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Turkey will attack Kurdish fighters in Syria regardless of US withdrawal...

What next for Syria's Idlib?
Syria's Assad authorizes Iraqi forces to strike IS in Syria

Turkey warns France against supporting Kurd militia
Turkey to launch operation against U.S.-backed Kurds in Syria 'in a few days'

Two Americans Among Seven Westerners Killed by Turkish Forces in Syria
British woman killed fighting Turkish forces in Afrin
Timeline: Turkish military operation in Syria’s Afrin

The Zodiac Signs the Blood Moon Will Affect the Most


Iran cargo plane crash 'leaves 15 dead' near Tehran

Gomair Antonov An-26B cargo crashes near Kinshasa N’Djili Airport

Afghan army helicopter crash kills 25, including a top commander

Indonesian investigators examine black box from crashed jet

Lion Air crash: Boeing 737 plane crashes in sea off Jakarta, 189 killed

Israeli air force chief to give Moscow findings on Russian plane downing

South Sudan Plane Crash kills 19, 3 survived

One Dead, 18 Injured After Plane Skids Off Runway During Landing At Sochi Airport

At least 17 people killed in Ethiopia military aircraft crash

Eight Dead, One Survivor in Indonesian Plane Crash

Airline worker who stole plane told air traffic controllers: 'I don't want to hurt no one'

Twenty killed in plane crash in Swiss Alps

Russian Mi-8 helicopter crashes in Siberia, killing 18

Most passengers in non-fatal Mexican plane crash were U.S. citizens

No survivors in FlySax plane crash, says PS Paul Maringa

Algeria plane crash: More than 250 killed in military jet disaster


Havana plane crash: Boeing 737

crashed after takeoff


18.05.2018/ 16:08 GMT
Cuba/ Havana/ 2 km SE of Havana-Jose Martí Int. Airport (HAV)

The debris of the crashed Boing 737 near Havana


List of crew and passengers

110 people died after a Boeing 737-201 Adv plane (XA-UHZ) crashed near Cuba's main airport in Havana, the country's worst air disaster in decades. Three women were pulled alive from the wreckage, but are said to be in a critical condition. Cuban state media say a 23-year-old survivor Gretell Landrove Font of Friday’s plane crash in Havana has died on May 21, 2018, raising the death toll to 111.

The aircraft, built in 1979, was carrying 107 passengers and six crew members.

Cuban authorities have launched an investigation, and two days of national mourning have been declared.

The Boeing 737-201, flight CU972/ DMJ972 crashed at 12:08 on Friday, shortly after takeoff from Havana on an internal flight to Holguin on the east of the island. The plane was rented by Cuban state carrier Cubana de Aviacion from Aerolineas Damojh. That's the legal name of a small charter company that also goes by Global Air. A statement from the country's Transportation Department identified the pilot and co-pilot as Capt. Jorge Luis Nunez Santos and first officer Miguel Angel Arreola Ramirez. It said the flight attendants were Maria Daniela Rios, Abigail Hernandez Garcia and Beatriz Limon. Global Air said maintenance worker Marco Antonio Lopez Perez was also aboard. All six crew members on board were Mexican and the majority of the passengers were Cuban, with five foreigners reported to be among them. In social networks, the photos of the victims began to be published by relatives. Among them were the musical director Jose Angel and his wife, who were returning to Holguín.

The Minister of Transportation, Abdel Rodríguez, stated that the Boeing 737 arrived in Cuba less than a month ago and that it was duly certified for its flight by all international and Cuban technical controls. "We have also given access to the American authorities and experts to the investigation, as this is a Boeing."



Military Plane Crashes in Serbia:

One Pilot Dead, Another Injured


Serbia/ Kovacice


The Serbian military aircraft Super Galeb (SOKO G-4 Super Galeb) crashed to the northeast of Belgrade near the town of Kovacice. The two pilots ejected before the crash, but
one pilot of the Technical Testing Center died after ejecting, the co-pilot sustained injuries. He is conscious and was transported to the Military Medical Academy in Belgrade.

Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin and Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ljubisa Dikovic visited the co-pilot in hospital. An investigation has been opened about the incident.


Cessna crashed near Atqasuk, AK

11.04.2018/ 16:18 UTC
US/ AK/ Atqasuk

On April 11, 2018, about 0818 Alaska daylight time, a single-engine, turbine-powered Cessna 208B Grand Caravan airplane, N814GV, impacted snow-covered terrain about two miles north of the Atqasuk Airport, Atqasuk, Alaska. The airline transport pilot, the only occupant onboard, sustained minor injuries, and the airplane sustained substantial damage. The airplane was being operated by Hageland Aviation Services, Inc., dba Ravn Connect, Anchorage, Alaska, as a visual flight rules (VFR) cross-country cargo/mail flight under 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 135. Visual meteorological conditions (VMC) existed at the flight's point of departure, and company flight-following procedures were in effect. The flight originated about 0758, from the Utqiagvik (formerly Barrow) Airport, Utqiagvik Alaska, and it was destined for Atqasuk, which is located about 58 miles south.
The area between Utqiagvik and Atqasuk consists of remote, flat, featureless, tundra-covered terrain, which is snow-covered in April.
During a telephone conversation with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigator-in-charge (IIC) on April 12, the director of safety for the company related that the purpose of the flight was to transport a load of U.S. Post Office mail to Atqasuk. During a brief telephone conversation with the NTSB IIC on April 13, the accident pilot said that he departed from Utqiagvik just before 0800 with approximately 1,500 pounds of mail on board that was destined for Atqasuk. He noted that weather conditions at the time of departure consisted of clear skies, 9 miles visibility, and a light wind. After takeoff, the airplane climbed to 2,500 feet msl, and proceeded southbound towards Atqasuk. The pilot said that >>>

Bulgarian Hostess who Fell

off Emirates Plane is Dead


Bulgarian Hostess who Fell off Emirates Plane is Dead14.03.2018
Uganda/ Entebbe
A crew member of an Emirates Airlines Boeing 777 due to depart Uganda's Entebbe International Airport on Wednesday sustained serious injuries after jumping off the emergency door.  >>>



Six Killed In Helicopter Crash

In Russia's Far East

11.04.2018, 01:18 UTC
Russia/ Khabarovsk

Six people have died in a helicopter crash in the Russian Far East city of Khabarovsk. The Mi-8ПС-9 helicopter (RA-24640) operated by local airline Vostok crashed on April 11. All six people aboard were killed, it said. There were no reports of casualties on the ground.

The Investigative Committee said the flight had been training and because of the poor weather and bad visibility the crew hit a broadcast radio tower and crashed. The helicopter caught fire and burnt.

Six Killed In Helicopter Crash In Russia's Far East

Regional authorities declared April 12 a day of mourning in Khabarovsk Krai, a region on the Chinese border some 6,200 kilometers east of Moscow.


Plane carrying 71 people crashes,

catches fire in Kathmandu


12.03.2018/ 08:18 UTC
Nepal/ Kathmandu-Tribhuvan Airport


US-Bangla Airlines flight BS211, a DHC-8-Q400 (S2-AGU), crashed while approaching to land at Kathmandu-Tribhuvan Airport, Nepal. At least 51 occupants of the 71 people on board had died and 20 had been injured. US-Bangla spokesman K. Islam said the plane was carrying 32 passengers from Bangladesh, 33 from Nepal and one each from China and the Maldives. The captain was Abid Sultan, a former Bangladesh Air Force pilot. The first officer was Prithula Rashid, the first female pilot of the airline. Sultan had 22 years of flying experience, was one of the experienced pilots of the airline, and had accumulated 1700 hours in the aircraft type. According to the airline, he had flown to Kathmandu more than 100 times. He survived the accident but died of injuries a few hours later. Rashid, 25, joined the airline in July 2016. She survived the accident but died of her injuries.

