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 November 2014



Scale of the danger



  • Pakistan/ Rawalpindi/ Benazir Bhutto International Airport – A training Cessna 172L Skyhawk (AP-BEJ) crashed on landing injuring the 3 occupants.

  • Bolivia/ Santa Cruz-Viru Viru International Airport (VVI) – A de Havilland DH-114 Heron plane (N82D) made an emergency landing, damaged.

  • Dominican Republic/ San Pedro de Macorís – A Bell 206B-3 JetRanger III helicopter (HI419) crashed killing 1, injuring 2 occupants onboard.

  • Brazil/ PE/ Igarassu – A Cessna 182K Skyline (PR-YKS) crashed. The pilot and 5 skydivers were injured.

  • New Zealand/ Pukekohe – An Aeroprakt A-22LS microlight plane (ZK-LFG) crashed. Both occupants were seriously injured.



  • Russia/ Siberia/ Seven Lakes/ about 50 km. of v. Vyngapurovsky near Noyabrsk – A Mi-2 helicopter crashed and submerged in the lake. Both occupants were killed.

  • US/ OR/ Applegate Valley/ SW of Jacksonville – A Cessna T210M Turbo Centurion (N1593M) force landed to farm field terrain. The airplane came to rest inverted, sustaining substantial damage.

  • Germany/ Airport Nittenau-Bruck – A Platzer Kiebitz B6 (D-MWKV) overshot the runway end after an attempt to takeoff. No injuries.

  • Italy/ Punta Pellaro Reggio Calabria – A SIAI-Marchetti S.208A (I-SJAU) made a forced landing on a beach. The main landing gear collapsed and the engine was heavily damaged.

  • Australia/ north of Bendigo – An Aeropro Eurofox aircraft (24-8421) crash-landed upon landing. No injuries.



  • Russia/ Vladimir Oblast/ Kolchugin district/ Razdolye – A training EV-97 Evector Harmony plane (RA-1725G) crashed killing the pilot, injuring the passenger.

  • Venezuela/ Apure State/ SE of Elorza - A Beechcraft 200 Super King Air which violated Venezuelan airspace was destroyed by military forces. The fate of the crew is unknown.

  • Bolivia/ Trinidad Airport (TDD/SLTR) – A Swearingen SA-227DC Metro 23 (CP-2459) sustained substantial damage to the left hand wing following a bird strike while on approach.

  • Germany/ Tuttlingen – A Piper PA-28-161 Cadet plane (D-EJTG) clipped power line and damaged its right wing. The plane succeeded to land safely.

  • US/ FL/ Everglades City/ Everglades Airpark (X01) – A training Cessna 172M Skyhawk (N696PT) made a hard landing.



  • Germany/ Hohenfels - US Army AAI RQ-7 Shadow drone crashed.



  • US/ NV/ Las Vegas/ near Henderson Executive Airport (KHND) – A training Extra 330LC aerobatic plane (N369XT) sustained substantial damage upon impact with an airport fence during a force landing to a perimeter road. No injuries.



  • US/ ID/ Boise/ 2 miles south of Boise Int'l Airport/Gowen Field (KBOI) - An Idaho Army National Guard AH-64 Apache helicopter crashed during a training mission Thursday, killing the two people aboard.

  • US/ Gulf of Mexico/ about 57 miles from Panama City, Florida – A F-16 fighter jet. assigned to the 53rd Weapons Evaluation Group, crashed into the waters of Gulf of Mexico. The pilot died.

  • Canada/ AB/ Edmonton International Airport (YEG) - A DHC-8-402Q Dash 8 Air Canada Express (C-GGBF) suffered a right hand main gear collapse on landing. Four occupants were injured.

  • Poland/ Near Zar Airfield (EPZR) – A PZL-Bielsko SZD-30 Pirat glider (SP-2936) made an emergency landing in a lake after takeoff. No injuries.

  • US/ OH/ Paulding County/ Latty Township – A Cirrus SR22 plane (N811CD) crashed killing the 3 occupants.

