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June 2008  

01.06.2008*/US/MO/St. Charles County/Katy Trail - A small plane crash kills the pilot.
*/US/N.Y./Monroe Co/Sweden - Cessna-172 plane crash injures critically an instructor and a student.
*/US/AZ/Pima County/West Avra Valley Road - A single-engine red & white home-build plane crash kills the pilot.
*/US/KS/Lawrence - In order to avoid power lines the instructor put the aircraft onto the ground striking a mailbox and an aircraft hanger at Vinland airport. The student was injured.
*/US/WA/Snohomish County/Arlington - A small plane crash injures the pilot. The plane, a Rutan VariEze, is a build-at-home aircraft first introduced in the 1970s.
                  */US/Ind./Greensburg/Decatur County Airport - The pilot of a skydiving plane,
Cessna 208B Grand Caravan (reg. N102VE), made a crash landing in Greensburg after his plane malfunctioned at 7,000 feet, forcing 14 skydivers to jump from the disabled aircraft. The pilot walked away from the crash Sunday morning and no one was injured.  The malfunction caused oil to spray on the plane’s windshield. When the plane landed, its propellers hit the ground and the plane flipped over. No one was injured.
                  */US/UT/Weber County/Pleasant View - A helicopter crashed on landing
injures 1 man. The damage to the helicopter was estimated to be around $350,000.
03.06.2008*/US/FL/Orlando-Sanford International Airport - A small plane collapsed a nose gear on landing, but nobody was hurt.

*/U.A.E./into the Gulf Waters - Shaikh Nasser dies in helicopter crash
The Ministry of Presidential Affairs has announced the death of Shaikh Nasser Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who died last night when the helicopter carrying him and his colleague crashed over Gulf Waters. Shaikh Nasser was the brother of President His Highness Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan. In a statement, the Ministry of Presidential Affairs announced a three-day mourning during which ministries and government departments will remain closed. Funeral prayers for Shaikh Nasser and his colleague will be performed at the Shaikh Sultan Bin Zayed Mosque in Al Bateen. President Shaikh Khalifa will receive condolences today at Al Mushrif Palace after the funeral service.
Phantom Fighter Jet Crashed, Two Pilots Safe
06.06.2008//04:00 GMT - Greece/Santorini airport - Phantom Two Pilots Safe

The two pilots, flying Hellenic Air-Force photographic Phantom which caught fire during emergency landing at Santorini Airport on Friday morning, are safe. The aircraft slid in the runway due to hydraulic failure but the pilots ejected quickly before the aircraft caught fire. They were transferred to 251 Air-Force Hospital for clearly preventive reasons. The RF-4, which took off from 110 Fighter Wing to participate in the naval exercise "Kataigida"(Storm) held in the Aegean, has suffered heavy damage. Group of experts is looking into the causes of the accident. (ERT/Anna Kourti)

This photo was taken by 'Journal' travel writer Tim Hedgley of a Greek fighter jet which crashed just yards from where he was staying.
07.06.2008*/France/Aix-en- Provence - Two British men and a Belgian national were injured when their small plane crashed.
                  */Germany/Hegenscheid - A private Robin DR 400/160 Chevalier plane (reg. D-EDIM) crashed on takeoff
killing the pilot.
*/US/AR/Forrest City - A Cesna plane crashed on takeoff killing 1, injuring 1 on board.
                  */US/N.Y./Duanesburg -
A photographer fell from a plane without a parachute, died.
                  */US/AK/Quinhagak - A Piper PA-18 Super Cub crashed
killing the pilot.
                  */US/FL/near Yankeetown - A Cessna-206 plane crashed
killing 2 men and a woman.
*/Chile/La Junta - A Patagonia Airlines Cessna-208 Caravan plane (reg. CC-CTR) with 10 people on board crashed killing the pilot and injuring 9 passengers.
09.06.2008*/US/Minnesota/Minneapolis St.-Paul International Airport - Two Northwest Airlines planes clipped wings on the ground. One Airbus A330 had just landed and was taxiing to the gate area when it got too close to another Airbus A330 at a neighboring gate and the wings clipped. There were no passengers on the plane that was sitting at the gate. Both planes had some damage to the wing tips.
Sudan plane bursts into flames,
dozens feared dead

