Самолетна катастрофа
във Венецуела погуби 17

13.09.2010/ 14:30 GMT
Вене[уeла/ Пуeрто-Ордас

Пътнически самолет
ATR-42-320 (регистрационен номер YV-1010) на венецуелската държавна авиокомпания „Конвиаса” се разби при подхода си за кацане в депо за метални отпадъци на Пуерто Ордас, предградие на Сиудад Гуаяна. Самолетът изпълнявал полет 2350 от притегателния за много туристи курортен център Порламар на о-в Маргарита към Пуерто Ордас. На борда му е имало 51 души, от които 47 пътника и 4-членен екипаж. Загинали са 15, а ден по късно умират още 2 от ранените. Останалите 34 са в шок като част от тях са приети за болнично лечение с различни по вид и тежест наранявания. От екипажа е оцелял само един. Води се разследване за причините, поради които екипажът с командир Рамиро Карденас е изгубил контрол върху машината. Знае се, че преди катастрофата същият е докладвал за повреда в един от двигателите. Като изходим от мащаба на пожара последвал катастрофата и останките от самолета, истинско чудо е броят на оцелелите, споделят властите.
В Венесуэле разбился
самолет, 17 погибших

13.09.2010/ 14:30 GMT
Венесуэла/ Пуэрто-Ордас

Самолет, на борту которого находились 51 человека, в понедельник потерпел крушение в Венесуэле, в десяти километрах к востоку от Пуэрто-Ордаса примерно в 10.00 по местному времени (18.30 мск).
ATR-42 (YV1010),, принадлежавший венесуэльской государственной авиакомпании Conviasa, выполнял внутренний рейс 2350 (остров Маргарита - Пуэрто-Ордас).
На борту самолета были 47 пассажиров и 4 члена экипажа - всего 51 человек. Погибли 17, выжили 34.
В числе выживших только один член экипажа.
Коммандир экипажа был
Рамиро Карденас.
Идет расследование причин авиакатастрофы.
Venezuela plane
crash kills 17

13.09.2010/ 14:30 GMT
Venezuela/ 10 km SE of Puerto Ordaz Airport (PZO)

ATR-42-320 passenger plane, registered YV1010, was destroyed in an accident at Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela. Fifty-one people were on board. Seventeen are confirmed dead and 34 occupants have survived the accident.
Flight Conviasa 2350 had departed Porlamar-del Caribe Santiago Marino International Airport (PMV) on a domestic service to Puerto Ordaz Airport (PZO). It came down in an industrial area about 10 km from runway 07. Puerto Ordaz is a suburb of Ciudad Guayana where the airport is located.
The plane crashed onto property belonging to Sidor, which has a large mill and land near Ciudad Guayana.
One worker, Frank Oliveros, age 44, said that he saw a huge billow of smoke after the crash. Then he saw the wreckage through the smoke and joined dozens of fellow employees and firefighters who rushed to the scene.
Oliverso went on to say that he does not remember names or faces. He said that their only interest at that point in time was getting all the people out of the plane alive.
The partially scorched fuselage of the aircraft actually came to rest among barrels and shipping containers.
Bol?var State Gov. Francisco Rangel Gomez, said that a miracle occurred when referring to the people who survived the crash.
Out of all the people who survived, only one crew member survived.
Experts are working hard to figure out what caused this plane to crash.

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01.09.2010*/Indonesia/East Java/ Banyuwangi/ Kabat/ Badean village - A Cessna 172 trainer plane (PK-ROG) Flight Academy's Bali fell in the rice field injuring 3 on board.
*/Ecuador/ Morona Santiago Province/ Taisha - A Cessna-172 crashed in the Amazon region. No injuries.

02.09.2010*/Austria/ near Freistadt - LOLF - A Tecnam P2006T trainer plane (OE-FAX) crashed into embankment only a few meters away from a restaurant and caught fire. The flight instructor (67) and the flight student (20) were killed.
*/US/CA/Rancho Murieta Airport (KRIU) - A training Morehead Charlie James KR-2 plane (N522PC) bounced, flipped and crashed upside down on the runway during a touch-and-go landing. The 2 occupants were serously injured.

