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 April 2014  

Scale of the danger



  • Jamaica/ Kingston - JetBlue Airways passenger plane made an emergency landing due to a smoke in the cockpit. Four passengers were injured during the evacuation.

  • Germany/ Munchen-Franz Josef Strauss Airport (MUC) - Some ten minutes after Lufthansa’s flight LH-1667 had departed from Munich's Franz Josef Strauss Airport, Germany, a male passenger from Kosovo grabbed one of the flight attendants and threatened her with a part of a razor blade speaking something in Albanian. He then dragged her into a toilet when two other flight attendants came over in an attempt to free their colleague.

  • US/ WA/ Anacortes/ Anacortes Airport (74S) – A Cessna 172M Skyhawk (N19982) experienced a runway overrun upon landing and came to rest inverted.

  • Guatemala/ San Marcos/ El Carrizal – A Cessna T210L Turbo Centurion (N732JY) crashed into a mountain killing the 2 Americans on board.



  • US/ FL/ Glades County/ Punta Gorda/ NE of Payson Ranch Airport (6FL3) – A Zenith plane experiencing fuel exhaustion force landed to a field. The aircraft collapsed the landing gear. No injuries.

  • Germany/ near harbor Norderney – A Cessna 172N Skyhawk (D-EHTN) impacted the shallow sea on approach in poor visibility conditions. The pilot died.



  • US/ AL/ Barbour County/ Clayton – A Cessna T210L Turbo Centurion plane (N1631X) made an attempt to a force landing, but crashed injuring both occupants.

  • Pakistan/ Balochistan Province/ Kuchlak Town – A Pakistan Air Force helicopter got into difficulties on landing during adverse weather conditions, and it crash-landed. One crew member suffered minor injuries.

  • US/ PA/ Lickdale – A military AAI RQ-7 Shadow drone made a hard landing and hit a civilian vehicle. The drone was written off. The vehicle suffered minor damage.

  • Australia/ NSW/ Sydney Northern Beaches/ Warriewood - An ultra light aircraft flew into a cliff during gusty conditions, seriously injuring the sole occupant.

  • Austria/ Lower Austria/ Hohe Wand – A Schleicher ASH 26E glider (D-KWHF) impacted a mountain side killing the pilot.



  • US/ FL/ Ocala/ Ocala Int'l Airport-Jim Taylor Field (KOCF) – An experimental Team Tango Tango II plane (N599WT) crashed shortly after takeoff and burst into flames. Te female pilot suffered second and third-degree burns, over 25 to 30 percent of her body.

  • Italy/ area between Liguria, Emilia and Tuscany – A Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche (N678AL) with a German pilot on board is missing.

  • US/ MT/ Missoula International Airport – A training Bell 206 helicopter caught fire and flipped over on takeoff, coming to a rest on its side. No injuries.



  • US/ OH/ Athens/ NE of Ohio University-Gordon K Bush Airport (KUNI) – A Bellanca 17-30A Super Viking plane (N8259R) crashed on approach killing the pilot.

  • US/ IN/ Noblesville – A hot air balloon struck power lines and crashed into an open field. Two occupants received minor injuries.

  • US/ LA/ New Iberia/ West of Acadiana Regional Airport (KARA) – A Van's RV-7A plane (N119TB) force landed to a field, coming to rest inverted. The pilot received minor injuries.

  • Austria/ near Scharnstein Airfield/ Kirchham – An Enstrom 280FX Shark helicopter (G-OJMF) crashed in a wooded area killing 1 occupant, injuring seriously 3 others on board.



  • US/ FL/ Marion County/ Belleview/ Monroe Airpark (2FA2) – A Van's RV-7 plane (N57DC) crashed killing the 2 occupants. They were filming a low-budget zombie movie.

  • US/ MO/ Lee's Summit/ ESE of Lee's Summit Municipal Airport (KLXT) – A Cessna T210M Turbo Centurion (N761BT) force landed to a field, injuring the 2 occupants, one of them seriously.