  • India/ Surat Gujarat Airport (STV/VASU) - A Boeing 737-800 (VT-SGK), operated by SpiceJet, sustained damage to one of the engines when it struck a buffalo during takeoff. The takeoff was aborted.



  • Afghanistan/ Kabul Airport (KBL) - Ariana Afghan Airlines Boeing 737-4Y0 (YA-PIE) suffered a right hand main landing gear failure on landing. The airplane came to rest with the nr.2 engine on the runway.

  • US/ IN/ Fort Wayne/ Fort Wayne Int'l Airport (KFWA) – A Mooney M20J 201 (N1065N) experienced a gear-up landing.

  • US/ AZ/ Bullhead City/ Laughlin/Bullhead Int'l Airport (KIFP) – A Cessna 210B Centurion (N9578X) experienced a landing gear malfunction and subsequent gear-up landing.

  • US/ MT/ South of Darby – An Aeronca 7AC Champion (N84462) force landed to a field. Both occupants were seriously injured.



  • US/ VA/ George Washington National Forest/ near Fulks Run – A 2003 Cessna 172S Skyhawk training plane (N2152T) crashed killing the instructor pilot. The student pilot was taken to University of Virginia Medical Center with an ankle injury.

  • Japan/ Nagano prefecture/ Kirigamine Glider Field, Suwa city – An Alexander Schleicher ASK 18 glider (JA2320) made a forced landing just after takeoff. Its fuselage was damaged.




































































  • US/ TX/ Angleton/ Bailes Airport (7R9) – A Mosquito XET turbine powered helicopter (N922RM) impacted airport terrain while maneuvering. The pilot was injured.

  • US/ OK/ Lawton/ Lawton-Fort Sill Regional Airport (KLAW) – A Mooney M20E Super 21 (N18JK) experienced a landing gear collapse while executing an emergency landing. No injuries.

  • US/ CA/ north of Hollister/ near Pacheco Pass – A Cessna 140A (N5612C) crashed killing the 2 occupants.

  • US/ ID/ Lewiston/ Lewiston-Nez Perce County Airport (KLWS) – A Piper PA-20 Pacer (N7740K) collapsed a main landing gear upon landing. No injuries.

  • Brazil/ PI/ Teresina/ Nossa Senhora de Fatima Airport – A SG Aviation Storm 300B ultralight (PU-JAM) crashed killing the 2 occupants (grandfather and grandson).

  • New Zealand/ Auckland/ Duck Creek Road, Stillwater, Rodney district – A Composite Helicopters KC518 crashed. The pilot and passenger were injured.



  • UK/ Cambridgeshire/ Cambridge Airport, Teversham – A Beechcraft 76 Duchess (G-GCCL) landed without nose gear causing damage to nose cone.


Jet crash in Bahamas kills 9


The debris of the crashed Learjet 35ASunday, 9 November 2014, 22:10:00 UTC

Bahamas/ 6,4 km (4 mls) SW of Freeport-Grand Bahama International Airport (FPO)


A Learjet 35A, registered N17UF to Diplomatic Aviation (Bahamas) Ltd and operating as a charter flight for

the Bahamas Faith Ministries International clipped a crane and impacted shipyard terrain while on approach

to runway 6 of the Grand Bahamas International Airport in Freeport. The aircraft was destroyed and

all nine occupants onboard were fatally injured.

Weather may have been a factor in the accident.

The airplane had taken off from the Bahamian capital of Nassau and crashed about 5 p.m. local time Sunday, as it was coming in for a landing at Grand Bahama International Airport in Freeport. The prominent Evangelical pastor Dr. Myles Munroe and his wife Ruth were killed in the crash. The group was on their way to the Global Leadership Forum, which was organized by Munroe and was scheduled for this week in Freeport.



  • Nigeria/ Damare/ suburb of Girei Local Government Area - Nigerian Air Force helicopter, with call sign “Shark 23” and registration NAF 466, executed a controlled forced landing four minutes after take-off. Two persons onboard were injured.

