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How Lunar Eclipse And Full Moon On November 8 Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign


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Boeing 777X 'realistically' will not win certification approval before mid-2023 - U.S. FAA


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Ukraine helicopter crash kills interior minister, others

At least 68 killed in Nepal's worst air crash in 30 years

09.01.2023 - Two dead after small plane crashes in Russia's far north

Eight dead after small plane crashes in Colombian neighbourhood

Plane hits vehicle on runway, catches fire at Lima’s airport

Precision Air ATR 42-500 ditches into Lake Victoria while landing at Bukoba, Tanzania – At least 19 dead

At least 22 killed after two Ugandan army helicopters crash in east Congo

Coast Guard Ends Search for 9 Missing in Floatplane Crash  ||  Victims identified... ||  Mechanical issue...

Eight confirmed dead in helicopter crash in Georgia

Cargo plane operated by Ukraine carrier crashes in Greece

14 die in plane crash in Mexico after drug lord's arrest

Russian military cargo plane crashes, killing 5 crewmembers

Seven killed in helicopter crash in Italy's Monte Cusna

Nepal plane crash: All 22 onboard, including 4 Indians, found dead

Rescue workers search for survivors of Cameroon plane crash

Eight UN peacekeepers killed in helicopter crash in DRC

Boeing 737 Was Plunging at 350MPH in Moments Before Crash in China with 132 Aboard

Cessna plane with 14 people on board crashes in Comoros Islands after disappearing from radars

Eight duck hunters, including 4 teens, feared dead in NC plane crash

04.02.2022 - 7 dead in tourist plane crash near Peru's Nazca lines

Belgian pilot and 4 other people killed in Shorts 360 crash in eastern Congo

Music producer Flow La Movie, 8 others, die in Dominican Republic plane crash

India: Military chief, 12 others die in helicopter crash  ||  Lone survivor of Indian helicopter crash dies ||  Disorientation

14 killed in military helicopter crash in Azerbaijan

Belarusian cargo plane crashes in eastern Russia, killing all nine people on board

CRASH: Optimum An-26 Hits Ground After Takeoff killing 5

'Get out, get out, get out': Everyone survives after plane's 'horrific' failed takeoff in Texas

16 Killed After Plane Crashes In Russia: Ministry

Romanian billionaire and family dead after crashing plane in Milan

Six people killed after An-26 plane crashes in Russia's Far East

Rimbun Air De Havilland Twin Otter Crashed In Indonesia, 3 killed

An L-410 plane with 16 people on board crashes in Siberia, 4 killed

Prototype military transport plane crashes outside Moscow, 3 killed

Russian firefighting plane crashes in Turkey, eight killed

Eight Feared Dead As Russia Tourist Helicopter Crashes

Passenger Plane From Nairobi Crash Lands in Somalia

Engine failure forced Russian plane to make hard landing, investigators say

28 feared dead in plane crash in Russia's Far East

At least 17 feared dead after C-130 military plane crashes in Philippines: Report || AF finalizes report

Kajiado 'plane crash' updates: Kenya Air Force military 'KDF chopper crash' for Ngong

Multiple casualties reported in military plane crash near Myanmar's Mandalay

Nigeria buries army chief after air crash

Czech billionaire was among 5 killed in helicopter crash in Southcentral Alaska

Helicopter crash kills 9 Afghan troops in central province

11 killed in army helicopter crash in eastern Turkey

10 Dead Following South Sudan Plane Crash

Plane crash in Abuja: Military aircraft crash near Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport - 7 dead

09.01.2021 - Indonesia jet carrying 62 goes missing on domestic flight  || Indonesia finds CVR of crashed jet

Eight peacekeepers killed in Sinai helicopter crash || Documents Reveal New Details About Sinai Peninsula Crash

Military plane carrying cadets crashes near Kharkiv (Photos)

An-26 Cargo Plane Crashes After Takeoff In South Sudan

Kozhikode Air India Express crash LIVE updates

7 killed in mid-air plane crash in Alaska, including 4 from S.C.

9 Soldiers Dead, 2 Missing, 6 Injured In Colombian Military Helicopter Crash

Seven Turkish security personnel killed in a reconnaissance Beechcraft B300 King Air 350i plane crash

At least 87 killed as plane crashes into residential area near Karachi airport || Passenger List PK 8303

The Cyclone chopper crash probe could lead the military to some uncomfortable conclusions

Six crew members on crashed helicopter identified; 1 dead, 5 missing || Autopilot issue contributed to helicopter crash

8 Killed After Philippine Plane Bursts Into Flames


07.02.2020/ 15:15 LT (12:15 UTC) - Russian parliament member dies in helicopter crash


05.02.2020/ 18:19 LT (15:19 UTC) - Pegasus Airlines Flight 2193 crash, 3 occupants died


27.01.2020/ 07:36 LT - Airliner in Iran carrying 144 people crash-lands on highway


23.01.2020/ 13:16 EDT - 3 American firefighters killed in Australia plane crash


09.01.2020 - UN: South African military plane crash-lands in Congo


08.01.2020/ 06:19 LT - Ukrainian Boeing plane crashes in Iran, killing 176


02.01.2020 - Military plane crashes in Sudan, killing all 18 occupants on board


02.01.2020/ 08:07 LT - Taiwan’s military chief with 7 others killed in helicopter crash


25.12.2019/ 02:13 local time (05:13 UTC) -

19 people injured in helicopter emergency landing in Russia


09.12.2019/ 18:13 LT - Chile: Military Plane Flying to Antarctica Vanishes, 38 onboard


Seven dead in small plane crash in Canada


27.11.2019/ 17:05 LT
Kingston, ON - Canada


The crash-site of Pa-32-260 (N50DK)

On 27 November 2019, at 16:01 local time, a privately registered Piper PA-32-260 aircraft (United States registration N50DK) departed Toronto/Buttonville Municipal Airport, Ontario, destined for Québec/Neuville Airport, Quebec. The pilot and 6 passengers were on board. The aircraft was operating under visual flight rules and departed during daylight hours. However, the majority of the planned flight was to take place during the hours of darkness, as official night began an hour after departure. During the flight, in response to deteriorating weather, the pilot made a number of altitude and track deviations. As the aircraft neared Kingston Airport, Ontario, the pilot made radio contact with NAV CANADA’s Kingston flight service station, stating his intention to land there. At 17:05, the aircraft struck terrain approximately 3.5 nautical miles north of Kingston Airport. All 7 occupants were fatally injured. The aircraft was destroyed. There was no post-impact fire.
“Five Americans and two Canadians were aboard,” TSB spokeswoman Nora Vallee told reporters.
The man piloting the plane was Otabek Oblokulov and that Oblokulov’s wife and three kids, aged 16, 10 and 6, were also on the plane along with his brother-in-law and his wife. The family of five were apparently visiting Canada from Texas for the American Thanksgiving. Oblokulov was a Houston resident and part of the Uzbek community in the Texan city.
A military helicopter dealt with high winds while it searched for the crash site. The helicopter crew found the wreckage thanks to an emergency beacon on board the plane. Residents in the area also noted there was heavy rain and strong winds around the time of the crash.

Findings as to causes and contributing factors:
1. The pilot departed Toronto/Buttonville Municipal Airport, Ontario, when the weather conditions for the intended flight were below the limits required for a night visual flight rules flight.
2. Given the pilot's limited flying experience, it is likely that he did not recognize the hazards associated with the night visual flight rules flight into poor weather conditions.
3. While the aircraft was approaching Kingston Airport, the pilot likely lost visual reference to the surface, became spatially disoriented, and lost control of the aircraft.


