injuries when the airplane skidded off the runway and exploded into flames at a Southern California Navy base, officials said. The plane crashed as it was taking off from Naval Base Ventura County Point Mugu at about 5:25 p.m. Wednesday. It slid to a halt within a few hundred feet of the Pacific and burst into flames, with thick black smoke pouring out the shattered wreck.
The plane was operated by Alexandria, Va.-based
Omega Aerial Refueling Services Inc., which contracts with the Navy to provide fleet operations support and fuel transport services. All three crew on board were civilian employees. Though a helicopter dumped multiple loads of water on the plane, the wreckage continued to burn for more than three hours.
Крушениe самолета в Аргентине, 22 погибли

18.05.2011/ 23:50 UTC
Аргентина/ Патагония/ Прауанийеу

Принадлежащий авиакомпании
Sol Lineas Aereas двухмоторный самолет Saab 340А (LV-CEJ) упал на землю в 20 км севернее  Прауанийеу (Prahuaniyeu). На его борту находились 19 пассажиров, в том числе ребенок, а также два пилота и стюардесса. Никто не выжил.
По предварительной версии, причиной трагедии стало обледенение фюзеляжа летательного аппарата. Как стало известно, в 20.50 по местному времени (03.50 мск четверга) пилот в третий раз после взлета связался с авиадиспетчером и запросил срочную посадку в связи с обледенением фюзеляжа и крыльев самолета.
Самолет выполнял рейс номер
5428 по маршруту Неукен - Комодоро-Ривадавия. В ближайшие три дня эксперты постараются выяснить точную причину трагедии.
22 dead in plane crash
in Argentine Patagonia

18.05.2011/ 23:50 UTC
Argentina/ Patagonia/ 20 km north of Prahuaniyeu

A twin-engine
Saab-340A airplane, registered LV-CEJ and operated by Argentina’s Sol Lineas Aereas crashed in the Patagonian province of Rio Negro last night, killing all 22 people aboard. Sol flight 5428 was flying from the city of Neuquen to Comodoro Rivadavia when the pilot reported an emergency at 8:50 p.m. local time. That was the last communication between the airplane and controllers. It crashed 20 km north of Prahuaniyeu, Argentina. Nineteen passengers, including one child, and three crew members were on board.
The airplane was a 34-seat Saab 340 model.
The crashed plane was built by Stockholm-based Saab AB (SAABB) in 1985 (first flight on 25 APR 1985).
Sol vice president Juan Nyffenegger said Thursday in Buenos Aires that the twin-engine Saab 340 had taken off normally and had no records of technical problems. The plane was relatively modern, built in the late 1980s, and the pilots were quite experienced, he added.
He and other company representatives repeatedly discounted speculation about the cause of the crash and stressed that accident investigators will determine what went wrong after recovering the cockpit recorders.
27 са загинали при
авиокатастрофа в

07.05.2011/ 05:00 по Гринуич
Индонезия/ Папуа/ залив Каймана

Пътнически самолет
Xian MA60 китайско производство, с регистрационен номер PK-MZK и собственост на местната авиокомпания  Merpati Nusantara Airlines се разби в морето в Източна Индонезия при заход за кацане в сложни метеорологични условия (проливен дъжд и силно намалена видимост). Самолетът изпълнявал полет MZ-8968 от Соронг за Каймана. Инцидентът станал в района на провинция Западна Папуа.в морето, на около 500 метра от пистата на гр. Каймана. Няма оцелели от 27-те на борда (21 пътници и 6 души екипаж).
Сред загиналите са местен полицейски шеф и семейството му.
Бордовият самописец с данните от полета е изваден от морето, а този за аудио записите е локализиран.
Води се разследване за изясняване на причините довели до катастрофата.
27 человек погибли
в авиакатастрофе
в Индонезии

07.05.2011/05:00 по Гринвичу
Индонезия/ Каймана

Xian MA60 китайского производства, принадлежавший индонезийской авиакомпании Merpati Nusantara Airlines, упал в море при заходе на посадку на востоке Индонезии. Самолет совершал рейс MZ-8968 между городами Соронг и Каймана в провинции Западное Папуа.
Лайнер взорвался после падения в море.
Причины катастрофы пока неясны, однако известно, что погода в районе аварии, произошедшей в 500 метрах от взлетно-посадочной полосы, была плохой.
Самолет кружил 15 минут над аэродрома  до крушения.
Представитель министерства транспорта Индонезии подтвердил
гибель 27 человек в авиакатастрофе пассажирского лайнера.
Бортовые самописцы обнаружены.
Идет расследовение причины крушения.
27 Feared Dead in
Indonesia Plane Crash