  • US/ WV/ Lewisburg/ near Greenbrier Valley Airport (KLWB) – A Mooney M20C Ranger (N6581U) experienced a loss of engine power and force landed to a field shortly after takeoff. The sole pilot onboard received serious injuries.

  • US/ MA/ Barnstable County/ Cape Cod – A Beech A35 Bonanza (N672B) landed with malfunctioning landing gear on its nose. No injuries.

  • Syria/ near Sabboura – A MiG-21bis has been shot down by rebels. The pilot is supposedly dead.

  • Brazil/ MG/ Bandeira – A Beechcraft A36 Bonanza Jet-Prop (PT-WVM) crashed killing the 3 occupants. It rained a lot in the region and due to poor visibility; the aircraft may have crashed into a hill.



  • Canada/ ON/ Nipissing district/ Algonquin Provincial Park – A Cessna 150M (C-GJAO) experienced fuel exhaustion and crashed killing the 2 occupants.

  • Algeria/ province of Tiaret/ Zmalet El Emir Abdelkader - Algerian Air Force MiG-25 supersonic interceptor and reconnaissance jet crashed. The pilot ejected safely.

  • Poland/ Mysliborz – A Zenair CH 601 Zodiac plane (OK-QUA04) crashed killing the pilot.

  • Australia/ QLD/ Cairns/ Cairns Airport (YBCS) – A Cessna 210N Centurion (VH-JGA) experienced an inflight landing gear malfunction and after burning off fuel performed an emergency off-runway landing. The pilot received minor injuries.

  • Belarus/ Brest oblast/ near Hantsavichy - Belarus Air Force MiG-29BM fighter jet crashed. The pilot ejected safely.

  • Russia/ Mineralovodsky District/ near Village Dry Padina – Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations Kamov Ka-32A training helicopter (RF-32839) crash landed during a training exercise in Stavropol in southern Russia. Four people were injured and one killed at the spot of the crash. Two occupants died later in the hospital.



  • Azerbaijan/ Aghdam region/ Kengerli village - Armenian Air Force Mi-24 combat helicopter was shot down by Azerbaijan Armed Forces. All three occupants died in the crash.

  • US/ LA/ New Orleans/ Lake Pontchartrain/ NE of Lakefront Airport (KNEW) – A training Cessna 172K Skyhawk (N46707) crashed into the lake. It is believed two people were on board -- a student and a flight instructor.

  • US/ NM/ east of Albuquerque/ North of Clines Corners – A Mooney M20K (N231JF) crashed killing the pilot. Weather may have been a factor.



  • Nigeria/ Girei/ Near Modibbo Adama University of Technology‎ (MAUTECH) - Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Mi-35 helicopter (NAF-52X) crashed and exploded killing the 3 crew members.

  • France/ Aubenas AD (LFHO) – A FAMA K209 helicopter crashed while was taxiing (hovering). The 2 occupants received minor injuries.

  • US/ UT/ Panguitch/ Panguitch Municipal Airport (U55) – A training Aerospatiale AS350BA Astar helicopter (N425U) crashed on landing. One of the two occupants onboard received minor injuries.

  • US/ MI/ Flint/ Bishop International Airport (KFNT) – A Cessna 310P (N5741M) experienced an emergency gear-up landing. No injuries.

  • Russia/ Moscow Oblast/ Shosha River/ near Novozavidovsky – A Mi-2 helicopter (RA-14279) crashed into the waters of Shosha River. Two of the 3 occupants were injured.

  • Thailand/ Ban Laipa - Border Patrol Police (BPP) Bell 205A helicopter developed a technical malfunction on takeoff and crash-landed injuring the 3 occupants.

  • Australia/ Tasmania/ Lyell Highway at Bronte Park – A standing Cessna T188C Ag Husky crop dusting plane (VH-UOL) was deliberately set ablaze as an act of vandalism.