25.11.2019/ 18:35 LT - Helicopter collision kills 13 French troops in Mali


24.11.2019/ 09:08 LT - Dornier 228 crashes in eastern Congo, killing 27 people


24.11.2019 - New Russian Su-57 Stealth Fighter Crashes During Tests


10.10.2019/ 16:31 LT - An-72 plane crashes in Congo with presidential staff on board


04.10.2019/03:43 UTC - Ukraine Air Alliance flight 4050, an Antonov An-12, crashed on appproach to Lviv, 5 dead || Final report


02.10.2019/ 09:53 LT - 7 dead, 7 injured in crash of World War II bomber at Connecticut’s Bradley International Airport


Four bodies recovered from crashed

Indonesia cargo plane


18.09.2019/ 11:00 LT (02:00 UTC)
Indonesia/ Mimika Regency/ Hoeya District/ 10 km (6.3 mls) from Kampung Mamontoga

The ill-fated Viking Air DHC-6-400 Twin Otter cargo plane (PK-CDC)

A Viking Air DHC-6-400 Twin Otter cargo plane

(PK-CDC) with four occupants was reported missing on a flight from Timika to Ilaga in Papua province, Indonesia.

The plane was operated by Carpediem Aviation on behalf of Rimbun Air.

The aircraft’s first flight was in 1916.
On 18.09.2019 at 10:36 hours local time (01:36 UTC) the aircraft took off from Timika with three crew members, one passenger, and 1.7 tons of rice on board. Last contact was at 10:54 and the estimated time of arrival at Ilaga was 11:09. The aircraft failed to arrive at Ilaga.
On September 22, SAR teams located debris on a mountainside at an elevation of 13500 feet, 70 km from Timika and 33 km from Ilaga.
The bodies of four occupants onboard of the Indonesian cargo plane have been recovered.
"The location was difficult to reach because of the dangerous terrain, but thankfully we managed to recover the victims' bodies," Budi Purnomo of the national search and rescue agency told reporters.


31.08.2019/ 18:53 LT (15:53 UTC) - Helicopter crash into river outside Moscow kills two


Norway Helicopter Crash Kills Six


31.08.2019/15:08 UTC (17:08 LT)
Norway/ Finnmark/ near Alta/ Skoddevarre

The debris of the crashed AS350 helicopter

All six people on board an Airbus H125 (AS-350B3e) helicopter (LN-OFU) operated by Helitrans have died following a crash outside Alta in northern Norway. Five of the victims lived locally and were in their 20s. The helicopter company Helitrans A/S flew local sightseeing flights during the "Høstsprell" local music festival. The helicopter was destroyed. There was a post-impact fire. Initially, authorities confirmed four people had died with one person taken by helicopter to the University Hospital of North Norway (UNN) in Tromsø. Just before 9 p.m, a UNN press officer said the injured person was in a “critical and unstable” condition. In the early hours of Sunday (September 1) morning, it was announced the patient had died along with the other person who had been missing in the hours after the crash.
The Airbus AS-350B was almost new, having been delivered to Helitrans in June 2019 from Østnes Helicopters, which represent Airbus in Norway. The helicopter had less than 73 flight hours. The AIBN has no indication that the operator of the accident helicopter, Helitrans AS, has performed work other than visual inspection in the affected area.
The examinations of the accident helicopter is still ongoing. The AIBN has, at this stage, not concluded whether, or not, failure of the connection between the engine and the main gearbox is a causal factor.


Engine Failure, Aircrew Error Led to Fatal E-11A Crash in Afghanistan


27.01.2020/ 13:09 LT (08:39 UTC)
Deh Yak district, Afghanistan


Final report: E-11A, T/N 11-9358/ GHAZNI PROVINCE, AFGHANISTAN/ 27 JANUARY 2020


Engine Failure, Aircrew Error Led to Fatal E-11A Crash in Afghanistan, Air Force Says

On 27 January 2020, at approximately 13:09 hours local time (L), an E-11A, tail number (T/N) 11-9358, was destroyed after touching down in a field in Ghanzi Province, Afghanistan (AFG) following a catastrophic left engine failure. The mishap crew (MC) were deployed and assigned to the 430th Expeditionary Electronic Combat Squadron (EECS), Kandahar Airfield (KAF), AFG. The MC consisted of mishap pilot 1 (MP1) and mishap pilot 2 (MP2). No survivers.


26.01.2020/ 09:46 LT - US officials: Pilot error caused Kobe Bryant chopper crash


7 Confirmed Dead Following

Tour Helicopter Crash In Hawaii


26.12.2019/ 16:57 LT

Lihue, Kauai, HI, USA

  NTSB - Preliminary report

Accident helicopter at accident site. Photo provided by County of Kaua‘i (NTSB)

On December 26, 2019, about 1657 Hawaii standard time, an Airbus AS350 B2 helicopter, N985SA, was destroyed by impact forces and a postcrash fire when it collided with terrain about 24 miles northwest of Lihue, Hawaii. The commercial pilot and six passengers were fatally injured.

The helicopter was registered to SAF LTD and operated by Safari Aviation Inc., doing business as Safari Helicopters. Company flight following procedures were in effect for the visual flight rules flight, which departed Lihue Airport (PHLI), Lihue, Hawaii at 1631. The accident flight was the pilot's eighth and last scheduled 50-minute aerial tour flight of the day.

On December 27, about 0932, the accident site was located within the Koke'e State Park. The helicopter impacted tropical mountainous terrain on a north facing slope at an elevation of about 3,003 ft mean sea level (msl) and came to rest at an elevation of about 2,900 ft msl. All of the helicopter's major components were located within the debris field, and the wreckage was largely consumed by a postcrash fire.

A witness located about 1.5 to 1.75 miles up the Nualolo Trail within the Koke'e State Park near the time of the accident reported weather conditions of about 20 ft visibility in rain and fog. He heard what he described as a hovering helicopter followed by a high-pitched whine. Knowing something was wrong, he attempted to locate the helicopter but was unable due to the adverse weather conditions and fading daylight.

The victims were the members of a Swiss household believed to have been aboard the helicopter. They’re Sylvie Winteregg, 50; Christophe Winteregg, 49; Alice Winteregg, 13; and Agathe Winteregg, 10. Two different victims had been Amy Gannon, 47, and Jocelyn Gannon, 13. The pilot, 69-year-old Paul Matero was additionally killed.


Icy conditions during deadly
South Dakota plane crash


30.11.2019/ 12:33 p.m.
near Chamberlain Municipal Airport (9V9),

Brule County, SD - United States of America


The National Transportation Safety Board issued its preliminary report Tuesday for its investigation of the Nov. 30, 2019, crash of a Pilatus PC12 (N56KJ) in Chamberlain, South Dakota, which killed the pilot and eight passengers and injured three others.
The airplane was registered to Conrad & Bischoff, Inc., and operated by the pilot as a personal flight from Chamberlain Municipal Airport destined for Idaho Falls Regional Airport, Idaho.
Those killed were Jim Hansen Sr.; his sons, Jim Jr. and Kirk Hansen; Kirk Hansen’s children Stockton and Logan; Kirk Hansen’s sons-in-law, Kyle Naylor and Tyson Dennert; and Jim Hansen Jr.’s son Jake and grandson Houston were killed. Kirk’s son Josh, Jim Jr.’s son Matt and Jim Jr.’s son-in-law, Thomas Long, survived and were in stable condition Monday. Family representative Jeff Walbom called the crash a “total tragedy” and described how their loss rippled through their Idaho community, from church to their businesses.

