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Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public: Myth busters


MAP: Where coronavirus has spread so far || USA

Thinking About Flying? Here's What You Need to Know Now


Deadly clash reported between U.S. and Syrian forces || US soldiers injured in clash with Russian troops
Turkey shifts fight against Kurdish militants deeper into Iraq
Turkey begins offensive against Kurdish rebels in north Iraq
US military conducts airstrikes in Iraq in retaliation for rocket attack that killed 2 Americans
Diplomat Leaks Map Confirming Turkey’s Real Territorial Claims
U.S. Spies Say Turkish-Backed Militias Are Killing Civilians as They Clear Kurdish Areas
Turkish offensive violates international law: German FM
Turkey may be 'responsible' for executions of Kurds in Syria: UN
Turkey Mistakenly Shells U.S. Special Forces in Syria: Report
Two Americans Among Seven Westerners Killed by Turkish Forces in Syria
British woman killed fighting Turkish forces in Afrin
Timeline: Turkish military operation in Syria’s Afrin



G. Floyd protests map


Greece announces major arms purchase as Turkey tension rises


The Kurds Have Paid Dearly for Trump’s Recklessness


Erdogan's private Islamic army: Turkish PM nurtures elite mercenary force to rival Russia's Wagner Group


U.S. to lift 33-year arms embargo on Cyprus, angering Turkey


How Did Two U.S. Military Drones Collide Over Syria?


Jets hit Libya's al-Watiya airbase where Turkey may build base, sources say


Russian Orthodox Church says 'unacceptable' to turn Hagia Sophia into a mosque: Ifax


Egyptian president says Libyan city Sirte a 'red line'


Turkey converts another former church into mosque


Turkey and Greece staring into 'the abyss' as tensions in Mediterranean risk spiraling into conflict


Shetland helicopter crash inquiry to begin virtually next week


Stealth Death Match: Russia's Su-57 vs. F-22 Raptor (Who Dies?)


Pentagon: The F-35 Can Beat Russia's S-400 Air Defenses (Is It True?)


New Upgrades Are Making The F-22 Raptor Deadlier Than Ever


US Army tests electronic ‘smart scope’ designed to kill drones in Syria


Russia May Be Winning Syria, But Its Aircraft Have Paid The Price


The Pentagon will have to live with limits on F-35’s supersonic flights


Germany to Order 45 Fighter Jets From Boeing, Report Says


Success: India's Tejas Fighter Just Landed on an Aircraft Carrier for the First Time


The F-35 Can’t Fire Its Cannon Without Committing Suicide


China's Two New Stealth Bombers Are Bad News For America


In 1999, One Country Figured Out How to Kill U.S. Stealth Fighters


Why Russia's Stealth Okhotnik Drone Is a Big Deal


Russia's PAK-DA Stealth Bomber: Here Is What We Can Tell You


Death Match: America's F-16s vs. China and Russia's Best Planes (Who Wins?)


Military plane carrying cadets crashes near Kharkiv (Photos)

An-26 Cargo Plane Crashes After Takeoff In South Sudan

Kozhikode Air India Express crash LIVE updates

7 killed in mid-air plane crash in Alaska, including 4 from S.C.

9 Soldiers Dead, 2 Missing, 6 Injured In Colombian Military Helicopter Crash

Seven Turkish security personnel killed in a reconnaissance Beechcraft B300 King Air 350i plane crash

At least 87 killed as plane crashes into residential area near Karachi airport || Passenger List PK 8303

The Cyclone chopper crash probe could lead the military to some uncomfortable conclusions

Six crew members on crashed helicopter identified; 1 dead, 5 missing

8 Killed After Philippine Plane Bursts Into Flames

Flights resume at Istanbul airport after plane crash kills 3

US says mystery crash in Afghanistan was US Air Force plane, 2 killed

Airliner in Iran carrying 144 people crash-lands on highway

Kobe Bryant, 13-year-old daughter among 9 killed in helicopter crash

3 American firefighters killed in Australia crash - all US military veterans - are identified

UN: South African military plane crash-lands in Congo

Under pressure, Iran admits it shot down jetliner by mistake

Ukrainian Boeing plane crashes in Iran after takeoff, killing 176 on board || Flight PS752 passenger list || Crew

Military plane crashes in Sudan, killing all 18 occupants on board

2020 - Taiwan’s military chief killed in helicopter crash

7 Confirmed Dead Following Tour Helicopter Crash In Hawaii

12 or 15 dead after plane carrying 98 people crashes seconds after takeoff from Kazakhstan airport

15 people injured in helicopter emergency landing in Russia

Chile: Military Plane Flying to Antarctica Vanishes, 38 onboard || List 1, List 2

Helicopter collision kills 13 French troops in Mali

Plane crash kills nine, injures three in South Dakota || Icy conditions during deadly South Dakota plane crash

Small plane crashes in Kingston, Ontario, killing seven: local police

Small plane crashes in eastern Congo, killing at least 27 people

S Korean helicopter crashes into sea near disputed islets, 3 bodies found, 5 missing

