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No Survivors in AN-32 Crash in Arunachal Pradesh, 13 killed



Map of the crash site03.06.2019/ 13:00 LT
India/ 16 kilometres north of Lipo in Arunachal Pradesh/ near Gatte village


A rescue operation had commenced at the crash site of the aircraft that went missing on June 3 and was spotted 16 kilometres north of Lipo in Arunachal Pradesh by Mi-17 helicopters on Tuesday. The "black box" of the aircraft has been recovered from the crash site and it will help the investigators reconstruct the events leading to the crash.
The Russian-origin aircraft went missing on the afternoon of June 3, around 33 minutes after taking off from Jorhat in Assam for Mechuka in Arunachal Pradesh.
After eight days of a massive search operation, the wreckage of the plane was spotted by an IAF chopper on Tuesday at a height of 12,000 ft near Gatte village on the border of Siang and Shi-Yomi districts.

"IAF pays tribute to the brave air-warriors who lost their life in the line of duty. IAF is making all efforts to recover the mortal remains. No effort is being spared in ensuring expeditious transfer of the mortal remains of the air-warriors to their parent base at Jorhat," the IAF said.
An AN-32 aircraft (K2752) had crashed near a village in West Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh in June 2019 in which 13 defence personnel were killed. The aircraft had crashed about 30 km from Mechuka. Thick vegetation and inhospitable terrain coupled with inclement weather had adversely affected the aerial search operation. After the wreckage was spotted, helicopters were sent but they could not land as the crash site has a steep slope and thick forest. Two km from the crash site, an area was designated and a camp was established for helicopters to land with the recovery parties.
On Jun 12, a team of nine IAF personnel, four Army Special Forces personnel and two local mountaineers were dropped at the campsite. Eight of them trekked to the crash site on Friday and they found that all the 13 people on board the plane did not survive the accident.
"On June 13, eight members of the rescue team reached the crash site in search of the survivors. Unfortunately no air-warrior survived the crash," the IAF said in a statement.
The occupants onboard of the crashed An-32


Those killed were:
1. Wing Commander GM Charles,
2. Squadron Leader H Vinod,
3. Flight Lieutenant MK Garg,
4. Flight Lieutenant Sunit Mohanty,
5. Flight Lieutenant Ashish Tanwar,
6. Flight Lieutenant R Thapa,
7. Warrant Officer KK Mishra,
8. Sergeant Anoop Kumar,
9. Corporal Sherin,
10. Leading Aircraftman SK Singh,
11. Leading Aircraftman Pankaj,
12. non-combatant Putali
13. non-combatant Rajesh Kumar.


The crash site in Arunachal Pradesh

The site in Arunachal Pradesh, where the military An-32 plane crashed


Medium transporter An-32 is the workhorse of the IAF and it operates around 105 of them. They are in the process of being upgraded. In 2009, India finalised a plan for a major upgrade and life-extension of up to 40 years for the entire fleet of An-32 under a $400-million deal with Ukraine. So far, 46 aircraft have been upgraded, of which 40 were handled in Ukraine.
A decade back, in June 2009, an An-32 on a routine sortie involving 13 personnel crashed near Tato village close to the Mechuka ALG. Seven of these personnel were from the IAF and the rest from the Army.
In July 2016, an An-32 on a routine weekly courier flight from Chennai to Port Blair, carrying 23 personnel and six crew, went missing after take-off. So far, it has not been traced.



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