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September 2007

  Additional News:     Венесуэла переходит на собственное «венесуэльское время»       
01.09.2007*/Thailand/Bangkok/Suvarnabhumi International Airport, An Airbus-380 collided with a building and a coach parked nearby at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi International Airport on Saturday morning. One wing of the plane was slightly damaged.
*/Just before 17:00 GMT//US/OR/Cottage Grove, Cessna plane crashed into a pond.
                */US/CA/San Jose/Reid Hillview Airport, Cessna-210 plane crash-landed
injuring slightly 2 people on board.
                */Australia/Queensland/North Stradbroke Island, an ultraligh plane made an emergency landing
injuring both occupants.
                */21:55 GMT//US/PA/Newry, an ultralight plane stalled and crashed
killing the pilot.
Пилоты столкнувшихся на польском авиашоу самолетов погибли
Two acrobatic planes from the Zelazny group collide during a performance at an air show in Radom, Poland, on Saturday. The accident, which killed two pilots, happened far away from spectators.

Пилоты столкнувшихся на
польском авиашоу самолетов погибли
Пилоты столкнувшихся на авиашоу в польском городе Радом самолетов погибли. Самолеты столкнулись, пытаясь вернуться в строй для выполнения коллективной фигуры высшего пилотажа. Третий самолет группы "Zelazny" не пострадал. Обломки самолетов рухнули в лес.
По предварительным данным, на земле никто не пострадал. Проведение дальнейших мероприятий на авиашоу было отменено сразу после инцидента.
Two planes collide during acrobat
display at air show in Poland

Two small planes collided during an acrobatic display at an air show in Poland on Saturday,
killing both pilots, authorities said. The two small red planes slamming into each other and bursting into fragments at the Radom Air Show.
There were no reports of injuries among those on the ground; the television footage showed the collision happening well away from the crowd.
Recovery efforts were under way, and all events planned for Sunday were canceled.
Два самолета се сблъскали на
авиошоу в Полша