One dead in Unalaska plane crash

Afghanistan Mi-17 helicopter crashes in Balkh province, killing 7

Cargo plane crashes in Congo with presidential staff on board, 8 dead

Ukraine Air Alliance flight 4050, an Antonov An-12, crashed on appproach to Lviv, 5 dead

WWII-era plane crashes in Connecticut: Live updates, 7 killed

Four bodies recovered from crashed Indonesia cargo plane

Pilot, toddler still missing in Fiji helicopter crash

Helicopter crash into river outside Moscow kills two

9 bodies retrieved from Calamba crash site

Norway Helicopter Crash Kills Six

Seven dead in collision between helicopter and small plane in Majorca

Hero pilot carrying 226 tourists lands in cornfield after plane collided with flock of birds

19 die as Pak army plane crashes into residential area

Search underway for remaining 4 passengers after float plane crash kills 3

Nine dead as plane carrying skydivers crashes into island in Sweden

10 killed when small plane crashes after takeoff in Texas, including a family of 4

Sky-diving plane in crash that killed 11 in Hawaii involved in previous near-accident

IAF Confirms No Survivors in AN-32 Crash, Aircraft's Black Box Recovered from Site

No survivors found in Mexico crash of jet carrying 13 people

41 killed and 5 injured after plane makes emergency landing at Russian airport

'All of a sudden it smashed into something:' Jacksonville, Florida, plane crash survivor recounts chaotic landing

Nepal plane hits parked helicopter while taking off, killing three


Laser Aéreo Colombia Douglas DC-3

crashed in Colombia, 14 killed


09.03.2019/ 10:34 LT (15:34 UTC)
Colombia/ Finca La Bendicion, San Martin
The DC-3 aircraft with registration HK2494, operated by LASER, was prepared to make a non-scheduled passenger flight between Taraira Airport (SKTR) and the aerodrome Villavicencio (SKVV) in Colombia. The aircraft took off at 06:13 hours local time with a crew of three, eight passengers and 500 kgs of cargo. Adverse weather conditions were encountered en route and the crew decided divert to Miraflores (SKMF) where it landed at 07:39. There two more passengers boarded the flight for Villavicencio.

Laser Aéreo Colombia Douglas DC-3 crashes in Colombia

The aircraft (10) passengers and the crew rescheduled the flight to the Jorge Enrique Gonzales (ICAO: SKSJ) airfield in the city of San Jose del Guaviare, to refuel and continue their flight to (SKVV).
At 08:34 the aircraft took off from Miraflores and flew to San Jose del Guaviare (SKSJ) to refuel, where it landed at 09:14. The aircraft was fueled and the crew submitted a flight plan to Villavicencio with a total flight time of 45 minutes an altitude of 8,500 feet. Prior to departure one more passenger boarded the flight.
The aircraft took off at 09:55. At 10:15, when the aircraft was climbing through 8,100 feet and approximately 59NM (109 km) from Villavicencio, the flight reported engine problems and stated their intentions to divert to a nearby airstrip. Villavicencio ATC suggested La Rinconada Airstrip in the Municipality of San Martín, Meta, Colombia.
The aircraft lost altitude and last radio contact was at 10:32 when the crew radioed that they had a runway in sight, with no further information.
At 10:34 the aircraft hit the ground of a palm plantation with a high angle of descent and low speed. Flaps and undercarriage were retracted at the time of the accident. The aircraft slid across a gravel road and burst into flames.

All 14 occupants have perished, including the mayor of the municipality of Taraira - Vaupes Doris Lizeth Villegas Chara and her family. 2019 Colombia DC-3 crash (Wikipedia)



3 people aboard cargo jet that crashed

in Texas bay did not survive


23.02.2019/ 18:39 UTS
USA/ TX/ near Anahuac/ Trinity Bay

Photos on NTSB Flickr site

Atlas Air Flight 3591

3 people aboard cargo jet that crashed in Texas bay did not survive

Atlas Air flight 5Y3591, a Boeing 767-300 (N1217A) operated for Amazon Prime Air, was destroyed in a crash at Trinity Bay, near Anahuac, Texas, USA.