  • New Zealand/ Southland/ near Ohai/ Mount Linton Station – An agricultural NZ Aerospace FU24-954 plane (ZK-EMN) impacted rough farmland terrain. The sole pilot onboard received serious injuries.

  • South Sudan/ Jonglei state/ Twic county/ Panyagor Airstrip - Global Airlift British Aerospace BAe-748-399 LFD Srs. 2B cargo plane (5Y-BVQ) crashed just short of the airstrip. The plane came down at 9:00 am (local time) and set huts ablaze injuring several other people. The 2 crew members sustained fatal injuries. The aircraft was chartered by Lutheran World Federation.

  • US/ AK/ Minto/ East of Minto Al Wright Airport (51Z) – A Helio H-295 Super Courier (N6465V) crashed on takeoff. No injuries.

  • Mexico/ Tamaulipas/ Hidalgo – A Piper PA-31P-425 Pressurized Navajo (XB-ZAX) crashed in a mountainous area. All six occupants died.

  • Australia/ NSW/ near Luskintyre Airfield/ Lower Hunter region – A de Havilland DHC-1 Chipmunk plane (VH-RVY) crashed on takeoff. The two occupants received serious injuries.



  • UK/ Wales/ Clawddnewydd near Ruthin – A Team Mini-Max 91 plane (G-CGGX) crash-landed in a field. The pilot received minor injuries.

  • US/ CT/ Chester/ near Chester Airport (KSNC) – A Beech F33A Bonanza (N4548S) experienced fuel exhaustion and force landed to wooded terrain. The pilot was injured.

  • US/ GA/ Williamson/ Peach State Airport (GA2) – A Tiger Moth DH-82A (N28681) crashed injuring the 2 occupants.

  • Canada/ near Quebec City/ Neuville – A Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee F (C-FIHQ) made an emergency landing in a field, shortly after takeoff. Both occupants were injured.

  • China/ Sichuan/ Pixian County/ Qinggangshu village – A military Chengdu J-10S fighter jet crashed. Seven persons on the ground were injured. Both pilots ejected safely.



  • France/ Ferriere-la-Grande – A Zenair CH 601 XL Zodiac plane (59-CYN) crashed killing the 2 occupants. Its right wing broke in flight.

  • Japan/ Kitakyushu Airport (KKJ/RJFR) – A Mooney M20K plane (JA4017) diverted left to the runway upon landing and collided with a concrete seawall. A fire erupted. Both of occupants suffered serious injuries.



  • US/ CO/ San Juan National Forest SE of Pagosa Springs – A Mooney M20C Ranger (N6466U) crashed killing the 2 occupants. Weather may have been a factor in the accident.

  • Brazil/ PR/ Cidade Gaucha – An agricultural Piper PA-25-235 Pawnee D (PR-WIZ) crashed and caught fire killing the pilot.

  • US/ MO/ Fulton/ SW of Elton Hensley Memorial Airport (KFTT) – A Cessna 401A (N401ME) impacted terrain shortly after takeoff injuring the 3 occupants, two of them seriously, one slightly.

  • Australia/ QLD/ Marcoola/ Sunshine Coast Airport (YBSU) – A light plane crashed on landing. The female pilot was taken to hospital.

  • Thailand/ Phayao province - Royal Thai Army Aviation (RTAA) Bell 212 helicopter crashed 10 minutes after taking off. There was a post crash fire. Nine soldiers, including Maj Gen Songpon Thongjeen, deputy Third Army Region commander, died in the accident.



  • US/ IL/ Chicago/ ca 700 m SE of Chicago Midway Int'l Airport (KMDW) – An Aero Commander 500B plane (N30MB) impacted a house while on approach. The sole pilot onboard the airplane was fatally injured. No injuries on the ground.

  • Iraq/ Diyala - ISIS claims to have shot down the Mohajer-4 drone.

  • Australia/ NT/ Lavelle Station – A Robinson R22 BETA helicopter (VH-HPH) crashed. During air work at 1,000 feet, the tail rotor drive system failed. The helicopter commenced an uncontrolled spiral and landed heavily. The pilot and passenger were not injured.