According to details of the official investigation led by the Nepal government, Captain Abid Sultan was going through tremendous personal mental stress and anxiety, and a series of erroneous decisions on his part led to the crash of the Flight BS211.

Plane carrying 71 people crashes, catches fire in Kathmandu

The US-Bangla Airlines Flight BS211 flight departed from Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka, at 12:30 pm. About an hour later, the flight crew began preparations to land at Tribhuvan International Airport. At 1:50 pm, the plane started its descent and the controls were handed over to the Kathmandu’s airport air control room, which directed the flight to descend to 13,500 ft, and cleared the aircraft to hold over a point named “Guras.”

At 2 pm, the airport control tower instructed the flight to reduce its speed and descend to 12,500 ft. The control tower cleared BS211 to approach the 02 runway (from the Koteshwor side).

When the crew did not follow the control tower's instructions, the approach controller at TIA asked the pilots why they were not holding over Guras. At this time, based on the cockpit voice recordings, Sultan responded: “Holding will not be required in this case."

According to the report, Sultan then lit a cigarette, when the aircraft had just under three minutes to start their initial approach. This, the report says, demonstrated complacency and gross negligence of procedural discipline on the pilot’s part.

At this time, the aircraft had lost its use of the plane’s auto-flight guidance system control. And strong westerly winds, blowing at an average of 28 knots, pushed the aircraft to the east.

The tower informed the crew that they were clear to land via the 02 side of the runway, but instead the aircraft seemed to be headed for 20 (on the Boudha side). The report said that at this stage, there was a complete loss of situational awareness on part of the flight crew.

That is when another supervisor controller from the airport tower took over the microphone and cleared the flight to land via 20, assuming that it was the crew’s intention to land from the Boudha side. The aircraft, however, was struggling to locate the runway and continued flying northeast. When the aircraft descended to around 175 ft above ground level, a ground proximity warning system alarm went off.

The tower immediately asked the flight crew about their intention. Sultan radioed his intention to land via 02. Then the air traffic control, while also handling the landing of another aircraft--a Buddha Air aircraft that was approaching from 02, cleared BS211 to land at 02. The information was relayed to BS211 to caution them that there was traffic ahead of them. The aircraft then started to gain altitude. At this point, according to the report, the captain admitted to his co-pilot that he had made a mistake.  >>>

The last biggest aircrashes


18 February 2018

Iran/ Mount Dena/ Isfahan Province/ near Semiron

Iran Aseman Airlines Flight 3704   List


11.02.2018/ 11:27:05 UTC
Russia/ Moscow/ Argunovo

Russian An-148 crashed near Moscow, 71 dead

Video   List of passengers and crew


Iran Aseman Airlines Flight 3704

Russian plane crashed near Moscow, 71 dead

Information about
aircrashes in

2018/ 2017/ 2016



Eclipses - Earthquakes

Volcanoes RT Forex Charts Video

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Archaeologists discover 4,500-year-old statue of mysterious Egyptian pharaoh

The Mysterious Bronze Objects That Have Baffled Archeologists for Centuries


News:   MH370; MH17

Russian fighter jets collide over Sea of Japan; crews ejected, 1 survived, 2 died, 1 missing

Pilot killed in private plane crash in Kazakhstan

Florida Man Reportedly Decapitated When Helicopter Suddenly Dipped As He Was Performing Maintenance On It

Former brother-in-law of Paul Hollywood is killed in Spanish plane crash alongside British passenger after their plane smashed into mountain

Russia's Air Force Is Getting Lots of New Aircraft (Just Not a Lot of Su-57s or Stealth)

Five crew killed in Nigeria Mi-35 helicopter crash near Damasak as ISIS claims Yobe state attacks