All three on board were killed.
The aircraft departed Miami International Airport, Florida at 11:33 hours local time (16:33 UTC) on a cargo flight to Houston-George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Texas, USA. The cruising altitude of FL400 was reached after 20 minutes. Descent towards Houston was commenced at 12:07 hours local time (18:07 UTC).
About 12:30 the pilots contacted the Houston terminal radar approach control (TRACON) arrival controller and reported descending for runway 26L; the airplane was at 17,800 ft with a ground speed 320 knots.
At 12:34, the airplane was descending through 13,800 ft, and the controller advised of an area of light to heavy precipitation along the flight route and that they could expect vectors around the weather. About 12:35, the flight was transferred to the Houston TRACON final controller, and the pilot reported they had received the Houston Automatic Terminal Information System weather broadcast. The controller told the pilots to expect vectors to runway 26L and asked if they wanted to go to the west or north of the weather.
Radar data indicated the airplane continued the descent through 12,000 ft with a ground speed of 290 knots, consistent with the arrival procedure. The pilots responded that they wanted to go to the west of the area of precipitation. The controller advised that to do so, they would need to descend to 3,000 ft expeditiously.
About 12:37, the controller instructed the pilots to turn to a heading of 270°. Radar data indicated the airplane turned, and the automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) data indicated a selected heading of 270°. The airplane was descending through 8,500 ft at this time.
About 12:38, the controller informed the pilots that they would be past the area of weather in about 18 miles, that they could expect a turn to the north for a base leg to the approach to runway 26L, and that weather was clear west of the precipitation area. The pilots responded, "sounds good" and "ok." At this time, radar and ADS-B returns indicated the airplane levelled briefly at 6,200 ft and then began a slight climb to 6,300 ft.
Also, about this time, the FDR data indicated that some small vertical accelerations consistent with the airplane entering turbulence. Shortly after, when the airplane’s indicated airspeed was steady about 230 knots, the engines increased to maximum thrust, and the airplane pitch increased to about 4° nose up. The airplane then pitched nose down over the next 18 seconds to about 49° in response to nose-down elevator deflection. The stall warning (stick shaker) did not activate.
FDR, radar, and ADS-B data indicated that the airplane entered a rapid descent on a heading of 270°, reaching an airspeed of about 430 knots. A security camera video captured the airplane in a steep, generally wings-level attitude until impact with the swamp. FDR data indicated that the airplane gradually pitched up to about 20 degrees nose down during the descent.
Preliminary investigation results suggest that the captain may have inadvertently activated the go around switch on the throttles as he was moving his hand to select flaps.




All 13 people on board crashed Kazakhstan helicopter killed

27.03.2019/ 11:35 UTC
Kazakhstan/ Kyzylorda Region/ Zalagash

A Kazakh military Mi-8 helicopter crashed on Wednesday in Kazakhstan during exercises. The incident occurred when the helicopter was flying from Aktau to Shymkent as part of a group of four military helicopters. The copter has crashed due to unknown circumstances, caught fire and was burned completely. All 13 people on board the helicopter were killed. A special commission has been formed and sent to the crash site by Kazakhstan’s Defense Minister Nurlan Yermekbayev.


IAF chopper crashes in Valley, 7 killed


27.02.2019/ 10:05 AM LT
India/ Kashmir’s Budgam district/ near Garend Kalaan village


The Indian Air Force helicopter crashed into an open space in central Kashmir’s Budgam district on Wednesday. The incident taking place around the time the Pakistan Air Force conducted strikes at multiple places inside Indian territory on the other side of the Pir Panchal mountains. The Pir Panchal mountains separate the Valley from Jammu’s Pir Panchal region. Eyewitness reported that a loud explosion was heard in the air before the chopper crashed in a trail of smoke, indicating a possible catastrophic external event contributed to the incident.
Investigators have found that an Indian air defence missile, was fired shortly before the crash of a Mi17 V5 helicopter at Budgam, near Srinagar on February 27, which resulted in the deaths of six air force personnel and a citizen on the ground. The Kashmiri youth 22-year-old Kifayat Hussain Ganaie, a brick kiln worker lost his life after he rushed towards the blazing chopper to rescue the pilots after it had crashed. The pilot Ninad Mandavgane (33), was cremated on the bank of Godavari river.

IAF chopper crashes in Valley, 7 killed
The investigators are examining the sequence of events which preceded the crash. The incident had occurred on the same day that India and Pakistan were locked in an air duel over Nowshera in Jammu and Kashmir. The helicopter had crashed at Budgam as it was approaching to land at Srinagar. The helicopter was downed by a surface-to-air missile (SAM) of IAF, fired from the Srinagar air base which assumed the helicopter to be a hostile platform.
Two officers, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Srinagar Air Base and the Senior Air Traffic Control Officer have been found blameworthy by a Court of Inquiry (CoI). The IAF could possibly order the two officers to face a General Court Martial which in turn is empowered to decide on the quantum of punishment, including criminal charges, if any.
The other three IAF personnel would face disciplinary proceedings that could range from loss of seniority to censure.
The IAF Chief Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa, had earlier removed the Air Officer Commanding (AOC) of the Srinagar air base — in a move to show that procedural lapses will not go “unpunished”.
The Russian-made copter had crashed at 10.05 am, around the same time as Indian and Pakistani fighter jets were engaging each other over Nowshera in Jammu and Kashmir. Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman’s jet was downed around 10.30 am.
The investigation indicated lapses that lead up to the accident. The Air Traffic Control had called back the helicopter as an air duel between Indian and Pakistani jets had escalated. This is being seen as a lapse as the helicopter should have been sent away to a safer zone instead of being called back to Srinagar. Also, as the copter was returning, it should have been made to land at the designated safe spot.
On ground, the missile system and air defence guns fire away at aircraft or helicopters which can’t be identified.
The crucial identification or the Friend or Foe (IFF) system on the Mi-17 helicopter was switched off, which was against procedures. The IFF is a system on board a helicopter or a plane that automatically transmits a unique identification signal.
That the IFF would remain mandatorily switched on was a decision taken last year after a near mid-air accident between a Sukhoi-30 fighter jet and a transport plane of the IAF. Though the IAF issued instructions that the IFF system should be switched on, the Srinagar air base had issued contradictory orders. The IAF controllers on ground who were live monitoring the Pakistan air space had not reported any intruding helicopter.


