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When,Where, What ?
Когда, где, что ?
Кога, къде, какво ?
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Small aircrash-Fatalities: up to 6 or harmness: up to 300 000$
Big aircrash- Fatalities: 7 and over or harmness: over 300 000$
Red script- fatal crash  (има загинали)
Black script- unfatal (няма загинали)
A scale of the danger
Шкала опасности
Скала на опасността
GMT (UT)      Greenwich Mean Time / Времето по Гринвич
(*)                 Extremеly dangerous days/ Особено опасни дни
Прогнозата не се коригира  след  настъпването на датата, за която се отнася. Целта е да се разбере доколко надеждни могат да бъдат прогнози от такъв характер, а в последствие да бъдат избегнати фаталните събития.      
                                   Прогнозата е направена на
                                   Прогноз сделан                        
                                   Forcast  is made on
01           08:30
02           08:30
03           08:30
04           08:30
05           08:20
06           08:20
07           08:20
08           08:10
09           19:00
10           19:00
11           19:20
12           07:50
13           07:50

14           07:50
15           15:30
16           19:00
17           19:00
18           19:00
19           19:00
20           22:00

21           22:00

22           22:00

23           22:00

24           22:00

25           20:00
26           22:00

27           22:00
28          23:50

29           22:00

30           12:50
-09:45/Greece/Skiros - Two jets Mirage2000 colided, 1 downed into sea, pilot alive.
-US/TX,Pearland - A homemade plane crash kills the pilot.
-Belarus - A small plane НАРП-1 crashed, 2 on board died.
-UK/Norfolk,Marham - A military plane Kanbera, 2 died,
1 injured.
-US/Corsicana - WWII PT-19 plane crash kills 2 on board.
-Mexico - A government plane crash kills 3 on board.
-15:00// Ingushetia/Karabulak - A helicopter
Mi-8 crash kills 2, injures 1 on board.

-Pakistan's airliner landed in emergency with 261 on board.
-Afganistan - An US chopper damaged in hard landing.
-US/CO/Pagosa Springs - A plane M20P crashed, 1 died.
-Iraq/Bagdad - An US copter crashed, 4 marines on board survived.
-Australia - A helicopter crash kills 2.
-Spain - A plane missing  with a couple of 60-year old British .
-US/Kennesaw - A  Piper plane crashed on a roof, 2 injured.
-Czech Rep. - Lynx helicopter crash kills 6 British soldiers.
-US/Falfurrias - A Cessna plane crashed, 1 died.
-Zambia/Livingstone - A plane crash
kills 6 on board.
-US/Fla - An experimental plane crashed, 1 died.
-US/Ga/Cleveland - A plane"Christen Eagle II"crash kills 2.
-07:50/Greece, military
Chinook copter crash kills 17 on board.
-US/FL/Lake Wales - Mosquito Piper Aztec crash kills 2.
-Chechnya/Alkhan-Kala - A helicopter
Mi-24 crash kills 2 on board.
-US/Mo,St Luis - A small plane Cessna crash
kills 4 on board.
-France/Montauban - A sport plane
Su-29 crashed, 2 died.
-Australia/NT base - An US jet  F/A-18 Hornet crashed, 1 injured.
-RU/Nenets - A Mi-8 broke a rotor on the land, 2 died.
-US/ID,Stanley - A plane Cessna 206 crashed, 1 died.
-US/IN,Edgewood - An experimental plane crashed, the pilot died.
-Kazakhstan - A military training plane Yak-18 crash kills 2.

-Afgan prezident's  helicopter escapes rocket attack.
-US/Ariz./Mesa - A homemade plane crashed, 2 killed on board.
-Finland - A light plane crash apparently kills 2 into lake.
-US/Va,Quantico base - FA-18 jet crashed, pilot ejected.