  • Uruguay/ Colonia/ Durazno AFB – Uruguay Air Force FMA IA 58A Pucara plane (FAU 222) veered off the runway after landing, nose landing gear collapsed and both propellers and engines suffered damage. No injuries.



  • Argentina/ Anta region, east of Salta city – A light plane crashed while it was performing an illegal flight carrying 200 kg of drugs. Both occupants died in the crash.

  • UK/ Lincolnshire/ Counthorpe Lane/ Castle Bytham – A Denney Kitfox MK2 (G-KITY) crashed on approach impacted the side of a bungalow near Castle Bytham Airfield, injuring the pilot. A 52-year-old tanker driver who was making a delivery nearby received minor injuries.

  • India/ Madhya Pradesh/ Indore/ Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport (VAID) – A training Cessna 152 (VT-EUE) crashed close to the Indore Airport. Both pilots onboard the airplane received serious injuries. One of them later succumbed to the injuries received.



  • Russia/ Nizhny Novgorod region/ Kstovsky district – A private Aerospatiale AS 350B3 Ecureuil helicopter (RA-04032) crashed killing the 5 occupants.

  • US/ CO/ Adams County/ Strasbourg – A Piper PA-28-181 Archer (N2204Q) impacted power lines while performing an emergency landing and the plane flipped over. The 2 occupants received minor injuries.

  • Canada/ NT/ 40 km (25 mls) W of Yellowknife – A Cessna 208B Grand Caravan operated by Air Tindi, was damaged in a forced landing on the frozen surface of Great Slave Lake, Canada.

  • Peru/ Villa Maria del Triunfo – A police Cessna 207A (PNP-248) crashed in a mountainous area killing all 3 occupants on board.



  • Romania/ Sibiu County/ Malancrav – A Romanian military IAR330 Puma SOCAT helicopter with 10 occupants onboard crashed killing 8, injuring severely 2.

  • Pakistan/ Kirthar Mountains, near Karachi/ Gadap Town – PAF Mirage fighter jet crashed. Senior Pakistan Air Force pilot Squadron Leader T. Ahmad was killed and another PAF pilot was injured.

  • US/ NM/ Los Lunas/ Mid Valley Airpark (E98) – A Van's RV-4 plane (N369JH) experienced a collapse of the right main landing gear and subsequent loss of directional control upon landing. The airplane came to rest inverted at an irrigation ditch. The pilot was not injured. The passenger onboard the airplane received minor injuries.

  • US/ CA/ Garberville/ SW of Garberville Airport (O16) – A Piper PA-24-250 Comanche (N7428P) impacted trees and riverbank terrain killing the pilot.

  • US/ TX/ Houston-Sugar Land Regional Airport (SGR) – An Embraer EMB-500 Phenom 100 corporate jet suffered a runway excursion accident after landing.

  • US/ HI/ Honolulu/ Honolulu International Airport (PHNL) – A training Piper PA-28R-200 Arrow II (N1366T) experienced a collapse of the landing gear, sustaining minor damage. No injuries.

  • Afghanistan/ Nangarhar province/ Rodat district - United States Army UAV was downed by Taliban.

  • Australia/ QLD/ near Gatton/ Sylvia – A home-made gyrocopter crashed killing the pilot.



  • Malaysia/ Senai International Airport – A training Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II plane (9M-JFC) veered off the runway into a ditch upon landing.

  • Peru/ central Peru/ Junin – A Bolivian Cessna plane (CP-2890) carrying drugs crashed in Junin, when it tried to flee from a military air patrol. The pilot died.

  • France/ col de Rodomouls/ Riols – A SOCATA Gardan GY-80 Horizon plane (F-BNYN) crashed killing 2 occupants, injuring seriously one on board.



  • New Zealand/ Southland/ Between Thornbury and Waimatuku/ NW of Riverton – A Cessna 182 aborted takeoff, the aircraft impacted a fence and furrowed farm terrain, coming to rest inverted. The 3 passengers onboard received minor injuries.