*/US/MN/Washington County/ near Lake Elmo Airport - One person was injured when a single-engine plane crashed near Lake Elmo Airport Friday afternoon.
                     */Mexico/Huatulco - A
Cessna 210 Centurion plane (XB-ANG) crash in southern Mexico killed all 6 people on board Friday. The victims were legislators with the ruling PAN party, Guillermo Zavaleta and Juan Huerta; the latter’s assistant, Rafael Leonel Rojas; the mayor-elect of the Oaxaca town of Santa Catarina Juquila, Fernando Cortes Lopez; the top PAN official in that town, Francisco Cruz Santos; and the pilot, Raymundo Manzano.
*/US/OR/Aurora airport - The 1956 Aeronica Champion 7-AE airplane (N7415B) were badly damaged when crashed into a house during a training flight. The pilot was seriously injured.
Photo: Getty Images
UPS cargo plane crashes near Dubai airport, 2 killed

03.09.2010/ 15:40 GMT
United Arab Emirates/ Dubai - The UPS (United Parcel Service)
Boeing 747-44AF cargo plane, registered N571UP, was destroyed in an accident shortly after takeoff from Dubai Airport (DXB), UAE. The 2 crew members (American citizens) were killed in the crash. UPS Flight UPS6 departed from Dubai at on an international cargo flight to K?ln/Bonn-Konrad Adenauer Airport (CGN) Germany. The flight transited from UAE airspace into Bahrain Airspace where an emergency was declared. The aircraft turned back to Dubai (OMDB) and remained on Bahrain (OBBI) frequency as they were unable to change. The plane arrived from the west lining up for runway 12 however arrived in the overhead at approximately A030 and 400kts. It overshot OMDB and continued southeast before descending and then crashed very close to a residential area (Silicon Oasis) and near Minhad Air Force Base. A restaurant, a hangar and a garage of military trucks were hit, damaging all that was inside. Investigators have recovered a cockpit voice recorder from the aircraft. The cockpit of the UPS cargo plane had been filled with smoke as pilots fought to maintain altitude and return to Dubai, where the plane crashed.
Charred wreckage of a UPS Boeing 747-400 cargo plane (Photo: Getty Images)
9 killed after skydiving plane bursts into flames,
crashes on New Zealand's South Island

04.09.2010/ 01:30 GMT
New Zealand/ Fox Glacier Airstrip - The plane, owned by a skydiving company, crashed shortly after take-off at the end of the runway at Fox Glacier Airport on South Island. The plane was carrying a party of skydivers and tourists. There were five New Zealanders on board plus a national each from Australia, Ireland, Germany and the UK.
The crashed aircraft, registered 
ZK-EUF, was a Fletcher FU-24-954 fixed-wing plane of a type designed and built in New Zealand. The fire erupted when the plane crashed into a fence at the end of the runway after it failed to lift off safely.
All 9 on board were killed in the crash.
The wreckage of the crashed Fletcher plane.
04.09.2010*/UK/Isle of Wight/ Havenstreet - Two men have died when their Mooney M20B plane collided mid-air with another light plane, Van's RV-4 (G-MARX) during an air race. The second sports plane, also carrying two men, suffered damage but limped safely back to Bembridge airport with both its occupants escaping serious injury.

*/US/AK/Tuluksak - A Cessna 207 with three people on board crashed at about 6:30 p.m. Friday on takeoff. At least one person was seriously hurt.

*/Canada/BC/Lumby/Mable Lake air strip - Two men have been killed after a small plane crashed and burst into flames shortly after taking off on the third landing attempt.

06.09.2010*/US/IA/Fort Dodge Regional Airport - A man is dead after his parachute collapsed during a skydive. His parachute did not reinflate in time, and he struck the ground on his left shoulder and head.
                    */US/ME/Levant/ Griffin Air Field - A small plane (N3650V) crashed during a training flight
injuring slightly the 2 occupants.
*/US/WI/Pierce County/Ellsworth - Two men are recovering from head and back injuries after their small plane made an emergency landing in a hayfield.
                    */RU/Chechnya/Achkhoy-Martanovsky district/Shalazi - A military helicopter was shot at.
A soldier has been injured.
*/Canada/Ontario/Hornepayne - A Kitfox IV plane (C-FVPH) made a forced landing in a wooded area, damaged.