1 missing, 1 rescued after small cargo plane

crashes off Haulover Inlet


08.02.2019/ 12:16 EST
Atlantic Ocean about 32 miles east of

Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport (OPF), Miami, FL

Report: NTSB Identification: ERA19LA096

1 missing, 1 rescued after small cargo plane crashes off Haulover Inlet
On February 8, 2019, at 12:16 EST, a General Dynamics Convair 340 (C-131B), N145GT, was destroyed during a ditching in the Atlantic Ocean about 32 miles east of Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport (OPF), Miami, Florida. The captain Robert Hopkins, 68, of Coconut Creek, was fatally injured, and the first officer Rolland Silva, 28, was seriously injured. The airplane was registered to and operated by Conquest Air, Inc., as a cargo flight. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed, and an instrument flight rules (IFR) flight plan was filed. The flight departed Lynden Pindling International Airport (MYNN), Nassau, Bahamas, at 11:13. The accident occurred during a return trip to OPF. The cargo plane started to lose altitude at about 4,600 feet and some 10 minutes later - at 1,200 feet - it ditched into the ocean. It appeared the aircraft broke up after it hit the water during an attempted water landing. Investigators determined the aircraft was damaged beyond repair. 


The last biggest aircrashes


10.03.2019/ 05:44 UTC
Ethiopia/ South East of Addis Ababa near Ejere Town

Jetliner crashes in Ethiopia, killing 157 from 35 countries

Interim Investigation Report

Panel’s report blasts Boeing, FAA for crashes, seeks reforms


29.10.2018/ 06:33 LT

Indonesia/ near Kerawang

Lion Air flight JT610 crash

List of crew and passengers

Indonesian NTSB Preliminary report




Information about
aircrashes in

2018/ 2017/ 2016



Eclipses - Earthquakes

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News:   MH370; MH17

Russian mercenaries were killed when their helicopter fell near the Al-Jafra base in central Libya

Crash of a BAe 125-800A near Alta Verapaz: 2 killed

Tanker pilot identified after dying in crash while fighting Emmett wildfire

Private aircraft crashes in Azamgarh village; 1 dead

NTSB investigates weekend aircraft crashes in Texas, Indiana, Michigan and Illinois that killed 10 people

Helicopter crashes, kills pilot in Red Bud, Illinois

4 PAF airmen killed in Basilan chopper crash

Georgia pilot killed in Alabama plane crash

3 killed in plane crash were Tennessee Air National Guard

Small plane crash in Northwest Arkansas kills 4 family members from Oklahoma

Two people killed in plane crash in remote area of Sequoia National Park identified

California pilot on cross-country trip dies in plane crash in Shenandoah National Park

E-2C Hawkeye Crashes Near Wallops Island, Crew Recovered Safely

3 dead, 1 hospitalized after plane crash in Bryan, police say

Prineville Airport plane crash kills Redmond pilot

Knox County judge killed in Lawrence County plane crash

Nigeria: Helicopter Crash in Lagos Kills 2, Injures 1 - Who later died in the hospital

Community honors Bozeman helicopter pilot who died in a crash

Springs plane crash: Fatal incident sparks emergency response

Pilot dies after glider crash in Cheltenham

U.S. Navy unmanned helicopter crashed at Level Mugu naval base

Two killed in plane crash near Osage Beach

Helicopter pilot killed while fighting Hills Fire in Fresno County identified

Small plane stolen in Jefferson County crashes near La Push  ||  See Exclusive Photos  ||  Man who crashed allegedly stolen plane dies of injuries

Helicopter crash in remote area near northern B.C. mine reportedly fatal

Pilot killed in light plane crash near Otaki on the Kapiti Coast || The pilot was named

Two dead following Susanville plane crash

Pilot dies after plane crash in East Sussex

Brother of Millionaire Entrepreneur Killed, 3 Others Rescued in Helicopter Crash on Tenn. River

1 person dead, 2 injured in Montana plane crash

2 reported dead after small plane crashes in south Alabama

Sheriff: 1 dead in crash of crop duster in SE South Dakota

Woman dies in Mission plane crash near Stave Lake

Authorities Identify Victims After Plane Crashes Into West Jordan Home

Four die in plane crash in Swiss Alps

One dead in light aircraft crash in South Canterbury

Germany: Three dead as TL Ultralight TL-96 Sting plane hits hot air balloon and crashes into homes

4 Air Force members die, 1 injured from Isabela helicopter crash

Gambo man dead in Thorburn Lake helicopter crash, 2 others in hospital as investigation continues

Taiwanese military helicopter crashes, killing two pilots

Bluebird Aviation Dash 8 Catches Fire Following Somalia Crash - Simple Flying

Two killed in Hughes 500MD helicopter crash in Kenya

Two bodies recovered from crashed helicopter near Rome

Plane crash in Meyers claims life, another airlifted to hospital, later died  ||  Meyers fatal plane crash victims identified

3 confirmed dead, 5 missing in Lake Coeur d’Alene plane crash

Tourism company founder Troy Thomas one of two people killed in helicopter crash, 2 injured