Два малки самолета от групата за демонстрационни полети
"Zelazny" се сблъскали по време на авиошоуто в Радом, Полша. Пилотите на двата самолета са загинали. Катастрофата станала когато самолетите се престроявали за изпълнение на групова фигура от висшия пилотаж. Третият самолет не е пострадал. Отломките паднали в гората, далече от зрителите на авиошоуто, така че няма пострадали на земята. По-нататъшното провеждане на авиошоуто било отменено. Води се разследване за разкриване причините довели до трагичния инцидент.
Загинали са инструкторът на групата-
Lech Marchelewski (62 год.) и . Piotr Banachowicz (24 год.). Групата "Zelazny"е от аероклуба Ziemi Lubuskiej и използва самолети Zlin 526 i Zlin 50.
02.09.2007*/Japan/Osaka, 12 injured in a South Korean plane due to turbulence.
                */US/MO/Andrew Co/NE of Savannah, Cessna plane crash
kills the pilot.
US/Westchester County/Harrison, 2001 TB-20 Trinidad plane crash injures the pilot.
US/Penn./Luzerne County/Hazleton Municipal Airport, a Cresson-150 plane crashed on landing killing the pilot.
*/UK/Scotland/Highland/Cairngorm Mountains/Tomintoul, a glider crash kills the pilot, injures the passenger.
                */US/TX/Panhandle, a small plane crash-landed
injuring 2 people on board.
03.09.2007*/US/IL/Chicago/O'Hare Airport. Jet Struck At O'Hare
American Airlines flight 403, headed from Chicago to El Paso, was being pushed off the gate shortly after 8 a.m. when a flatbed tow truck struck the back of the aircraft. There was slight damage to the plane including scratches, and an antenna will need to be replaced. There were 99 passengers on board and a crew of five. The passengers were moved to another plane before heading to their destination.
               */US/Ky/Boone County/Verona, a small plane crash
kills the passenger and severely injures the pilot. Later he died.
*/US/Ind./BROWNSBURG, a small plane crash-landed at construction site and was slightly damaged.
               */US/IL/McHenry County/Lake in the Hills, a single-engine plane (Yak-52) crashed
killing the two men on board.
The plane reportedly experienced signs of trouble shortly after taking off from the Lake in the Hills airport. Witnesses say the pilot made a hard left turn before crashing into the wooded area.
Bellanca plane, carrying aviation adventurer Steve Fossett- the first person to circle the world solo in a balloon, missing.
*Sabreliner plane aborted takeoff in Costa Rica
18:50 GMT//Costa Rica/San Jose-Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO). The Sabreliner plane (reg. N726JR) operated by Jet Lease Corp. aborted the takeoff at San Jose  runway 07. The airplane ran off the right side of the runway into the grass. The undercarriage collapsed as the plane skidded and turned 180 degrees. Airplane damage: substantial. The plane was heading to Cartagena, Colombia, with 7 people on board. Two of them was injured. One of the injured was a pregnant woman.
US/Ca/Fullerton Airport, Bellanca plane collapsed a gear on landing. The aircraft veered off the runway.
05.09.2007*/US/FL/Dixie County/Cross City, a Cessna 208B Grand Caravan plane (N702PA) operated by Paragon Air Express crash-landed following an engine failure.
                */US/UT/Grand County/Green River, a small plane crashed.
                */US/Ca/Ventura County/Santa Paula, a small plane crashed in a river bottom near the Santa Paula Airport.
A student pilot, Robert Gaither, and his instructor, Doug Goodwin, sustained serious injuries.
Canada/Calgary-Halifax.. Nine passengers on a Canadian flight were injured Thursday night when turbulence caused a sudden 300-metre drop in altitude. The West Jet plane from Calgary to Halifax hit turbulence about 330 km north of Sudbury, Ontario, Thursday night, causing the injuries to passengers. Passengers said the pilot warned about the turbulence on the intercom, but many did not have time to secure their seatbelts when, seconds later, the plane plunged downward.
               */US/Va/Virginia Beach/Oceana Naval Air Station.
The pilot of a civilian World War II stunt plane died Friday after the SNJ-2 plane crashed while practicing hours before an air show. Jan Wildbergh, the flight leader with the Skytypers Air Show Team, died following the crash at the Oceana Naval Air Station.
A cargo plane seen after it crashed at the airport in Goma, D R Congo.
The site of the crash
В авиакатастрофе в Конго
погибли восемь человек

07.09.2007/10:00 по Гринвичу
ДР Конго/ Гома
При крушении грузового самолета
Ан-12 в Демократической Республике Конго в пятницу, по уточненным данным, погибли восемь человек, в том числе экипаж самолета – два гражданина Украины и два гражданина Грузии - штурман самолета - Зураб Мосия (55) и механик- Артур Багдасаров. В числе погибших в авиакатастрофе - трое детей.
При посадке в аэропорту города Гома самолет проскочил взлетно-посадочную полосу, задел куски затвердевшей лавы, образовавшиеся после извержения 2001 года, и загорелся.
"У самолета взорвалась покрышка, затем покрышка с другой стороны, и самолет задел куски лавы в конце взлетно-посадочной полосы", - сказал очевидец катастрофы.
Самолет "Антонов" российского производства, принадлежавший местной авиакомпании Galaxy Kavatsi Аirlines, с грузом пальмового масла совершал перелет Киншаса - Букаву с промежуточной посадкой в Гома. По данным местных авиадиспетчеров, самолет зарегистрирован в Грузии.
Cargo plane crashes
on Congo runway

07.09.2007/10:00 GMT
DR Congo/Goma
A cargo plane crashed into a chunk of hardened lava at an airport in eastern Congo Friday, bursting into flames and
killing at least eight people.
Antonov-12 landed too far down the runway in Goma to allow it to stop before hitting the lava rocks. Lava from a volcanic eruption in 2001 flowed through half of Goma and the airport, reducing the area where aircraft could land. Rescue teams recovered the bodies. Two of the crew members were Ucrainians and two were Georgian. The pilots were flying for a Congolese company, Galaxy Kavatsi.The plane had taken off from the capital, Kinshasa, carrying oil and beauty products. Goma is on Congo's eastern border with Rwanda, on Lake Kivu. ITAR-Tass reported from Georgia that the plane was owned by Georgian carrier Transavi-service. It quoted Georgia's transport ministry as saying the plane wasn't authorized to fly because its license had expired in March and had not been renewed. Cargo planes were banned from carrying passengers after several accidents, but some continue to carry them clandestinely.
A cargo plane seen after it crashed at the airport in Goma, D R Congo.
(AP Photo/Riccardo Gangale)
Карго самолет катастрофира
при кацане в Конго