An NTSB investigator examines the wreckage of a Pilatus PC-12 airplane near Chamberlain Municipal Airport in South Dakota.
According to preliminary data recovered from the data recorder installed on the airplane, the accident takeoff began from runway 31 about 12:31 p.m. central standard time. The airplane immediately rolled about 10 degrees to the left after takeoff. The roll decreased to about five degrees left as the airplane climbed through about 170 feet above ground level and then reversed to about five degrees right. The airplane ultimately entered a 64-degree left bank as the airplane reached its peak altitude of 460 feet above the ground. The cockpit stall warning and stick shaker became active about one second after liftoff and the stick pusher became active about 15 seconds after liftoff. They continued intermittently for the duration of the flight. The data recording ended about 12:33 p.m.
No radio communications were received from the pilot, and radar contact was never established. The recorder also captured cockpit sound.
Weather at the time was recorded as being overcast with clouds at 500 feet, 1/2-mile visibility in moderate snow, with wind from the direction of 20 degrees at 6 knots. The temperature and dew point were both 1 degree Celsius, and the altimeter setting was 29.30 inches of mercury. Freezing rain and snow were observed in the vicinity of the airport the previous afternoon and overnight before the accident flight, which was operated on an instrument flight rules flight plan.
Witnesses reported that the pilot and a passenger worked for three hours to remove the snow and ice from the airplane before the accident flight. The witnesses reported that visibility was limited by snow at the time of the accident.
Another factor that could have contributed to the crash was a possible load imbalance. The Pilatus PC-12 pilot's information manual notes the "maximum number of occupants is 9 passengers" plus 1-2 pilot(s). According to the NTSB report, there were 12 people on the plane.
The accident site was located at 1:57 p.m. approximately three-fourths of a mile west of the airport in a dormant corn field. The debris path was approximately 85 feet long and was oriented on a 179-degree heading.

S Korean helicopter crashed into sea

near disputed islets, 7 killed


31.10.2019/ 23:30 LT

East Sea, near Dokdo Island

Divers from South Korean rescue services on Friday located an Airbus chopper which fell into the sea with seven people on board off the disputed islets of Dokdo late on Thursday.

The H225 (EC 225LP) helicopter (registered HL9619) with seven people aboard crashed into the sea near Dokdo shortly after takeoff from a helipad near the lighthouse atop one island. The aircraft departed at 23:26 local time having picked up an injured crab fisherman (a severed thumb). On board were two pilots, three fire department responders, the patient and a friend. Divers found the wreckage 600 m offshore at 72 m depth. Five bodies and some wreckage has been recovered.


17.10.2019/ 17:40 LT - One dead in Unalaska plane crash


Afghanistan Mi-17 helicopter crashes in Balkh province, killing 7

15.10.2019/ 5:30p.m (13:00 GMT)
Hairatan area in Mazar, capital of Balkh province, Afghanistan

An Afghan military Mi-17 crashed on Tuesday evening in the Hairatan area of Balkh province with seven people on board. The helicopter belonged to the 777 Army Special Forces and was engaged in a practice flight when it crashed due to technical issues. All 7 people on board were killed.
The Mi-17 is a medium twin-turbine multipurpose transport helicopter and is the primary rotary wing platform operated by the Afghan Air Force. It has a crew of three as well as door gunners, and can carry up to 36 troops or 12 stretchers or 18 walking patients. Rosboronexport says its range without external fuel tanks is 675 km (420 miles), its service ceiling is 6,000 m (19,700 ft), and its maximum payload weight is 4,000 kg (8,800 lb). According to a January 2018 report by the U.S. Department of Defense Inspector General, Afghan Mi-17s can carry 24 passengers and have a cargo capacity of 6,620 pounds (3,000 kg).


01.09.2019/ 15:10H (07:10UTC) -

9 bodies retrieved from Calamba crash site


The last biggest aircrashes


27.12.2019/ 07:22 LT

near Almaty Airport (ALA)/ Kazakhstan

12 killed, dozens hurt after jetliner crashes in Kazakhstan


10.03.2019/ 05:44 UTC
Ethiopia/ South East of Addis Ababa near Ejere Town

Jetliner crashes in Ethiopia, killing 157 from 35 countries

Interim Investigation Report

Panel’s report blasts Boeing, FAA for crashes, seeks reforms



Information about
aircrashes in

2019/ 2018/ 2017/ 2016



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News:   MH370; MH17

3 killed in military helicopter crash in Algeria

Two killed in Philippines air crash, another plane missing

2 dead after Beechcraft A36 crashes near county airport; pilot reported low oil pressure

Plane crashes in Texas, killing four members of Tennessee church, officials say

Two men die after small plane crash in Nebraska on Wednesday night

Two people from North Carolina killed in fiery plane crash in Virginia, officials say

Trainer aircraft crashes in Rewa district, pilot killed

Pilot found dead after plan crash in remote area outside New Harmony

1 dead, 3 injured in private plane crash at Provo Airport

Helicopters collide over Australian beach, 4 passengers dead

4 dead after helicopter crash in Gulf of Mexico

Horror plane crash leaves two people dead and ignites a Boxing Day bushfire in Sydney's outer suburbs

Three die in military helicopter crash at army base in Niger

Two dead in light plane crash in the NT

Former mayor dies after small plane crash on Santa Monica beach

Medical transport plane with 3 on board missing in Hawaii

Pilot Ejects From F-35B During Failed Vertical Landing at NAS JRB Fort Worth

Body of Eurofighter pilot found after 'Typhoon' crashed returning to base

Mi-8 helicopter crashes and burns again during landing in Russia

Two killed in Sunday airplane crash in Cleburne

Pilot dies after gyroplane crash in Beverly

Airplane crashes into power line in Adams County, killing pilot

Two bodies recovered from plane crash in Gulf near Venice airport; third occupant missing

Two killed in B55 plane crash in Armenia

Plane crash in northwestern Turkey's Bursa kills 2

Vietnam veteran and friend die in Torrance plane crash

Russian cryptocurrency billionaire killed in helicopter crash

Two killed in private helicopter crash in Russia's Tver

5 Killed in Helicopter Crash in S.Korea

Pilot killed after two-seater plane crashes at Galt Airport near Wonder Lake

Crews find wreckage of floatplane that crashed off Central Coast; TSB team deployed

NTSB releases preliminary report after deadly news helicopter crash

2 dead after small plane crashes in North Carolina

4 die outside Seattle after Alaska company's plane crashes

5 killed, including state security chief, in helicopter crash in Mexico

TSB investigating helicopter crash that killed one person near Kitsault, B.C.

