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Small aircrash-Fatalities: up to 6 or harmness: up to 300 000$
Big aircrash- Fatalities: 7 and over or harmness: over 300 000$
Red script - fatal crash  (има загинали)
Black script - unfatal (няма загинали) 
A scale of the danger
Скала на опасността
Шкала опасности
GMT (UT)      Greenwich Mean Time / Времето по Гринвич
(*)                 Extremеly dangerous days/ Особено опасни дни
Прогнозата не се коригира  след  настъпването на датата, за която се отнася. Целта е да се разбере доколко надеждни могат да бъдат прогнози от такъв характер, а в последствие да бъдат избегнати фаталните събития.      
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                                   Прогноз сделан                        
                                   Forcast  is made on
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05           14:00

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15           14:00

16           05:30

17           05:30

18           05:20

19           05:20

20           05:20

21           04:40

22           04:40

23           04:40

24           04:30

25           04:30

26           04:30

27           04:20

28           04:20

29           04:20

30           04:10

31           04:00
-Afganistan/Mazar-e Sharif - Belarus's An-24 destroyed in hard landing, 29 injured.
-Kazakhstan/Atyrau - Boeing 757-200 smashed birds.
-US/NM/Santa Fe - During airshow Su-29 crash kills pilot.
-Pakistan/Unmanned spy plane "Predator" crashed.
-Australia - Cessna 172 plane with 5 aboard crashed into Nerang River, no fatalities.
-US/NM/Luna - Cessna-185 plane crashed, 1 died.
-Kuwait/Al'Abdaliyah - A private glider crash kills 2 aboard.
-Lufthansa plane deverted to Cyprus after bomb threat.
-Sudan/Kadugli - An-12 cargo plane crashed, 4 aboard died.
-Colombia/Medellin - Cessna-205 plane crash
kills 6.
-Iraq - Zarqawi claims two US unmanned spy planes downed.
-Kuwait/Urayfijan - US Navy copter
AH64D crashed, 7 injured.
-Suiss Airbus-330 in emergency landing because birds.
-15:00/US/Ariz./Lake Havasu - A light plane crash kills 1, injures 1.
-US/Gefferson County Airport - A small plane crashed, no injuries.
-US/NH/Jaffrey - A small plane crashed, 2 injured on board.
-Turkey/Istanbul - A passenger plane landed outside of runway.
-Iraq/Hit - US copter downed.
-CA/Montreal - A small plane crash kills 2 aboard.
-US/Harrison - Cessna152 and Cessna 172 collision, 3 injured.
-US/Conn/Madison - Piper Warrior crashed into a home, 2 died.
-Indonesia/Aceh Province - A military copter crashes killing 8 on board.
-India - Mirage2000 jet crashed.
-Afganistan/Pamir - UN copter crashed at 4200 m attitude.
-Mexico - A military training plane crashed killing 2 aboard.
-US/Idaho Springs - A plane Cessna-182 crash kills the pilot.
-Canada/Halifax - Ghanaian cargo
Boeing-747 crash kills 7 on board.
-Greece/Pilion - Two jets F-16 crashed, fate of pilots (4)?
-Iraq/Bagdad - Two US copters downed, 2 died and 2 injured.
-US/CA/Pacoima - Cessna plane struck power lines, pilot injured.
-US/Alaska/Anchorage - A small plane sank into water, 1 died.
-US/AZ - A plane KitfoxIII crashed, 1 died.
-RU/Sakhalin -A helicopter Ми-2 crashed, no fatalities.
-Argentina's prezident's plane made an emergency landing.
-US/Stuttgart - A storm damaged near
25-30 planes on the land.
-US/Atlanta - A plane Beech 55 crashed, 2 aboard died.
-US/Fla - An ambulance Eurocopter BO-105 crash kills 3 on board.
-US/Mo -
Jetsream-32 crashed with 15 onb.,13 killed, 2 survived.
-Afganistan/Herat - A military copter HH-60 crash kills 1, injures 2.
-US/Fort Lauderdale - A plane Piper downed in the ocean.
-US/ND/Ashley - Canadian plane C-152 crashed, pilot died.
-US/Detroit - A man's body found in wheel well of Boeing-737.
-Italy/Palermo - A passenger plane made an emergency landing.
-Two small private planes violated Bush Air Space.
-US/Ca/San Diego - Lear jet crash kills 5 after taking off.
-US/Va/Martinsville - A plane Beech 200 crash
kills 10 on board.
-US/Taylorville - A parachute mishap cause plane crash, kills 1.
-US/SC/Aiken - A plane BE35 crash kills the pilot.
-US/IN/Rochester - An ultralight plane crash kills the pilot.
-US/Wisconsin town of Marion - A small plane crash kills 2.
-US/Mo/Springfield - Cessna182 crash kills 2
and injured 1 on board.
-France/Menton - A copter Robinson-22, 1 died, 1 missing.
-US/Pa/Freedom - A small plane crash kills 1 woman, injures 3 aboard.
-US/Rhode Island - A small plane crash kills the pilot.
-US/Mo/Kirksville - A plane Beechcraft BE36 crash kills 3.
-US/Fl/Herlong - A Cessna plane crash kills 1,
injures 5.
-US/SC - A plane 7ECA crash kills 1, injures 1 aboard.
-US/Ca/Lebec - A Cessna-182 plane crashes killing all 4 on board.
-Italy/Cisterna - A single-engine small plane crash kills 2 on board.