Four Dead After Small Plane Crashes In Utah County

Pilot killed in plane crash at Wonderboom Airport

Small plane crashes near Legacy Parkway in Centerville; 1 dead, 3 injured  ||  Second victim in Centerville plane crash dies

Pilot killed when helicopter crashes in Wayne County field

SA Civil Aviation Authority investigates Midrand helicopter crash, two people were killed

North Sea US jet crash: Pilot's body found

Single-Engine Plane Crashes in Wyoming Lake; Passenger Dies

Odisha Plane Crash: Two killed as trainer aircraft crashes in Odisha's Dhenkanal

Missing airplane may have crashed in the Fraser River

Indonesian Army Helicopter Crashes, Killing 4

3 die in plane crash east of Mentone

3 Dead After Helicopter Hired By PG&E Strikes High-Voltage Line And Crashes Near Fairfield

1 killed in helicopter crash near Roseburg, OR

Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office releases identity of Orcutt fatal plane crash victim

F-35 stealth fighter jet crashes at Eglin Air Force Base, pilot successfully ejected and in stable condition. 2nd crash at base in four days

Russian military helicopter crashes killing its three crew members

Commander calls Snowbirds crash 'worst nightmare' as Forces begins investigation, 1 dead, 1 injured

1 dead, 1 injured in plane crash on Alaska’s North Slope

Student pilot killed, instructor injured when small plane crashes in Miramar

Croatia's defense minister resigns after fatal plane crash

Famed online gambling businessman killed in plane crash, son injured

1 HPD officer killed, another injured in helicopter crash in north Houston

Small plane crashes near Mountain Center, cause of crash unclear

3 people from Arizona killed in Nevada plane crash are ID'd

Police: 1 dead, 1 injured following helicopter crash in Mesa, AZ

Former California mayor, 72, who criticized Trump dies in plane crash

Pilot dies in light plane crash near Carterton

Three National Guard soldiers killed when Black Hawk crashes in Minnesota - Gruntstuff

Pakistan army trainee aircraft crashes near Gujarat, 2 pilots died

Man killed, another injured after aircraft crash on Gold Coast

Two Minnesotans Killed in Iowa Plane Crash

Coast Guard suspends search for two missing persons associated with plane crash near Emerald Isle

Florida man, 64, dies in small plane crash near Charleston

One seriously hurt in fiery plane crash near Eagle Creek, Oregon

Tributes pour in for olympic canoeist Mark Perrow who died in KZN plane crash

Pakistan pilot dies after F-16 jet crashes during rehearsal

Five dead after plane crashes into dunes on far north Queensland beach

Three people are killed as a plane crashes into a helicopter during take-off near Mount Everest

B.D.F. Helicopter Crashes into Lagoon; Four Soldiers are Killed

Small plane crashes at Hawaii airfield, killing 2 men

Navy's MiG-29k plane crashes in Goa, accident during training

Three confirmed dead in Coleman County plane crash

Four people killed after two planes collide mid-air north of Melbourne

Syria rebels claim downing of government chopper, 2 killed

Plane crash-lands on its belly in Russia

Rebels shoot down Syrian helicopter as fighting intensifies, 2 killed

4 confirmed dead after jet crashed amid low visibility conditions in Georgia

Authorities ID victims in Jackson Parish fatal plane crash

Russian parliament member dies in helicopter crash

Ice likely caused fiery rural Louisiana plane crash that killed three, report says

5 people killed in Alaska commuter plane crash

2 Killed In Sonora Plane Crash Near Columbia Airport, Tuolumne County

Algeria Fighter Jet Crashes, 2 Pilots Killed

One killed, two taken to hospital after a plane crash southwest of Payson

SACAA confirms death of colleagues in Garden Route crash, 3 killed

Plane carrying two people feared to have crashed off Brisbane

4 killed in plane crash at Southern California airport

Tourist Plane Crashes, 4 slightly injured

Egypt loses pilot in fighter jet crash in Sinai

Victims of Montana plane crash identified, 4 men died in a plane crash

Two men dead in crashed plane found at Queensland-NSW border

Two confirmed dead in helicopter crash in Silver Spring Township

Pakistani air force jet crashes in training, 2 pilots killed

2020 - SLAF aircraft crashes in Haputale killing four including pilot

Sports reporter among 5 killed in fiery plane crash in Louisiana, 1 survivor rescued

TSB will deploy team to plane crash site north of Tofino, the Comox pilot died

Russia's most advanced fighter jet crashes, pilot survives

Air Ambulance Helicopter Flips while Landing at Headland Airport, the pilot later died

FD: Pilot killed in small plane crash near Phoenix Goodyear Airport

One dead after light plane crash in NSW Kanangra-Boyd National Park

Two men killed in Far North Queensland light plane crash

1 dead, 3 missing after Coast Guard copter crashes into sea

2 pilots killed as Russian military helicopter crashes in night training mission

3 people were aboard plane that crashed on Gabriola Island, B.C., leaving no survivors

Couple‘s bodies recovered at site of helicopter crash

Black Hawk helicopter crashes after takeoff in Minnesota, killing three National Guardsmen