Helicopter crash-lands on top of pedestrian, killing him instantly, at Brazilian beach resort

SA paraplegic pilot Mike Lomberg dies in plane crash in Thailand

In Russia there was a helicopter crash, 4 killed

All 4 crew killed after rescue helicopter crashes in UAE

Official: Russian weapon 27 times faster than speed of sound

Mexican governor and politician husband killed in helicopter crash

Four dead in jet plane crash outside Atlanta

Small Plane Traveling from Orlando Area Crashes Near St. Augustine, 2 missing

Recovery efforts wrap up after fatal Cook Co. plane crash

Civil aviation authority to investigate fatal plane crash with 2 dead

1 killed in crash of small plane in northwestern Indiana

Japan ends search for five US marines missing after mid-air crash, one of the 2 rescued pilots died

At least seven Sudan government officials killed in helicopter crash

A solo pilot who was killed when their twin-engine plane crashed in rugged Tasmanian wilderness, had moved to the island state to learn to fly.

Pilots Armen Babayan and Movses Manukyan die in crash

The plane crashed into a center for children with autism: a lot of victims, blood and screams, 2 dead

3 dead after small plane headed to Midway crashes in southern Indiana

In Russia there was a deadly plane crash under mysterious circumstances

Four dead after helicopter crashes in central Istanbul

3 killed when air ambulance crashes near Mandan identified

Pilot killed in helicopter accident had Columbus plane crash at Thanksgiving 2016

Two badly hurt in light plane crash after man dies in gyrocopter accident

1 killed, 1 injured in plane crash in Niceville

Vintage World War II plane crashes into an apartment parking lot killing 2 in Fredericksburg

One pilot killed in T-38 crash at Laughlin

Plane crashes off Nirvana Beach, at least 2 missing

Newlyweds die in helicopter crash leaving their wedding, the pilot also died

Charleston-area loved ones mourn loss of passengers on plane that disappeared over ocean

Two dead in second light aircraft crash in NSW

Two dead in fiery gyrocopter crash near Orange

Gyrocopter crashes into Sebring mobile home park, killing two, injuring one

Sarnia man dies in helicopter crash in Wisconsin

2 killed after helicopter gets tangled in power lines, catches fire

Leicester City confirm owner’s death in helicopter crash, 5 dead

Firefighting pilot killed as helicopter goes down while fighting Garden Route blaze

F/A-18E/F Super Hornet: A Killer in the Sky (So Why Aren't They Selling?)

L-39 Trainer Jet Crashes in Russia's Krasnodar Territory, both pilots missing

Two Pilots Die Following Su-27 Fighter Jet Crash in Ukraine - General Staff

Pilot Nick Wallis killed in Wanaka helicopter crash just months after brother Matt Wallis' death

A man killed in a helicopter crash east of Fulton, MO

Skydiver dead after accident in Lodi

3 dead after plane crashes in water off Long Island coast near Quogue

Two killed in light plane crash near Beverley Airfield

Gardener, pilot killed after plane crashes into Midrand garden

One person dead following light aircraft crash near Port Douglas

Deputy Prosecutor General Sahak Karapetyan perishes at plane crash in Kostroma region, 4 dead

Military planes smash into each other on the runway while trying to land in Sudan, 11 injured

Two Killed in Back-to-Back Plane Crashes in Southern California

Micronesia air crash turns fatal as passenger's body found: airline

Indonesian air traffic controller hailed as quake hero

Helicopter crash in Lituya Bay; one survivor, three missing

Deadly South Carolina plane crash

Pilot killed in helicopter crash in Whitchurch-Stouffville

How many aircraft and pilots Russia has lost in Syria so far

2 found dead in plane crash near Healy

2 pilots killed in Sudan military jet crash: army

Father, Son Killed in Small Plane Crash

Afghan military helicopter crashes, kills all five aboard

74-year-old pilot dies in experimental helicopter crash into private hangar at Billings airport