  • US/ UT/ Emery County – A Robinson R-22 helicopter crashed shortly after takeoff killing the 2 occupants.

  • US/ WI/ Milwaukee-General Mitchell International Airport – A Cessna Citation 680 Sovereign (N138BG) collapsed the nose gear on landing.

  • Brazil/ Mato Grosso/ Aripuana – An Embraer EMB-720D Minuano plane (PT-ROS) crashed killing the 4 occupants.

  • France/ near Bucey-les-Gy – A Jodel D.113 plane crashed shortly after takeoff. Both occupants were killed.



  • Syria/ Aleppo/ Hakmi school in the Rashidin neighbourhood - Syrian Air Force MiG jet shot down by rebels.

  • US/ FL/ Daytona Beach/ Daytona International Beach Airport (KDAB) – A Cessna 172R Skyhawk (N2630B) flipped inverted during taxi in high winds.

  • Pakistan/ Balochistan/ Qalat City - Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Mi-17 helicopter crash-landed. No injuries.

  • Australia/ QLD/ Ingham/ Ingham Airport (YIGM) – A Sonex Aircraft Sonex (19-4647) experienced a hard landing injuring slightly the pilot.

  • France/ Narbonne – An agricultural Grumman Ag-Cat plane crashed shortly after takeoff. The pilot and sole occupant suffered second degree burns.

  • Kazakhstan/ Astana International Airport (TSE/UACC) – SCAT Airlines Boeing 737-522 plane (LY-AWE), flight DV-701, was on approach to Astana when the nose gear failed to deploy. The crew entered holding pattern before carrying out an emergency landing on a foam carpet on runway 22.







































































  • New Zealand/ Feilding/ Feilding Aerodrome - A Cessna 152 (ZK-OLV) has crashed in Feilding after clipping a loader at the end of the runway, injuring two people.

  • US/ AK/ 60 km SE of Bethel – A training Cessna 208B Grand Caravan plane (N126AR) crashed killing the 2 occupants.

  • US/ UT/ Willard/ Willard Bay State Park - A North Wing Apache Sport plane (N58AS) crashed killing the pilot.

  • Russia/ Lipetsk Oblast/ Dobroye village – An AutoGyro Calidus (RA-0144A) crashed in a residential area. No injuries.

  • Pakistan/ Gujranwala/ Rahwali Cantt  - A military MFI-17 Mushshak plane crashed killing the 2 occupants.

  • US/ VA/ Leesburg,/ Leesburg Executive Airport (KJYO) – A Cessna 210-5A(205A) Centurion plane (N4862U) crashed on landing in gusting wind conditions. No injuries.



  • Indonesia, Papua, Doyo Baru – A Quest Kodiak 100 airplane (PK-SDF) crashed on takeoff killing the pilot and a passenger, injuring other 5 passengers.

  • US/ WA/ Everett/ Snohomish County Airport (Paine Field) (KPAE) – A training Cessna 172S Skyhawk plane (N1152Z) collapsed the nose gear on landing. No injuries.

  • US/ NM/ Albuquerque – An ambulance Eurocopter AS350B3 Ecureuil helicopter (N395P) crashed on takeoff on the roof of the hospital. Pilot and two medics on board received minor injuries.

  • Brazil/ SP/ Americana – An Aero Designs Super Pulsar 100 (PU-FIN) crashed shortly after takeoff killing the pilot.

  • Italy/ Genova Airport (LIMJ) – A Canadair CL-415 (I-DPCV) experienced a failure in its right undercarrage and crash-landed.

  • UK/ Aberdeenshire/ Stonehaven – A Piper PA-31-350 Chieftain (N66886) force landed to a field on approach. The pilot received minor injuries.

  • Syria/ AlQalamon – An UAV shot down by rebels.