10.06.2008//17:00 GMT

Sudan/KHARTOUM - A Sudanese airliner
Airbus A-310 (reg. ST-ATN) coming from Amman and Damascus burst into flames after landing in Khartoum on Tuesday night, killing at least 33 of the 214 people (203 passengers and 11 crew members) on board.
Doctors said the local mortuary had received 28 bodies by 3 a.m. on Wednesday and witnesses said they saw rescue teams remove five more bodies from the charred wreckage of the plane after daybreak.
The Civil Aviation Authority said it had counted 113 survivors but that other people had left the site of the incident and gone straight home without informing the authorities.
Presidential adviser Ghazi Salahaddin said that 50 to 60 people were unaccounted for.
The nationalities of the dead were not immediately known but diplomats who have examined the manifest said that almost all the names appear to be Arabic. Airport officials said they thought the vast majority were Sudanese.
A dust storm and heavy rain hit the airport on Tuesday and the plane was initially diverted to Port Sudan on the Red Sea.
There was an explosion in the airliner's right wing engine area. Sudanese television showed emergency workers using hoses to spray water on the burning fuselage of the airliner.
"The operation to recover bodies from the plane is going on now," police deputy director general Al Adel Ajeb said in a television interview. "It is a difficult operation because some bodies are completely burned and there are body parts."
Because the bad weather the plane then flew to the Red Sea city of Port Sudan before returning to Khartoum an hour later.
A survivor said the landing in Khartoum was "not normal" and that there was "an explosion in the right wing" two or three minutes after the plane landed.
Television pictures showed emergency escape chutes at the side of the blazing aircraft and ambulances on the tarmac.
"Whether (the fire was due to) a technical reason we don't know yet," airport director Yusuf Ibrahim told Sudanese TV.
"The plane was coming from Amman and Syria ... It landed safely at Khartoum airport and they talked to the control tower which told them where to taxi. At this moment an explosion happened," he said.
33 пассажира загоревшегося
в Судане самолета погибли

10.06.2008//17:00 по Гринвичу

По меньшей мере 33  человека погибли из-за пожара на пассажирском самолете после его приземления в аэропорту столицы Судана города Хартум.
Самолет "Суданских авиалиний", совершавший рейс № 109 из столицы Иордании города Амман, во вторник вечером загорелся после приземления в международном аэропорту Хартума. На борту самолета, по данным местных властей, находилось около 200  человек.
По информации СУНА, на борту самолета
Airbus А310 (ST-ATN) находились 203 человека, включая
11 членов экипажа.
Как рассказали очевидцы, возгорание произошло в одном из двигателей самолета, после чего пламя стремительно распространилось по всему корпусу самолета.
По словам руководителя международного аэропорта Хартума Юсуфа Ибрахима (Yusuf Ibrahim), самолет произвел успешную посадку, после чего по неизвестным причинам произошел взрыв одного из двигателей.
В настоящее время на месте происшествия работают пожарные и спасатели.
В мае этого года на юге Судана разбился самолет. Тогда погибли 24 человек, в том числе министр обороны Южного Судана Доминик Дим (Dominic Dim).
Летом 2003 года во время взлета в суданском городе Порт-Судан потерпел крушение самолет Boeing 737, также принадлежавший "Суданским авиалиниям". Жертвами катастрофы стали 115 человек.
The plane that burst into flames after apparently veering off a runway at an airport in Khartoum, Sudan, Tuesday June 10, 2008  (AP Photo/Sudan TV via APTN)
Судански самолет изгоря след
кацане в Хартум, Судан; 33 загинали

