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  Dornier 228 crashes in eastern Congo, killing 27 people




The  Busy Bee Congo Dornier 228-200, registration 9S-GNH24.10.2019/ 09:08 local time
Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo


A Busy Bee Congo Dornier 228-200, registration 9S-GNH performing the scheduled flight from Goma to Beni (DR Congo) with 20 passengers and 2 crew, was departing Goma's runway 17 at 09:08 LT but failed to climb out, contacted electrical wires at very low height and impacted houses in the densely populated area of Birere just south of the runway. The aircraft burst into flames. Of the 20 passengers and two crew members on board, just one passenger survived. On the ground a family of six was killed.


("I was at a restaurant with my family when I saw the plane spinning three times in the air and emitting a lot of smoke," said Djemo Medar, an eyewitness in Goma's Mapendo neighborhood. "After that we saw the plane crash into this house," he said pointing to a nearby building.
"We know the pilot. His name is Didier. He was shouting, 'Help me, Help me.' But we had no way to get to him because the fire was so powerful," Medar said.
At the crash site, residents threw water from buckets and cooking pots onto the smoldering wreckage. The rear section of the plane rested sideways, propped up by a wall, videos posted on social media showed.// YahooNews)


Busy Bee, a recent company, has three planes serving routes in North Kivu province (AFP Photo/PAMELA TULIZO)In a preliminary report dated Jan 10th 2020 DR Congo's Bureau Permanent d’Enquêtes d’Accidents /Incidents d’Aviation (BPEA) reported that following receiving their takeoff clearance the aircraft commenced takeoff from runway 17. The takeoff roll took longer than normal however. As soon as the aircraft became airborne tower noticed a wing roll movement. The aircraft climbed out much shallower than normal. The crew requested to return to runway 35, however, did not mention why they wanted to return. At that moment a "cry of desolation" occurred and "in the blink of an eye" the aircraft descended and crashed into the slab of an unfinished house at position S1.6879 E29.2437. One passenger escapted with minor injuries, 19 passengers and 2 crew died in the crash, five children and their mother died on the ground in the unfinished house. A wooden hut next to the unfinished house was blown away by the prop wash, a group of people inside the hut were traumatized. Local residents engaged in putting out the fires that ensued as result of the crash until fire engines arrived and put the fire under control.
A passenger plane crashed on Sunday in a densely populated area in Goma, DR Congo.The captain (52, ATPL, 14,124 hours total, 3,048 hours on type) was assisted by a first officer (29, CPL, 2,273 hours total, 1,635 hours on type). The aircraft, built in June 1984, had accumulated 23,991 flight hours in 36,980 flight cycles. The aircraft was certified for 19 passengers and was configured for 18 passenger seats, maximum takeoff mass was 5.760kg with basic empty mass of 3,496 kg. The left hand engine had accumulated 21,458 hours and 22,800 cycles since new and 3,331 hours and 3,560 cycles since last overhaul. The right hand engine had accumulated 18,386 hours and 28,330 cycles since new as well as 0.3 hours and 1 flight cycle since last overhaul. The right hand propeller's manufacturing date as well as time since new was unknown, the propeller had been last overhauled in 2017 and accumulated 975 flights hours since. The aircraft was not equipped with a FDR or CVR contrary to what the accredited representative by Germany's BFU asserted. The aircraft had been operated in Kenya under tail number 5Y-BTU until Busy Bee purchased the aircraft.
If financial conditions permit the investigation is going to perform a thorough examination of the engines, that have been recovered and quarantained. The investigation currently analyses the various data collected at the accident site.

The most probable cause of the accident: According to reports the aircraft took off from the airport but suffered engine failure and crashed less than a minute after take off from runway 17. Witnesses describe the plane spinning three times as it crashed with thick black smoke coming from the engines. The aircraft violently burst in flames after impact in one of the densely populated areas of the city, the fire preventing locals from helping victims caught in the blaze.