  • China/ Miyun county/ Mujiayu township – A Bell 407 helicopter crashed during a training flight. One pilot died in hospital, the other one suffered minor injuries.

  • US/ FL/ Tavares/ Lake Idamere – A Progressive Aerodyne Searey LSA seaplane (N657G) crashed on landing. The pilot received minor injuries.

  • Venezuela/ within Venezuela – A Learjet 25D (PT-OHD) had performed an illegal flight and it was destroyed on the ground by Venezuelan military forces.

  • Mexico/ Villa Manuel – A Lancair Legacy 2000 (AMP-165) crashed during a training flight killing both occupants.

  • Germany/ Friedrichshafen Airport – A Ruschmeyer R-90-230RG airplane (D-EEAY) forgot to lower the landing gear and made a belly landing. No injuries.

  • Philippines/ Bulacan/ Plaridel/ Plaridel Airport (RPUX) – A training Cessna 152 plane (RP-1745) crashed shortly after takeoff onto the roof of a house. Both occupants were injured.



  • Germany/ Harz/ Mount Brocken – A Cessna 182 Skylane crashed in bad weather and poor visibility killing both occupants.

  • US/ CA/ Mariposa/ near Mariposa-Yosemite Airport (KMPI) – A Bowers Fly Baby 1A plane crashed at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains. The pilot died.

  • US/ WV/ Kanawha County/ Chesapeake/ SE of Island Airport (WV08) – A Piper PA-32RT-300T Turbo Lance II (N39965) crashed in bad weather killing the 2 occupants.

  • Argentina/ Cordoba International Airport – A Piper (Chincul) PA-A-28R201 plane (LV-MIY) made a belly landing.

  • New Zealand/ near Haast Pass/ Fish River – A Hughes 269A helicopter crashed killing the 2 occupants.

  • Colombia/ Choco/ Jurado – A Mooney M20A (HK-770-G) crashed into trees on takeoff.

  • US/ IL/ Chicago/ DuPage Airport (KDPA) – A Piper PA 46-350P Malibu Mirage (N1972M) made a belly landing.

  • Namibia/ Grootfontein AB – A military Harbin H425 (Z-9 Haitun) helicopter crashed on takeoff at the end of the runway and burst into flames. The number of people killed has increased to five. The remaining 5 occupants were injured.

  • Tanzania/ Dar Es Salaam International Airport (DAR/HTDA) - Kenya Airways Embraer ERJ-190AR plane (5Y-FFC) veered off the runway due to heavy rain conditions upon landing.

  • US/ VA/ Trevilians – A Cessna U206G Stationair force landed to a field injuring slightly the 2 occupants.



  • Australia/ NSW/ Clarence River, Ewingar, SW of Casino – A Maule M5-235C plane (VH-HOG) hit power lines and crashed into the river. A 12-year-old girl onboard died at the scene. The pilot received minor injuries, the other male passenger was injured seriously.

  • US/ OK/ Cookson/ North of Tenkiller Lake Airpark (44M) – An Ercoupe 415-C airplane (M2788H) impacted wooded terrain. The two occupants onboard received serious injuries.

  • Canada/ Pitt Meadows/ Pitt Meadows Airport (CYPK) – A Cessna 172N Skyhawk (C-GZHQ) experienced a runway overrun, coming to rest inverted. No injuries.

  • Germany/ Dornberg-Sontra – A Schleicher ASK 13 glider (D-0260) crashed on landing. The 16 year old student pilot received minor injuries.

  • US/ TN/ Lebanon/ Simmons Bluff Rd/ East of Lawicki Field – An unregistered ultra light aircraft crashed killing the pilot.

  • Syria/ Western Rif/ Aleppo - Syrian Air Force MiG jet shot down by rebels.

  • Brazil/ GO/ Edeia – A Fox NewStar V7 plane (PU-MPR) struck power lines and crashed injuring slightly the 2 occupants.