10.06.2008//17:00 по Гринуич

Пътнически самолет
Airbus А310 (ST-ATN) на суданската авиокомпания Sudan Airways, изпълняващ полет 109 от Аман, Йордания, през Дамаск, Сирия, се запали след кацане на летището в Хартум, Судан. На борда на самолета е имало 203 пътници и 11-членен екипаж. В моргата  са били приети 28 тела, а според свидетели още 5 овъглени са били извадени от горящия корпус от спасителните екипи. 14 пътници остават неоткрити и съдбата им е неясна.
Коментариите относно случилото се на летището се разминават в някои детайли.
Според някои пътници поради лошото време изразяващо се в проливен дъжд и пясъчна буря екипажът бил принуден да се отклони от маршрута и да кацне за около час на летището в Порт Судан. След преминаване на бурята излетели към летището в Хартум - дестинация на полета. По това време полосата там била мокра, с локви вода по нея. Според някои пътници кацането не протекло гладко.  Според други самолетът дори напуснал очертанията на полосата. Според началника на летището лайнерът  кацнал нормално и екипажът му вече уточнявал мястото за установяване с контролната кула когато внезапна експлозия от към страната на десния двигател и крилото стартирала бедствието.  Повечето успели да се измъкнат невредими по аварийните трапове, но някои от по възрастните и децата станали жертва на бързо разпространилите се буйни пламъци обхванали целия самолет.
10.06.2008*/Kenya/Narok - Plane crashes carrying Kenya minister
A plane crashed Tuesday in western Kenya, killing all four people on board, including a Cabinet minister and an assistant minister.
Kenyan Roads Minister Kipkalya Kones and Assistant Minister of Home Affairs Lorna Laboso had been on board the
Cessna 210, which was headed to Kericho, in the Rift Valley. The plane crashed in a remote area called Kajong'a, in western Kenya hitting an unoccupied house. The two others killed were Kenneth Kiprono Bett, who worked for Kones as a bodyguard, and the pilot.

                 */Tanzania/Arusha/Arumeri District/Oljoro - A military helicopter (reg. JW9507) crashed
killing 6 men on board.
                 */Canada/Alberta/Edmonton/VILLENEUVE -
AS-350 chopper crashing as the both pilots, who were conducting training manoeuvres, were about to land. The helicopter ended up on its side on a grassy airport next to the tarmac. Its blades were smashed.
*/Norway/Reinsvoll airfield -The Cessna-F172P plane (reg. LN-ALZ ), hired by National Guard in connection with an exercise, crashed on takeoff injuring 3 aboard.
                  */Poland/Cieszyn/Dziegielow - Eurocopter EC 120 helicopter (reg. SP-CTA) crash-landed
injuring the passenger.
*/France/Merdrignac - A Mirage 2000N fighter jet crashed. The pilots ejected safely.

