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Yeti Airlines' 9N AFE Twin Otter Aircraft met with a fatal accident

Press Release

8 October, 2008
Yeti Airlines' 9N AFE Twin Otter Aircraft met with a fatal accident today (8th October, 2008) at the Tenzing Hillary Airport in Lukla. The aircraft was trying to land when it met the unfortunate incident.
The aircraft took off from Kathmandu Airport at 6.51 am. It suffered the unfortunate fate at
7.31am, while trying to land at the Tenzing Hillary Airport resulting in the sad and unfortunate demise of 18 out of the 19 people in the aircraft. The lone survivor Captain Surendra Kunwar was immediately rescued and admitted to the Teaching Hospital, Maharajgunj. He is reported to be out of danger.
According to the eye witnesses,
the entire Airport region was suddenly covered with fog right after other two aircrafts (of Yeti) had landed successfully.
The crew included Capt. Surendra Kunwar, Co-pilot Bikash Pant and Air Hostess Sunita Shrestha. Among the deceased are Co-Pilot Pant, Air Hostess Shrestha, 12 German, 2 Australian and 2 Nepalese Nationals.
A rescue party was sent immediately to Lukla. The injured Capt. Kunwar was rescued immediately and airlifted to the Teaching Hospital. The bodies of the deceased are also being brought to Kathmandu.
Yeti Airlines expresses heartfelt condolence to the friends and family of the deceased.

Name of the Deceased :


1 Mr McLeod Andrew Frick-Australia
2 Ms Zamudio Chalene Kate-Australia
3 Ms Monika Wiess-Germany
4 Mr Harry Wiess- Germany
5 Ms Andrea Thiele-Germany
6 Mr Thomas Krause -Germany
7 Mr Uwe Thiele -Germany
8 Mrs Silke Krause-Germany
9 Mr Berger Thorsten-Germany
10 Mrs Nadine Jankoster-Germany
11 Mr Andreas Blomke-Germany
12 Mrs Sabine Blomke-Germany
13 Mrs Annelotte Langanke-Germany
14 Mr Johannes Sauter-Germany
15 Mr Govinda Sharma -Nepal
16 Mr Santosh Adhikari-Nepal


17. Co-pilot Bikash Pant
18. Air hostess Sunita Shrestha

Vijay Shrestha
Executive Director

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