  • US/ OH/ Withamsville/ Stillmeadow Country Club – An Avid Flyer Mk V experimental aircraft experienced a loss of engine power and force landed to a golf course. No injuries.



  • US/ TX/ Denton/ near Denton Municipal Airport (KDTO) – A Beechcraft C24R Sierra (N23984) crashed on approach killing a female passenger and injuring the pilot (her husband) and her child onboard.

  • US/ NV/ Reno/ near the Reno/Stead Airport (KRTS) – An Eagle Helicycle helicopter (N78CS) crashed killing the pilot.

  • Tanzania/ Dar es Salaam/ Julius Nyerere International Airport – A military Agusta-Bell AB 412EP helicopter (JW9505) developed mechanical problems on takeoff and overturned.

  • Afghanistan/ Kandahar province/ Panjwai district – ISAF UAV crashed.



  • US/ SC/ Eutaw Springs – A Zenith CH701 plane (N851RC) force landed to a field.

  • US/ AZ/ SW of Spring Valley/ near Cordes Airport (00AZ) - A Lindstrand LBL240A hot air balloon (N2646Z) made a hard landing in windy conditions. Four passengers received minor injuries.

  • Myanmar/ Yangon International Airport - An Airbus A320, XY-AGT, of Golden Myanmar Airlines collided with an Airbus A319, XY-AGR, of Myanmar Airways International on the ground at Yangon International Airport. The nose of the A320 jet contact the right hand rear fuselage of the A319.



  • Russia/ Astrakhan region/ 25 km SE of Akhtubinsk – A training Yakovlev Yak-130 military jet crashed. Both pilots ejected, but one of them died and the other received moderate injuries.

  • South Africa/ Western Cape/ Cape Town/ near the M19 in Melkbosstrand – A gyrocopter crashed killing the pilot.

  • Iraq/ west Anbar/ North of Baghdad - Iraqi Air Force Mi-17 helicopter crashed due to a technical malfunction. All 7 occupants onboard died.

  • Brazil/ GO/ Farm in Montividiu - A agricultural plane crashed into power lines. No injuries.



  • US/ TX/ Fredericksburg/ near Silver Wings Airport (TS36)/ River Ranch – A training Cessna O-1E Bird Dog (N50WP) crashed on approach injuring the 2 occupants.

  • Brazil/ AM/ Iranduba – A Piper PA-34-200 Seneca I (PT-ISH) crashed, probably while it was performing an illegal flight. The 2 occupants suffered minor injuries.

  • Pakistan/ Bacha Khan airport – A military Bell AH-1 Cobra helicopter crash landed after experiencing a sudden gist of wind.



  • Jordan/ Amman - Royal Jordanian Air Force F-5 Tiger II fighter jet crashed during a training mission. The pilot died.

  • UK/ east Devon/ Dunkeswell – A 2001 built Jabiru plane (G-BZST) made a hard landing and damaged its nose gear, due to a fox crossing the runway, which had distracted the pilot.

  • Mexico/ Baja California Sur/ off Los Barriles/ Sea of Cortez – A Cessna 400 Corvalis (LC41-550FG) plane (N8080Z) ditched shortly after takeoff.

  • Australia/ VIC/ Bacchus Marsh Airfield (YBSS) – A Questair Venture 20 plane (VH-NYS) flipped over on landing, coming to rest upside down.

  • Australia/ NSW/ Coffs Harbour airport – A Bell OH-58A helicopter (VH-OSQ) crashed on takeoff injuring the 2 occupants.

  • Germany/ Mannheim City Airport (MHG/EDFM) - A gyroplane crash-landed immediately after takeoff.



  • US/ VT/ Highgate – An Ultimate Aero 10-200 biplane (N827D) crashed and burst into flames. The pilot parachuted to safety.

  • US/ AR/ White County/ Searcy/ South of Searcy Municipal Airport (KSRC) – A Cessna 210A Centurion plane (N9421X) force landed to a field. The two occupants onboard received minor injuries.

