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Meden Rudnik, Burgas,

Store - 109 sc/m
Price - 45,780 uro

HIistory and cultural tourism

Aytos, The three brothers and Kazanite

Bakadjik - The Spirit and the Soul on the Path


Koprivshtitsa - The Museum Town

The treasures of ancient Thrace

Rogozen and Valchitran Thracian treasures

Sand Sculpture Festivals in Burgas, Bulgaria;

27-th June 1877 - REMEMBER THIS DAY (Video)

26-28.06.2008 - NOVAE - The Eagle on the Danube - 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016,

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Holiday place for eko tourism 

Four km. far from Kazanlak, in the forest and mountain, there are sunny spots, where the air is sweet with fresh tree, and an eco-path leads you to a powerful energy source- the Megalith "The door of the goddess", an archeological and astronomical equipment, dating from the second half of the 3rd millennium before Christ. Later it was used by our Thracians. There you will enjoy your eyes the nature beauty, and the fresh air will make you more sensible and edge your appetite. This is the holiday place "Buzovgrad".
Quite near is one of the biggest dam lake- "Koprinka". The luxury is in the silence, the water radiates fluids, which relax the nerves and refresh the complexion. Don't forget the popular discipline- cheating the time with the belonging to it- angling. There occupy sheat-fish, carp, perch, white fish. 
Restaurants, a small ship for a short trip, jets and many another temptations there are waiting for you. Still nearer, at the foot of the Sredna Gora- mountains is a micro dam lake- "Sinyata reka" (the blue river), a hotel-complex, restaurant and discotheque until it dawns. You can go for walk up to Shipka-top, Buzludsha-top, "Zlatnite kubeta" (the 'Golden cupolas'), the Thracian tomb and the Museum of the oil-bearing rose.
Arrived one time in the holiday place "Buzovgrad', you will come again immediately, because this is a excellent place for the connoisseurs and fans of the eco-tourism, perfect liking and comfort without compromise. It is a priceless luxury for the city-people- a crystal pure air, wonderful view to the forest und the mountain! The temptations are too many! There you feel best the green pulse of the mountain and the forest. You must hear it too!


 BUZOVGRAD (slideshow)ANGLING-1(slideshow)ANGLING-2 (slideshow)A Night in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria (slideshow)The Eagle on the Danube - 2008 (gladiator fights - slideshow)Sand sculptures in Burgas, BG - 2008/ 2009 (Photo album)"Eagle on the Danube" - third edition of Festival of Ancient Heritage - Svishtov, Bulgaria, 4-6 June 2010 (two slideshows)Sand sculptures in Burgas, BG - 2010 (Photo album)

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