Wreckage of Alberta couple's plane found in B.C. months after it disappeared

Man dies after plane crashes into hill in Southland

Japanese Among 6 Killed as Chopper Crashes in Nepal Due to Bad Weather, Woman Survives

In the Czech Republic crashed a small helicopter, 4 dead

1 dead, 1 critically injured in Pacoima small-plane crash

One confirmed dead in recreational aircraft crash leading to Slide Fire

Rescuers find missing Mi-8 helicopter in Irkutsk Region, 3 dead

Helicopter crash in Afghanistan kills three

Police investigating plane crash carrying one in Mackinac County

One martyred as Pakistan Navy helicopter crashed in Arabian Sea

4 dead after Destin-bound plane crashes at Eglin

Army pilot dies, brother injured in Massachusetts single-engine plane crash

Small Aircraft “Ikarus” Crash Kills Pilot in Bulgaria

Wreckage of small plane discovered in Descanso, 2 dead

Two dead after helicopter crashes in Williamson County

U.S. service member killed in Iraq helicopter crash

2 dead in crash of home-built plane in north-central Arizona

Pilot dies as single-engine plane crashes in Michigan field

Pilot who died and three others injured in Wise County plane crash identified

Pilot dies after firefighting helicopter crashes on New South Wales south coast

Airplane and a body have been found in a wooded rural area northwest of Edmonton

Small plane hits cable, crashes in Italy; 2 dead

One person dead in EC helicopter crash

In Tajikistan, a plane crash killed five people

Utah home "fully engulfed" by flames after plane crash; pilot killed

Two Austrians killed in French Alps glider crash: official

Seattle plane crash: Transcript of extraordinary conversation between hijacker and air traffic control

All nine people aboard crashed Japan helicopter confirmed dead

Small plane crashes in Southern California parking lot, killing 5

Four found dead in wreck of Denali flightseeing plane, and a fifth is presumed dead // NPS locates 5th passenger in Denali plane crash

Small plane crashes in Switzerland, family of 4 killed

4 dead, 1 missing in Alaska sightseeing plane crash

2 dead after plane crash in Kananaskis

As many as six people may be dead after small plane crashes in Oklahoma: officials

Helicopter pilot killed in crash

One dead, one missing and one rescued from float plane crash in B.C. Interior

Small plane crash near rural Maine airport leaves 3 dead

Tourist plane crash kills four in Valais

Small plane crash in Congo's Kasai province kills 5

Israel says shoots down Syrian warplane

Pilot killed in ultralight crash near Bad Axe identified

Lake Wanaka chopper crash pilot's father survived 15 air crashes

Pilot who died in Sheboygan Falls crash identified

Three dead in light aircraft crash in Khon Kaen

IAF's MiG-21 jet crashes in Kangra, pilot dies

Five dead, one injured in S. Korea military helicopter crash

Searchers recover the fourth victim from midair collision over the Everglades

Pilot dies in helicopter crash southeast of Calgary

Two dead, one injured in plane crash near Truckee

Shehbaz Butt: Doctor who once helped injured guides on Mount Everest dies in small plane crash near Toronto

Pilot killed in crop-dusting plane crash near Arborfield Thursday

Pilot dies in small plane crash in Markham, Ont.

MiG-21 LanceR fighter crashes during airshow in Romania, pilot dies to save crowd

French military helicopter crashes in Ivory Coast; 1 dead

South Africa charter plane crash leaves 1 dead, 20 injured onboard, 1 dead on the ground