  • US/ TX/ Lee County/ NNE of McDade – An Aero Commander 500-A (AC50) plane (N14AV) crashed and burst into flames killing the pilot.

  • Italy/ TN/ Termon – A P92 Eaglet plane (I-9936) made an emergency landing in a vineyard due to an engine failure. No injuries.

  • Paraguay/ Nu Guazu airport – A Deperdussin replica (ZP-XSP) crash landed during an air show. The pilot suffered minor injuries.

  • Norway/ Halden/ Svalerodkilen – An ultralight crashed into the water.

  • Australia/ QLD/ Cape York/ SSE of Archer River Roadhouse/ NNW of Coen – A Robinson R-44 helicopter (VH-YYS) made a forced landing in a field and caught fire. No injuries.

  • Pakistan/ Karachi-Jinnah International Airport (KHI/OPKC) - Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane caught fire on the ground. No injuries.

  • Syria/ Wilayat Al Khayr - Deir Ezzor - ISIS has downed a Syrian Air Force jet.



  • US/ NM/ Las Cruces International Airport (LRU) – A Van's RV-3 plane (NX625ZH) crashed killing the pilot.

  • UK/ London-Biggin Hill Airport (BQH) – World Heir Inc. Gulfstream Aerospace G-1159 Gulfstream III corporate jet (N103CD) was damaged in a runway excursion accident during takeoff. The nose gear had collapsed.

  • US/ FL/ Tampa/ Peter O Knight Airport (KTPF) – A Cessna T210N Turbo Centurion plane (N610KC) experienced a collapse of the left main landing gear and subsequent runway excursion upon landing.



  • Russia/ Samara-Kurumoch International Airport (KUF) – Air Samara Beechcraft B300 Super King Air 350 (RA-02778) sustained damage in a landing accident.

  • US/ NE/ Crete/ Crete Municipal Airport (KCEK) – A Cessna 182RG Skylane (N739BM) executed an emergency gear-up landing. No injuries.



  • India/ Gujarat/ Kutch district/ near Bhuj/ Mankuva - Indian Air Force (IAF) IAI Heron-1 drone crashed.

  • China/ Hengshan County/ Chendaliang – An AutoGyro Calidus gyroplane struck power lines and crashed injuring the 2 occupants.

  • France/ Bron/ Lyon-Bron Airport (LFLY) – A training Piper PA-44-180T Turbo Seminole (F-HRAF) experienced a nose-gear up landing. No injuries.

  • Germany/ near Everswinkel – An Alpi Aviation Pioneer 300 (D-MGUM) struck a power line during approach to a private airstrip and crashed into a field close to the runway. The pilot suffered severe injuries.

  • Australia/ VIC/ Melbourne-Essendon Airport (MEB) – A training Aero Commander 500S plane (VH-YJC) sustained a nose wheel collapse upon landing. No injuries.

  • Italy/ Calabria/ Ciro Marina – A small plane lost altitude probably due to a technical malfunction, and crashed into a restaurant. The pilot died, the passenger was seriously injured.



  • US/ AK/ Kenai Peninsula borough/ Cook Inlet/ west of Nikiski/ Kustatan River – A Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub (N9720P) crashed due to an engine failure. Both occupants were injured, one of them seriously.

  • Antarctica/ King George Island/ Teniente Rodolfo Marsh Martin Air Base – Brazil Air Force (FAB) Lockheed C-130H Hercules plane (FAB2470) collapsed the right hand main landing gear on landing.

  • France/ Saint-Brice-en-Cogles – A Cessna F177RG Cardinal (F-GAAE) force landed to a field.

  • Australia/ QLD/ Brisbane/ Archerfield Airport (YBAF) – At least 7 aircrafts: Jabiru (24-7313), Cessna 152 (VH-IVZ),  two RACQ CareFlight Rescue helicopters, Cessna 162 SkyCatcher (24-8511), Robinson R-44 helicopter and  Cessna 172N (VH-MZW) were damaged in a storm.