Homebuilt Aircraft Crashes Into Tree Outside Home, Killing Pilot, Florida Cops Say

Man dies in remote helicopter crash, nine months after Outback Wrangler star's fatal accident

'Shock and disbelief': World War II bomber, smaller plane collide and crash at Dallas air show, 6 killed

Glider pilot 'loved soaring flight' as tight-knit community devastated by mid-air crash

One dead, four hurt in Mi-2 helicopter crash in the Kostroma Region of Russia

Five dead in Venezuelan military plane crash

A helicopter crashes in Puglia, killing all seven occupants

Middlesboro doctor identified as the victim of Harlan County plane accident

Helicopter crash in Verdal, Norway - Two people killed

Pilot dies after plane crashes in Southington

One Dead, Two in Critical Condition After Helicopter Crashes Off Louisiana Coast

Air tanker crash in Italy kills two

Korean Air says jet overran runway in Philippines’ Cebu, no injuries recorded

Russian warplane falls on building in Siberia 2 pilots die

6 feared dead in small plane crash off Costa Rica

Those on plane that crashed into building in Keene died

Five Indian soldiers killed in helicopter crash near China border

US F-35 fighter jet crashes in Utah

Two Dead After Plane Crashes Into Car Dealership Parking Lot

7 killed as helicopter crashes near Kedarnath Dham in U'khand, CM orders probe

Miramar plane crash: 2 dead after plane crashes on roof of Florida home

Crews trying to reach fatal plane crash near Cordova

Russian warplane crashes near apartment building, killing 13

Community Remembers Pilot Killed in Harbor Plane Crash

Longtime ad exec Kent Feuerring killed in East Hampton plane crash

Swedish woman dies in crash of Cessna 172 aircraft in USA

Man killed in helicopter crash near Maitland - 2hd

Army Cheetah helicopter crashes near Tawang; pilot dead

Pilot killed when small plane crashes on California peak

Western Australia helicopter crash kills two people after wreckage found at Cowcowing Lakes

Mexican navy helicopter crashes, killing 3 marines

Elementary teacher among three dead after plane crashes into Minnesota house

Authorities: pilot dies in crash of small plane near Tucson

Pakistan military chopper crashes killing 6 soldiers: Report

Fatal plane crash in South Frontenac

US Coast Guard: 1 found dead after plane crash near Mount Jefferson

Two dead following Russian firefighting helicopter crash in Turkey

Two dead after small plane crashes in South Jersey

1 killed in crash at Reno Air Races

Plane crash in Marion County leaves 2 dead

Midair Plane Crash Leaves 3 Dead in Colorado

Authorities ID Texas couple killed in an Arizona plane crash

Pilot killed in Waller County plane crash

Helicopter pilot dies after losing consciousness during rescue mission

Taliban crashes American Black Hawk helicopter, leaving three dead

2 killed when small plane crashes at Santa Monica Airport

Raley’s executive and pilot dies in California plane crash

Private Cessna aircraft with 4 occupants crashes off coast of Latvia

A Syrian military helicopter crashes northeast of Hama, crew killed

One Dead After Plane Crashes in Trailer Park Community

Las Vegas Man Killed in Plane Crash While Reportedly Scattering Father's Ashes in Minnesota

Police Plane Crashes Killing 5 at Rand Airport in Germiston, Pilot Rushed to Hospital in Critical Condition

Queensland plane crash victims identified as millionaire businessman Tom Strachan, son Noah, and pilot Garry Liehm

1 killed in French Lick plane crash

Shobdon Airfield crash: pilot dies after Herefordshire light aircraft crash

Florida flight instructor, passenger killed in small plane crash  ||  The pilot and flight instructor has been identified

Plane crash that killed central Pa. men happened during thunderstorm

'Dedicated' Tenn. Trooper and Sheriff's Deputy Killed After Helicopter Struck Power Line and Crashed

3 dead after 2 small planes collide mid-air at California airport, authorities say

Valtellina, helicopter crashes into the mountains: pilot dead, 17 year old injured

1 dead, 2 hurt in air crash in Pampanga

Saudi sport plane crashes, pilot killed

Airplane crashes in Gardiner, 1 victim

Plane crash that killed 2 in Lake Powell was carrying 6 French tourists

Pilot dies in the crash of a World War II plane at Czech airshow

Identities released of 2 victims killed in Hanna City plane crash  ||  Investigators focus on fuel trouble in Hanna City plane crash

Three killed in West Virginia plane crash

Pilot dies after small plane crashes in Washington state forest

Air tanker crashes in Texas lake, pilot rescued

Pilot killed in Colusa County plane crash

Light plane that crashed in Southern Alps experienced 'severe impact'

One dead and one injured in plane crash near Cynthia

Missing Plane Has Crashed In South Haven; 2 Dead

Pakistan says army general, 5 others die in helicopter crash

North Carolina pilot jumps from plane midair before emergency landing

Aviation expert weighs in on fatal gyrocopter crash in Clay County, 2 dead  ||  Rotor blade came off experimental helicopter 1,000 feet above ..

Terrifying moment rescue helicopter crashes and explodes while attempting to rescue two paragliders

Two pilots killed as Soviet-era fighter jet crashes in India

Briton, 22, killed after being struck by helicopter tail rotor

1 dies in small plane crash in California; pilot injured

Passenger killed in second fatal small-plane crash in southwest IL this month

Pilots killed in Salmon River helicopter crash  ||  Interim report released about helicopter crash at Idaho’s Moose Fire

Two die in light aircraft crash in County Down

FAA preliminary report: 4 dead in plane crash in Lefthand Canyon

4 Dead After Small Planes Collide in Skies Near Las Vegas

Three Dead In Helicopter Crash In Russia's Far East

Four killed after sheriff’s helicopter crashes in New Mexico

Portugal Wildfires: Pilot Dead As Firefighting Plane Crashes During Ops

Plane missing since Monday found crashed at Thompson Pass, the pilot died

Maroota helicopter crash, north of Sydney, kills pilot in his 60s

Arriba Mexican Grill CEO and Three Others Killed in Helicopter Crash

Small plane crashes near Boulder City airport; pilot killed

38-year-old Lind man dies in Adams County plane crash Saturday evening

Father and son killed in rural Idaho plane crash

Pilot killed in a fiery plane crash in Vancouver, investigation underway

Two die after light aircraft used for training crashes into lake

Huey helicopter assisting in fire control crashes at Anderson Airport, sole occupant killed

Plane hits power lines and crashes near Bowenville, Queensland: Pilot dead

Air Force cadet, 19, dies in Mountain Home training incident while 2 others are hurt

Six die in vintage helicopter crash in West Virginia  ||  West Virginia helicopter crash victims identified

Miami plane crash - live: ‘Miracle more not hurt’ aviation expert says as NTSB probe budget airline

Two people confirmed dead after helicopter crash in Lancashire field

Buckeye plane crash ends with 2 people killed

Student pilot in Wauwatosa plane crash dies from injuries

1 dead in Oxnard crash involving plane headed to Phoenix Deer Valley Airport  ||  NTSB report

Chinese fighter jet crashes into homes, killing 1 on ground

Five Marines Dead in Military Plane Crash in California

Greenville helicopter crash, a woman killed, man remains in critical condition

At least two dead in plane crash near Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport

US navy pilot killed in fighter-jet crash in California desert

Plane crashes in channel near Rotterdam; Rescuers search water for two victims

Woman died in a plane crash on Long Island

Woman killed, man injured in Oceanside skydiving plane crash

2 killed after plane crash in Pike County

2 dead in small plane crash in Northern California

One dead, another hurt after small plane crashes near Show Low

Two dead after small plane crashes into retirement community in Colorado

Horror in south east France as tourist plane crashes into mountains, killing all five onboard

Medical examiner identifies pilot killed in Cleburne plane crash

BREAKING: Missing plane from April 14 found near Old Woman Bay

Two pilots presumed dead after flying into 'tornado'

One dead, five injured after plane crashes on Haulover bridge, hits car and catches fire

Chinese jet aborts takeoff, catches fire, causing minor injuries from evacuation

Two pilots killed in helicopter crash in India’s Chhattisgarh

Pilot killed in small plane crash near airport in Athens

Barnwell-bound small airplane crashes off Georgia coast

2 killed after small plane crash in San Francisco

4 people dead in plane crash near Sioux Lookout, Ont.