Pilot, woman ID'd after helicopter crashes into Williamsburg townhouse

Crop duster dies in helicopter crash in Shelby County

Polish Air Force MiG-29 jet crashes in field, killing pilot

One dead in small plane crash on B.C.'s Sunshine Coast: fire chief

Army plane carrying four crashes, 3 dead and 1 injured

2 air force pilots killed in Jessore training aircraft crash

Pilot killed in plane crash on Lake Mountain Identified

Two occupants found dead after missing aircraft located in British Columbia

Couple dies in plane crash near Ft. Greely

Private jet crashes into Mumbai building; 5 dead

2 pilots killed as Pakistan Air Force jet crashes during training

2 dead, 1 critically hurt in plane crash near Detroit's city airport

US Navy identifies pilot killed in Holloman Air Force Base plane crash

Two dead in horrifying private plane crash on California road

One dead after small plane crashes in Port Elizabeth

Two men dead in Burlington County plane crash

Midair plane crash over Alaska turns deadly, officials say

The pilots did not have time to report: Bulgaria crashed military plane, is victims

No survivors after small plane crashes in New Jersey

Family of four killed in Wisconsin plane crash

Monmouthshire plane crash: Men 'died doing what they loved'

Missing men identified in Sitka plane crash

Man killed in Saturday helicopter crash into Wisconsin river

FC soldier martyred as helicopter crashes near Quetta

Indian Air Force plane crashes in Gujarat, pilot killed

Coast Guard: 2 dead, 2 missing after small plane crash near Amagansett

Two killed as pioneering electric aircraft crashes in Hungary

Midland teen and father killed in plane crash

Pilot dies after helicopter crashes in North Yorkshire causing 'enormous explosion' as police confirm no other passengers were on board

Woman rescued, search for missing man suspended after plane crashes near Bainbridge Island

Husband, wife die in Millard plane crash

One dead, two taken to hospital after Boutte helicopter crash

Two die in light aircraft crash in Zuid Holland

Police: 1 Dead After Small Plane Crashes, Burns in Virginia

Two pilots killed in Makalu Air cargo plane crash at Simikot Pass in Nepal's Humla

Pilot and boy (7) killed in Offaly plane crash named

Pilot’s body recovered from crash site on Whittier mountainside

Woman killed in Jacksonville plane crash identified

Three dead in plane crash on Volcan Mountain; fire 100 percent contained

One person was killed in a helicopter crash in the ocean off Rio de Janeiro

Russian Helicopter Crashes in Syria, Killing Two Pilots

Investigation underway after man dies in light aircraft crash in Mayo

UPDATE: Missing plane found; no survivors

Russian fighter jet crashes off Syria, both pilots killed

Nine Puerto Rican airmen killed in a C-130 cargo plane crash

State officials: Plane crash in wooded park area kills pilot

Georgia plane crash kills 1, injures 2 others

UPDATE: Authorities identify three victims in medical helicopter crash

One dead as plane crashes on runway

Pilot killed in crash of single-engine plane in Tennessee

Two people dead in light aircraft crash

Two killed in Iran's helicopter crash in Persian Gulf

FAA & NTSB investigating plane crash that killed two

Southwest passenger 'did what any registered nurse would do' in attempt to save woman who later died

Russian Navy Helicopter Crashes in Baltic Sea, Killing 2 Pilots

Greek Fighter Jet Crashes After Encounter With Turkish Aircraft, Officials Say

Deadly Scottsdale TPC plane crash: Experts say weight might have been an issue

Military Plane Crashes in Serbia: One Pilot Dead, Another Injured

Helicopter crash in Russia kills all 6 on board as pilot may have breached safety rules

Helicopter Crash In Pennsylvania Near Smethport, 2 Dead

Top News: 2 troopers killed in helicopter crash at Fort Campbell

Air Force Thunderbird pilot killed after F-16 crashes outside Las Vegas

Crews recover pilot's body in South Korean fighter jet crash

At least four dead in Marine helicopter crash

Air Force Jet Crashes in Bago, Kills Pilot

Firefighters killed in Indiana airport plane collision

'Full inquiry' for Warbirds over Wanaka crash

Los Angeles man identified as pilot of fatal plane crash

Two dead in helicopter crash at Hardy Reef North Queensland

Red Arrows plane crashes at RAF Valley base: 'Pilots eject' from aircraft before it hits ground