Video: Pilot dies after helicopter crashes in Eshowe

France floods: Three rescuers die as helicopter crashes close to Marseille

Plane with 3 on board crashes west of Cooper Landing || UPDATE: 2 victims identified in fatal plane crash near Cooper Landing

Officials: 3 dead after small plane crash in San Antonio

AUTHORITIES: No survivors in airplane crash north of Las Vegas valley

Coastguard calls off search for missing plane and pilot after Anglesey crash

Canyon Lake man who died in desert plane crash is identified

Pilot killed in 'tremendous' light plane crash at Canterbury lake

2 US service members killed in helicopter crash in Afghanistan

8 rescued, 3 missing after U.S. Navy plane crashes in Philippine Sea

The Latest: Pilot dies as plane crashes into California home

Small Plane Crashes in Mass. Cemetery, Killing Pilot

NC PLANE CRASH: NTSB: Pilot was flying 'experimental' plane without a canopy before NC crash

Two crew members escape unhurt as police chopper crashes at Wilson Airport

UPDATE: Investigators ask people to avoid the roads near plane crash site in Ocala, 2 dead

The pilot involved in plane crash near Little Grand Rapids had 9,000+ flight hours: Blue Water Aviation; 1 dead, 2 missing in the crash

Multiple Houses Catch Fire After NJ Plane Crash; Pilot Dead

New Fairfield Man Injured in Nevada Helicopter Crash Has Died, 2 Dead in the Crash

John Gotts identified as pilot who died in plane crash in Weddell, near Darwin

Death of ex-Minister of Agrarian Policy in helicopter crash: Police open criminal case

Florida veterinarian, wife killed in plane crash at Umstead Park while attempting to land at RDU

Pilot ID’d in fatal central Pa. glider plane crash

Plane collides with pickup truck while landing, pilot killed

UNION COUNTY HELICOPTER CRASH: Deadly helicopter crash reported in Union County, officials say

Su-30 fighter plane crashes in Venezuela, 2 dead

1 killed, 2 injured in crash in German Twp. near Butler County line

County Wexford: Two men dead after light aircraft crash

Two trainee pilots die in private plane crash in Vikarabad, Telangana

2 killed when small airplane crashes in North Carolina

3 people killed when small plane crashes at airport in Lansing, Michigan

Two people found dead after search for light plane in lower North Island

Helicopter pilot suffers life-threatening injuries after crash in Maine

3 dead after small plane crashes in Florida, authorities say

UN mission helicopter crashes in CAR, three people die

Indian Army pilot killed on birthday as Cheetah helicopter crashes in Bhutan

Descending skydiver crashes into big rig driving on California highway

Soldier killed, 3 others injured during Army helicopter accident at Fort Polk

Inquiry into fatal crash of rainmaking plane, 2 dead

Campbell River helicopter crash kills 1 man, narrowly misses crushing another

One person dead after plane crash in Washington County

Auric Air crash victim Nelson Mabeyo flown to Dar es Salaam on TPDF chopper

Plane crash victims Jeffrey and Matthew Hills remembered as ‘selfless and generous’ men

1 dead, 1 critically injured after small plane crashes into a roof in California

Two dead in crash of plane that went missing Tuesday in Monroe County, officials say

Former NASCAR driver killed in single-engine plane crash

Redmond Civil Air Patrol crew finds fatal plane crash

Cargo plane crashes near Ohio airport, first responders battle 'significant fire'

Hood River plane crash kills 2 as fly-in set to start

Five feared dead after chopper goes down in bad weather off NSW coast

Firefighting helicopter crashes in Portugal, pilot killed

Dead at 38: ‘Rocket Man’ leaps from a helicopter and hits a ridge at 173 km/h

Both of Sukhoi-25UB’s pilots died in air crash on September 3

Helicopter crash into river outside Moscow kills two

Two confirmed dead in plane crash near McKenzie Bridge

Spanish air force jet crashes into sea, pilot killed

Acclaimed British composer Jonathan Goldstein, family killed in Swiss Alps plane crash

Wreckage after plane crash found: Hazardous use - important question is Savior

Three killed in helicopter crash in rain-hit Uttarkashi

2 killed in small plane crash in Howell Township

Three dead in private helicopter crash off Greek island of Poros

Popular Louisiana fishing charter pilot Theophile Bourgeois killed in plane crash; 2 rescued

Two killed in crash of twin-engine plane near New Castle Airport

Union Vale plane crash: At least two killed, one unaccounted for: police

Plane crashes in Ruidoso, two killed

New Orleans: Pilot told tower of problems before plane crash that killed TV anchor Nancy Parker

TSB begins investigation into fatal plane crash near Mayo, 2 dead

Colombia airmen plunge to death wrapped in flag during stunt

2 people dead after single-engine plane crashes off runway at Camarillo Airport

1 dead, 6 rescued after float plane crash in central Ontario

'It happened in a heartbeat': Man killed in NSW light plane crash

Mercy mission helicopter flight crashes in Fiji, killing Australian pilot, mother and child

Four dead in plane crash near Girdwood witnessed by elite Alaskan skiers on nearby glacier