Two dead after small plane crashes in West Valley

DOUBLE DISASTER Crews at scene of helicopter crash discover second mystery chopper that went down in same 24 hours

Plane crash that killed 66 likely caused by pilot's cigarette, report finds

'A very dark day': Two killed in Mercy Flight helicopter crash in Genesee County

Four people killed in Iron County small plane crash

1 dead, another critically injured in plane crash west of Calgary

Georgia plane crashes at General Mills plant, no passengers survived: Police

Los Angeles plane crash near freeway kills at least one

A small plane crashed on a major road in Haiti capital, killing at least seven people

Nigerian Air Force aircraft crashes in Kaduna, 2 officers feared dead

Pilot dies in NSW light plane crash

Western Australia plane crash: one dead and another injured after aircraft catches fire

1 dead after helicopter crashes at Gila Bend Municipal Airport

Plane crashes into Idaho potato and food processing plant, killing the pilot, cops say

Mai TT Wedding Pilot Dies In ‘Copter Crash

DHL cargo plane split in 2 after making an emergency landing

Pilot dead after helicopter crash on northern Vancouver Island

2 die in plane that crashed about 200 feet from Texas airport, officials say

Tragedy as two killed in helicopter crash at Kosciuszko National Park

Ukraine Shot Down One of Russia’s Most Advanced Fighter Jets

Plane crashes into English Channel as rescue mission seeks two missing Brits

2 South Korean Air Force Planes Collide and Crash, Killing 4

Five people killed after helicopter crashes in Victoria || Abattoir boss identified as one of five killed in Mt Disappointment helicopter crash

Navy E2-D Advanced Hawkeye aircraft crashes in Virginia waters; two rescued, one confirmed dead

Army soldier killed in 'incident' involving two helicopters

Algeria fighter jet crash kills pilot

3 dead as small plane crashes into Mexican grocery store

Police: 2 Killed in Fiery Helicopter Crash Near Dallas

F-16 Fighter Jet Flown by Oklahoma AG Candidate's Son Crashes in Louisiana; Pilot Ejects Safely

Police: Man dies parachuting from San Diego high-rise

2 men killed in Cessna plane crash on Kauai’s Na Pali Coast identified

2 Dead in Palm Beach County Helicopter Crash Identified: Sheriff's Office

U.S. Marines Lose 4 Members During NATO Training Following Osprey Aircraft Crash in Norway

3 from Nebraska dead in northwestern Oklahoma plane crash

Helicopter crashes in Kashmir's Gurez sector, Major killed

Pilot killed in plane crash at Bay Minette Municipal Airport

Jet fighter was nearing end of service prior to Beaufort crash. Marines seek public’s help

National Guard helicopter crashes in Idaho, 3 killed

National Transportation Safety Board investigates fatal airplane crash off St. Augustine runway

Coast Guard Suspends Search For Missing Couple After Finding Plane Crash Wreckage Off Big Pine Key

Video shows charred wreck of world's biggest airplane, the Antonov AN-225, after it was destroyed in Russian invasion of Ukraine

Army helicopter, fighter jet crash in Romania, killing all crew

Plane crash in remote NT, one dead

Light aircraft crashed in southern occupied Palestine, killing 2 people onboard

Telangana: Woman trainee pilot killed in Nalgonda plane crash

Two killed when plane crashes into Pennsylvania neighborhood, officials say

4 killed after helicopter crashes near Navy missile facility in Hawaii

Highway Patrol investigating fatal plane crash, 2 men were killed

PNP chopper crash in Quezon province kills 1, injures 2 others

U.S.-built military jet crashes in Iran, killing three, state TV reports

Skydivers crash to ground after parachutes fail in deadly tandem jump, Texas cops say

Huntington Beach police helicopter goes down in water in Newport Beach; 1 pilot killed and another injured

Pilot dies after small plane crashes near Kingman  ||  NTSB: Amateur-built airplane began to break up before fatal crash near Kingman

Syrian helicopter crash-lands, leaving 2 crew members dead

Charlotte pilot dies after plane crashes into truck on Interstate 85, NC troopers say ||  NTSB releases report on the cause of fatal airplane accident

Crop duster helicopter pilot killed in crash near Coalinga

Myanmar fighter jet crashes into lake, killing pilot

Tasmanian pilot, 41, dies in horror helicopter crash fighting Lebrina bushfires

Plane crashes near Johnson County Executive Airport, 1 person killed

US skateboarder, Belgian influencer killed in Iceland crash

U.S. MH-60M Helicopter Used In Raid To Kill ISIS Leader in Syria Blown Up On The Ground By U.S. Forces

One confirmed dead in Pittsylvania County plane crash

Pilot in plane crash near Hutchinson field dies

Federal investigators gathering evidence in fatal Salem plane crash, occupants identified

Military helicopter crashes in western Russia, killing 1

Small plane crashes near Herlong Recreational Airport in Jacksonville, killing 2 aboard

One dead after Otago glider crash

Two dead after helicopter crash in Louisiana

Wisconsin woman missing after plane crash off Panama  ||  Panama finds bodies of 2 Americans a month after plane crash

Plane crash that killed two pilots in Missouri deemed ‘not survivable’ by officials

Two killed, 1 injured in chopper crash in Russia

Navy helicopter crashes off Israeli coast; 2 pilots killed

03.01.2022 - Two dead in army helicopter crash in Tunisia

Helicopter crash kills 4 in Levy County, NTSB investigates

Beloved Navy sailor among dead in Westside plane crash

The pilot of a military plane that crashed in the Amazon region of Ecuador has died

Helicopter crash leaves 1 dead, 3 hurt northwest of Houston

A helicopter that was fighting fires crashed in Patagonia, killing its two crew members

Helicopter crash kills one person onboard in Tennessee, officials say

Four Killed When Jet That Departed From Orange County Crashes in El Cajon Neighborhood

Mi-2 Helicopter Crashed Near Izhevsk, Russia, pilot dead

Small plane crashes near Herlong Recreational Airport in Jacksonville, killing 2 aboard

IAF's MiG-21 plane crashes in Rajasthan's Jaisalmer, pilot dead

Man dies in second fatal light plane crash in Queensland in less than a week

Utah man, Tucson girl die in Arizona plane crash

Plane crash kills five IU music school students

2 dead after small UPS plane, paraglider collide mid-air in Fort Bend County near Brazos River

Madagascar police chief swims 12 hours to safety after deadly helicopter crash

Two children among four dead in light plane crash off Queensland coast

Two dead after small plane crashes into Lake Arietta in Polk County

Thai army chopper crashes killing 2

Pilot dies in helicopter crash on interstate in Louisiana

Twin-engine plane crashes after engine failure approaching MHT; pilot, 23, killed

Witness: Engine on small airplane was running at high speed before Kentucky crash, 2 killed

Pilot dies after aircraft crash in Bermuda Dunes; identified as James Wallace, 83

Houston plane crash: Solomon Babalola and Apesin Oluwafunmilayo identified as W. Harris County air disaster victims

Pilot, passenger identified in fatal Medford plane crash

Two Pakistan Army majors martyred in Siachen helicopter crash

Four victims of Saturday plane crash identified as Sacramento family

Crash of small, amateur-built plane claims two lives in western Labrador

Missing pilot’s body found in Kund Malir

El Salvador Defence Minister's Son Killed in Military Plane Crash

Authorities Investigate Cause Of Fatal Helicopter Crash In Noble County

Rescue finds debris in area that crashed plane in Ubatuba. The pilot was killed

Small plane crashes near Grove City leaves 1 dead, 1 injured  ||  Witness says plane was covered in oil before fatal crash near Grove City

Pilot Killed When Small Plane Crashes in Temecula

Texas man killed in plane crash near Carlsbad was only passenger, on 'personal flight'

One Air Force pilot killed, two injured in runway accident at Texas base || T-38 Crash That Killed Student Pilot in Texas Caused by...