IAF plane crashes in Mayurbhunj, Odisha

Small burning plane crashes into the Yuba River

Pilot Blamed by Putin for Deadly MH17 Flight Crash Commits Suicide

7 US service members killed in Iraq helicopter crash

Search for trainee pilot after helicopter crashes in ocean off Port Hedland

Aviators die after Navy jet crashes during training flight

Pilot Of Plane That Crashed In Nepal Reportedly Was Confused About Runway Approach

Tour helicopter takes deadly crash into East River, 5 dead

Recovery team salvage Cessna 172 plane wreck from Delaikoro Ridge

Helicopter Crash Kills At Least Six In Southern Chechnya

MSP Recovers One Body After Small Plane Crashes Off Coast of Ocean City

Two killed in Mpumalanga chopper crash

FIRST PHOTOS: Last Moments Before Plane Crashes

Fifth Briton dies after Grand Canyon helicopter crash

Marines Identify Flight Surgeon Who Died After Struck by Rotor Blade

Father, son among 4 on board missing aircraft

At least 3 killed as small plane crashes into field

Minden man victim in plane crash

Mexico helicopter crash kills 13 on ground in wake of earthquake

This Might Be the First Drone-Related Aircraft Crash

Two Indian Air Force pilots killed in plane crash in Assam

Russia plane crash may have been caused by speed-indicator failure due to icing, investigators say

Pilot killed in crash Monday night of small plane south of Bellingham

One Day After Deadly Moscow Plane Crash, Russian Helicopter Crash Kills 2

Four killed in small plane crash flying out of Henderson airport

Plane in Singapore Airshow crashes at Changi Airport; runway temporarily closed

2 people and dog die in small plane crash in Santee

GSDF member killed as helicopter crashes into home, girl escapes

Russian missiles kill 30 Syrian rebels after militants shoot down fighter jet

French helicopter crash - five dead as two aircraft in flames in major disaster

Small plane crash in Tennessee: Woman dead, husband injured

Helicopter crashes into California home, killing 3 people

Pilot from Congerville killed in plane crash in Indiana

One dead, two injured after helicopter crash in N. Garfield County

Warren County plane crash kills pilot

4 dead after small plane, chopper crash in Germany

2 U.S. Army pilots killed in helicopter crash: report

Wealthy British eccentric, 61, who died in a helicopter crash was heir to family interests in Selfridges and Primark

Crashed plane located in Nevada mountains; pilot believed to be Mississippi native

Helicopter crashes near Uluru with four people on board

3 soldiers die after Turkish military training aircraft crashes in Isparta

Plane crash in Andros…all passengers found dead…

NTSB official gives briefing on probe into fatal helicopter crash

Helicopter crash off Mumbai kills senior ONGC officials

Possible parachute malfunction in Queenstown's Lake Wakatipu skydiving crash

Ivorian Army helicopter crashes into Comoé River, Alépé

Race against time to find plane that VANISHED off radars over Scotland

Russian helicopter crashes in Syria, two dead: Moscow

Former rally champion Donald Milne killed in plane crash

Plane crash claims life of Northland Rescue Helicopter pilot

Costa Rica Plane Crash: What We Know About the Victims

Six people dead after Sydney Seaplane crashes into Hawkesbury River

Pilot killed in military aircraft crash in eastern Sudan: army spokesperson

Navigator dies, two pilots injured as Omani Air Force helicopter crashes

5 die in small plane crash near Tampa, officials say

Honduran helicopter crash kills 6, including president's sister

Man Missing At Sea, Woman Rescued After Plane Crash

Four dead after Hydro One helicopter crashes near Tweed, Ont.