Iran's Air Force Just Lost a Fighter Jet: U.S. Made F-4 Phantom Just Went Down

Emergency beacon on Roy's crashed helicopter was off: TSB; 2 dead

Navy fighter jet crashes in Death Valley National Park, pilot still missing

Passenger in Serious Condition After Plane Crash on Isabella County Lake

4 dead, 5 in hospital after floatplane crash north of Vancouver Island

Soaring club temporarily closes after 2 killed in glider crash near Black Diamond, Alberta

Helicopter accident kills Mexican police chief

Plane Crash During "The Lord of the Skies": Media Report Two Injured Actors, One of Them in a Coma

Two British men die in plane crash in France

One dead, one injured after plane crashes into river near Jasper

Small plane crashed in Wetterstein Mountains: Three dead

Three die in Germany as plane slams into hardware store

1 killed, 4 injured when Alaska flight aborted on takeoff

Whoops: A Russian MiG-31 Shot down One of Its Buddies

Pilot Dead, Student Injured in Helicopter Crash at Hayward Airport

Three men killed in float plane crash in northern Quebec

Alaska State Troopers identify pilot killed in plane crash near Ketchikan

Pilot dies in crash of ultralight aircraft at Hawley Airport

One killed in Chiang Mai plane crash

Woman dies after being injured in plane crash on Ole Miss Golf Course

Chris Cline, Coal Mining Entrepreneur, Is Killed in Helicopter Crash

2 people die in plane crash in southeast Utah

German armed forces helicopter crashes, killing one

UPDATE: Troopers identify victims of plane crash near Moose Pass

CRASH SCENE VIDEO: 2 dead, 1 injured in medical helicopter crash in Brainerd

A small plane crashed into a North Carolina home, killing the pilot and one resident

Two German fighter jets collide mid-air and the pilots eject, one dying

State police identify 74-year-old woman killed in ultralight aircraft crash in Hannibal

3 dead after plane crash near Seward

Chairman of Taiwanese jet operator killed in U.S. helicopter crash

Malaysian PM says Russia being made a scapegoat for downing of flight MH17

Pilot found dead after helicopter crash on Catalina Island, authorities say

Two dead after light planes collide mid-air in New Zealand

Pilot of vintage warplane killed in Santa Susana Mountains crash near Porter Ranch

Officials: 1 dead, pilot injured after plane crash near Huntsville

Man confirmed killed in Coromandel Peninsula plane crash

Two men die in light aircraft crash in Kildare || County Kildare plane crash: Victims' names released

Plane crash in Lake Maitland: Dive team finds Cessna that crashed into water, 2 bodies

Pilot in critical condition after small plane crash in north Phoenix

One Person Dead After Helicopter Crashes Onto Midtown High-Rise Roof

Pilot, passenger killed in small plane crash on Long Island's North Fork; dog survives

Pilot Marcel van Hattem confirmed dead as wreckage of missing plane located

3 killed in helicopter crash in western Arkansas

Body of NT gyrocopter pilot found after police search croc-infested river from cage

Four die in military helicopter crash

Coast Guard suspends search after Cape May plane crash

Singer, 28, dies in helicopter crash en-route to girlfriend's party

Pilot who crashed in Geauga County identified as 55-year-old man from Middlefield Township

Two dead after plane crashes into forest near Whitehorse airport

Two dead in Mount Isa plane crash

Two men dead after small plane crashes in Lanaudiere Friday night

UPDATE: Victim was passenger in Prince William Sound plane crash

2 killed in second Taquan Air floatplane crash in a week

Helicopter crashes at Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden in Hong Kong, killing 49-year-old pilot

Death Match: Russia's New Su-35 Fighter vs.America's F-15, F-16 and More

Update: 2 confirmed dead in helicopter crash in mountains above Alpine in Utah County

Solvang pilot killed in small plane crash

Pilots killed after 2 single-engine planes collide in California

Alaska floatplane crash: 6 dead, 10 injured after midair collision

BC Coroners Service investigating 3 fatalities in Northern B.C. plane crash || Ice in carburetor led to B.C. plane crash that killed three: safety board

2 bodies are recovered after a helicopter crash in Maryland

Venezuelan military helicopter crashes, killing 7

U.K. passenger dead after plane crash near Makkovik, pilot seriously injured

Plane headed to Burlington crashes in Pennsylvania, leaves 2 dead

Official: 3 dead in helicopter crash in Honolulu suburb

Pilot dies at plantation as plane hits live wire

Two Members of Morocco’s Royal Armed Forces Die in Helicopter Crash

Special Report: New missile gap leaves U.S. scrambling to counter China

Official: 6 people died in Texas small plane crash (Beechcraft BE58, N501CE)

Rare and Historic Northrop Flying Wing Crashes Into Prison Yard In California, the pilot died

Pilot ID’d after missing plane from Statesville Airport found crashed in Rowan County

Report: Israel Just Used In Combat Its New Rampage Missile. Here Is What It Can Do.