Pilot killed while fighting wildfire near Estes Park reported turbulent conditions moments before crash

2 dead after Cessna plane crashes north of Hope, B.C.

Two die in Monday plane crash near Boyne City, Charlevoix County

11-year-old girl survives Michigan plane crash that killed her father, 3 others

Man who went to space with Shatner dies in plane crash

Pilot killed in experimental airplane crash near Oak Hill

Brazilian singer and Latin Grammy winner Marilia Mendonca dies in plane crash

Two People Killed In Mazowe Plane Crash

Wreckage of plane that took off in Pa. found off Cape Cod, but pilot is still missing  ||  NTSB releases preliminary report on plane crash off Cape

Four people killed in helicopter crash in Northern California

‘Right wing broke off in midair’: Details released of crash that killed aerobatic pilot

Fighter jets tracked plane over Wisconsin before it crashed in Oconto County leaving pilot dead

Helicopter crash in southwestern Germany leaves 3 dead

Small plane crashes into northeastern Wisconsin home, kills 2 onboard

Arizona plane crash kills the pilot, injures his wife

Plane fall from sky, explode in residential area near San Diego killing the pilot and a driver

Victims of local plane crash ID’d

One person died after a helicopter crashed in Cornwall.investigating

In the United States, the plane crashed at the airport, four killed

Military helicopter crashes in Tunisia, kills 3

2 pilots are killed in crash of business jet in east Georgia

One person dead after helicopter crash near Powell River, B.C.

A R44 helicopter (RA-04172) crashed on Sunday in the Moscow region, killing three people

2 dead after helicopter crashes in Chandler following mid-air collision with plane

UAE: Four die in helicopter crash in the line of duty

3 Dead In Northern Wisconsin Plane Crash

All 5 crewmembers feared dead after Ka-27 helicopter crashes in Russia, says official

Plane crashes near Page, Arizona, killing the pilot, injuring the passenger

Two killed in helicopter crash in Angola

PAF pilot martyred in plane crash near Mardan

East Libya forces say 2 helicopters crashed, killing 2

One dead in plane crash at Wadsworth Municipal Airport, second crash this month

3 killed in helicopter crash in Georgia forest

'Much-loved employee and friend' dies in Otago helicopter crash

Two reportedly dead after plane crashes near Greece en route from Israel

One dead in SE France helicopter crash

Man killed in light aircraft crash after helicopter search for missing plane in Kent

Plane crash kills one in Wadsworth

Cessna jet carrying 4 on the way to Outer Banks crashes, catches fire in Connecticut || Victims Identified in Deadly Farmington Plane Crash

Navy helicopter rotor hit flight deck in incident that killed five sailors

Saskatchewan man, 84, found dead after plane crashes in northern Alberta

Russian Aerospace Forces Su-24 plane crashed near Perm, the pilots injured

Uzbekistan says hundreds of Afghan soldiers flee over border with dozens of aircraft

Small plane crashes in Davis County, killing three  ||  Logan couple killed in small plane crash near Bountiful

Man and a woman killed after light aircraft crashed into farmland in Somerset

Lake Forest Woman Dies In Wisconsin Plane Crash

Man Who Died in Helicopter Crash was Queensbury Business Owner

Coast Guard: 6 dead in Alaska sightseeing plane crash  ||  6 killed in Alaska sightseeing plane crash identified

Mil MI-8 Russian helicopter crashed at Tajikistan border, the pilot was killed

Pilot, co-pilot of crashed helicopter in J&K still missing

4 dead after helicopter crash near Sacramento River in Colusa County

Five Iraqi crew killed in helicopter crash on 'combat mission'

Training aircraft crashes in Lebanon, three dead

Hartford plane crash leaves 1 dead, 1 injured

Hawaiian Airlines flight attendant who died in Southcentral Alaska plane crash was working to become a commercial pilot

Ukraine plane crash horror: Four killed as aircraft crashes into house sparking inferno || Americans among 4 killed in Ukraine plane crash

6 dead in plane crash near Tahoe-area golf course || Co-founder of billion-dollar, Dallas-based real estate firm killed in plane crash

1 dead after ultralight plane crash in Wheeler Canyon near Santa Paula

Brothers' bodies found in Albemarle Sound after helicopter crash

Pilot dies in helicopter crash in southeast Minnesota || Contact With Power Lines Blamed For Recent Helicopter Crash Near Elgin 

2 killed in helicopter crash in Ukraine

Trainer aircraft crashes in Maharashtra's Jalgaon;1 dead, another injured

Spain: Customs agent dies in helicopter crash during drug op

Wildland firefighters killed in Arizona plane crash

Another Army Helicopter Crashes In Chitungwiza

Sweden: Several people have died after a plane crash

2 men from New York dead after plane crash near Aspen

One dead, one in hospital after light plane crash in the Hunter Valley, NSW

Two people died when a small plane crashed in Missoula County

Chichester aircraft crash: Police confirm two men dead after horror incident in Sussex

Military honors being accorded to the remains of Air Force pilot, Maj. Eraño Belen, who died in a helicopter crash June 23 in Tarlac

Boeing cargo plane makes emergency water landing

Pilot killed after helicopter crashes in Talladega County

Five dead in hot air balloon crash in New Mexico

Two killed include Air Force Academy cadet after small plane crashes in Johnson County

Air Force chopper crashes during night-fly training in Tarlac, no survivers

Two men killed in light plane crash on Sunshine Coast hinterland

A plane loaded with paratroopers crashed, killing four people

Plane crash in St. Marys River claims two lives

2 dead in single-engine plane crash near Lone Tree

1 dead, 1 injured in North Tahoe plane crash

Pilot killed in Madisonville plane crash identified

Military helicopter crashes in Afghanistan, 3 dead

Two dead after plane crashes in Montgomery County

1 killed, 1 hurt in North Carolina plane crash

Iran TV: 'Technical problem' on fighter jet kills 2 pilots

Makueni doctor, flight instructor killed in Taveta plane crash

Two dead after small plane crash near Powder Mountain

Ex-'Tarzan' Actor Among 7 Plane Crash Victims In Tennessee

Names released from fatal plane crash in Ohio

NTSB: Pilot error caused fatal helicopter crash in Bahamas

Helicopter pilot dies in rural NSW crash

Knoxville pilot found dead after plane crash in Cumberland County

No survivors found after firefighting helicopter crashes into Florida marsh  ||  Leesburg Firehawk helicopter crash: IDs of all four victims released

Report: Pilot reported engine failure before fatal crash in Eastern Kentucky  ||  NTSB: Jet pilot had emergency, ejected in crash near Nellis

