Copter Crash Kills a Leader in Mexico’s Drug Fight

11.11.2011/ 14:55 GMT
Mexico/ municipio de Chalco/ Santa Catarina Atoyzingo - A Mexican Presidential helicopter crashed near Santa Catarina Atoyzingo
killing all eight on board. The Aerospatiale AS 332L1 Super Puma helicopter (XC-UHM/TPH-06) departed Campo Militar Marte, Mexico City at 08:45 on a flight to Ciudad de Cuernavaca.
The helicopter carried the Secretary of the Interior,
Jose Francisco Blake Mora, accompanied by Secretary for Legal Affairs and Human Rights of the Secretariat itself, Felipe Castro Zamora, Director General of Social Communication, Jose Alfredo Garc?a Medina, the Technical Secretariat Office of the Secretary, Diana Hayton Miriam Sanchez and Rene de Leon Major Sapien, Security Chief Secretary of the Interior. Additionally there were three crew members on board. The wreckage was found at 11:12. According to the information available at this moment the location of the accident presented layers of clouds at low altitude and reduced visibility.

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November 2011

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01.11.2011*/US/ GA/ Taylorsville - Van's RV-6 plane (N262MA) crashed 5 miles from the Bartow County airport.  The pilot was killed.
*/US/ FL/ Pompano Beach Air Park - Two men walked away without injuries after making an emergency crash landing in a single-engine Cessna airplane just short of Pompano Beach Air Park.

02.11.2011*/South Korea/ Gangwon Province/ Wonju - South Korea Army MD Helicopters 369MD crashed during an emergency landing killing one army officer and injuring another.
*/US/ VA/ Woodlake - A Beechcraft F33A Bonanza plane (N833) crashed after an engine failure into Swift Creek Reservoir.
                    */US/ TX/ Near Naval Air Station Kingsville (KNQI) - A training T-45C Goshawk plane crashed shortly after takeoff in a wooded area.
Both pilots ejected safely and were treated for minor injuries.

*/Turkey/ Konya/ near Karakaya Village - Turkish Air Force F-4E Phantom II fighter jet crashed during a training flight killing the 2 pilots.

*/Singapore/ Changi Airport - Lufthansa Airways A380 Airbus crashed into a boarding bridge at Changi Airport. Fortunately nobody was hurt. The plane's wing hit the boarding bridge for an unknown reason just as it was moving out of its lot for takeoff.
                    */Nederlands/ Welsum  - An Aerospool WT9 Dynamic light plane (PH-3Z2) made a forced landing in a field. Its nose gear collapsed and prop broke.
                    */US/ NH/ Whitefield - Stinson 108-3 light plane (N6263M) while on approach to Mount Washington Regional Airport (KHIE) encountered a wind gust and impacted swampy terrain. No injuries.

06.11.2011*/US/ AZ/ Alamo Lake - A Cessna 182Q Skylane (N4701N) crashed killing the 3 occupants.

*/Philippines/ Zamboanga/ Edwin Andrews Air Base (RPMZ) - North American Rockwell OV-10A-40-NH Bronco bomber (83801/801) crash-landed at the airport. The 2 pilots ejected and received only minor injuries.
*/Chile/ El Bosque Air Base (SCBQ) - Extra 300L Number 3 of the Halcones aerobatic team crashed at El Bosque Air Base - SCBQ during a training flight. The pilot died.
*/Italy/ Catania/ Raddusa/ Mineo - An Eurocopter AS 365N3 Dauphin II ambulance helicopter (I-DAMS) crashed in bad weather killing the pilot, injuring seriously the co-pilot and 3 occupants.

10.11.2011*/US/ HI/ Molokai Island/ Kaunakakai - Blue Hawaiian Helicopters Eurocopter EC130 B4 crashed into a mountainside an caught fire killing all 5 occupants.
*/US/ TX/ Brownsville-South Padre Island Airport - A small Cessna plane crash-landed.
                    */Somalia/ Guri-El district airport - A small cargo plane crashed on landing. No injuries.
                    */Australia/ WA/ Perth/ Jandakot airport - A small plane collapsed the nose landing gear and crashed.