07.09.2010*/Austria/Trieben (LOGI) - A Robinson R-44 helicopter (OE-XWS) with 4 occupants crashed on landing due to a gust of wind. The pilot and one passenger were injured.
*/Colombia/department of Cundinamarca - A Colombian Air Force Beechcraft 350 Super King Air reconnaissance plane (FAC-5747) with 6 occupants lost contact with the control tower at Bogota's Eldorado airport at 11:06 pm.
Police named the tourists as Patrick Byrne, 26, from County Wexford, Ireland; Glen Bourke, 18, from Melbourne, Australia; Annita Kirsten, 23, from Germany; and Brad Coker, 24, from Farnborough in the United Kingdom.
The New Zealanders who died were pilot
Chaminda Senadhira, 33, and skydiving instructors Adam Bennett, 47, Michael Suter, 32, Christopher McDonald, 62, and Rodney Miller, 55, from Greymouth.
The damaged fuselage of the Tu-154 in Izhma, Komi, Russia.
Russian jetliner rolled into a forest, no injuries

07.09.2010/ 03:55 GMT
Russia/ Komi region/ Izhma - The ALROSA
Tupolev Tu-154 airliner (RA-85684) was carrying 72 passengers and nine crew when it suffered an electrical system failure Tuesday while flying from the northern Siberian town of Polyarnyi to Moscow (flight ЯМ-516).
With the aircraft's fuel pump, navigation equipment and radio paralysed, the pilots glided the plane to a lower altitude and landed it on an airfield near the village of Izhma in the northern Komi region, about 1,500 km (930 miles) from Moscow on their third landing attempt.
But the air base's runway near the village of Izhma was too short for the big Tupolev that was landing at a speed much higher than usual because of the systems failure, and the plane rolled off into a nearby forest. Russian television stations showed footage of the airliner sitting among mostly intact young trees.The occupants left the plane shocked but unhurt.
08.09.2010*/US/IN/Elkhart Airport - A Kolb Twinstar Mark III experimental plane (N408K) crashed on landing killing the pilot.
*/New Zealand/Fiordland/ Sea near Milford Sound - Arrowtown helicopter pilot Mark Cotton was able to make a successful ditching in the sea his $750000 Hughes 500 when the engine failed.

10.09.2010*/US/WV/Fayetteville Airport - Two Tennessee men were injured Friday when their private Cessna-150 airplane (N7922E) crashed in a wooded area on the outskirts of Oak Hill shortly after taking off from Fayetteville Airport.
                    */US/CA/ Perris - An ultralight plane crashed  into a Perris backyard and seriously
injured the 60-year-old pilot.

*/US/OR/Aurora State Airport (KUAO) - A Savage (Rutan) Cozy plane (N9699) struck a hangar on approach and crashed injuring the pilot.
*/Thailand/ Ko Kret - A Robinson R-44 helicopter (HS-HLL) struck power lines and crashed.
                     */Germany/ Weiden/ Luhe - A Ikarus Breezer plane made an emergency landing in a field after engine failure. Hit a wall.
                     */US/AZ/Sierra Vista - Extra EA-300 plane made an emergency landing on a road but hit a car.
The driver of the car sustained a minor injury.
*/India/ Nagpur International Airport (VANP) - IAF Chetak helicopter made a hard landing due to a technical fault in the main rotor. No injuries.

12.09.2010*/US/FL/St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport (KPIE) - A Piaggio P.180 Avanti plane (N590JL) aborted it's takeoff run due to an unusual noise and the nose gear collapsed. No injuries.
                     */Namibia/43 NM from Windhoek Eros Airport - A Lancair Legacy plane (ZU-FCY) made a forced landing due to an engine failure.
The couple injured slightly.
*/Germany/Ettingshausen - The training Ikarus C22 plane crashed injuring the instructor seriously and the student slightly.
Photo: Globovision Television News
People surround the wreckage of a Conviasa airplane after it crashed about 10 kilometers from the eastern city of Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela, on Monday.
(Photo: Globovision Television News)

