Sand Sculpture Festival 2017


In 2017, the sand city in Burgas, Bulgaria, created by sculptors from Bulgaria, Poland, Ukraine, Turkey, Germany, Latvia, Portugal and Russia fascinated its visitors in this Tenth anniversary edition. The artists relied on the idea of re-creating some of the favorite characters for children and adults, impressed them in the most innocent childhood memories where time seems to have stopped and everything is carefree, cheerful and happy. The visitors met over 50 characters interlaced in 21 compositions.

Sandy Tales started from July and

continued to September.






Sand Sculpture Festival 2016


9th edition of the festival of sand sculptures in Burgas, Bulgaria, (01 July - 11 September 2016) was titled ''Movie Hers''.

Talented artists from around the world have worked tirelessly for several weeks to mold the impressive sculptures of sand like the Penguins of Madagascar, Winnie The Pooh, The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz, The Avengers, Star Wars, Zootopia, Khumba, Batman Vs Superman, Hotel Transylvania, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Brave, Kung Fu Panda, Rio, The Good Dinosaur, The Little Prince, Frozen, Tarzan.






Sand Sculpture Festival 2015


SAFARI WITH CAMERA is the theme that inspired the authors of the eighth edition of the Sand Sculptures Festival organized by the Municipality of Burgas. Tens of figures of exotic animals from different continents and ages lurk behind the interesting title this year. Having more sand than ever, more than 5 thousand tones, spread on an even larger terrain, the festival promises to become again the center of attraction for tourists from home and abroad. Talented artists from around the world have worked tirelessly for several weeks to mold the most impressive sculptures of sand.





Sand Sculpture Festival 2014


During 2014 in Burgas, Bulgaria, was held the 7th edition of the Festival of sand sculptures titled "Fairy tales of sand". The residents and visitors of the city saw the figures of main characters of some famous tales and stories such as Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, Spider Man, Sharks (Sharks tale), Masha and the bear, Addams Family and many others. The sculptures presented interesting compositions highlighting the famous heroes, scenes and senses of our loving tales.





Sand Sculpture Festival 2013


During 2013 in Burgas, Bulgaria, was held the sixth edition of the Festival of sand sculptures titled "Walk of fame". The residents and visitors of the city saw the figures of famous people such as Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Steve Jobs, Leonardo da Vinci, Salvador Dali, Christopher Columbus, Yuri Gagarin, The Beatles, Luciano Pavarotti, Lady Gaga, Ray Charles, Louis Armstrong, Abraham Lincoln, khan Asparukh, tsar Simeon, Kubrat Pulev and many others. This year was built the highest figure, more than 8 meters. The sculptures presented interesting compositions highlighting what the prototype is known for.





Sand Sculpture Festival 2012


The Fifth edition of Burgas sand sculpture festival - 2012 has been opened on 2-th of July with amazing show. The sand figures will be on display until 30 September. The exhibition is being organized in Burgas Park Lake in the Sea Garden. This year 18 sculptors from 9 countries have made 18 sculptures out of 3,500 tons of special, water resistant sand. They include the characters Hell Boy, The Beauty and the Beast, The Magical Pumpkin, Hansel and Gretel, The Giant Castle, a train with magical characters, etc.



Sand Sculpture Festival 2011


took place in the city of Bourgas, at the Black Sea coast, from July 1 until September 15 2011.
The participants from eight countries: Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Poland, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, The Netherlands and Australia made sculptures of popular cinema characters like Robocop, Batman, Harry Potter and King Kong along with heroes from Lord of the Rings, Avatar, Star Wars, Jurassic Park and many others.
The visitors had been attracted by amazing sand figures as:
Predator and Alien by Krists Zarins from Latvia;
Harry Potter by Georgi Zlatev from Bulgaria;
Ben Hur by Martin De Zoete  from Holland;
Konche Vihrogonche by Ivan&Anatoly Lunin from Russia and etc.




Sand Sculptures in Burgas, BG - 2010 (Photo album)

Sand sculptures in Burgas, BG - 2010 (Photo album)

Second Festival of Sand Sculptures - 2009


Second time the Municipality of Burgas organized the one of its kind Sand Sculptures Festival in Bulgaria. The place of the exhibition is the same as last years near Park hotel at the Sea Garden.
This year a 8.5 m long fairytale tree dominates over amid the sand town. The central composition was sculptured together by all the participant artists in the festival. They were 18 and come from Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Netherlands, USA, Portugal and Bulgaria. The Bulgarian group included three artists Atanas Stoyanov, Lyubo Kotsev and Dobrin Vatev. They contributed to the realization to one of the main objectives of the festival development of Bulgarian sand sculpture school.
Citizens and guests of Burgas will have the opportunity to see 28 sculptures, some of which are composed of several figures.
They are arranged in spiral form and the whole composition represents a sun-dial. Thus during the daytime the shadow of the tree will point one after another the surrounding sculptures.
This year the sand used for the sculptures weights 3300 tonnes, which is 800 more than the previous.
Visitors of the festival will have the chance to see and take a picture with characters from Star Wars, Ice Age and many popular tales and myths.
The second edition of the festival was opened on July 2nd by the disco legends Boney M, who had a concert in Burgas on the same date.
Tickets prices are: BGN 1 for children and BGN 3 for adults.
Travel agencies have stated their interest to include the exhibition in their services. For tourists there are also souvenir stands and shops.
Sand sculpture festival will last till the middle of September.





Photo album




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