07.09.2007/10:00 по Гринуич
ДР Конго/ Гома
Карго самолет Антонов-12 с оператор местната
Galaxy Incorporation и собственик грузинската авиокомпания Transaviservice, катастрофира при кацане на летището в Гома, Д.Р. Конго.
Загинали са 8 души на борда. В това число е и четери-членният екипаж състоящ се от двама украинци и двама грузинци. Самолетът изпълнявал вътрешен полет по маршрута Киншаса-Гома-Букаву. Пренасял 18 т. товар от палмово масло и козметика. При кацането си на летището в Гома излязъл
извън пределите на полосата, ударил се
в късове втвърдена лава, останали от изригването на вулкана Нирагонго през 2001 г. и се възпламенил. Последвали експлозии.
Лавата в Гома е покрила част от летището, според някои осведомителни агенции, и значително скъсява разстоянието за пробег на самолетите.
Правителството в Д.Р. Конго наскоро
заповяда редица мерки за повишаване безопасността в авиацията, в това число
забраната карго самолетите да качват на борда си пасажери, както и строго да се съблюдават от авиокомпаниите допустимите норми за товарене на самолетите. Явно тези мерки се пренебрегват мълчаливо. Според грузинският министър на транспорта, катастрофиралият самолет е с изтекъл лиценз от март т. г., като за подновяването му трябва да се минат съответните технически проверки за годност и към момента не би трябвало да лети. Конгоанската авиокомпания Galaxy Incorporation e в "Черният списък" на Европейския съюз от 22.03.2006 г.
The crash site.                   Photo Reuters
08.09.2007*/03:45 GMT//US/FL/EGLIN AIR FORCE BASE, an Air Force MH-53 Pave Low helicopter crashed during a night training mission injuring 2 of 7 servicemen
on board.
                */14:45 GMT//US/Mass./Mansfield, a Cessna-172 plane (N19952) operated by
Twin Cities Air Service of Auburn, Maine, crashed killing 2 and injuring 2 on board.
/Plane Makes Emergency Landing In Des Moines
Around 14:00 GMT//US/Iowa/Des Moines
A plane headed to Phoenix from Chicago made an unexpected landing at the
Des Moines International Airport Saturday morning. An electrical component shorted, causing fumes in the cockpit. Pilots made the emergency landing in Des Moines around 9 a.m
One-hundred and eleven people were evacuated from United
Flight 1477. No one was injured.
                */US/Conn./Greenville, an
AS-350 model helicopter, registered to CFS Air of Danbury, Conn., crashed injuring slightly 3 people on board.
                */About 22:00 GMT//US/Wash./Selah, a copter blade hit and
killed a biologist.
*/18:00 GMT//US/Wash./Jeferson County/Port Townsend, a small plane crashed injuring the pilot.
*/US/Md/Ocean City, a private airplane struck a deer while taking off. The deer ran in front of the plane and was struck by the propellor. The plane has been temporarily grounded because of damage to the plane.
09.09.2007*/South Africa/Pretoria/East London, Robinson R44 helicopter crashed during a lunch-time training flight killing 2 men.
В Дании разбился пассажирский самолет
В Дании разбился
пассажирский самолет

09.09.2007/14:10 по Гринвичу
Турбовинтовой самолет с 73 пассажирами на борту потерпел крушение в западной Дании, жертв нет,
11 пассажиров пострадали во время эвакуации. У самолета «Скандинавских авиалиний», летевшего из Копенгагена в Альборг, во время посадки сломалось шасси, после чего борт начало крутить по взлетно-посадочной полосе, а его правое крыло и винт прочертил по земле.
Passenger plane crashes