18.09.2010*/Germany/Warngau - Two small aerobatic planes, XtremeAir Xtreme 3000 (D-ETOJ) and Extra 300LP (D-EXHO), collided in mid-air  during a demonstration flight. The first plane succeeded to land safely, but the second plane crashed and burned completely killing the pilot.
*/Honduras/San Pedro Sula - A military Bell 206 helicopter descended suddenly and hit a tree bordering the La Mesa Airport in San Pedro Sula during an air show for children. Thirty-eight-year-old pilot Rommel Ortega died and a 6-year-old boy suffered a broken arm when a tree limb fell on him.
                    */US/WV/Fayette County/Rainelle - A small plane crashed into a house
injuring the 5 people on board.
                    */US/GA/Clyo/Briar Patch Airport (9GA1) - A small plane crashed on takeoff and flipped over
injuring the 2 occupants.
*/US/ID/Roberts - The Rans S-6S Coyote II ultralight plane (N4427M) made an emergency landing in a field and was damaged.

19.09.2010*/Brazil/SC/Blumenau - A Rans S-9 Chaos plane crashed into a house injuring slightly the pilot.
*/US/MA/Halifax - An experimental helicopter crashed in a wooded area injuring the pilot seriously.
*/New Zealand/near Paraparaumu Airport - A Standard Cirrus B glider (ZK-GCU) clipped power lines and crashed in a street. No injuries.
                    */US/GA/East Dublin - The Navion G plane (N2448T) made an emergency landing in a field due to loss of oil presure.
                    */Indonesia/Pondok Cabe - A Schweizer SGU 2-22 glider (G-217) crashed on a golf course
injuring seriously the 2 occupants.
*/US/NV/Reno - A Papa 51 Thunder Mustang plane (N151G) crashed on landing during Reno Air Races. The pilot was taken to hospital with minor injuries.
                    */Bahamas/near South Bimini Airport - The Spirit Air  Piper PA-31-350 Chieftain plane (N84859) lost its baggage door after takeoff and the aircraft crashed in the bushes when the pilot tried to return to the runway. The occupants escaped without injuries but the plane caught fire.
                    */Italy/Bolzano/Campo Tures - A Cessna-172 plane (D-EBCF) crashed on takeoff
injuring slightly only 1 of the 4 occupants.

20.09.2010*/US/TX/Fort Worth/near Hicks Airfield (T67) - The Beechcraft D17S Staggerwing plane (NC17GB) made a belly landing injuring slightly the 2 occupants.
*/US/TX/Harris County/Houston/near Weiser Air Park - A small plane overshot the runway and crashed through a fence before coming to a rest in the parking lot.
                    */Nigeria/ Lagos - Workers
found a dead body of an apparent stowaway inside the wheel well after the Arik Air Airbus A300 returned from Johannesburg.
                    */Australia/VIC/Moorabbin Airport - The Hughes Schweizer 269C helicopter (VH-LSQ), operated by Choppair Helicopters Pty Ltd., lost power when practicing a landing and crashed
injuring slightly the 2 occupants.
*/US/IL/Schaumburg Airport (06C) - The Bachman Aero Hughes 269C helicopter (N34LB) made a hard landing damaging its tail. No injuries.
                    */US/GA/Interstate 85 near Atlanta - A Piper PA-32R-301 Saratoga II HP plane (N9263R) made an emergency landing on Interstate Highway 85 Southbound missing the cars, but has been damaged.
                    */Afghanistan/Zabul province/Daychopan - An ISAF
Black Hawk helicopter crashed killing 9 servicemen and injuring 3 others on board.

21.09.2010*/Hong-Kong/Hongkong-Chek Lap Kok (HKG) - The Air Cargo Germany Boeing 747-412BCF (D-ACGD) collapsed left hand main gear while taxiing for departure as freight flight 6U-8732. No injuries.

22.09.2010*/Bangladesh/Karnaphuli - A training aircraft of the Bangladesh Air Force, an F-7, has crashed into the Karnaphuli River. An Air Force helicopter had taken the pilot to hospital.
*/Croatia/Plaski; near military training area Slunj - Two MiG-21 fighter jets (no. 108 and no. 120) collided injuring slightly the 2 pilots and a woman on the ground, about 2 kilometers from the crash site of aircraft damaged by shrapnel and was transferred to the General Hospital in Ogulin.
                    */Dominican Republic/Santo Domingo/ Las Americas International Airport (MDSD) - The Aero Commander 500 plane (N100PV) crashed on approach
injuring slightly the 4 occupants.