*/Somalia/ Kismayo - Nine people are believed to have died after a French helicopter crashed near Somalia's Southern port city of Kismayo. The military chopper crashed late on Friday as it was patrolling the area between the town of Kuda and Kismayo.
                    */US/ IN/ Connersville/ Mettel Field Airport (KCEV) - A training Beechcraft 58 Baron plane ((N6685S) crashed on landing The plane sustained heavy damage.
Both occupants were treated for minor injuries.
*/US/ WI/ Chippewa Valley Regional Airport (KEAU) - A Cessna-180 plane (N3606C) made a forced landing on a road due to an engine failure and suffered substantial damage.
                    */Philippines/ Ninoy Aquino Airport (RPLL) - A Piper PA-23-250 Aztec F cargo plane (RP-C281) collapsed the nosegear and crashed on landing.
                    */Philippines/ Compostela - An agricultural plane crashed on a rice field.
                    */US/ WA/ Harvey Field Airport (S43) - A Cessna-180H plane (N180LV) crashed on landing.
                    */Chile/ Melpilla - Piper PA-25-260 Pawnee plane (CC-ABM) lost power and crashed on takeoff.
The wreckage of the crashed helicopter
12.11.2011*/US/ AZ/ Deer Valley Airport - The pilot of a small plane walked away without injuries after the Cessna-172 flipped over while taxiing.
                    */Sweden/ Viared/ Boras airport -
A 75 year old women was taking pictures and walked into the moving propeller and was seriously injured.
*/Spain/ La Axarquia-Velez Malaga Airport (LEAX) - CASA C.1.131-E Jungmann plane (EC-EYU) crashed into trees on landing injuring the pilot.
*/US/ TX/ Gladewater Municipal Airport (K07F) - A Cessna 401A plane (N531MH) crashed on landing injuring 1 from 5 people on board.
                    */Brazil/ MT/ Pocone Municipal Airport - A Cessna 210 plane crashed shortly after takeoff
killing the 4 occupants.

*/Cayman Islands/ Cayman Brac - A Cessna 210 Centurion plane crashed killing a Mexican and a Columbian.
*/Poland/ Tarnowskie Gory/ Zyglin - Cirrus SR22 plane (SP-IKP) crashed on landing killing the 4 occupants.
*/US/ FL/ Brevard County/ Merritt Island Airport - A small plane splashed into the river roughly 200 yards offshore due to an engine failure. No injuries.

*/Cote d'Ivoire/ Daloa Airport (DIDL/DJO) - A Cessna 177B Cardinal plane (TU-TGY) crashed shortly after takeoff killing the 4 occupants.
*/Ecuador/ El Oro Province/ Pinas - A training Cessna 150M plane (HC-BJA) crashed in a mountain killing the 2 occupants.
*/Germany/ Gleisweiler - A Cirrus SR22 GTS plane (N956CD) in a forest killing the 2 occupants.

*/Republic of Congo/ Badondo - A Mi-8 helicopter crashed on landing killing the Belorussian pilot and injuring slightly the other 3 occupants.
*/US/ WI/ Sheboygan County/ Elkhart Lake - A small plane with mechanical problems crash-landed in a field.

16.11.2011*/US/ TX/ San Angelo/ Ducote Airpark (TS65) - An ultralight plane crashed on takeoff during test flight killing the pilot.
*/Guyana/ Region Seven Airstrip - A Cessna 206 Stationair plane collided with a motorcycle during landing on the airstrip. The Cessna suffered minor damages. The man on the motorcycle received serious injuries and died later in hospital.
*/Indonesia/ Java Island - A training Cessna 172 plane (PK-NIP) with 3 occupants is  missing.

*/US/ AR/ Clinton - An experimental Zenair CH 601 HDS Zodiac plane (N274) crashed shortly after takeoff injuring the 2 occupants.
*/Canada/ Ottawa-Rockcliffe Airport (CYRO) - A Cessna 172M Skyhawk plane (C-GPHV) crashed off the runway injuring slightly the 3 occupants.

*/UAE/ Dubai/ off Deira Palm Island - A military trainer Alenia Aermacchi M-346 Master (C.P.X615) crashed. Both pilots ejected successfully.
                    */Philippines/ Davao del Norte province/ Panabo City/ Datu Abdul village - A light agricultural plane (RP-R 1272) crashed shortly after takeoff
injuring fatally the pilot.
*/Russia/ Tver' region/ 30 km NE of Tver' - A Robinson R-44 helicopter crashed killing the pilot.