09.09.2007/14:10 GMT
A turboprop plane (reg.
LN-RDK) with 73 people on board crashed as it landed in western Denmark, but no one was seriously injured. Television images showed the plane, a Scandinavian Airlines flight SK 1209 from Copenhagen to Aalborg, swerving sharply on the runway after its right landing gear buckled. The right wing and right propeller plowed through the ground, spinning the aircraft around to a shuddering stop as fire crews raced to the scene of the accident. There were 69 passengers and four crew members on the plane. Eleven people were taken to hospital to be treated for cuts and whiplash. According to the SAS website, the airline uses a De Havilland Canada DHC-8-400 plane on the Aalborg route. Popularly known as the Dash 8, the twin-engined turboprop is produced by Canada's Bombardier. Its Q400 version can seat between 68 and 78 passengers, depending on configuration.
Самолет на САС
аварира при кацане

09.09.2007/14:10 по Гринуич
Пътнически самолет
De Havilland  Canada DHC-8-400 със 69 пътници и
4-членен екипаж на борда катастрофира при кацане в Западна Дания. Единадесет от пътниците са настанени в болница с леки наранявания, най-вече при евакуацията им от самолета.
Телевизиите показаха как самолетът на Скандинавските авиолинии (
SAS), летящ от Копенхаген до Аалборг, се завърта рязко на пистата, след като десният му колесник се троши..Самолетът се накланя на дясно и заорава с дясното си крило и двигател по пистата, а след това и по тревистата част на летището. Двигателят му се запалва, а на борда настъпва паника. Екипажът на полет
SK 1209 изпълнявал контролирано приземяване при извънредни обстоя-телства, тъй като още в полет установил технически проблеми във функционирa-нето на колесника. Земните екипи ги очаквали и се задействали веднага.
Dash-8 crash-landed in Aalborg, Denmark
Helicopter crash leaves four dead

Four people have died after two military helicopters collided outside Tingsryd in southern Sweden on Tuesday afternoon, Svenska Dagbladet reports. The helicopters were taking part in military exercises when the accident occurred. There were four people on board, two in each helicopter. The aircraft belonged to the Linkoping helicopter fleet but had taken off from the F17 airfield in Kallinge on Tuesday. Both craft were German-made Bolkow Bo 105s, known in Sweden as Helikopter 9s. They were supposed to pick up three people for battle control helicopter exercises. It is not yet known what might have caused the crash.
Helicopter crash leaves four dead
11.09.2007*//Haiti/Port au Prince. Commuter Cessna 208 Grand Caravan plane (reg. HH-CAW) crashed into the sea shortly after takeoff and was totally damaged. The plane crashed when its engine suddenly stopped. The plane headed from Port au Prince, Haiti to Haitian Cape with 9 people on board. A French passenger and the pilot were slightly injured.

05:00 GMT//US/Ca/Joshua Tree, AA-5 light plane crash kills the pilot.
24.09.2007 - Президент Венесуэлы Уго Чавес решил с понедельника перейти на собственное «венесуэльское время» для того, чтобы увеличить работоспособность своих граждан. Лидер Венесуэлы планирует перевести стрелки часов страны, идущей по пути «социализма XXI века», на полчаса назад. Таким образом разница с временем по Гринвичу составит не минус четыре часа, как в сейчас, а минус четыре с половиной часа. По мнению венесуэльского президента, это изменение необходимо, чтобы у венесуэльцев «обмен веществ в головном мозге улучшался в утренние часы, благодаря солнечному свету». Кроме того, он полагает, что «школьники теперь смогут просыпаться при дневном свете, а ложится до того, как стемнеет». Предвосхищая возможную реакцию со стороны международного сообщества, Чавес заявил журналистам: «Мне совершенно безразлично, что после моих предложений меня посчитают сумасшедшим. Пусть говорят, что хотят».
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               РИА "Новости"
12.09.2007*/US/Wash./Issaquah, a hanglider has crash landed in a tree.
                */US/CO/Douglas County, a plane made an emergency landing at the Meridian Golf Course.
                */US/Nev./Reno. A California
pilot was killed when his plane crashed during a practice run at the Reno National Championship Air Races.
                */Mali-Algerian border/Ti-n-Zaouatene. Machine-gun fire hit a U.S.
military airplane flying food to Malian troops fighting rebels in the far north of the country but no one was wounded and the plane landed safely, officials said Thursday.
C-130 was hit early Wednesday over Ti-n-Zaouatene, a desert village on Mali's border with Algeria. The plane suffered "minor damage." Officials from Mali said the gunmen, who used Kalashnikov rifles, were "armed bandits," a common government phrase for Tuareg rebels active in the far north.
                */Around 18:30 GMT//US/N.D./Keene, a small plane crashed and was destroyed.
13.09.2007*/US/Wash./Skagit County/Burlington. A plane (Beechcraft Bonanza) registered to a Montana oil-and-gas exploration company crashed and burned killing all three people on board.
L-39 jet crash at Reno Air Speed Races. Pilot's fate is unknown.
Yak-40 made an emergency landing after a bird hit its engine.
                */02:00 GMT//US/OR/Alsea, Piper Cherokee -140  plane crashed
killing 2 men on board.
Пассажирский самолет
совершил аварийную посадку
в аэропорту Вильнюса