07.05.2011/05:00 UTC
Indonesia/ Papua/ Kaimana Bay

The Chinese-made
Xian MA60 propeller plane (PK-MZK), performing flight MZ-8968 and operated by Merpati Nusantara Airlines, slammed into the sea with 21 passengers and 6 crew members aboard while trying to land amid rain and limited visibility in the remote province of West Papua in the afternoon.
The plane crashed Saturday in Kaimana Bay about 500 meters short of the runway in Kaimana in West Papua province. It had come from Sorong, in the same province.
The plane carried 18 adult passengers, one child and two five-year olds on board and six crew namely pilot
Purwandi Wahyu, co-pilot Paul Nap, two stewardesses Sumaryani and Indriyana Puspasari and two technicians Joko and Dadi Tarsidik
All 27 on board were killed. The Kaimana police chief of operations Adj. Comr, Teddy Effendy and his family were among the victims of the crash.
"When it happened the weather was bad and rain was falling," the ministry`s head of public communications, Bambang S Ervan, said when asked about the incident. He said however that investigation was still being carried with regard to find the exact cause of the crash.
The plane reportedly had been circling for around 15 minutes before finally plunging into the sea

The recovered black box was the flight data recorder. The voice data recorder has been located.

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01.05.2011*/Norway/ Hordaland County/ Lofallstrand Kvinnherad - A Robinson R-22 helicopter (LN-OZI) hit a wire on landing and crashed injuring the passenger.

*/US/ FL/ Miami/ near Opa-Locka Airport - The vintage twin-engine Beechcraft E18S cargo plane (N18R) crashed shortly after leaving Opa-Locka Airport on its way to the Bahamas. The plane crashed into two vehicles and a house and caught fire kiling the pilot.
*/Chile/ La Reina - A small plane crashed shortly after takeoff on a hill and burned.
                    */Brazil/ Santos Dumont Airport (SBRJ) - A Piper PA-32R-301 Saratoga SP plane (PR-GFC) landed without right wing landing gear extended and was damaged.
                    */Brazil/ SP/ Sao Jose do RIo Preto - A Helibras HB.350B Esquilo helicopter (PT-HMU) crashed shortly after takeoff
injuring the 3 occ   upants.
*/Poland/ near Zar Airport (EPZR) - A PZL-Bielsko SZD-41B Jantar Standard glider (SP-3059) crashed injuring slightly the pilot.

*/Russia/ Novosibirsk/ Krasnaya Sibir' - A home built hang glider crashed killing the pilot.
*/Greece/ Megara - An army АН-64 Apache helicopter made annear Kirkby Stephen emergency landing and caught fire.

04.05.2011*/India/ Mizoram/ Aizwal/Lengpui Airport (VELP) - A Cessna 208B Grand Caravan plane (VT-NES) overshot the runway and crashed injuring the 9 occupants.
*/Australia/ QLD/ north of Townsville/ Forrest Beach - A crop-dusting Bell Jet Ranger helicopter made a heavy landing injuring slightly the pilot.

*/Canada/ ON/ Milton/ Burlington Airport - A Cessna-172 plane (C-FEVS) made an emergency landing and crashed in a field. No injuries.
                    */US/ OH/ Griffing-Sandusky Airport - A Commander 114B plane crash-landed.
                    */UK/ Cumbria/ near Kirkby Stephen/ Ladthwaite - A black colored Cessna plane crashed on landing
killing the pilot.
*/Mexico/ Baja California Sur/ Loreto Bay - A Hawker Siddeley HS-125-700A plane (N829SE) over ran runway 16 and ended up 20 yards into the bay.
                    */Bolivia/ NE from La Paz/ La Merced -
Four UN anti-narcotics staff ( Ivan Alfaro, Patricia Delgado, Cinthia Moreno and Stephan Campos ) and two Bolivian military pilots died when their Bolivian Air Force Cessna plane crashed in western Bolivia, while it had been flying over the country's main coca-growing area in Los Yungas and hit a tree.
Parts of a plane wreckage lies on the ground after it crashed near Kaimana airport in Papua, Indonesia  Photo: EPA

07.05.2011*/South Korea/ Ansan - A Kappa KP-5 light sport plane crashed during a display flight at the 2011 G-Global Aviation show.The pilot sustained minor injuries.
*/US/ TX/ Chico - A Piper PA-46-350 Malibu Mirage plane (N80JB) crash-landed and caught fire. The pilot suffered smoke inhalation.
*/Germany/ Nordlingen Airport  (EDNO) - A Evektor-Aerotechnik EV-97 EuroStar plane (D-MKSZ) crashed after cockpit hood opened in flight shortly after takeoff. The pilot received serious injuries.