20.11.2011*/South Africa/ about 4km south of Brits Rashoop Airfield (FABS) - Van's RV-7A plane (ZU-YJK) crashed on approach killing the pilot.
*/US/ MD/ Lusby/ Calvert County airport - A Beechcraft V35 Bonanza plane (N9569Q) crashed on landing injuring the pilot and a boy.
*/US/ ID/ Fremont County/ Ashton - An American Champion 8GCBC plane (N131PM) crashed and flipped over on landing. No injuries.
                    *US/ LA/ Lake Pontchartrain/ about 3.5 miles N. of Lakefront Airport. (KNEW) - A Cirrus SR20 plane (N211CD) crashed shortly after takeoff due to an engine failure.
The pilot was taken to the local hospital.

*/Argentina/ Mercedes Airport, CR (MDX/SATM) - An Argentine air force Piper P-28 Dakota collided with a civilian Cessna-152  plane (LV-OOF) being used for flight school training as both were nearing the small airport in the town of Mercedes, about 100 kilometers (60 miles) west of Buenos Aires. Both occupants on board of the Cessna plane died.

*/US/ TX/ Bulverde Airpark - A Grumman American AA-5A Cheetah plane (N26067) crashed on approach just short of the runway. No injuries.
                    */Venezuela/ Sifontes - A Cessna 182J Skylane plane (YV1992) crashed while trying to return to the airport shortly after takeoff.
The pilot was killed.
*/Chile/ Curacavi/ Challaco - A Piper PA-38-112 Tomahawk plane (CC-CTY) crashed injuring slightly both pilots.
*/US/ FL/ Spring Hill - A Cirrus SR20 G2 plane (N497DA) crashed on a road. No injuries.
                    */Russia/ Leningrad region/ Sel'tso - 1989 Zlin-142 plane crashed
injuring seriously a man and a woman.

*/Indonesia/ Sugapa Airport (ZGP) - A Cessna 208B Grand Caravan cargo plane (PK-VVG) was involved in an accident near Sugapa Airport (ZGP), Indonesia. The copilot was killed in the accident. The pilot was injured.
*/US/ AZ/ Pinal County/ Apache Junction - A Rockwell Commander 690A plane (N690SM) crashed shortly after takeoff killing all 6 occupants.

*/US/ NJ/ Lincoln Park Airport (KN07) - A Cessna 162 Skycatcher plane (N5216J) crashed on landing injuring slightly the pilot.

*/Brazil/ MG/ Angicos - A Cirrus SR20 G3 plane (PR-LJL) crashed killing both occupants.
*/Canada/ NL/ Labrador/ Rose Lake - An AS 350B Ecureuil helicopter crashed injuing slightly the pilot.
*/US/ NM/ 37 mls from Roswell - A Cessna-182 crashed killing both occupants.

*/Germany/ Stahlberg - A  Hiller-Soloy UH-12ET helicopter (D-HAAE) crashed at farmfield injuring slightly both occupants.
*/US/ ID/ Friedman Memorial Airport (KSUN) - A Piper PA-32RT-300T Turbo Lance II (N36824) crashed shortly after takeoff due to the not correctly angaged autopilot. Both occupants, a man and a woman, were injured.
*/South Africa/ Wonderboom Airport (FAWB) - A Robinson R44 Raven II helicopter (ZS-RDG) crashed during takeoff. One of the 4 occupants was slightly injured.
*/Nepal/ Lobuche - Fishtail Air Aerospatiale AS 350B Ecureuil helicopter (9N-AIK) crashed rolled over after landing in rocky soil and was damaged.

30.11.2011*/Ukraine/ Oktyabrskoe-Kapitanovka - A Mi-2 helicopter (UR-14322) crashed injuring both occupants.
*/Australia/ QLD/ Mundubbera - A Bede BD-4 plane (VH-UWY) crashed shortly after takeoff killing the 2 occupants.
*/Canada/ BC/ near Cecil Lake/ about 12 miles east of Fort St. John  - A Cessna A185E Skywagon plane (C-FXJN) crashed killing the pilot.
*/US/ WA/ Seattle/ King County International Airport (Boeing Field) (KBFI) - A parked Piper PA-34-200T Seneca II of Airpac Airlnes Inc. was destroyed by fire at Boeing Field (KBFI), WA, after it was hit by briefly airborne Piper PA-44-180 Seminole (N2163N). Both aircraft were destroyed by fire and the two occupants (instructor and trainee pilot) of the Piper Seminole survived with only minor injuries.