11.09.2007/23:36 по Гринвичу
Литва/ Вильнюс
Пассажирский самолет скандинавской авиакомпании SAS
de Havilland Canada DHC-8-402 Q400 (рег. № LN-RDS), на борту которого находилось 52 человек, совершил аварийную посадку в аэропорту столицы Литвы Вильнюсе.
После посадки самолет фюзеляжем и правым крылом коснулся взлетно-посадочной полосы и выкатился за ее пределы. По предварительным данным, причиной экстренной посадки стала неисправность в системе шасси самолета. Прибывшие на место происшествия спасатели и медики успешно эвакуировали всех 48 пассажиров и четырех членов экипажа.

Это уже второй инцидент с самолетами авиакомпании SAS за последние несколько дней. В субботу в аэропорту датского города Ольберг из-за неисправности шасси при посадке загорелся двигатель самолета, 11 человек получили легкие ожоги.
A Scandinavian Airlines, SAS, plane seen off the runway at the airport in Vilnius, Lithuania, Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2007.
A Scandinavian Airlines, SAS, plane seen off the runway at the airport in Vilnius, Lithuania, Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2007. A turboprop plane carrying 52 people skidded off the runway and smashed one wing into the ground after its right-side landing gear failed to lower during an emergency landing early Wednesday in Lithuania. Canadian aircraft maker Bombardier asked that all of its Q-400 turboprop planes with at least 10,000 flights be grounded immediately after a Scandinavian Airlines aircraft skidded off a runway with 52 people aboard Wednesday, the second such incident in three days.
Bombardier orders
turboprops grounded

11.09.2007/23:36 GMT
A plane belonging to the multi-national airline Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) crashed Wednesday morning on the Vilnius airport in Lithuania during an emergency landing, but no casualties were reported.
The 48 passengers and four crew members escaped without injuries after the plane skidded off the runway. Preliminary investigations revealed that a landing gear failure led to this incident.
de Havilland Canada Dash 8-400 plane (reg. LN-RDS) left Copenhagen en route to Palanga, but the pilots observed a problem and decided to land in Vilnius.

After this incident, SAS decided to ground all Dash 8-400s from its fleet (33). This is the second accident occurring in less than four days due to the same landing gear problem.
Втори инцидент за период от
няколко дни с пасажерски самолет на Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)

11.09.2007/ 23:36 по Гринуич
Литва / Вилнюс
Пътнически самолет
de Havilland Canada DHC-8-402 Q400 (рег. № LN-RDS) на авиокомпания SAS се приземи инцидентно във Вилнюс заради проблеми с десния колесник. На борда е имало 52 души, от които 4 души екипаж. За щастие няма пострадали. При кацането самолетът е напуснал очертанията на полосата и спрял върху затревената площ. Самолетът изпълнявал полет SK2748 от Копенхаген за Паланга, Литва. По време на полета екипажът забелязал техническия проблем с колесника и решил да кацне във Вилнюс, вероятно заради по-доброто осигуряване при извънредни ситуации.
На 09.09. т. г. самолет на SAS от същият тип претърпя точно такъв инцидент, при който имаше ранени пасажери въпреки предварителната подготовка за принудителното приземяване.
По препоръка на канадската фирма производител почти всички авиокомпании спряха от полет самолетите си от този тип за извършване на допълнителни технически проверки по изправността им.
Mid-air crash at Reno Air Races