  • US/ KS/ Hillsboro/ SW of Hillsboro Municipal Airport (M66) – A Quicksilver GT-400 plane crashed killing the pilot.

  • US/ NJ/ Somerville/ Somerset Airport (KSMQ) – A Cessna 185 plane experienced a loss of directional control and subsequent runway excursion upon landing in gusting wind conditions.

  • UK/ Devon/ Colyton/ Wiscombe Grange – A P & M Aviation Quik GT450 light aircraft crashed killing 1, injuring slightly 1 occupant on board.



  • Russia/ Rostov region/ Gureev – A Lilienthal X-32 Bekas crashed killing the pilot.

  • US/ MI/ Kalamazoo/ Newman's Airport (4N0) - A Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee (N38240) crashed on landing injuring slightly 1 of the 2 occupants.

  • US/ MI/ Shiawassee County/ Venice township – A Nanchang CJ-6A plane crashed killing the 2 occupants.

  • Lithuania/ Paluknys – An Aveko VL-3 Evolution (LY-VLA) crashed on approach killing the 2 occupants.

  • Philippines/ Compostela Valley/ Mabini/ Tagnanan village – An agricultural Cessna 188 AgTruck plane (RP-R146) crashed while spraying pesticides. No injuries.

  • New Zealand/ Waikato/ Taupo/ Taupo Hospital – An ambulance Aerospatiale AS 350BA Ecureuil helicopter (ZK-HZL) made a hard landing injuring slightly 1 crew member.



  • Mexico/ 1 km (0.6 mls) N of Saltillo-Plan de Guadalupe International Airport (SLW) – A British Aerospace BAe-125-700A plane (XA-UKR) crashed on approach killing all 8 occupants onboard.

  • Finland/ Satakunta/ 2 km from Jamijarvi airfield (EFJM) – An Aerocomp Comp Air 8 Turbine plane (OH-XDZ) carrying parachutists crashed and caught fire. The pilot and two skydivers were able to escape using their parachutes from pilot door. The survivors were being treated for minor injuries. The remained 8 occupants died in the the badly burned aircraft.

  • US/ WA/ Spokane County/ Spangle - A pilot is in the hospital after he was forced to make an emergency landing near the Spangle Airstrip.

  • Botswana/ Xaraga village – A police Eurocopter AS 350B3 Ecureuil (BPS-02) crashed killing the 3 occupants.

  • US/ AK/ Kenai Peninsula/ Near Tuxedni Bay – A Piper PA-18A-150 Super Cub (N9299D) ground-looped upon landing at the west side of Lower Cook Inlet. No injuries.

  • US/ CA/ Carlsbad/ McClellan-Palomar Airport (KCRQ) – A Cessna 210 Centurion (N6543X) made a belly landing.

  • US/ IN/ Coulmbus Municipal Airport – A Stolp SA-900 V-Star (N3243S) collapsed the landing gear on landing.

  • Czech Republic/ Pelhrimov/ Petrovice u Humpolce – A TeST TST-10BMx Atlas ultra light aircraft (OK-A888 / KE) crashed into a garden. No injuries.

  • US/ NH/ Concord Muncipal Airport -  An Evolution Trikes Revo Rival S flipped over on landing and came to rest inverted. The pilot escaped with minor injuries.

  • Somalia/ Guriel airport - A cargo plane skidded off the runway upon landing. No injuries.



  • US/ CO/ Colorado Springs/ Meadow Lake Airport (KFLY) – An AA-1 Yankee Clipper  plane (N481HY) experienced a hard landing and was consumed by the post-impact fire.

  • US/ AZ/ Bullhead City/ Fort Mohave/ near Sun Valley Airport (A20) – A Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche (N7880Y) crashed near the airport. The pilot sustained minor injuries.