Family, friends grieve loss of 'beautiful couple' killed in Molokai plane crash

Plane crash into San Diego home kills two passengers

Two Turkish troops killed as helicopter downed

Men killed in weekend gyrocopter crash identified

Pilot Killed After Single-Engine Plane Crashes Into Home

Pilot killed in Vermont plane crash identified as 89-year-old Massachusetts man

BREAKING: US Navy COD Aircraft Has Crashed at Sea; 8 Survivors Rescued; 3 Still Missing

One Dead In Laughlin AFB T-38C Crash Near Del Rio, Texas

Three killed in Arkansas medical helicopter crash

One person confirmed dead in aircraft crash in Tehachapi

Air crash: Four die as plane and helicopter collide

Child survives plane crash, six dead

Iraqi military helicopter crashes, 3-member crew killed

Odenton Pilot Identified In Highway Landing Near Annapolis

One dead and one injured in Hobart Airport helicopter tragedy

Saudi prince killed in helicopter crash near Yemen border

One dead, one injured after plane crashes in Alva

Small plane crashes near New Mexico airport, 4 aboard killed

Seven people are killed as a cargo parachute catches on the Indian helicopter's tail rotor causing it to drop out of the sky

Pentagon Identifies Service Member Killed in Helicopter Crash

Russian helicopter wreck found in sea in Arctic with no survivors

Two killed in plane crash near Port Macquarie

Oklahoma City Thunder's plane has its nose crushed by apparent bird collision

Pilot dead: Plane 'spiraled in sky' before crashing into Albany bushland

One dead in light plane crash in WA’s south

PHOTOS: Parts of helicopter in Lake Nakuru crash found

Helmets found in waters off Shizuoka Prefecture where ASDF chopper with four aboard apparently crashed

Cargo Plane Crashes in Sea Off Ivory Coast After Takeoff

2 men killed in plane crash north of Las Cruces airport

A Eurofighter plane crashes in the Albacete air base after participating in the October 12 parade

Russian military jet crashes on takeoff in Syria, crew killed – agencies

Indian air force helicopter crash kills seven

Husband and Wife killed in plane crash in Klamath County

Fatal helicopter crash reported Sunday in Midland County

One dead, one injured, following helicopter crash near Campbell River

Man killed in plane crash identified as Olympia resident

Pilot killed when plane crashes in church parking lot

5 killed in plane crash in Kazakhstan

Military plane crashes in Tennessee likely killing 2

Hyderabad: Indian Air Force’s Trainee Aircraft Crashes Near Medchal, no Casualties

Tributes to Emirati pilot killed when plane crashed in Yemen

Arkansas National Guardsmen killed in plane crash identified

Pilot Killed in Italian Eurofighter Crash During Airshow in Terracina

Authorities: 2 Die in Crash of Small Plane North of Prescott

Search for missing passengers of crashed plane in Rodopi, Greece continues

1 person dead, 1 missing after plane crash near Goderich

Plane crash leaves NASCAR driver, 81-year-old pilot dead

Fort Collins family killed in plane crash identified

Troy Gentry, half of Montgomery Gentry country duo, dies in helicopter crash

Santa Rosa-bound pilot killed when plane crashes at Point Reyes National Seashore

4 killed after medical helicopter crashes in North Carolina

One dead: Plane that crashed north of Winnipeg taken without owner's consent

Pilot killed in plane crash at Caernarfon airport

Boise man killed in Valley County plane crash

Plane’s crash at suburban airport kills 1

78-year-old man killed in Fishers plane crash

Two killed after Portland-based plane crashes in Sumner County

Officials: 2 Savannah residents among 3 killed in Bryan County plane crash


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Safety of airplane flights has become an important issue in aircraft since the time of the Wright brothers and the dawn of the aircraft industry. In the article below we will talk about the loss of expensive machines, and furthermore about the loss of human lives; sometimes hundreds of them when tragic incidents occur. It appears that the most popular explanation - pilot error, does not exhaust the explanation for the reasons incidents occur. >>>


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