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Military plane crashes in Cuba killing all eight on board

South Korea hits back at Trump for demanding $1bn for Thaad missile deployment
US slams Turkey for unapproved airstrikes in Syria and Iraq
The U.S. Is Building a Nuclear Bomb That's More Accurate Than Ever
North Korea accuses US of creating situation for nuclear war


All 12 dead amid wreckage of Turkish police helicopter crash

Saudi military helicopter crashes in Yemen, killing 12 officers

Incredible vision emerges of passengers fleeing the wreckage of a plane crash in Peru

South Supreme AN26 at Wau on Mar 20th 2017, collided with fire truck on landing

Turkish Airlines Cargo Plane Crashes in Kyrgyzstan, Killing 38

Russian plane with 92 aboard crashes into the Black Sea

32 Injured in Russian Military Plane Crash; No Deaths

Indonesian military plane crashes in Papua, killing 13

Pakistan: No survivors in PIA PK 661 plane crash

Colombia Plane Crash Survivor Said He Curled Up in Fetal Position Before Impact
Bolivia suspends airline as Colombian crash probe points to lack of fuel

M28 Skytruck plane crash: Debris, body parts found in sea as all passengers feared dead

19 killed in Russian helicopter crash in Siberia

Malaysia military helicopter crashes into school, 23 injured

Mystery of missing Indian plane continues, 27 days after disappearance

Cockpit recorder of crashed EgyptAir jet recovered from sea
What we know about the crash of EgyptAir’s Flight 804

Vietnamese search plane missing – state media

B-52 crashes in Guam; no injuries reported

Possible Pilot Error Is Cited in FlyDubai Crash in Russia
Pilot Error or Mechanical Failure Most Likely Caused Plane Crash in Russia, Investigators Say

Sudan military plane crash kills all five crew: army

Norway helicopter crash: 13 killed near Bergen

2 killed in plane crash in remote Papua New Guinea

12 Algerian soldiers killed in helicopter crash

Indonesian military helicopter crashes, killing 12

Ecuador plane crash kills 22

Military aircraft collide in Hawaii; search on for survivors
No survivors in Ohio plane crash; up to 9 dead
Deadly plane crash in South Sudan
Over 20 Hurt When Plane Catches Fire at Fort Lauderdale Airport

23 dead after small plane crashes into Nepal mountain



Turkey shooting down plane was 'planned provocation' says Russia, as rescued pilot claims he had no warning





A Russian Su-24M bomber (RF-90932/83 W; 26 WHITE) was shot down by a Turkish F-16 fighter jet in Syria near the border with Turkey.

The Navigator/pilot was saved by Russian/ Syrian Special Forces.

The Captain of the SU-24, Oleg Anatolievich Peshkov, was killed by terrorist group armed with machine guns as he was descending on the parachute after both pilots ejected.

A Russian pilot who was rescued after his plane was shot down by Turkey claims that he was not given any visual or audio warning.

The United States believes that the Russian jet shot down by Turkey on Tuesday was hit inside Syrian airspace. Unverified - audio recording has emerged with Turkish authorities telling the pilot he was approaching Turkish airspace, but they did not say at what frequency radio message was broadcast.

Russian soldier named Alexandr Pozynich was killed during the 12-hour operation to rescue ejected Russian pilot.

Vladirmir Putin said: “Today’s loss was a stab in the back by the accomplices of terrorists. Our pilots and our aircraft never threatened the territory of Turkey. That much is obvious."


Indian paramilitary plane crashes, killing all 10 aboard


Indian paramilitary plane crashes, killing all 10 aboard


22.12.2015/ 04:10 UTC
India/ New Delhi/

near Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL)

A small Indian paramilitary plane Beechcraft B200 Super King Air (VT-BSA) was destroyed when it impacted terrain near Delhi-Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL), India. All 10 on board were killed. The aircraft took off from runway 28 at 09:37. The plane was heading from New Delhi to the eastern city of Ranchi. It was carrying eight engineers and two pilots. Shortly after takeoff the crew radioed that they wanted to return to land. The aircraft was approaching runway 10 when it impacted terrain. An inquiry has been ordered to determine the cause of the crash of the Super King plane.belonging to India’s Border Security Force.

The last biggest aircrashes



South Sudan/ 0,8 km (0.5 mls) E of Juba Airport (JUB)

A cargo plane with passengers on board
crashed in South Sudan


31.10.2015// 04:12 UTC
Egypt/ Sinai/ 50 km SE of Hasna

Russian airliner with 224 aboard crashed in Egypt's Sinai


Deadly plane crash in South Sudan

Russian airliner with 224 aboard crashed in Egypt's Sinai

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Ancient images uncovered near Egyptian pharaoh's tomb

10 Archaeological Finds That Shed New Light On Ancient Egypt

Archeologists Clash in Egypt Over King Tut Tomb Theory

Ancient Egyptian boat discovered near pyramids

Queen Khentakawess III's tomb found in Egypt

Archaeologists discover 4,500-year-old statue of mysterious Egyptian pharaoh


Turkey Arrests More Than 1,000 In Massive Purge Of Its Police Forces

Russian intelligence ship sinks off Turkey's Black Sea coast

Two killed as training aircraft crashes in Maharashtra

Pilot killed in crash of replica WWI-era plane in California

UN office urges Turkey to probe 2,000 reported killings

MH370 families launch campaign to fund search for the missing jet

MH370: Searchers almost certainly looking in the wrong place, report says

Egypt: Traces of explosives found on victims of Paris flight

Malaysia Flight 370 families to hunt for debris in Africa

Russia accuses Kiev over MH17 ahead of Dutch probe release

Plane Part Found Off Tanzania From MH370

How Were They So Wrong About MH370?

More pieces of missing Malaysian airplane MH370 are identified

AirAsia 8501 crash: It's not just pilot error

The suspected MH370 wing suggests how the missing plane fell into the Indian Ocean

Airplane door found on Rеunion Island

Debris brings MH370 mystery 'closer' than ever to answers

FBI: researcher admitted to hacking plane in-flight, causing it to “climb”

Former Proteus Airlines boss Marc Dugain claims MH370 may have been shot down by US military near Diego Garcia

Angry MH17 families seek UN investigation

Mother of German MH17 crash victim sues Ukraine in EU court

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: MAS director ‘inadvertently’ reveals the truth

MH17 might have been shot down from air – chief Dutch investigator

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 fate: 7th arch watery grave or hijacked landing?

MH370: Emirates CEO Tim Clark Criticizes Investigation, Doubts Probable Crash Site

Preliminary report points towards external cause of MH17 crash (original)

Malaysia Airlines Launches a Things to Do Before You Die Contest

17.07.2014 - Malaysia Flight MH17 May Have Been Escorted By Ukrainian Su-27 Fighter Jets

Near-conclusive evidence that Malaysia Airlines MH370 was hijacked: cockpit tampering deliberately hid plane from radar

MH370 families raise funds to find 'whistleblower'

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Search : New Leads, Technology, And Theories Abound

CIA withholding information on flight MH370, says former Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad

Australia: MH370 Didn't Crash Near Where Pings Were Heard

Malaysia flight's co-pilot tried to make cellphone call-report

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Safety of airplane flights has become an important issue in aircraft since the time of the Wright brothers and the dawn of the aircraft industry. In the article below we will talk about the loss of expensive machines, and furthermore about the loss of human lives; sometimes hundreds of them when tragic incidents occur. It appears that the most popular explanation - pilot error, does not exhaust the explanation for the reasons incidents occur. >>>


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