  • Germany/ Schleswig-Holstein/ Nordfriesland/ Wyk auf Fohr Airport (EDXY) – A Cessna T 303 Crusader (D-IBRO) collapsed the nose gear on landing.

  • US/ AL/ Huntsville/ Huntsville International Airport-Carl T Jones Field (KHSV) – A Cessna 172I Skyhawk (N35553) flipped over on landing. No injuries.



  • Turkey/ Fethiye – The Bulgarian 32-year old paraglider Viktor Konstantinov fell into the sea and later died in the hospital.

  • US/ KS/ Garfield – An Air Tractor AT-502B plane (N51990) crashed killing the pilot.

  • US/ TX/ Morton/ Cochran County Airport (F85) – A Mustang II airplane (N48MK) experienced a loss of directional control and departed the runway upon landing and flipped over. The pilot was injured.

  • US/ FL/ Tyndall Air Force Base – USAF QF-4 Phantom II jet overran the runway upon landing. Both occupants were injured.

  • US/ NH/ Lake Winnipesaukee – A Cessna T206H Turbo Stationair plane (N262ME) crashed during touch-and-go landings to the lake. The plane sank into the lake. No injuries.

  • Ukraine/ over Slavyansk – Ukraine AF Antonov An-30B surveillance plane has been hit and damaged by small arms fire. The plane performed an emergency landing. One of the crew was wounded.

  • Liberia/ Monrovia/ Thinkers – UNMIL Mi-8AMT helicopter (RA-22426) made an emergency landing and hit a house. One passenger and one crew member sustained minor injuries.

  • Brazil/ BA/ Sao Desiderio/ Santa Rita Farm – An agricultural Air Tractor AT-502B plane crashed and caught fire. No injuries.

  • South Africa/ NC/ 40km North of Prieska – A Piper PA-46-310P Malibu Mirage (ZS-LLD) was attempting to make emergency landing with engine problems, but crashed killing the 2 occupants.



  • Honduras/ Gracias – A Cessna 172M Skyhawk (HR-AVH) crashed killing the 4 occupants.

  • Germany/ Leutkirch-Unterzeil Airport (EDNL) – An Ekolot JK-05 Junior ultralight (D-MBGR) crashed on takeoff killing the pilot.

  • Pakistan/ Gujranwala/ Nandipur – A military helicopter crash-landed. No injuries.



  • Sweden/ Stockholm archipelago/ Norrtalje/ Rodloga island – A Cessna 206H (float) landed on water with extended wheels. No injuries.

  • US/ OH/ NE of Magnetic Springs - A Rotorway Exec 162F helicopter (N43691) crashed and caught fire injuring seriously the 2 occupants.



  • Ukraine/ Donetsk Oblast/ Kramatorsk – Parked Ukraine Air Force Mi-8 helicopter and Antonov An-2 airplane exploded injuring the pilot of the helicopter.

  • US/ TX/ Houston/ David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport (KDWH) – A Piper PA-34-200 Seneca I plane (N56755) sustained substantial damage during a runway overrun upon landing.

  • US/ TX/ Greenville/ NW of Majors Airport (KGVT) – A Flight Design CTLS plane (N106SF) flipped over on landing. No injuries.

  • US/ TX/ Cleburne/ Cleburne Regional Airport (KCPT) – A training Hughes 269A helicopter (N90636) crashed injuring the 2 occupants.

  • Germany/ Bad Neustadt/ air field Grasberg – A training Cessna-172 plane crashed on landing injuring slightly the 4 occupants.

  • Taiwan/ Taoyuan County – A military training Boeing AH-64E Apache helicopter (808) crashed into a residential building. The two occupants sustained serious injuries.



  • Afghanistan/ Takhta Pul district/ near Kandahar AB - British Army Air Corps (AAC) Westland Lynx AH.9 helicopter crashed killing all 5 occupants onboard.

  • Afghanistan/ Eastern Kunar Province/ Shigal District – An UAV crashed.

