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My experience  shows that there are many symptoms which define the higher probability  and bad circumstances for crashes and especially for aircrashes .  They can recognize not only approximately the time, but even the geographic place.  Because I haven't got a presise program and I do that  manually I'll try to give you only some dangerous days and hours /GMT/ for flights.
Accept  my apologies if I omit some of the times.
B E W A R E !
To be  flying over the  wrong place, at the wrong time, in the wrong aircraft with the wrong crew and
passengers! That's a real bad chance ! 
Could we avoid such situation ? I only hope so !  I know that we have to try to do it. We have to try to understand the stars and the planets and to abide by natural laws.
I have explored many aircrashes.
My methodology gives us an opportunity to predict  the bad time in the personal life of any pilot when he can make the fatal mistake.
Sometimes an aircrash and a terrorist act are one and the same thing.
In the case of
09/11the methodology shows not only a very big danger, but it also points out that the problem wouldn't be with the engines.
I've served for many years in the Air Force. I've lost several mates, who were pilots.  It shouldn't have occured! Now I'm confident that aircrashes are predictable. I created a methodology based on well-tried  astrological methods and activities which can manage  this problem successfully with  precision about 80-90%.
Do You want to try it?
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I want to share with you that it is dificult for me
to distinguish an aircrash from a terror act by vehicles during my interpretation - the simptoms are similar.
For example:
Boeing 727-200 crashed in Benin

                    - └ssassination attempt against