  • US/ MI/ Berrien Springs/ East of Andrews University Airpark (C20) – A Piper PA-24-250 Comanche (N5897P) crashed Friday morning behind a home injuring the 4 occupants onboard, two of them seriously.

  • Australia/ NSW/ Kalkite/ east of Lake Jindabyne – An ultralight impacted the terrain shortly after takeoff. No injuries.

  • US/ SC/ Hampton/ Hampton-Varnville Airport (3J0) – A Cirrus plane crashed on approach injuring the 4 occupants (2 men and 2 women).

  • Puerto Rico/ Isabela - An ultralight plane crashed into the ocean. The 48-year-old pilot died in the crash.

  • Mexico/ Sinaloa/ Los Mochis – An agricultural Piper PA-25-260 Pawnee (XB-YAE) crashed in a field.

  • Dominican Republic/ Autopista del Coral – A Cessna 210H Centurion (N5983F) was damaged in a forced landing on a highway.

  • Venezuela/ 3 NM de Sta. Elena de Uairen – A Piper PA-28R-200 Cherokee (YV2049) crashed injuring seriously the pilot.



  • US/ CT/ Hartford/ West of Hartford-Brainard Airport (KHFD) – A Cessna 182Q Skylane (N759VG) force landed to a roadway in West Hartford on approach. No injuries.

  • Burkina Faso/ Burkina Faso - French Air Force Eurocopter EC 725 Caracal helicopter crashed during night helicopter training mission. One of the occupants died, 2 were injured.

  • Brazil/ MG/ Belo Horizonte/ near Carlos Prates Airport (SBPR) – A Ventura IAM ultralight aircraft crashed into a house shortly after takeoff injuring 2 people.

  • Tanzania/ Dar-es-Salaam – A Robinson R44 Raven II helicopter (5H-TWA) crashed on approach killing the 4 occupants.

  • Spain/ Merida – A SG Aviation Storm plane (EC-ZUQ) crashed on a rocky surface. The pilot sustained serious injuries.

  • US/ MT/ Alzada – A Cessna 170B (N3292A) crashed killing the pilot.



  • Jordan/ Zarqa Governorate/ Azraq/ Muwaffaq Salti Air base - À U.S. Air Force pilot was killed Sunday when an F-16 fighter jet crashed in the Middle East. The pilot was a member of the 77th Fighter Squadron, 20th FW, USAF.

  • US/ TX/ Waco/ near McGregor Executive Airport (KPWG) – A Rutan Long EZ aircraft (N7015T) crashed on takeoff injuring seriously the pilot.

  • US/ AL/ Limestone County/ WNW of Athens – A Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee (N7422W) clipped power lines and impacted open field terrain. Both occupants were injured.

  • US/ MO/ Boonville/ Jesse Viertel Memorial Airport (KVER) – A Bellanca 17-30A Super Viking (N6629V) crashed on approach killing the pilot, injuring the 3 passengers.

  • Brazil/ ES/ Sao Mateus – A Kolb Flyer SS ultralight (PU-SED) crashed in a residential area. Both occupants received minor injuries.

  • Chile/ Santiago/ San Miguel – A police ambulance Eurocopter EC 135 P2+ (C-26) was struck by fire truck, which entered a secure zone of a car crash. Five people have been injured in the accident.

  • US/ AZ/ Yuma County/ SE of Somerton – An agricultural Air Tractor 502B plane (N946TR) was destroyed by the impact with terrain and partially consumed by the post impact fire. The sole pilot onboard the aircraft received fatal injuries.

  • South Africa/ Eastern Cape/ Sterkstroom - A micro light aircraft crashed near a farm injuring the 2 occupants onboard, one of them seriously.

  • Namibia/ Blumfelde – A Schleicher ASH 25EB 28 glider (D-KLBD) crashed. Both occupants, New Zealand nationals, died in the crash.


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