  • Syria/ Aleppo - Syrian Air Force Sukhoi 22 jet crashed.

  • US/ AZ/ Pima County/ Sahuarita – An ultralight aircraft crashed killing the pilot.

  • US/ AZ/ 19 miles from Young – A Glasair III plane (N911EX) crashed killing the pilot.

  • US/ FL/ Daytona Beach/ Spruce Creek Airport – A Cessna 525B CitationJet CJ3 plane (N300ET) over ran the runway and came into a pond. No injuries.

  • Switzerland/ Locarno (LSZL) – A Piper PA-18-150 plane (HB-PIJ) crashed on takeoff. Both occupants were injured.

  • Czech Republic/ Chvojenec – A Direct Fly Alto 912ULS/TG aircraft (OK-QUA 97) struck power lines and crashed to a field. No injuries.



  • US/ CA/ Richmond/ San Pablo Bay - Two aircraft, a Hawker Sea Fury TMK 20 and a Cessna 210 (N4962U), experienced a midair collision. The Sea Fury landed at Ione, California, and the Cessna impacted the waters of San Pablo Bay. The two occupants onboard the Sea Fury were not injured. The sole pilot onboard the Cessna died.

  • US/ FL/ Charlotte County/ Punta Gorda/ Charlotte Harbor/ Burnt Store Marina – An Aero Adventure Aventura II seaplane crash-landed in the water. No injuries.

  • US/ OK/ Nowata County/ NE of Wann/ about 20 mls NE of Bartlesville – A Beech A36 Bonanza (N3078Y) crashed injuring the 3 occupants.

  • US/ TX/ Sweetwater/ North of Avenger Field Airport (KSWW) – A Bellanca 17-30A Super Viking plane (N9759E) crashed on approach killing the female passenger and injuring the pilot, her husband.

  • US/ SD/ South of Highmore – A Piper PA-32R-300 Lance plane (N8700E) crashed in poor visibility killing all 4 occupants onboard.

  • Australia/ VIC/ Melbourne/ Tyabb/ north of Tyabb Airport (YTYA) – A trike crashed killing the pilot and injuring seriously his five-year-old daughter.

  • US/ NY/ La Guardia Airport – American Airlines Boeing 737-800 (N815NN) experienced the engine access doors open on the right engine. The plane made an emergency landing.

  • US/ CA/ Adelanto/ Adelanto Airport (52CL) – A McDonnell Douglas 600N helicopter (N606BP) experienced a loss of tail-rotor effectiveness (LTE) on takeoff, and impacted terrain. The 3 occupants were injured, one of them seriously.

  • Argentina/ Dean Funes – A Piper PA-31 Navajo plane (LV-JGN) was damaged, while was performing an emergency landing on a road, due to an engine failure. Two from the 7 occupants onboard received minor injuries.

  • US/ NC/ Apex/ near Deck Airpark (NC11) – An Alon A2 Aircoupe aircraft (N6364V) impacted wooded terrain shortly after takeoff. The 2 occupants onboard received minor injuries.

  • US/ NC/ Taylorsville/ Taylorsville Airport (NC2) – During landing, a Champion 7ECA Citabria (N9122E) struck a man on a ride-on mower near the runway threshold and flipped over. The man on the ground lost his hand.

  • US/ SC/ Sumter/ near Sumter Airport (KSMS), Brewington Road – A Zenair CH-601XL Zodiac plane (N121JN) crashed on approach injuring the pilot.

  • US/ NJ/ Woodbine/ Woodbine Municipal Airport (KOBI) – A Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub (N4615Y) crash-landed. No injuries.

  • Philippines/ Nueva Vizcaya/ Bagabag/ Barangay Sta. Lucia – An agricultural Beechcraft 95-B55 Baron (RP-C1974) crashed killing the 4 occupants onboard.