Pilot dead after plane that took off from Nellis Air Force Base crashes

Couple killed in NC plane crash after visiting grandchildren, family says

Pilot error led to 2019 airplane crash in Addison that killed 10, according to NTSB

Two dead as helicopter crashes into Vaal Dam

Canadian man killed in Hendry County plane crash

4 people dead after small plane crashes into Mississippi home

Two killed in Durban helicopter crash

Pilot killed in Union County helicopter crash, deputies say

Eden helicopter crash: Duke Energy pilot dead, 2 others injured in helicopter crash near Eden power plant

One person killed in R44 helicopter crash in Pennsylvania

1 dead, 3 injured in PH Air Force helicopter crash in Bohol

3 people dead after helicopter crash in Nunavut

NTSB: Pilot error cause of fatal 2021 plane crash

Former IndyCar, Sports Car Racer Bill Whittington Killed in Plane Crash

Zimbabwe Air Force Helicopter Crashes Near Capital, 4 Killed

Plane crash at Grove Field in Camas results in fatality

Plane crash site located in Haywood County; both bodies recovered

Vista couple killed in plane crash remembered for ‘showing people their passion’

One Dead, One Injured After Aircraft Crashes Off South Bimini

Victims of light plane crash identified as investigations begin

Training aircraft crashes in Turkey’s Konya, pilot dead

Man dies in light aircraft crash in Koo Wee Rup, south-east of Melbourne

Boko Haram claim shooting down of Nigerian Air Force jet

Gender Reveal Stunt Leads To 2 Deaths After Plane Crashes

Emergency beyond crew control seen as possible cause of Kaliningrad helicopter crash, 1 dead, 2 injured

Three Russian pilots killed in mishap with ejector seat of nuclear bomber

Taiwan loses two fighter jets in apparent collision, third such crash in six months, 1 pilot dead, 1 missing

One dead in plane crash in Ramara

Plane crashes into street in Broward, killing two aboard and boy in SUV. It’s on video

One dead in Palestine plane crash

French billionaire Olivier Dassault dies in helicopter crash

Coast Guard ends search for helicopter in waters off Alaska, 1 dead

3 people dead after plane crash in Georgia, leaving wing inside mobile home

2 dead after Air Force trainer jet crashes in Alabama

San Pedro plane crash: Pilot killed, 1 hospitalized after small plane slams into semi-truck at Port of LA

Authorities confirm 2 deaths in Rock County (WI) “Velocity V-Twin” plane crash

Virgin Islands pilot, celebrated for hurricane rescue flying, dies in helicopter crash

UPDF officer dies in helicopter crash, mechanical fault blamed

Man dies in north Qld helicopter crash

Man and Woman Die in a Plane Crash Near Algodor Aerodrome in Toledo, Spain

NTSB: Plane that crashed in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, killing 2, may have broken up in midair

Man's body recovered following search for missing light aircraft in central Otago

3 National Guard Pilots Are Killed in a Helicopter Crash in Idaho

5 Killed in Cuban Military Helicopter Crash

Indian Army helicopter crashes in J&K's Kathua district, 1 pilot dead, another critical

Pilot’s body recovered from small plane that crashed near Boynton Beach Inlet

Four Palmas players, president dead in Brazilian soccer plane crash

Pilot of crop-spraying aircraft perishes in Free State field crash

Netcare releases names of pilot, health workers who died in KZN helicopter crash

3 killed when military helicopter crashes in upstate New York || 3 Guardsmen killed in helicopter crash were experienced pilots || Human error

Philippine air force helicopter crash kills all 7 aboard

Ultralight aircraft crashes in Franklin Township, New Jersey; pilot identified

Helicopter crash victims identified as parents, two children in family of seven

Businessman and family die when plane hits Michigan house

01.01.2021 - 4 dead after New Year's Day helicopter crash in northern Alberta || Pilot’s decision making, deteriorating weather led to fatal crash

4 Die in Pakistan Army Helicopter Crash

Man helps rescue two passengers from plane crash near Naples Pier

2 Killed in Small Plane Crash Near Texas 360 in Grand Prairie

Body of pilot recovered from plane crash in Liberty Co. identified

Officer among 4 injured in Broward small plane crash

Man killed in a gyrocopter crash, other suffered severe injuries

Small helicopter crash near Heber Valley Airport kills one

Military MS-25 Merlin Helicopter Crash in Algeria: One Dead, Two Missing

Two people died and three children were seriously injured when a helicopter crashed at the mouth of the Kekerengu River, NZ

Pilot killed as SLAF training aircraft crash lands at Kantale

2 killed when helicopter crashes into field in West Texas

France probes rescue helicopter crash that killed five

F-16 pilot dies in crash into Hiawatha National Forest

No mechanical issues found in small plane crash in Arkansas, 2 died

Two killed in helicopter crash near Goulburn  ||  Report sheds light on fatal helicopter crash near Goulburn

Pilot missing after Navy's MiG-29K aircraft crashes into Arabian Sea: Indian Navy

2 pilots killed in military jet crash in Gweru, journalists detained for filming

Israeli Air Force pilot, cadet killed in crash in the South

Argentine Macro Bank president Jorge Brito dies in a plane crash

Remains of missing father and son found at plane crash site near Estacada

Body recovered from crashed plane by Guardia Civil divers

Pilot Dies in Kajiado Chopper Crash

Bothell pilot, 73, dies in plane crash north of Arlington

One confirmed dead in Black Isle helicopter crash

1 Killed In Fiery Pacoima Plane Crash

Third-Generation Air Force Captain Ron Hooper Killed In Nevada County Plane Crash

2 Killed in Military Helicopter Crash in Eastern Afghanistan

Ministry Of Transport To Investigate The Cause Of Helicopter Crash Which Took 2 Lives

Russian helicopter crash in Armenia, 2 killed, 1 injured

Man critically injured after small plane crashes and catches fire in Greenbank bushland near Brisbane

Pilot dies in aircraft accident near Nelspruit Airport

Two Wichita men killed in gyrocopter crash identified; cause remains unknown

3 killed in crash of plane from North Carolina in New York

Plane Crash Near Billings Logan International airport , One Dead

2 die in Vegas-area small plane crash; man on ground escapes

Two die in light aircraft crash in Hilton, KZN

Plane missing since Oct. 24 found crashed near Cordes Lakes; 2 dead

Pilot killed as Taiwan fighter jet crashes into sea

Two dead after small plane crashes in Arizona

ZimParks plane crash update: One dead, two seriously injured, the missing found alive

'An incredibly tragic day for Ocala': Florida police chief Greg Graham killed in plane crash

Navy identifies flying instructor and student killed in military plane crash

Afghan-Taliban conflict: Helicopters carrying wounded troops collide

Victim identified in Lauderdale county plane crash

Narco-plane crashed in Querétaro after chase that began in Chiapas, 2 killed

Newlyweds of four days killed in plane crash in Colorado

Wyoming couple battling severe injuries following plane crash on Grand Mesa

2 dead after plane crashes in Corfu

Marine Corps F-35 and C-130 Collide During Refueling Exercise, All Personnel Found Safe

Pilot Identified in Airplane Crash Off Goleta Coast

Serbian MiG-21 Crashes Near Bosnian Border, Killing Both Pilots | Balkan Insight

Russian mercenaries were killed when their helicopter fell near the Al-Jafra base in central Libya