*/US/ CO/ Golden/ Lookout Mountain - A Robinson R44 Clipper II helicopter crashed. No injuries.
                    */Austria/ Glainach-Ferlach (LOKG) - A single-engine plane overran the runway and hit trees  in rainy conditions with strong winds. No injuries.

09.05.2011*/Colombia/ Puerto Wilches - A Bell 206L LongRanger helicopter crashed on takeoff injuring seriously the 6 occupants.
*/Sweden/ Falkenberg/ Morup Airfield (ESGF) - A Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP plane (SE-MBZ) crashed on takeoff. No injuries.
                    */US/ AR/ northeast of Bono - An agricultural Grumman G-164A Ag Cat plane (N8930H) crashed in a flooded field and caught fire.
The pilot was injured.
*/US/ MT/ Miles City - An AT-802 plane crashed killing the pilot.

*/US/ AR/ Walnut Ridge/ Wilson's Flying Service - A crop-dusting plane ran off the side of the runway and overturned in a ditch beside it. No injuries.
                    */Germany/ Engelsbrand - A police
MD Helicopters MD-902 Explorer helicopter (D-HBWG) crashed in a forest injuring seriously the 3 occupants.
*/Netherlands/ Rotterdam The Hague Airport (EHRD) - A Fokker-50 plane (OO-VLE) collapsed the main gear during pre-departure maintenance.
                    */US/ OH/ Portage County/ Ravenna - 1994 Mooney M20R Ovation plane (N9149R0) crashed
injuring seriously the 3 occupants.

*/US/ MI/ Dowagiac Municipal Airport  (KC91) - A Beechcraft B24R Sierra plane (N9321S) crashed on landing.
                    */US/ NY/ Jefferson County/ Clayton - A Piper PA-23-250 Aztec plane (N4760P) crashed on approach
injuring slightly the pilot.
*/Netherlands/ Veghel/ Udenseweg - A Schweizer 269D helicopter (PH-HHF) crashed and caught fire.
                    */Afghanistan/ Nuristan/ Paroon - An Afghan National Army (ANA)
Mi-8M helicopter crashed in the eastern region of the country, injuring 9 soldiers.

*/US/ PA/ Washington County/ Buffalo Township - A  Beechcraft G33 Bonanza plane (N1554W) crashed in a field injuring the pilot.
*/Ecuador/ Molleturo-Maranjal - An agricultural  Cessna A188B AGwagon C plane (HC-BZH) crashed on takeoff injuring the pilot.

*/US/ FL/ Panama City – Tyndall Air Force Base - Unmanned drone crashes in water off Tyndall.
                    */Australia/ NSW/ Bankstown Aerodrome - A helicopter crashed and burst into flames
injuring slightly the pilot.
*/US/ PA/ Warren County/ Tidioute - A small plane crashed on landing injuring slightly a man and woman on board.
                    */US/ AL/ Gulf Shores/ near Exxon rig - A helicopter with 3 people on board crashed
injuring slightly 1 of them.
                    */Germany/ Eschwege/ Stauffenbuhl - A glider crash landed in a field killing 4 sheeps.
                    */Philippines/ Pangasinan/ Lingayen Airport at Brgy. Libsong West Lingayen - A training Cessna plane lost its brake on landing and crashed
injuring slightly the student pilot.

*/US/ WA/ Arlington Municipal Airport  (KAWO) - CZAW SportCruiser plane (N282SC) crashed on takeoff killing the pilot.
*/US/ CA/ San Luis Obispo County/ Oceano Airport - A small plane crashed on landing. No injuries.
                    */US/ LA/ Lafayette off of Duhon Road - A small helicopter crashed
injuring 1 on board.

*/Czech Republic/ Line - A light plane crashed near the airport injuring the pilot.
*/Canada/ QC/ near the Laurentian town of Prevost - A small plane crashed in a field injuring slightly the 3 occupants.
*/UK/ Dorset/ north of Wimborne Minster/ Moor Crichel - de Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth (G-AOIL)  crashed in a field killing 1injuring seriously 1 occupant.