Plane Crashed near Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Two Died

Two dead following small plane crash north of Brookings

2 killed, including Embry-Riddle professor, in Valley helicopter crash

Young pilot dies in second Queensland plane crash in a week

Fatal Queensland plane crash site accessible only by helicopter, 1 killed

Crashed Japanese F-35 wreckage found in Pacific, pilot still missing

Herberton plane crash kills man

The H-20 and JH-XX: China's Two (Yes, Two) New Stealth Bombers

1 dead after helicopter crashes on Florida road

Five die as plane and helicopter collide over Italian glacier

Autopsy report: Man killed in Oceanside plane crash had cocaine and marijuana in blood, another injured

Small plane crashes in North Macedonia, 4 feared dead

China's J-20 Stealth Fighter Might Have Some F-35 'DNA' After All

One of Russia's richest women killed in German plane crash, 2 others died

2 Marine pilots killed in Arizona helicopter crash

1 dead, 2 injured in Lake Conroe helicopter crash

Air ambulance company ends 2-month underwater search for 3 crew members of crashed plane

SA pilot behind Botswana crash called friend from aircraft, looking for wife - report

Two men dead in plane crash in Kaimanawa Ranges

Pilot killed after helicopter crash in Pickens County

Lion Air Recording Increases Pressure on Ethiopia Crash Investigation

Pilot killed in helicopter crash

Pilots Respond After OKC Plane Crash Kills Two Of Their Own

Pilot dies after small plane crashes in California backyard

1 killed, 1 hurt critically in small plane crash near Austin

Colombian drug plane allegedly bound for US crashes in state jungle, 1 dead, 1 injured

Police recover bodies of Ontario couple who went missing on helicopter flight

Boeing shares fall sharply after deadly crash spurs aircraft safety concerns

2 para-gliders killed in mid-air collision above Torrey Pines

5 killed in plane crash near Pahokee airport

Aviation tragedies: New Zealanders killed in 100 years of air disasters

Student pilot dead after plane crashes in woods near Interstate 95 in Indian River County

Five People Die In Helicopter Crash In Western Iran

Kenya helicopter crash kills four Americans and their pilot

Small plane crashes into Fort Lauderdale condo building, the pilot died

Nepal Helicopter Crash Kills 7, Including Tourism Minister

IAF chopper crashes in Valley, 7 killed

Cuban military plane crashes during training in Artemisa

Suspected Bangladesh plane hijacker shot dead: army

Flight instructor, student killed in Cessna crash in Mansfield

Pilot dies, family avoids disaster as plane crashes into home in Florida

Wreckage of missing plane that took off from SLO found in Kern County mountains, 1 dead, the fate of 2 others unknown

Pilot killed in Eteringbang plane crash

2 killed in military helicopter crash western Algeria

Meet the 'New' F-21 Fighter: An F-16 On Steroids (With F-22 and F-35 DNA)?

1 pilot dead, 2 injured as Surya Kirans collide mid air

Iran presents new Fateh submarine armed with cruise missile: TV

Maltese man, wife killed in plane crash in US

5 killed as light aircraft crashes in Londiani, Kericho County

Four Killed After Helicopter Crashes in Residential Area of Istanbul

Ethiopian military helicopter crashes inside UN compound, three dead

Pilot Dead After Mooney M20 Crashes Overnight Near Mount Diablo State Park

Charred bodies of pilot and trainee found near Philippines crash site

Gyrocopter crashes at Forrest Beach near Capel, Busselton, 2 dead

Light plane crash kills two close to Spanish capital of Madrid

Plane breaks apart in California, killing 5 and injuring 2

Emiliano Sala plane wreckage: Expert claims pilot ‘spatial disorientation’ most likely cause of crash

Man dies after small plane crashes in Essex field

Search continues for missing man and woman in downed plane

Mirage 2000 fighter jet crashes near HAL airport in Bengaluru, both pilots dead

2 pilots killed in N.W.T. plane crash identified

Swiss get five offers to replace aging jet fighter fleet

Air ambulance helicopter crashes in Ohio killing all 3 on board

1 Dies in Oceanside Plane Crash || No Flight Plan Submitted Before Deadly Oceanside Plane Crash: NTSB

Battle Ground pilot located deceased in crashed plane on Mount Hood

8 die after plane and helicopter collision

Cardiff City striker Emiliano Sala and his pilot feared dead after plane disappears

2 men dead in Ohio plane crash, with engine issues possibly the cause: Officials

Russian fighter jets collide over Sea of Japan; crews ejected, 1 survived, 2 died, 1 missing

Pilot killed in private plane crash in Kazakhstan

Florida Man Reportedly Decapitated When Helicopter Suddenly Dipped As He Was Performing Maintenance On It

Former brother-in-law of Paul Hollywood is killed in Spanish plane crash alongside British passenger after their plane smashed into mountain

Russia's Air Force Is Getting Lots of New Aircraft (Just Not a Lot of Su-57s or Stealth)

Five crew killed in Nigeria Mi-35 helicopter crash near Damasak as ISIS claims Yobe state attacks

Helicopter crash-lands on top of pedestrian, killing him instantly, at Brazilian beach resort

Official: Russian weapon 27 times faster than speed of sound

Fatal plane crash: Civil Aviation Authority warning after Dargaville incident killed two men


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