14.09.2007*/16:40 GMT

Two Formula One planes crashed in mid air this morning at the Reno National Championship Air Races.
The 9:40 a.m. crash happened in the second heat of the race, near Pylon 2. Witnesses said they saw one of the two Formula One planes fly away, but the second did not.
The pilot Gary Hubler of the downed plane "Mariah 95" was killed at the scene of the crash. The pilot of the other plane and two pylon judges also were injured The propeller of one plane hit the tail of the other, causing the collision.
This marks the third crash in four days, with fatalities occurring Tuesday and Thursday. On Tuesday,
Steve Dari, a former Navy fighter pilot, died in a crash after the engine on his biplane stalled. On Thursday, Brad Morehouse of Afton, Wyo., was killed when his L-39 Albatross slammed into the ground and burned in front of horrified spectators at Reno Stead Airport about 2:45 p.m.
Mid-air crash at Reno Air Races
The home pylon is seen through the smoke and flames Thursday (13.09.2007) at the site of a L-39 jet crash at the Reno National Championship Air Races
15.09.2007*/RU/Magadan/Burgaly, Mi-8 helicopter with 6 people on board missing.
*/20:48 GMT//US/Co/Erie, a small plane crash kills both men on board.
                */Canada/Alberta/near Calgary/Beiseker, British
soldier killed in parachute jump.
                */13:10 GMT//US/TX/Utopia. 1931 Monocoupe plane crashed during aerobatiks maneuvers
killing the pilot.
*/02:30 GMT// Mexico/Guadalajara/Miguel Hidal Airport (GDL/MMGL). Boeing 737-2C3 (reg. XA-MAC), operated by Magnicharters, suffered problems extending and locking the undercarriage while on approach to Guadalajara (GDL). The airplane circled the airport for some time before attempting to land. Contradicting reports say either the nose gear or main gear failed to extend or collapsed after touchdown. A small fire was quickly brought under control. One of the engines and a wing were partially damaged. There were 50 passengers on board. Some of the  passengers were slightly injured and received a medical care at the airport. The airport was closed for several hours.
Plane crash in Thailand kills 89

16.09.2007//08:40 GMT
A plane
MD-82 (reg HS-OMG) carrying foreign tourists crashed Sunday as it tried to land in stormy weather on the resort island of Phuket, engulfing some passengers in flames while others kicked out windows to escape the smoke-filled cabin. At least 89 people were killed,
41 injured.

The budget One-Two-Go Airlines flight was carrying 123 passengers and seven crew members from the capital Bangkok to Phuket when it skidded off the runway in driving wind and rain, officials said. It then ran through a low retaining wall and split in two. Survivors described their escape amid chaos, smoke and fire.

27.09.2007- A 22-year-old woman (
Bethan Jones) who suffered severe burns in a plane crash in Thailand has died in hospital there.
Rescue workers evacuate the injured from the site of a plane crash at Phuket airport September 16, 2007.  burst into flames, a senior Thai official said. REUTERS/ Stringer (THAILAND) THAILAND OUT /Stringer/thailand / Reuters
Россиян на борту разбившегося
в Таиланде самолета не было

16.09.2007// 08:40 по Гринвичу
Таиланд/ Пхукет
Российских граждан не было среди пассажиров самолета
MD-82 (рег. № HS-OMG), разбившегося в Таиланде в воскресенье. Половину всех пассажиров рейса составляли иностранные туристы из Великобритании, Ирландии, Германии, Ирана и других стран. Всего, по официальным данным, жертвами авиакатастрофы стали, по меньшей мере, 89 человек. В больницах города Пхукет остаются 41 пострадавших, состояние пяти из которых оценивается как критическое. В воскресенье самолет авиакомпании 12Go Airlines, летевший рейсом OG 269 из Бангкока в Пхукет, пытался приземлиться в условиях сильного дождя, когда вдруг потерял баланс и разбился. Машина развалилась на части.
27.09.2007- Число жертв авиакатастрофы в Таиланде
достигло 90 человек. В больнице Бангкока скончалась 22-летняя жительница Уэльса (Великобритания), получившая 50% ожогов тела при аварии.
Огнен ад в Пукет, 89 жертви
в авиокатастрофата