*/China/ Beijing/ Luxinzhuang - An agricultural  Robinson R-44 helicopter crashed injuring the pilot.
*/Brazil/ DF/ Brasilia (APUB) - A Vans RV-9A plane (PU-RVX) crashed on the runway at the airfield near the Autodromo Internacional Nelson Piquet, Brasilia.
                    */US/ AK/ West of Atqasuk - A
Beechcraft 200 Super King Air plane (N786SR)  crashed on approach because of icing. The 3 occupants received minor cuts and bruises.
*/US/ OH/ Lunken Airport (KLUK) - A Cessna 414 Chancellor plane (N1996G) collapsed the nose gear on landing.
                    */UK/ Devon/ near Chagford/ Gidleigh Park Hotel -  A two-seater helicopter has crash-landed in the grounds of a Devon hotel
injuring slightly the 2 on board.
                    */Indonesia/ Papua/ Nduga district/ in the eastern district of Mapenduma - A military
Nurtanio/ Bell NB-412HP helicopter with 13 occupants on board, belonging to the regional Cenderawasih/XVII Military Command, crashed on landing injuring critically 4 of them.
                    */US/ AZ/ Mammoth - A small plane crash-landed. No injuries.

17.05.2011*/US/ TX/ near the Spicewood Airport (K88R) - A training Luscombe 8 Silvaire plane crashed injuring slightly 1 of the two occupants.
                    */Russia/ Stavropol'e/ Zolotorevka - An
An-2 plane made an emergency landing and caught fire.
                    */Russia/ Republik of Tuva/ Kyzyl - An airplane
Pilatus PC-12 tipped on its tail while loading luggage.

18.05.2011*/UK/near Bournemouth/ Longham/ Dudsbury Golf Corse - A Beechcraft E90 King Air plane (N46BM) made a forced landing and was damaged due to engines failure.
                     */Australia/ VIC/ near East Sale Air Base - A
Pilatus PC-9A plane (A23-039) crashed just after takeoff. The pilots ejected safely. No injuries.
Boeing 707 tanker crashed on takeoff at Calif. air station
Firefighters inspect the debris of a plane that crashed and exploded Thursday in Argentina's southern Patagonia region killing all 22 on board.


Passenger List of SOL flight 8R5428
19.05.2011*/US/ OH/ Goshen/ Salem Air Park Inc. (K38D) - A Socata TBM-700 7-seat Turbo-Prop plane (N1UL) crash-landed injuring slightly 1 of the 4 occupants.
                    */UK/ Kilby - A Cessna FA152 Aerobat plane (G-LEIC) made a forced landing in a field and flipped upside-down.
                    */Switzerland/ Bern/ Niederosch - A training 
Eurocopter AS 350B2 Ecureuil helicopter (HB-ZAM) crashed in field. No injuries.
                    */Serbia/ Uzice/ Zlakusa - A Cessna 206 plane (YU-DNZ) made a forced landing in a field due to an engine failure and remained upside-down.
The 2 pilots suffered only minor injuries.

*/Mexico/ Chihuahua/ Guachochi - A Cessna T210M Centurion plane (XB-AGM) crashed attempting emergency landing. Three from the occupants were killed and 2 were injured.
*/Germany/ Klein Kedingshagen/ near Stralsund (EDBV) - An Evektor-Aerotechnik EV-97 EuroStar ultralight plane (D-MRUE) crashed during a training flight killing the intructor and his student.
*/US/ NY/ Wurtsboro - Diamond DA20-C1 Katana plane (N877CT) crashed on Friday evening in the parking lot of Kohl's distribution center, leaving the pilot and passenger injured.
*/US/ KY/ Muhlenberg County Airport (KM21) - A Cessna-150M plane (N68844) crashed on takeoff. A 22-year-old arrived on the scene to assist the pilot out of the aircraft and, in turn, suffered a laceration that required him to be transported to Muhlenberg Community Hospital by the Muhlenberg County Ambulance Service. The pilot only suffered minor wounds and did not require any medical attention.
                    */Canada/ AB/ Slave Lake - Campbell Helicopters Ltd. Bell 212 helicopter crashed, while responding to a fire call.
The lone pilot was killed in the accident.
                    */Venezuela/ Caracas-Simon Bolivar International Airport (CCS/SVMI) - A cargo
Fairchild SA.227AT Merlin IVC plane, operated by Transcarga International Airways, collapsed the nosegear on landing. The pilot was injured.
*/US/ CA/ Pioneer - A Lancair Legacy plane crashed killing the pilot.