12.06.2008*/Ivory Coast/Abidjan Int. Airport - Some injuries as jet aborts takeoff in Ivory Coast
A Brussels Airlines jetliner carrying about 160 people aborted its takeoff from Abidjan's airport Wednesday night, and
3 passengers suffered minor injuries during making an emergency evacuation. One of the pilots of the Airbus A330 told the passengers he had stopped the takeoff after hearing a loud popping sound that he thought was a tire exploding. A fire truck raced to the runway and quickly extinguished one burning tire. The pilot initially told passengers to remain in their seats. But suddenly the crew started shouting, "Evacuate! Evacuate!" The doors of the plane opened, and everyone hurried down the emergency slides. Three passengers suffered minor injuries such as bruises and sprained ankles during the evacuation about 9 p.m.
                  */China/Hong Kong -
Dragonair Airbus-330-300 plane suffered a turbulence during the flight injuring 6 crew-members and a passenger.
Cargo plane crashes at Barnstable airport, killing 1
Cargo plane crashes at Barnstable airport, killing 1
18.06.2008// US/Mass./HYANNIS - A twin-engine cargo plane crashed on takeoff at Barnstable Municipal Airport on Wednesday,
killing the pilot, who was the only person on board. The DeHavilland C6 turboprop (reg. N656WA) belonging to Wiggins Airways crashed about 500 feet down a runway about 10 a.m., Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman Arlene Salac said. Mark Conway, 43, of Marstons Mills, was killed at the scene. He was hired by Wiggins in December to make twice-a-day cargo flights to Nantucket carrying United Parcel Service and Federal Express packages. The plane had been carrying a little more than 200 pounds of cargo when it crashed, well below its 3,000-pound cargo capacity. The airport was temporarily closed after the crash, and federal investigators planned to head there to try to determine the cause.
The plane entered service in 1967, according to an FAA database. Wiggins owns and operates one DeHavilland C6 Twin Otter -- the type that crashed -- along with 11 other planes in support of UPS cargo deliveries. Wiggins also is a feeder operator for FedEx, operating 31 additional planes throughout the Northeast and Canada. The employee-owned company was founded in 1929 and has 165 staff.
13.06.2008*/US/NV/Fallon - Two military planes collide east of Fallon
Two navy planes collided when in training so causing the devastating crash that
killed one F/A -18 pilot. At 12:10 p.m. on June 13 two aircraft on a routine training mission crashed approximately 50 miles east of the air station near Middlegate. The aircraft involved were a two-seat F-5 Tiger and an F/A-18C Hornet. The aircrew from the F-5 ejected safely and are being transported to NAS Fallon. The F/A -18 was conducting a training mission in the Fallon Range Training Complex.
                  */Venezuela/Caracas/Fort Tjuna - A military
Mi-17 helicopter crashed on landing injuring two crew members.
14.06.2008*/S.A./Kwazulu-Natal/Salt Rock - A microlight plane crash injures critically 2 occupants on board.
                  */US/N.C./Cartage - A small plane crashed on landing
killing the pilot.
15.06.2008*/China/Nei Mongol/Chifeng - A small plane crashed into a hillside killing three people on board and critically injuring another.
                  */US/Pa/Mercer County/Grove City Airport - A glider crashed
injuring both occupants on board.
                  */US/off the coast of Maine/18 miles east of Portland - A Cessna 337 Skymaster plane crashed into the ocean
killing a man and a woman on board.
                  */Germany/Regensburg-Oberhub Airport - A Beechcraft Bonanza V.35 plane crashed on landing in corn field and burst into flames
killing 3 people on board.
                  */Namibia/Swakopmund - The Pleasure Flights & Safaris Cessna C210 plane (reg. V5-RGW) was on finals for runway 35 at Swakopmund when the engine cut out. It was decided to carry out an emergency landing in the desert between 2 and 3 km from the airport. On landing the rough terrain caused the nose wheel to collapse and the nose of the aircraft dug in and it flipped over. The plane's engine was separated from the fuselage, the wings and tail section were damaged, and three of the plane's seats tore free from the cabin and lay scattered around the crash scene after the accident. On board were a South African pilot and 5 German tourists and the pilot.
Three of them were injured.
16.06.2008*/US/AZ/Phoenix/Sky Harbor International Airport. - Dozens of passengers on an arriving Southwest Airlines Flight 2511, from Ausin-TX, are safe after two of the plane's wheels caught fire at about 11 a.m. Monday on the runway at Sky Harbor International Airport. All 127 passengers said they spent 50 minutes inside the disabled aircraft with no air conditioning as outside temperatures climbed into the triple digits before they could exit and board buses to the terminal.
Black smoke could be seen billowing from the right rear wheels as firefighters raced to the scene. No one was hurt.
                  */Spain/Tenerife/Sur Reina Sofia Airport -
LTE International Airways Airbus A320 sucked into one of its engines a mechanic. He died.
17.06.2008*/Denmark/Billund Airport - Robinsn R 22 Beta II helicopter (reg. OY-HPH) crashed on takeoff damaging the tail rotor.
18.06.2008*/US/UT/Uintah County/Vernal - A small plane made an emergency landing, but a semi truck clipped the wing of the aircraft, ripping it off. Both occupants injured.
                  */S.A./KZN/Durban International Airport - Comair Ltd / British Airways Boeing 737-236A plane (reg. ZS-OKD) with 93 people on board almost oveshot the runway on landing and ended up in the mud on the side of the runway. The plane performed Flight 6203 from Johannesburg. Airplane damage was minor.
19.06.2008*/Canada/Laurentides reservation/Epaule Lake - A helicopter crash injures one of both occupants. The injured man later died.
                  */Italy/Piemonte/VC/Caresanablot - Schweizer 269C helicopter (reg. I-LETI) struck a cable and crashed during aerial work.
                  */Federation of Bosnia and Hercegovina/Travnik -
EU helicopter crashes in Bosnia
A Spanish helicopter
ВО-105 Bolkow used by the EU's Eufor peacekeeping mission in Bosnia has crashed, killing all four people on board, officials have said. Two Spanish pilots and two German officers died when the helicopter came down in the centre of the country. The helicopter crashed at around midday (1000 GMT) north of the town of Travnik in a remote, mountainous area.
20.06.2008*/US/FL/Highlands County/Lake Placid - A single-engine Piper Cub airplane crashed near Placid Lakes Airport at about 12:15 p.m. killing both occupants.
*/US/HI/Big Island/ SW of Mauna Loa (volcano) - An Island Hoppers Cessna-172M plane with 3 people crashed. The wreckage found on 23.06. ; 3 on board -dead.
*/US/Mo/Brookfield-Marceline airport - An ultralight plane crashed injuring the pilot.
*/US/N.J./Cape May County/Dennis Township/Belleplain - An acrobatic plane crashed killing a man (37) and his wife (34).
*/Hungary/Fehergyarmat - A military training L-39 Albatros plane crashed killing both occupants.
*/RU/Rostov/Sal'skaya - A crop duster "Aviatika-890" crash-landed.
                  */Brazil/Rio de Janeiro/Jacarepagaua - An ultralight plane "landed" on branches of tree.
                  */Norway/W of Stora Sotra (islands) - A Helitrans
Merlin III B plane (reg. LN-SFT) crashed into the sea while on training mission in bad weather and 3 people on board are believed dead.
*/Germany/Villingen-Schwenningen - Diamond DV20-100 Katana (reg. D-EVMK) plane crashed on takeoff kiling the pilot.
A Royal Thai Army helicopter crashed Friday while searching for Muslim separatists in the conflict-ridden deep South, killing 10 people on board.
Thai Army helicopter crash kills 10