*/Canada/Alberta/near Sundre - A Cirrus SR22 GTS plane (C-FGLA) crashed in a field and caught fire killing all 3 occupants.
*/US/GA/Murray County/Spring Place - The Flight Training Express LLC Cessna 172K plane (N84249) hit trees and crashed in a yard due to an engine failure.
Two of the three occupants sustained fatal injuries. The third occupant was airlifted to hospital with serious injuries.
*/Italy/Palermo-Punta Raisi Airport (PMO) - An Windjet Airbus A319, registered EI-EDM, suffered substantial damage in an accident upon landing at Palermo-Punta Raisi Airport (PMO), Italy. Some 20 passengers were injured. Flight IV243 departed Roma-Fiumicino Airport (FCO) at 19:08 on a domestic flight to Palermo on the island of Sicily. The aircraft impacted violently before the threshold of runway 07.
                    */India/West Midnapore/Narayangarh - An IAF
MiG-27 crashed in a farmland. The pilot ejected safely and received only minor injuries.
*/US/TX/Kinney County/between Brackettville and Spofford - An Air Force Hawker Beechcraft T-6A Texan II crashed at around 11:16 a.m. Friday while an instructor pilot and student were performing an undergraduate pilot training mission. The two pilots ejected safely before the plane “skidded on the ground,” into a cloud of dust.
                    */US/GA/Covington Municipal Airport (9A1) - The police Eurocopter AS350 B2 AStar helicopter crashed between the runways during training and caught fire.
The two occupants sustained minor to moderate injuries.
*/US/MS/Taylorsville - An agricultural helicopter crashed in a wooded area injuring seriously the pilot.
*/Brazil/Para/Belem do Para - The Embraer EMB-721C Sertanejo plane (PT-EGM) crashed during initial climb injuring slightly the pilot.

*/CroatIa/Krnjak near Karlovac - A Jihlavan Skyleader 500 LSA plane (SP-SKYL) crashed in rainy weather killing the 2 occupants.
                    */US/TX/Waller County/near Pattison - The Rotorway Exec 90 two-seat experimental helicopter (N520RW) crashed
killing the pilot.
*/US/NY/John F. Kennedy International Airport (KJFK) - "Heads down! Heads down!" a flight attendant repeatedly yelled as the CRJ 900 twin-engine jet (N133EV) slammed on the runway and slid to a stop. Amazingly, no one was hurt when Delta Flight 4951 diverted to the Queens airport at about 8 p.m. after the crew noticed the jet's right wheel was jammed in the up position.
                    */Australia/VIC/Grovedale Airport - A Commander 114 plane crashed on landing
injuring slightly the 2 occupants.
*/US/OH/Springfield/near Springfield-Beckley Municipal (KSGH) - A Rutan Long-EZ experimental plane (N22GZ) crashed in a soybean field injuring the pilot.

*/New Zealand/Tauranga Airport (NZTG) - The Solo Wings Windlass Aquilla microlight (ZK-MDM) crashed shortly after takeoff killing the pilot.
*/Papua New Guinea/near Lelegwagwa Village - A Cessna 210 plane (VH-LMT) ditched in the sea due to an engine failure. No injuries.

28.09.2010*/Canada/SK/Regina/Kipling Municipal Airport - A small plane crashed on approach due to a gust of wind. No injuries.

29.09.2010*/Tanzania/Serengeti National Park - A hot air balloon crashed on landing due to a gust of wind. Two tourists on board were killed and 8 injured.

30.09.2010*/New Zealand/ Blenheim Airport (NZWB) - Air New Zealand confirmed that the Bombardier Dash-8 Q300, operated by subsidiary Air Nelson and registered ZK-NEB, experienced a nose wheel failure after landing at Blenheim at 5:05pm. Flight NZ8441, from Wellington to Nelson, had diverted to Blenheim due to poor weather in Nelson.
                    */US/NC/Weeksville - The 216-foot manned Skyship 600 series blimp had been tethered, but broke free and collided with an aerostat at the TCOM facilities. TCOM aerostats are unmanned tethered balloons. A crew member was on board doing routine checks and was not able to get the blimp under control.
He was injured and taken to Albemarle Regional Hospital in Elizabeth City for treatment.

                    */Pakistan/ Manchar Lake - UN
Mi-8 relief helicopter made a crash-landing injuring 3.of 13 on board.