*/Germany/ Saarmund (EDCS) - Mid-Air collision between Remos GX (D-MBAM) and Jeans Astir (D-6757). Both occupants of the Remos GX and the Pilot of the Astir CS Jeans were killed. Both aircrafts were destroyed.
                    */Mexico/ Chihuahua - A Cessna 206 plane crashed in mountains
killing 1, injuring 2 occupants.
*/US/ WY/ southwest of Cody - A Van's RV-6A plane (N52VC) crashed injuring a couple.
*/Peru/ Cusco Airport - A Bell 204B helicopter (OB-1891-P) crashed on landing injuring the 3 occupants.
*/France/ Thouare-sur-Loire - A hot-air ballon (F-GSUI) has hit railways cables on landing near Nantes, 2 passengers slightly injured.

*/US/ GA/ Coweta County/ Grantville - A Flightstar II light plane (N194PG) crashed. No injuries.
                    */Namibia/ Hosea Kutako International Airport (FYWH) - The pilot of Desert Air
Cessna 210M Centurion plane (V5-DAT) turned the aircraft propeller during a pre-flight. The prop hit him on the head. The pilot later died.
*/Germany/ near Kirchheim/Teck/ Nabern - A motorglider crashed during initial climb injuring seriously the pilot.
*/Pakistan/ Karachi/ PNS Mehran - At least nine people including three troops and six militants were killed in a terrorist attack on a Pakistan air force base in the country's southern port city of Karachi late Sunday night.  Besides, several military airplanes including 2 imported U.S. made P-3C-1 Orion aircraft (84 and 87) were reportedly destroyed in the attack and another P-3C-1 Orion (81) was seriously damaged.

23.05.2011*/Saudi Arabia/ near King Abdul-Aziz air base - Royal Saudi Air Force F-15C Eagle fighter jet crashed killing the pilot.
*/Colombia/ Norte de Santander/ Lourdes/ El Alto - A Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III helicopter (HK-4448) crashed on farm La Aguavita killing the 2 occupants.

*/Norway/ Nordland County/ Haustreisdal in Gran kommune - The Aerospatiale SA 315B Lama helicopter (LN-ODD) was assisting in maintenance work on a high tension power line. Lost control from low altitude and crashed. Pilot and worker injured and brought to hospital.
                    */Nigeria/ Kaduna State/ Kaduna - A
Beechcraft C90 King Air plane (N364UZ) crashed on landing. Both persons on board were alive but trapped inside the aircraft - multiple attempts to rescue them failed - aircraft caught fire and burned.
*/Afghanistan/ about 100 kilometres (60 miles) west of Farah - A NATO Dassault Mirage 2000D fighter jet crashed. Both pilots ejected safely.
                    */Afghanistan/ Nikeh  - A
NATO helicopter crashed in Afghanistan. No injuries.
                    */US/ NC/ Unaka/ Nantahala National Forest near Lake Hiawassee - A Beechcraft 58 Baron plane (N77AR) crashed
killing the 3 occupants.

*/US/ CT/ East Windsor - A pilot was safely rescued after his Ultralight aircraft got stuck in a tree.
                    */Argentina/ near Venado Tuerto Airport (SA32) - A training Piper PA-28-181 Archer II plane (LV-ARS) crashed on approach
killing the 4 occupants.
*/Italy/ Farra di Soligo - An agricultural  Schweizer 269C (300C) helicopter (I-PAZZ) crashed injuring the pilot critically.
The wreckage of the crashed PC-12
The wreckage of the crashed PC-12
26.05.2011*/US/ IN/ Clark Regional Airport (KJVY) - A SOCATA TBM700 plane (N700GE) aborted takeoff. The left main landing gear collapsed.