Crash of a BAe 125-800A near Alta Verapaz: 2 killed

Tanker pilot identified after dying in crash while fighting Emmett wildfire

Private aircraft crashes in Azamgarh village; 1 dead

NTSB investigates weekend aircraft crashes in Texas, Indiana, Michigan and Illinois that killed 10 people

Helicopter crashes, kills pilot in Red Bud, Illinois

4 PAF airmen killed in Basilan chopper crash

Georgia pilot killed in Alabama plane crash

3 killed in plane crash were Tennessee Air National Guard

Small plane crash in Northwest Arkansas kills 4 family members from Oklahoma

Two people killed in plane crash in remote area of Sequoia National Park identified

California pilot on cross-country trip dies in plane crash in Shenandoah National Park

E-2C Hawkeye Crashes Near Wallops Island, Crew Recovered Safely

3 dead, 1 hospitalized after plane crash in Bryan, police say

Prineville Airport plane crash kills Redmond pilot

Knox County judge killed in Lawrence County plane crash

Nigeria: Helicopter Crash in Lagos Kills 2, Injures 1 - Who later died in the hospital

Community honors Bozeman helicopter pilot who died in a crash

Springs plane crash: Fatal incident sparks emergency response

Pilot dies after glider crash in Cheltenham

U.S. Navy unmanned helicopter crashed at Level Mugu naval base

Two killed in plane crash near Osage Beach

Helicopter pilot killed while fighting Hills Fire in Fresno County identified

Small plane stolen in Jefferson County crashes near La Push  ||  See Exclusive Photos  ||  Man who crashed allegedly stolen plane dies of injuries

Helicopter crash in remote area near northern B.C. mine reportedly fatal

Pilot killed in light plane crash near Otaki on the Kapiti Coast || The pilot was named

Two dead following Susanville plane crash

Pilot dies after plane crash in East Sussex

Brother of Millionaire Entrepreneur Killed, 3 Others Rescued in Helicopter Crash on Tenn. River

1 person dead, 2 injured in Montana plane crash

2 reported dead after small plane crashes in south Alabama

Sheriff: 1 dead in crash of crop duster in SE South Dakota

Woman dies in Mission plane crash near Stave Lake

Authorities Identify Victims After Plane Crashes Into West Jordan Home

Four die in plane crash in Swiss Alps

One dead in light aircraft crash in South Canterbury

Germany: Three dead as TL Ultralight TL-96 Sting plane hits hot air balloon and crashes into homes

4 Air Force members die, 1 injured from Isabela helicopter crash

Gambo man dead in Thorburn Lake helicopter crash, 2 others in hospital as investigation continues

Taiwanese military helicopter crashes, killing two pilots

Bluebird Aviation Dash 8 Catches Fire Following Somalia Crash - Simple Flying

Two killed in Hughes 500MD helicopter crash in Kenya

Two bodies recovered from crashed helicopter near Rome

Plane crash in Meyers claims life, another airlifted to hospital, later died  ||  Meyers fatal plane crash victims identified

3 confirmed dead, 5 missing in Lake Coeur d’Alene plane crash

Tourism company founder Troy Thomas one of two people killed in helicopter crash, 2 injured

Four Dead After Small Plane Crashes In Utah County

Pilot killed in plane crash at Wonderboom Airport

Small plane crashes near Legacy Parkway in Centerville; 1 dead, 3 injured  ||  Second victim in Centerville plane crash dies

Pilot killed when helicopter crashes in Wayne County field

SA Civil Aviation Authority investigates Midrand helicopter crash, two people were killed

North Sea US jet crash: Pilot's body found

Single-Engine Plane Crashes in Wyoming Lake; Passenger Dies

Odisha Plane Crash: Two killed as trainer aircraft crashes in Odisha's Dhenkanal

Missing airplane may have crashed in the Fraser River

Indonesian Army Helicopter Crashes, Killing 4

3 die in plane crash east of Mentone

3 Dead After Helicopter Hired By PG&E Strikes High-Voltage Line And Crashes Near Fairfield

1 killed in helicopter crash near Roseburg, OR

Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office releases identity of Orcutt fatal plane crash victim

F-35 stealth fighter jet crashes at Eglin Air Force Base, pilot successfully ejected and in stable condition. || Excessive Landing Speed

Russian military helicopter crashes killing its three crew members

Commander calls Snowbirds crash 'worst nightmare' as Forces begins investigation, 1 dead, 1 injured

1 dead, 1 injured in plane crash on Alaska’s North Slope

Student pilot killed, instructor injured when small plane crashes in Miramar

Croatia's defense minister resigns after fatal plane crash

Famed online gambling businessman killed in plane crash, son injured

1 HPD officer killed, another injured in helicopter crash in north Houston

Small plane crashes near Mountain Center, cause of crash unclear

3 people from Arizona killed in Nevada plane crash are ID'd

Police: 1 dead, 1 injured following helicopter crash in Mesa, AZ

Former California mayor, 72, who criticized Trump dies in plane crash

Pilot dies in light plane crash near Carterton

Three National Guard soldiers killed when Black Hawk crashes in Minnesota - Gruntstuff

Pakistan army trainee aircraft crashes near Gujarat, 2 pilots died

Man killed, another injured after aircraft crash on Gold Coast

Two Minnesotans Killed in Iowa Plane Crash

Coast Guard suspends search for two missing persons associated with plane crash near Emerald Isle

Florida man, 64, dies in small plane crash near Charleston

One seriously hurt in fiery plane crash near Eagle Creek, Oregon

Tributes pour in for olympic canoeist Mark Perrow who died in KZN plane crash

Pakistan pilot dies after F-16 jet crashes during rehearsal

Five dead after plane crashes into dunes on far north Queensland beach

Three people are killed as a plane crashes into a helicopter during take-off near Mount Everest

B.D.F. Helicopter Crashes into Lagoon; Four Soldiers are Killed

Small plane crashes at Hawaii airfield, killing 2 men

Navy's MiG-29k plane crashes in Goa, accident during training

Three confirmed dead in Coleman County plane crash

Four people killed after two planes collide mid-air north of Melbourne || Mangalore mid-air plane crash report reveals errors...

Syria rebels claim downing of government chopper, 2 killed

Plane crash-lands on its belly in Russia

Rebels shoot down Syrian helicopter as fighting intensifies, 2 killed

4 confirmed dead after jet crashed amid low visibility conditions in Georgia

Authorities ID victims in Jackson Parish fatal plane crash

Russian parliament member dies in helicopter crash

Ice likely caused fiery rural Louisiana plane crash that killed three, report says

5 people killed in Alaska commuter plane crash

2 Killed In Sonora Plane Crash Near Columbia Airport, Tuolumne County

Algeria Fighter Jet Crashes, 2 Pilots Killed

One killed, two taken to hospital after a plane crash southwest of Payson

SACAA confirms death of colleagues in Garden Route crash, 3 killed

Plane carrying two people feared to have crashed off Brisbane

4 killed in plane crash at Southern California airport

Tourist Plane Crashes, 4 slightly injured

Egypt loses pilot in fighter jet crash in Sinai

Victims of Montana plane crash identified, 4 men died in a plane crash

Two men dead in crashed plane found at Queensland-NSW border

Two confirmed dead in helicopter crash in Silver Spring Township

Pakistani air force jet crashes in training, 2 pilots killed

2020 - SLAF aircraft crashes in Haputale killing four including pilot


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