20.06.2008*/Thailand/Yala province/Bannang Sata district
A helicopter crashed in the insurgency-torn southern province of Yala on Friday afternoon killing all ten people on board.
The helicopter travelling to a site where border patrol police were attacked in a mountaineous area in Bannang Sata district.
Engine failure apparently occurred as the helicopter passed Banglang dam. The pilots tried an emergency landing but the helicopter's rotor blades struck tree branches. Viroj Buacharoon, commander of the Fourth Army Area ordered a special team to search for the crash victims. The victims are :
Captain Pramote Purak, Lieutenant Rashen Sukha, Sergeant Major Ronnachit Kaewprasert, Sergeant Nopparat Worasen, Pol Capt Worapong Puttinin, Maneera Bantao, Captain Samart Palatphum, Sergeant Major Narin Nuanum, Sergeant Major Akradej Jantakul and Sergeant Taweesak Pongsapan.
21.06.2008*/US/Mass./Martha’s Vineyard/Tashmoo Pond - A helicopter crashed into the water because of engine failure injuring slightly 4 people on board.
                  */US/IL/Aurora/Shugar Grove/Aurora Municipal Airport - A home-built plane caught fire after takeoff and crash-landed.
                  */US/Maine/Knox County/Owls Head/off coast - A Piper PA-28 plane crashed shortly after takeoff
killing the pilot.
                  */US/Kan./Wichita - A small airplane apparently went into a stall before crashing in a field
injuring the pilot.
*/Hungary/Nagybajom - Alexander Kft Aerospatile Gazelle helicopter crashed on takeoff injuring 5 people on board.
*/Austria/Krems-Gneixendorf - Antonov An-2R plane (reg. HA-MBC) with 13 people aboard crashed on takeoff and was damaged beyond repair.
                  */US/Md/Taneytown - A 1949 Avion Stampe plane crash-landed
injuring slightly the pilot.
*/US/Idaho/Lemhi County/near Salmon river - A powered parachute missing. Later the wreckage found and the man flying on it was dead.
*/US/Ca/Gilroy - A motorized glider struck power lines and crashed killing the pilot.
*/Germany/Hettstadt - A small G-3 plane crash-landed.
                  */Belgium/Hasselt - PA-18-150 Super Cub plane (reg. D-EFXY) crashed on takeoff into a hangar slightly
injuring the pilot.
*/US/Puerto Rico/Lajas Arriba - An experimental plane (reg. N131PR) crash kills both occupants.
*/US/Mo/Bowling Green - BE-99 plane during parachute jumping activity was struck at the wing by exiting jumper and he was killed.
*/US/FL/Tavares - A two-seat Cessna plane was forced to made an emergency landing and  crashed hitting a field fence.
*/Slovenia/Postojna - IKarus C42 plane crashed on landing killing 2 Germans
*/US/Kan./Johnson County Executive Airport - A plane skidded off  the runway on takeoff damaging its left wing.
                  */S.A./Gauteng/Germiston - Extra EA-300 plane (reg. ZU-EXT) crash-landed.
                  */Mexico/Baja California Sur/La Paz - A Navy
Zlin-242L plane (reg. AME-405) crashed killing both servicemen on board.
*/US/Ca/San Diego/Montgomery Field - A student pilot crashed Cessna-172 plane  into a parked Robinson R-22 helicopter while was practicing "touch and gos".
                  */Pakistan/Punjab/Rajanpur/Fareed airbase - A PAF
Mirage jet crashed.
25.06.2008*/US/N.J./Berkeley/Miller Air Park - Two people were injured (student and his instructor) when the Cessna 172 was preparing to take off and crashed.
26.06.2008*/Malaysia/Ipoh/Taman Sempaka - While practicing on engine failure after take off, the Eagle 150B plane (reg. 9M-BDO) hit a tree and crashed in the garden of a house. Both instructor and student pilot were injured.
*/US/FL/Collier County/Goodland - A Cessna has gone down in the water and 6 people aboard suffered only moderate injuries.
*/Bosnia/Olovo - A glider crash kills both occupants on board.
                  */Iran/Urmia - A military training plane crash
kills both pilots on board.
*/China/Hong Kong - Cathay Pacific Airbus A330 passenger plane went into a turbulance injuring 2 crew-members and 6 passengers.
Военен самолет CASA-212-200
се разби на остров Ява, Индонезия