Contributing Factors
Probable exceeding the aircraft takeoff weight during departure from the Goma Airport (GOM). The 19-seater Dornier 228-200 had 20 passengers and two crew members on board. There is no fuel available at Beni (the destination airport), which means the aircraft was carrying sufficient fuel for the round trip.



Катастрофа Dornier 228 в Гоме

Rescuers remove bodies from the debris of an aircraft that crashed into two residential homes. (AP Photo/Justin Kabumba)24.10.2019/ 09:08 местное время
Гома/ ДР Конго


24.10.2019, турбовинтовой самолёт Dornier 228-201, эксплуатируемый местной авиакомпанией Busy Bee Congo, разбился вскоре после вылета из международного аэропорта Гома (ДР Конго), упав на густонаселённый район города. Катастрофа стала крупнейшим происшествием за всю историю эксплуатации Dornier 228.

Авиакомпания Busy Bee Congo, эксплуатирующая самолёта, была основана в 2007 году и использует Гому в качестве базы для своего парка Dornier 228.

 Сообщается, что борту 9S-GNH было более 30 лет.

Самолёт вылетел из аэропорта выполняющей рейс Гома - Бени, но наверно произошёл отказ в двигателе, и борт 9S-GNH разбился менее, чем через минуту после взлёта. Свидетели описывают, как самолёт трижды вращался, и из двигателей выходил густой чёрный дым. Самолёт загорелся после крушения в одном из густонаселённых районов города. Огонь помешал местным жителям помочь пострадавшим.
22 человека были на борту самолёта, 21 погибли при ударе, один выжил с незначительными ранениями. Ещё 6 человек из одной семьи погибли на месте происшествия.


Наиболее вероятной причиной авиационного происшествия, столкновения самолёта с землей после взлёта, является отказ двигетеля.


Способствующий фактор:
Вероятное превышение взлетной массы самолета при вылете из аэропорта Гома.



Катастрофа на Дорниер 228 в Д. Р. Конго отне живота на 27 души


Rescuers and onlookers gather amidst the debris of an aircraft operated by private carrier Busy Bee which crashed in Goma, Congo Sunday, Nov. 24, 2019. (AP Photo/Justin Kabumba)24.10.2019/ 09:08 местно време

Д. Р. Конго/ Гома

На 24.10.2019 в 09:08 м. вр. пътнически самолет Дорниер 228-201 (9S-GNH) на авиокомпанията Busy Bee Congo излита от летище Гома по разписание за Бени. Излитането се осъществило от писта 17 с удължен разбег, с малък тангаж и неуустойчиво, като самолетът се люшкал ту вляво, ту вдясно. Екипажът се свързал с ръководителя на въздушното движение и поискал разрешение за завръщане и кацане на писта 35. Очевидци разказват за дим от двигателите. Самолетът закача жици от електропреносната мрежа и се разбива в гъсто населен жилищен комплекс на Гома. Избухва в пламъци, поради което дотичалите местни жители не успели да помогнат на бедстващите пътници и членове на екипажа. Очевидец разказва, че разпознал виковете за помощ на пилота Дидиер, когото лично познавал, но силният огън не позволявал да се направи каквото и да било. От намиращите се на борда 20 пътници и двама души екипаж оцелява само един пътник, който по чудо се отървава с леки наранявания. На земята в недовършена къща загиват още 6 души от едно семейство, майка с децата си. Така броят на жертвите достига 27.

Произшествието е най-тежкото в историята на Дорниер 228. Катастрофиралият самолет е осъществил първия си полет на 06 май 1984 г. Двигателите му са след капитални ремонти, като този на десния е бил близо 20 полетни минути преди трагедията.

Самолетът не е оборудван с бордови самописци.


Вероятна причина за катастрофата е отказ на двигател.


Допринасящ фактор: Вероятното превишаване на излетната маса при излитането от Гома. На борда е имало 20 пътници вместо предвидените 19. Според запознати се предполага, че е бил зареден с гориво, което да осигури полет до Бени и обратно, тъй-като там нямало възможност за дозаправка.

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