-Japan/Island Awaji-Shima - A small plane crash kills 2.
-Poland - A small plane crash kills 2.
-22:15 UT/US/Mo - A plane Cessna 206G crash kills 3 on board.
-US/GA/Euharlee - PA-32 plane crash kills 2 aboard at 2:00 UT.
-Iraq/An Nasiriah - A helicopter Black Hawk crashed, 3 injured.
-India/Shillong - A helicopter crash kills 2 crew-members and 8  passengers.
-US/Fla,Milton - A plane Cessna crash kills 4 near runway.
-US/Austin - Cessna-421C crash kills 2,
1 seriously injured.
-US/Alaska/Hallo Bay - A small plane crashed, 2 injured from 7 on board.
-Germany/Nordhorn - A small plane crash kills 3 aboard.
-Hawaii - A helicopter crashed and burst into flames,
5 died.
-RU/Tuva - A helicopter Mi-8 crashed with 14 on board.
-US/Ca/Fullerton - An anticue plane crashed, hit parked car, 4 injured.
-Chile/San Felipe - A helicopter crash kills 2 aboard.
-US/MN/ Morris - A Cessna 182 plane crashed, the pilot died.
-US/Ca - During airshow a plane Bushmaster crashed, 2 injured.
-RU - Air Force training plane
L-39 made an emergency landing, 2 aboard were safe.
-US -
A tornado hit C-130 planes, damaged 5 from 7 on base.
-Norway - Algerian-born man attacks with an axe pilots and a passenger on a flying plane.
-US/Ala/Coosa River - A  plane Cessna-172 crash kills 2 on board.
-US/Wisconsin - A plane Beech B95A
crashed killing 3 on board.
-RU/Chelyabinsk -  Ил-76 cargo plane made an emergency landing , no fatalities.

Incidents:  over    74
Injuries :    over    46
Fatalities:  over  126
Afganistan/Gardez -
In the morning Afgan prezident Hamid Karzai escaped a rocket attack on the US helicopter carrying him to a provincial capital in eastern Afganistan on Thursday, officials said, in the second apparant attempt to assassinate the US-backed interim leader since he took office in 2001. Nobody was injured.  The Amerikan military said the rocket missed the chopper as it aproached a landing zone near Gardez, where Karzai planned to open a school. The helicopter didn't touch down and returned the prezident to Kabul.

Albania - A havily armed Albanian military fighter jet MiG 19 exploded at about 07:00 GMT after taking off from Rinas civilian airport, some 20 kilometres northeast from Tirana. The pilot was killed.

Saudi Arabia - A fighter jet F-15 crashed. The pilot was killed.

China/Ninbo - A helicopter hired from a local telecompany crashed afternoon in the East of China.
2 died and 5 injured from all 7 onboard.

US/TX/Beaumont - A copter Bell OH58C crashed in water under unknown circumstances. 1 died,
1 minor injured.

US/Chicago/O'Hare internetional airport - An Amerikan Airlines plane made an emergency landing after its left engine  cought fire, apparently when a goose was sucked into the engine as the plane was taking off. The MD-80 landed safely withhin minutes and the autorities said,  there were no injuries among the 112 people  aboard.

US/New Jersy - A pilot faces drug charges today after his plane crashed in to a hangar at Somerset airport, in Bedminster, while trying to land it.

US -
The blue and white, twin-engine Cessna Skymaster took off from Atmore, Alabama and dissappeared from radar early in the morning. Family members in Houston reported Bomback, his wife Sherry and their two children missing about two weeks after. Their bodies have been  found in Mississippi amid the wreckage of the plane.

Italia/Neapol -
British airliner with 232 passengers aboard made an emergency landing 20 minutes after  taking off because thunderstorm hitting its fuselage.

US/North Carolina - Plane Cessna 172 crashed at around 16:30 on the Outer Banks, north of the airstrip. The pilot 47-year old Mark Guthrie was flown to the hospital with serious injuries.

US/Montana - Helicopter Bell 214B1 crashed into Buttermilk Mountain on Friday at 20:00 GMT. The helicopter had been used to install a new ski lift. Despite near total destruction of the aircraft, pilot Mark Duffy of Montana,the chopper's sole occupant, sustained only a few scratches. No one else was injured.

US/Alaska -
A floatplane carried pilot Eric Johnson of Sitka and four tourists missing. It disapeared near Baranof Island.

US/PA/Avondale -
A small plane Piper PA-28 crashed into a residential area at 22:03 GMT. Pilot died.

Portugal - Putin's plane burst into flame on the airport in Lisbon before its taking off. The incident happened because several pigeons stuck into one of its engines.

US/NY/ Ithaca -
Around midnight unregistered gyrocopter landed hard onto a private strip, the one person on board was fataly injured, 5 miles SW of Ithaca.

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