16.09.2007//08:40 GMT                    Тайланд/Пукет
Машината пламва при кацане, няма българи, твърди Външно
Пукет. Жестока самолетна катастрофа погуби 89 души на тайландския остров Пукет, съобщи Ройтерс. Машината се разби при кацане на летището на остров Пукет. Най-вероятната причина за катастрофата е силен дъжд, лоша видимост и мокра писта.. Няма информация за пострадали българи към момента.
Катастрофиралият самолет е собственост на тайландската нискобюджетна компания "
12Go Airlines". Той е летял от столицата Банкок до остров Пукет със 123 пътници и 7 души екипаж, изпълнявайки полет OG/OX-269.
В него са пътували десетки туристи от чужбина..
Загиналите по последни данни са 89, а  41 души са пострадалите, като 5 от тях са в критично състояние. Въпреки лошото време пилотите решили да приземят машината. При кацането самолетът излязъл от пистата, врязал се в околните дървета, разцепил се на две части и се запалил. Според авиационните власти на Тайланд, пилотите на самолета МД-82 (рег. № HS-OMG) са решили да направят втори кръг около пистата, преди да кацнат, но машината е загубила равновесие и се е разбила.
18.09.2007*/RU/Tomsk/Kargasok, a helicopter crashed.
                */US/OR/Scappoose, 1992 experimental plane, owned by a company called Sherpa, made an emergency landing
injuring 2 men on board.
                */US/N.Y./Stratford, Piper Cherokee plane lost control and skidded off the runway after blowing a tire.
                */US/AZ/Flagstaff/Pulliam Airport, a small plane crashed a mile from the airport
on takeoff injuring the pilot.
*/US/Kan./Jefferson County/NW of Lawrence. A small plane made a hard landing in a field, because of engine problems.
                */US/Pa/Beaver County/Blackhawk Golf Course, engine failure caused a small plane to make an emergency landing.
                */US/Co/Glenwood Springs. Gusty winds apparently caused an airplane to overshoot a runway and crashed on street.
The pilot suffered a split lip.
Botswana/Jwaneng mine.  Strong winds damage De Beers airship
Strong winds damaged a high-tech zeppelin that diamond giant De Beers was using to explore for diamonds in Botswana..Gusting winds detached the airship from its moorings on Thursday near the huge Jwaneng mine and injured a South African crew member inside..Botswana state television had earlier reported that the zeppelin had crashed, but De Beers said the leased airship was not flying when the accident occured.The injured ground crew member only had cuts and bruises, but operation of the damaged airship has been suspended, said De Beers, 45% owned by Anglo American.Officials of Germany's Zeppelin company, which own the airship, were due to investigate the damage. The zeppelin cost around €7-million but is fully insured. It used high-tech sensors to probe beneath the sands of Botswana's Kalahari desert for diamond deposit.
Plane carrying 3 tons of cocaine crashes in southern Mexico