27.05.2011*/US/ FL/ Massey Ranch Airpark (KX50) - A Mooney M20R Ovation 3 GX plane (N489PS) made a belly landing.
                    */US/ IL/ Jackson County/ Murphysboro - An ultralight plane crashed. No injuries.
                    */US/ FL/ Old Panama City Airport (KPFN) - A police
Bell OH-58 Kiowa helicopter crashed while taking off.
                    */Mexico/ Cabo San Lucas International Airport (MMSL) - A
Cessna 208B Grand Caravan plane (XA-UJF) overran the runway on landing. Three of the twelve occupants received minor injuries.
*/US/ MI/ Fremont Municipal Airport (KFFX) - A Boeing A75N1 Stearman (PT-17 Kaydet) biplane (N60147) crashed into a tree.
                    */US/ NY/ Newburgh - Net Jets
Gulfstream Aerospace/IAI G-200 plane (N749QS) collapsed the right main gear on landing.
                    */US/ CA/ Trinity County/ between Hayfork and Weaverville - The Brantly B-2 helicopter (N222DW) crashed
killing the pilot.

28.05.2011*/US/ AK/ Sheep Mountain Lodge off Mile 113 Glenn Highway - A Cessna-140 plane (N89424) crashed. No injuries.
                    */US/ OH/ Haverhil/ Gallia Pike near Richendollar Road - A Cessna-172F plane (N5663R) crashed in an open field after the electric power to the cockpit malfunctioned.
                    */US/ GA/ Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (KATL) - The landing gear of a Delta Air Lines
MD-88 jet (N941DL), performing flight DL-2284, apparently caught fire during a rough landing Saturday afternoon at Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (KATL), but the flight's approximately 50 passengers and crew were evacuated safely.
                    */US/ TX/ Bryan - A Rockwell Commander 112 small plane (N1041J) crashed on approach
killing the 2 occupants.
*/South Africa/ Gauteng/ north of Pretoria/ near the Petroport - The Piper PA-22 Tri-Pacer suffered an engine failure and the pilot carried out a forced landing in a field, but struck a tree and crashed. No injuries.
                    */South Africa/ Polakwane/ Laboria -
The 38-year-old pilot had to make an emergency landing on a farm and crash landed onto a make-shift island in a dam. He was treated for possible neck and back injuries while his 5-year old son was being treated for a possible broken leg.
                    */South Africa/ North-West Province/ 5km from the farm Morningstar and 22km N of Koster - A Cessna R182 Skylane RG plane (ZS-KSZ) struck power lines and crashed
killing the 2 occupants.
*/Sweden/ 65 km north of Stockholm/ Norrtalje/ Snesslingby  - ELA Aviacion 07-R100 Cougar autogyro crashed into a wooded area killing the 2 occupants.
                    */US/ NV/ Washoe County/ Reno - A Cessna-172 crashed on top of Petersen Mountain near Hallelujah Junction
killing the 3 occupants.
*/US/ CA/ Trinity County/ Weaverville - A student pilot killed in a helicopter crash.

29.05.2011*/US/ TX/ Ford Worth/ near Fort Worth Alliance Airport (KAFW) - An Eurocopter AS 350B2 Ecureuil (N747CH) crashed in a pasture and then burst into flames..
                    */Germany/ Bitburg - A
Lockheed T-33A-5-LO plane (N132GB) made an emergency landing in a field and received minor damage.
                    */UK/ Compton Abbas Airfield - A Thruster T600N 450 microlight plane (G-KIPP) flipped onto its roof on landing
injuring slightly the passenger.
                    */Taiwan/ Pantong County/ Gaoshuxiang - A military
Beechcraft T-34C-1 Turbo Mentor plane (3413) made a forced landing in Kaoping River's riverbed area.
                    */Austria/ Gmunden (LOLU) - A Cessna F182Q Skylane plane (D-EEQH) overshot the runway after an engine problem and collapsed the landing gear.

30.05.2011*/US/ GA/ Ellijay - Four people were killed in crash aboard a Beechcraft 35 Bonanza plane that took off from Ellijay-Gilmer County Airport 49A Monday morning.
                    */US/ IA/ Sully Municipal Airport - A single engine Cessna airplane crashed after it clipped a tree shortly after takeoff.
                    */Germany/ near Barssel Airfield (EDXL) - A Kappa KP-2U Sova ultralight plane (D-MAOB) crashed on approach injuring
seriously both occupants. The student pilot died later in the hospital.
*/Canada/ QC/ Laurentian Mountains/ Lac Labelle - A floatplane crashed killing the 2 occupants.

*/US/ KS/ Topeka/ near the Buena Terra Airport - An ultralight plane crashed on approach injuring the pilot.
*/France/ Melun-Villaroche - A North American B-25J-35-NC Mitchell plane (F-AZZU) made a forced landing in a field cutting power lines and caught fire.