  • US/ CA/ Monterey/ Monterey Airport (KMRY) – An Evektor-Aerotechnik Sportstar Plus light sport aircraft (N923LA) experienced a taxiway excursion and came to rest in a ditch.

  • US/ TX/ Houston/ Sugar Land Regional (KSGR) – A Cessna 162 plane (N3037T) made a hard landing and collapsed the nose gear.

  • US/ AZ/ Yuma International Airport – A Beechcraft D-55 plane (N731S) made a belly landing.

  • Australia/ NT/ Darwin/ Darwin Airport (DRW/YPDN) – A Beechcraft Baron 58 (VH-AKG) made a belly landing.

  • Malaysia/ Pengkalan Chepa/ Taman Kurnia Jaya – A Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II plane (9M-NRN) crashed injuring the pilot.



  • Australia/ TAS/ Launceston/ Agfest Field Days – A Cessna 172N Skyhawk (VH-MKQ) overran the runway and flipped over. No injuries.

  • US/ ID/ Rexburg/ Rexburg-Madison County Airport (KRXE) - An Elmendorf 1002 (C-FOWD) experienced a runway overrun during an aborted takeoff attempt. Both occupants received minor injuries.

  • US/ AK/ SSW of Seward/ Skilak Glacier – A Cessna 182J Skylane (N3024F) flipped over on landing. No injuries.

  • US/ UT/ Garfield County/ near Lake Powell – A Hughes OH-6 Cayuse helicopter (N37929) made a hard landing. Both occupants sustained non-life threatening serious injuries.

  • Germany/ Airport Lubeck-Blankensee – An Europa aircraft (D-EMJO) crashed just after takeoff killing 1, injuring seriously 1 occupant.

  • UK/ near Nottingham/ East Midlands Airport - A cargo Boeing 737-400 (EI-STD) belonging to the Irish freight company Aero Contractors suffered substantial damage in a landing accident. Following a successful landing, the aircraft slowed to vacate the runway, when parts of the landing gear failed causing the undercarriage to collapse and tearing the wheels off the aircraft. No injuries.



  • US/ CA/ Half Moon Bay/ Cabrillo Highway - A small plane made a belly landing.

  • Brazil/ Itaituba – A Cessna T210N Turbo Centurion II (PR-WCO) crashed on landing killing the 2 occupants.

  • US/ CA/ Daggett/ South of Barstow-Daggett Airport (KDAG) – A training Airplane Factory Sling plane (N511NG) crashed injuring seriously one of the 2 occupants onboard.

  • US/ WA/ Bremerton/ Bremerton National Airport (KPWT) – A Pulsar XP Series I plane (N452PC) crash-landed. No injuries.

  • Austria/ St. Marienkirchen/ near Scharding-Suben Airfield (LOLS) – A CASA 1.131E Jungmann (D-EDDI) made an emergency landing in a field and flipped over.

  • Portugal/ Alentejo/ Evora/ Monte da Chamine – An ultralight Alpi Pioneer 300J (CS-UOV) crashed on approach killing the 2 occupants.

  • Russia/ Moscow Region/ Vikhrevo – A Sky Ranger aircraft crashed killing 1 of the 2 occupants onboard.

  • Russia/ Komi Republic/ 17 kilometres from Inta – A Robinson R44 helicopter (RA-06217) crashed and caught fire killing the pilot.

  • Bangladesh/ Chittagong Air Base - Bangladesh Air Force L-39ZA jet caught fire on landing. The pilot was injured.

  • Australia/ NSW/ Broadwater Beach at Broadwater – A Brumby LSA L610 (24-8128) force landed and flipped over. No injuries.

  • Tonga/ Ohonua/ Eua (Kaufana) Airport (NFTE) – A Beech 65-B80 Queen Air (A3-CIA) made a belly landing.

  • Canada/ BC/ Nootka Sound/ Gold River – A Bell-206 helicopter crashed during takeoff. The 4 occupants received minor injuries.


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