26.06.2008/04:30 GMT -
Военен самолет CASA-212-200 с регистрационен номер А2106 е изчезнал в джунглите на остров Ява, Индонезия. На борда е имало 18 души, от които 5 екипаж и 3 чужденци - индиец, сингапурец и англичанин, а останалите са индонезийци. Местните чули експлозия.  Провеждат се издирвателно спасителни мероприятия от индонезийската армия.
28.06.2008 - Самолетът е намерен в джунглата на планината Салак на остров Ява. Всичките
18 души намиращи се на борда са загинали.
(AP Photo)
Indonesian soldiers search for victims of a plane crash in Salak mountain in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia, Saturday, June 28, 2008. Rescuers spotted the wreckage of an Indonesian military plane that crashed into a jungle-clad mountain with 18 people onboard. (AP Photo
Самолет ВВС Индонезии потерпел
крушение на востоке острова Ява

26.06.2008//04:30 по Гринвичу
Индонезия/ Ява/ Куруг Нангка

Самолет ВВС Индонезии,
CASA-212-200 (A2106), в четверг пропал без вести, и, предположительно, потерпел крушение на востоке острова Ява.
Самолет направлялся в Богор, расположенный на востоке острова Ява, из столицы Джакарты. На борту находились 18 человек - 12 военных и шестеро гражданских, включая гражданина Великобритании, одного сингапурца и одного индийца.
"Мы потеряли связь с самолетом. По нашим предположениям, он разбился. В данный момент ведутся поисково-спасательные работы", - сказал представитель ВВС Индонезии.
28.06.2008 - Самолет нашли в горах Салак.
18 человек на борту погибли.
Plane goes missing over Indonesia

26.06.2008/04:30 GMT
Indonesia/Jawa/Curug Nangka
An Indonesian military plane with 18 people on board, including three foreigners, has gone missing on a flight from Jakarta to Bogor, West Java.
It was flying from the capital to Bogor on Thursday, carrying 12 military personnel and six civilians.
The foreigners are reported to be a Briton, an Indian and a Singaporean. The
Casa-212-200 (reg. A2106) aircraft was due to test a digital mapping camera, but an air force spokesman said it was assumed it had crashed. The air force said a search was under way in the Salak Mountain region, about 90km (60 miles south) of Jakarta. But "nothing has been found yet", said air force spokesman Chaeruddin Ray.
Indonesia has seen a series of air crashes, and its poor safety record has led to all Indonesian airlines being banned from flying to European Union countries.
28.06.2008 - The plane has been found in the mountain Salak.  All
18 people on board were killed.
27.06.2008*/Belgium/La Roche en-Ardenne - Military Augusta A109 helicopter crash injures critically 4 people on board.
                  */US/AZ/Ash Fork  -
Three people were hurt when an Air Evac Eurocopter AS350 helicopter out of Prescott crashed near Ash Fork while landing to pick up a patient.
Juba Air Cargo AN12 near Malakal impacted ground enroute
The last flight of Juba Air cargo An-12 plane (reg. ST-ARN)
Juba Air Cargo AN12 near Malakal
impacted ground enroute