Incidents:  over  101
Injuries :    over    63
Fatalities:  over  118
Canada//Halifax - A cargo jet Boeing-747 crashed on 14.10.2004 at 8.55 UT.
Jetstream 32 passenger plane crashed on 20.10.2004.
US/Missoury, a passenger plane Jetstream 32 crashed on 20.10.2004 at 00.36 UT killing 13 passengers, 2 as a miracle survived.

Photo: Al Maglion/AP
Canada//Halifax - A cargo jet Boeing-747 crashed on 14.10.2004 at 8.55 UT. All seven people aboard died.

Photo Reuters
* US/Missouri/Jefferson City - A plane Canadair CRJ200LR  Regional Jet, registered N8396A, crashed at 22:13  Thursday  (4:13 UT Friday) in a residential area into a garage, two miles from the airport of Missouri's capital. The structure was destroyed. The pilot and co-pilot died. The crew may have attempted to reach the airport for an emergency landing. The commersial aircraft had mechanical problems earlier in the day with a mechanical sistem that distributes engine heat throughout the plane. After undergoing maintenance, the 50-seat plane was being flown without passengers to Minneapolis when its engines failed. No fatalities on the ground.

* US/California/San Diego/Miramar - A civilian stunt plane crashed in front of horrified spectators watching the annual Miramar Air Show today, killing the pilot. The prop-driven aircraft went down on the northern Miramar Marine Corps station as the flier was performing a diving maneuver just after 10:00 am (17:00 UT). The wreck sent smoke billowing into air, but
no flames, according to witnesses.

* US/Chicago - A man from Springfield, named Malone was the pilot of the small plane. He refueled in the Chicago suburb and took off for Wiskonsin on a business trip just before 20:00 on Thursday (2:00 UT on Friday). He turned back not long after take off and tried to land but missed a runway by a few hundred yards. He tried to make an emergency landing, but crashed and died.

Colombia/Medellin - A cargo plane Douglas DC-3C departed Villavicencio at 06:30 in the morning for a flight to Medellin. At 07:35 the air traffic controller radioed that weather conditions at the airport were poor due to fog. The captain then decided to devert to Medellin - Enrique Olaya Herrera Airport. While descending, the plane struck electricity wires and crashed into a wooded area at 11:46 UT. All 3 crew members on board died.
* US/Oregon/Hermiston - The small plane "Glasair" was stallen and crashed at 23:03 UT near the airport.
The pilot died.
* US/Oregon - A small plane Piper PA-28 crashed on Thursday in a forest area.
Two boys and a girl aboard, the pilot - 18 year old and passengers in their 17-18 age, died.
*Germany/Limburg - A small plane crash
kills 2 on board.

*US/Buckingam County - A military helicopter
UH-60L Black Hawk crash injured four crew members on board. The crash occurred, while they were using night-vision goggles. One of them is in critical condition.

*US/RI/Pawtucket - An experimental plane crash
kills the pilot at 21:00 UT.

*US/WA/Olympia - A plane Cessna-182 crashed
killing the pilot at 06:55 UT.

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