24.09.2007/16:00 GMT

An airliner -
Grumman Gulfstream (N987SA) stuffed with dozens of sacks of Colombian cocaine crashed in the jungle of southern Mexico. No casualties had been found but one person who was apparently on board the aircraft had been arrested. TV images showed 132 military-style black bags containing around 3.3 tonnes of cocaine lined up in rows next to chunks of the wrecked plane, which came down near the municipality of Tixkokob, a three-hour drive west of the Cancun beach resort. Mexican army planes had been tracking the aircraft since it was spotted entering Mexican air space. Drug planes packed with South American cocaine – often with passenger seats ripped out to make space – frequently fly through Mexico and Central America en route for the United States. Some unload their cargo at clandestine airstrips south of the border where traffickers send it on by road or sea.
Plane carrying 3 tons of cocaine crashes in southern Mexico
Soldiers stand next to part of the 3.3 tonnes of cocaine found in the wreckage of a Gulfstream aircraft which crashed in the Yucatan peninsula September 24, 2007.
25.09.2007*/Canada/Nova Scotia/Lunenburg-Bridgewater. An ultralight plane crash kills 1, injures 1 on board.
                */Romania/Vilcea/Vaideeni, Austrian
DA-42 plane crashed in southern Romania's Carpathian Mountains killing 3 men.
US/Pa/Crawford County/East Fallowfield, a small plane crashed in a wooded area.
26.09.2007*/Uganda/Entebbe. A SOUTH African-registered plane crashed immediately after take-off at Entebbe Airport, killing two expatriates involved in Uganda's mineral exploration exercise.The 8-seater, a light aircraft operated by Fugro Airborne Surveys, went down immediately after take-off, crashing at or about 7.37 a.m. The French-made Reims F-406 (ZSSSD) aircraft took a nosedive and suddenly disintegrated in a depression between the eastern taxiing lane and the western runway.
27.09.2007*/Colombia/Puerto Principe, Colombian woman hijacks plane, deserts FARC and forced its pilot to fly her two hours west to the city of Villavicencio.
29.09.2007*/US/Iowa/Waterloo/Cedar Falls, a small plane crash injures the pilot.
Shorts SC.7 Skyvan 3-100 belonging to Arctic Circle Air Service aircompany
21.09.2007*/US/FL/Fort Lauderdale, Beechcraft plane crashed on takeoff injuring the pilot.
                */US/FL/New Smirna Beach. A single-engine two-seater aircraft made a crash landing against a tree injuring the pilot.
The pilot later died due to his injuries.
                */US/MI/Monroe County/Erie, an ultralight gyrocopter crash
kills the pilot.
                */US/Nev./Nye County/Beatty, a small plane crashed on landing
injuring both occupants.
Third emergency landing for Bombardier aircraft
A turboprop aircraft belonging to German regional carrier Augsburg Airways made an emergency landing in Munich after its nose landing gear failed to extend. No one was injured in the landing of the Dash 8 Q400 turboprop - a Bombardier-made plane - on Friday evening. Landing gear problems in Q400 models preceded the crash of an SAS plane on landing in Denmark on September 9 and a similar incident, with the same type of plane, in Lithuania three days later. Those accidents involved different parts from Friday's incident. The Augsburg Airways plane was flying from Munich to Florence, Italy, when the crew discovered that the nose landing gear would not extend. The pilot decided to return to Munich and make an emergency landing. All 64 passengers and four crew members were uninjured and able to leave the aircraft by the normal exits.
22.09.2007*/US/Tenn./McMinn County/Athens, an experimental plane (Klob MKІІ) crash
kills the pilot.
                */US/Ky/Ohio River near Worthington, a small plane crashed into the Ohio River and submerged
killing the pilot.
                */US/Ca/Long Beach, a small plane crash-landed at the airport. The plane was significantly damaged.
                */US/AK/Prince William Sound.
A man is dead and a woman severely injured after their Cessna-180 plane crashed.
*/US/KA/Mystic Lake Lodge- Skyvan have clipped trees before crash landing
A man was seriously injured when his plane crashed shortly after taking off near the Mystic Lake Lodge on Thursday.The Fairbanks man, was recovering at an Anchorage hospital Friday after his Skyvan SC-7 (N2088Z) reportedly clipped some trees, forcing him to crash land in the area about 80 miles east of McGrath at 3:15 p.m. An active-duty Army medevac unit brought the man to McGrath, and guardsmen brought the man to Anchorage. The pilot was the only person on board, according to the FAA, and a damage to the plane was substantial.
25.09.2007-A Fairbanks pilot injured in a crash last week has died. Forty-five-year-old Joe Sigmon died Tuesday at an Anchorage hospital. According to the National Transportation Safety Board, Sigmon crashed into Amos Lake on takeoff from a remote airstrip at Mystic Lake Lodge, 80 miles east of McGrath.

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