27.06.2008/05:05 GMT
Sudan/ near Malakal -  A Juba Air Cargo
Antonov-12, registration ST-ARN performing a freight flight from Khartoum to Juba (Sudan) with 8 people on board, was about 70 minutes into the flight, when the crew requested to descend to a lower altitude due to weather. Then the radio contact was lost.
The airplane was found crashed near Malakal,
7 occupants perished, one crew member survived.
The perished were 2 Sudaneses, 4 Ukrainians and an Armenian. The survivor, who reportedly remained without injuries, said, that the airplane was flying through a thunderstorm, when it went down.
При падении Ан-12 в Судане
погибли 7 человек
27.06.2008/05:05 GMT - По меньшей мере семь человек погибли при крушении грузового самолета Ан-12 в Судане. Инцидент произошел в пятницу спустя один час и десять минут после того, как самолет вылетел из Хартума. На борту самолета, принадлежащего компании "Джуба Эйркарго", находились восемь членов экипажа, пятеро из них не были гражданами Судана. Семеро погибли.
Один из восьми (членов экипажа) выжил. Среди погибших - два гражданина Судана, четыре гражданина Украины и один гражданин Армении, 40-летний Эрик Абрамян.  Выживший член экипажа - гражданин Судана. В качестве основной версии авиакатастрофы рассматривается попадание молнии в самолет.
Ан-12 падна в Судан, 7 загинали
27.06.2008/05:05 по Гринуич
Товарен самалет
Ан-12 на авикомпанията Джуба Еър Карго излетял от Хартум за Джуба, но 70 мин след това по маршрута поискал разрешение да снижи заради гръмотевични облаци. В този момент се загубила и радиовръзката с него. Разбил се крей Малакал. На борда му имало 8 души, от които 4 украинци, 1 арменец и 3 суданци.  Седем загинали. Един от суданците като по чудо останал невредим.
Първият полет на самолета бил през 1968 г.
28.06.2008*/US/N.Y./Ulster County/Plattekill/Modena  - A superlight plane crash kills the 60-year-old pilot.
*/US/FL/Pembroke Pines/North Perry Airport - A Cessna banner plane  flipped on the runway when it came in for landing.
                  */US/Nevada/North Las Vegas - A Piper PA-32-300 Cherokee Six plane (reg. N4063W) crash
kills 4 people on board and touches off a wildfire.
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killing both occupants.
*/Spain/Mallorca/Sa Pobla - A Cessna-172N plane (reg. EC-IRP) crashed while participated in an air rally killing 3 occupants on board.
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killing the pilot.
*/US/Ca/San Francisco International Airport - An ABX Air Boeing-767 cargo plane (reg. N799AX) was parked at plot no.11 in preparation for a cargo flight to Airborne Airpark (ILN) when it was caught fire and burnt through the fuselage. The plane was seriously damaged.
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Aеrospatiale 350BA Ecureuil helicopter (reg. 9N-AIA ) landed in a pond after the tail struck a hill on takeoff.
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                  */US/Idaho/Washington Co/Weiser - A small plane crashed shortly after takeoff
injuring the pilot.
Firefighters work at the site where a cargo plane crashed near the Khartoum airport June 30, 2008. A cargo plane crashed shortly after taking off from Khartoum airport on Monday, exploding into a fireball and killing all four crew, witnesses and officials said. REUTERS/Mohamed Nureldin
Emergency services attend the scene of a cargo plane crash which killed all four crew members in the capital Khartoum, Sudan Monday, June 30, 2008. The plane which was headed for the south Sudanese city of Juba, crashed shortly after takeoff from Khartoum's airport - the second plane crash in Sudan in a week and the third this month. (AP Photo/Abd Raouf)
Авиакатастрофа в Судане:
лайнер загорелся еще в воздухе
РИА Новости, Сергей Зеленцов. Посольство РФ в Судане установило личность погибшего в понедельник утром в катастрофе Ил-76 в Судане гражданина России, сообщил РИА Новости по телефону заведующий консульским отделом посольства РФ в этой стране Евгений Аржанцев.
Грузовой Ил-76 разбился после взлета из аэропорта столицы страны Хартума рано утром в понедельник. На борту находились четыре члена экипажа. Все они погибли.
Погибший гражданин России - Массальский Николай Петрович", - сказал дипломат.
Кроме того, по словам Аржанцева, среди погибших -
гражданин Белоруссии Анатолий Курочкин, гражданин Казахстана Валерий Подольский и гражданин Узбекистана, командир корабля Вячеслав Уткин.
"Причины катастрофы пока не названы, однако самолет не был перегружен", - сказал дипломат.
По его словам, разбившийся Ил-76 выполнял рейс по доставке груза на юг страны.
"Я был на месте катастрофы, это нечто ужасное. Самолет упал в достаточно населенном, элитном районе близ Хартума, и это чудо, что из числа местного населения никто не погиб", - сказал он.
Я думаю, что экипаж сделал многое для того, чтобы избежать большого числа жертв, чтобы дотянуть самолет до пустыря, где он упал", - добавил Аржанцев.
Государственное радио Судана сообщило, что перед самым падением Ил-76 зацепил опору линии электропередачи. По данным властей, самолет задел ЛЭП уже во время падения. Очевидцы рассказывают, что лайнер горел, еще находясь в воздухе.
Президент Судана Омар Хасан Ахмед Аль-Башир в понедельник уволил главу Управления гражданской авиации страны Абу Бакара Гаафара и запретил полеты гражданских грузовых самолетов российского производства. В постановлении президента ничего не говорится о российских лайнерах, используемых вооруженных силами Судана.
Аль-Башир также распорядился сформировать комиссию, которая займется выяснением причин недавних катастроф.
Крушение Ил-76 стало второй авиакатастрофой в Судане за неделю и третьей за прошедший месяц.
Cargo plane crashes in Sudan,
killing 4 crew

30.06.2008 //05:00 GMT
A Russian-made cargo plane crashed near the Khartoum airport on Monday shortly after takeoff from the Sudanese capital, killing all four crew members.
It was the second plane crash in Sudan in a week and the third this month.
The plane hit an electricity pole shortly after takeoff and then crashed into an empty field, bursting into flames, said Sudan's state Omdurman radio.
Ilyushin 76 plane (reg. ST-WTB) was headed for the south Sudanese capital of Juba, and the cause of the crash and nature of its cargo were not immediately clear, said Abdel Hafez Abdel Rahim, a spokesman for the country's civil aviation authority. It hit the electricity pole as it was already crashing, he said.
The plane's blackened tail landed just a few yards from a group of apartment buildings. The plane was already on fire as it plunged down.
"There was smoke at its tail. It crashed and then blew up about 10 minutes later," an eyewitness said.
Twisted metal, tires and pots and pans from the cargo were scattered over a construction site for a new residential compound. Security forces cordoned off the crash site and major streets leading to the area. Residents said electricity went off for about an hour.
Sudan, Africa's largest country, has a poor aviation safety record and many small airlines that crisscross its sprawling terrain. Three years ago, the government said it planned to build a new airport in Khartoum by 2010 but that remains in the planning phase.
Russia's Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying one of the victims was Russian, and Russian radio stations reported the other crew were from Belarus, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. U.N.-operated Miraya Radio said the plane belonged to a private Sudanese company, Ababeel Aviation
Later Monday, Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir fired the chief of the country's Civil Aviation Authority, Gen. Abu Bakar Gaafar, and banned Russian-made cargo planes from operating in Sudan's civil aviation, the state SUNA news agency said. It made no mention of the use of the Russian-made planes by Sudan's military.
On Saturday, seven people were killed and one survived when a Russian-made Antonov plane operated by Juba Cargo crashed in southern Sudan. Earlier in June, an Airbus A310 caught fire after touching down at Khartoum's airport, killing 30 people on board. Another 178 escaped.
Sudanese firefighters douse the wreckage of a cargo plane after it crashed in Khartoum, killing four Russian crew members and narrowly missing residential buildings before blowing apart. (AFP/Ashraf Shazly)
Товарен самолет катастрофира
отново в Судан, 4 загинали
30.06.2008 //05:00 по Гринуич
Товарен самолет
Ил-76 с бордови номер ST-WTB и принадлежащ на суданската авикомпания Ababeel Aviation е катастрофирал малко след излитането си от летището в Хартум, Судан. Имал е за дестинация Джуба, Судан и според експертите не е бил претоварен. Според очевидци от опашната му част излизал дим, след което катастрофирал до блоковете на столичен квартал. При снижението се натъкнал на елетропреносни жици и помел електрически стълб. Други щети и жертви на земята няма. Четиримата от екипажа   ( руснак, белорусин, казахстанец и узбекистанец - командир на самолета) са загинали при катастрофата.
Президентът на Судан Омар Хасан Ахмед Ал-Башир уволнил в понеделник началника на Управление -  гражданска авиация за страната Абу Бакара Гаафар и забранил полетите на гражданските товарни самолети руско производство. Води се разследване за изясняване причините довели до трагедията.
Настоящата тежка авиокатастрофа се явява трета в рамките на месец за страната.